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gm everyone we have a great guest here for this weeks chain link q a we have jerry here the cmo of zachary jerry great to have you welcome yeah its really good to be here harris awesome jerry were uh just curious where are you dialing in from today so currently im in china darling from shanghai and exciting times for us really awesome man awesome well great to uh have you appreciate your flexibility with the timing here um for the the audience more broadly uh just curious you know what are tell us about zachary you know what inspired your project and what are you all building okay so zachary is a secret is a privacy based scalable asset aggregation network that aims to bring convenience to current web 3 users and we want to be as easy stepping stone for web 2 users now the user interface is wallet based and the differentiating factor for zcre is the cross chain support that it brings so you can view and play around with virtually all of your digital assets in one place whether its bitcoin ethereum uh binance solana polygon avalanche and even non-ebm chains are like near so on top of that theres a high level of privacy for user transactions along with low fees and almost instant transactions in many cases on our layer 2 network this is thanks to the use of our iteration of zk roll up for our scaling and privacy solution so the team at zekery has been in touch with blockchain for many years and some of us at the team work for google and we have the good fortune of having advisors whos worked for goldman sachs advising us and we noticed that while a lot of the individual features are available across different projects in the crypto industry we couldnt find anything that aggregates a lot of common use cases in an easy to use interface things like staking swaps transferring different coins from different blockchains and curating nft collections has to be done in different apps not to mention theres issues with existing methods partially due to a lack of privacy ill give you an example so right now when you make we make transactions because it is public certain mining groups can manipulate the order that transactions are validated on the blocks that they mine so they can profit from your transactions at your expense its commonly known as mev or minor extractable value but this is eliminated when you conduct transactions on zekres layer 2 network because of the privacy features and the fact that we have a fifo order book where its first in first out so we decided to put all these commonly used features in one place where we think well will really improve the user experience in the blockchain space and that will result in greater adoption of this great technology yeah man super cool i think you mentioned an interesting piece of technology uh in your description there around zk roll ups would you mind expanding a little bit for the audience who might not be super familiar with uh this innovation what what zk roll-ups are and how you guys are leveraging them so is what dk roll-up is its a its an established protocol its a smart contract deployed on the main net of a blockchain for example ethereum so what it does it rolls up a bundle of transactions and it executes the calculation of chain and then it generates the proof and bundle them back into a single transaction to be sent back to the main network which is why you have faster speeds and a lower cost now each of these off chain transactions prove the validity of the transactions while not showing you the exact transaction which is why its called zero knowledge so i want to emphasize that zachary is a lay to solution and the security is rooted or based on the original blockchain so we dont have permission to access or control the users assets even when they you know deposit into our lay 2 protocol were simply creating wrap tokens very cool and you know to build off of that piece can you touch briefly on how chain link at all fits into this picture that you just described here so we uh we integrate chain links price fees into our wallet to help calculate the total asset value the integration of chain link also help us secure prices when we do swaps in our automatic market making decentralized exchange feature um the scope and reliability of chain link means that we can also rely on it to help calculate the apr which is the annual return when users block assets in zacharys contracts for you know staking and whatnot well while the current version of zachary has limited functionalities when it comes to nft curation uh were working hard on make to make nft a important part of zachary so well be looking you to make good use of additional channeling services like chain link via vrf and chain link keepers which will further enhance the user experience in our layer 2 network so thank you chain link for making this possible yeah jerry i appreciate it man its and what you guys are working on super interesting i mean the the grandness of vision uh as youre describing it across a lot of different assets within web 3 is fascinating and just you know im curious if you dont mind expanding a little bit on how you see cross-chain interoperability playing out and uh you know what why is there such a great focus around this from you know zacharys point of view well the reason that cross-chain interoperability is such a big part of what zekery offers is that we believe as you probably do as well is imperative for a healthy ecosystem in the cryptocurrency world so imagine a world where you can only use your local currency or us dollars but certain services only accept other currencies and imagine if you have to pick between ethereum or binance people shouldnt have to make that choice and monopolies are bad in general maybe except for the board game also the fact that not a single blockchain is completely dominating the industry and that is because they all have their strengths and weaknesses and considering developers for specific and certain apps are taking advantage of specific blockchains and creating value for everyone in the space its a real shame if the community miss out on a great app because different blockchains cannot interact with each other yeah absolutely i mean so i mean im making some assumptions here but like you know in terms of the importance of creating products that are multi-chain is it the accessibility to you or is it something else or maybe other multi-faceted pieces to you know this whole open source environment that were operating in well you know even vitalik said himself right the future of multi the future will be multi-chain where multiple chains coexist like i touched on earlier each chain has their own characteristics whether it is scalability new consensus for game fi in the metaverse lower fees or a strong ecosystem and branding so what is one of the first things that you need when you want to interact with a blockchain a wallet right right so without a wallet that supports multiple blockchains you will need a different wallet each time and again thats not a good user experience and its an additional barrier of entry and something thats already quite cutting edge and complex to new users now imagine if you finally convince your mom or dad to try an app on the blockchain and you guide them through setting up their wallet then you have to tell them you have to set up another wallet with another set of secret phrases to use this other app on a different blockchain so good luck with that so then making things simple and easy for new users to enter the blockchain space is something that we really hope zachary will become a major contributing factor yeah man absolutely i think the the user experience is something that you know im personally excited about seeing improve in you know the years to come maybe even the months to come the industry moves super quick um but you know im curious to get your point of view jerry uh what excites you about you know whats next for d5 or maybe even web 3 more broadly i know youre mentioning nfts and other pieces before but you know i guess how do you see it playing out well the thing is right so being a being the blockchain industry myself right so to be honest i dont use as many web3 products as i would like because even for me i find that i still revert to some of most of the web 2 products when it comes to my everyday service simply because its just so much more convenient right so im really looking forward to the different ways that projects they start to integrate web 3 into web 2 and vice versa i think the secret source is for projects to use web 2 features where appropriate and web 3 features when it makes sense so that we dont use web 3 purely for the sake of being web 3. its all about what brings the most value for the end user um i think a lot of projects are heading in this direction where they might put the web3 component behind the scene and the user interface retain a lot of the familiar features from web2 products this really helps easing new users into the space and i believe for blockchain to become really mainstream it needs a lot more users um a really important component for that to happen is to like ive rehashed many times to make things convenient so thats why zachary support we support a social logging feature where you can use google twitter and facebook to complete your account generation now we split the key into three shares the social logging share the local device and then the recovery share and then you need two out of three to recover the private key in worst case scenarios that way you get the convenience of web 2 while retaining most of the security of web 3. very nice yeah i mean it sounds like you guys have a great focus around the user experience uh and you know as people can come in to the world of web three so i know you mentioned a few things thats in the pipeline a little bit in terms of how you guys plan to use some more trailing products or features around brf and keepers but curious you know in the terms of the pipeline for zechari in the coming months or even the year uh will the experience still be at the forefront or will there be even more for people to look forward to i dont know too much alpha but uh curious to get your take out of what you see coming out uh well the so the test net for zachary has been up and running for the past few months um and thanks to everyones feedback we were able to release the main net for zacharys layer one with um limited support for nfts thats being minted and giving away to the community by zachary were currently waiting on certek to finalize the auditing process for our layer 2 coding so we can expect to launch all of our layer 2 features next month in addition we are developing a mobile app for zachary so we are expecting to have a pilot version later this month and last but not least we will be launching our next series of nfts and additional support for nfts made possible by chain links vrfs support so that will be in may this year and also later this year well be working on our app chain to integrate and support games and social blockchain apps when layer 2 is released well be looking at utilizing chain links keepers to help with the automatic distribution of awards so rewards from staking and farming in layer 2. and id like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that so currently the test net is up and running for both layer 1 and layer 2 but for people whos trying out the the main net where only layer one is online keep in mind the transfer speed and transaction fees are based on what the layer one blockchain charges whether its ethereum uh binance uh polygon etc so you get a lot of the layer two speed um and cost saving when you get onto layer two and that will be sometimes next month very very cool and uh if people were curious jerry like uh where else can they find or learn more about what uh you and the team are working on so you can always visit our website on where you can check out some of our articles and download the the wallet extension we also have our white paper there so for people who are really tech savvy and you want to dig into how everything works inside free youre more than welcome to look into that our twitter handle is zachary protocol we also have a discord and telegram community so everyone is very much welcome to join us there um if its not too much trouble perhaps our lovely host harris can help put a link with some of these um communities in the description below and if you can um take this opportunity to have a we can show you uh do a quick demo we can uh let everyone see kind of what the interface is like for example and well make some simple transactions on the test net all right so guys um as you can see this is the main website and i have downloaded the zekery wallet extension from the chrome web store so we just open up here this is the main interface and as you can see you can view all of your assets in one place from the various chains everything from ethereum to near and im going to go through for layer one ill go through the transfer feature where you just transfer tokens to anyone in the world deposit is when you deposit your token from layer 1 to layer 2 to enjoy a lot of the additional features like faster transactions lower fees staking liquidity provisions swaps all that good stuff and then we have lock okay my apologies so im heading over to the test net because like i mentioned earlier with the main net only layer ones available so on the test net i can show you um the full spectrum of the features so over here as you can see you can see the assets and the view that i like to use is if you click here you can look at all of your assets by tokens that way in one glance you can see the different tokens that you have on your account ill just walk to one of my other accounts there you go you can see all your different tokens and if you want to make a transfer click on transfer select what you would like to transfer lets say we want to transfer some rate tokens to our friend because ive transferred to someone to this account before so were gonna transfer to say this account and well put in a thousand raid tokens confirm your uh transfer fee hit transfer confirm and based on the speed of the layer one blockchain that should take anywhere from a few seconds to a couple of minutes to finish um and you also have the option of locking your asset so if i go to lock and i decide to lock lets mix things up a little lets try locking up some neo tokens so if i want to lock up 100 of my video tokens to get some apr so well lock it up on the ethereum blockchain okay let me just go back on that lets try out binance lets try usdt so with usdt i want to lock five dollars as an investment and get some returns click on lock confirm and voila so thats locked onto layer 2 to help provide liquidity and you can unlock it at any time which i will show you later over here you have nft these are the nfts that i have on my account say if i want currently its quite basic so i can select one of the nfts and use it as my avatar but later this month uh early next month once we release the new batch of features youll be able to use nfts from your other blockchains and here you have deposit so thats where you deposit your tokens from layer one to layer two so if i want to deposit 2000 ray tokens to layer two thats done and at the bottom right that is where this is where you can swap to layer two of the zekery protocol so well go here this is the layer 2 interface and here is really similar so with layer 2 you can see that you can transfer between other layer 2 accounts and you can conduct swaps so if you want to change some bitcoin into ethereum you can do that and unlocking is where earlier we locked some usdt right here we can unlock it and withdrawing is when you move the asset from at layer 2 if you want to draw it back to layer one quickly show we transfer say if we want to transfer some polygon matic and the other thing you see over here with the accounts on executive layer 2 it doesnt have to be a string of public keys you can name your account according to something anything that you like for example um mines called uh gem jsy and say i have i know someone whos called jason hes account jason.zachary oh and i want to transfer some matic to my friend i type in his name the amount dollar to transfer and also i can make more than one transfer at the same time as well nice but in this case oh okay im missing we need to leave a little bit for the transactions so say if you want to transfer one and its loading so this is just providing the proof for the transaction and hit and then we are done so its done with the transaction if i want to make some swaps say if i want to change some ray token to lets say i want to change two ray token into usct confirm the transaction amount and we hit swap confirm and there you go weve swapped some ray tokens into usdt lastly just quickly show you for liquidity thats where you can add liquidity for uh staking as well for a return so you said you want to stake some great token and ethereum pairs you can add liquidity here as well hit confirm and youve done some liquidity staking very nice and yeah that exactly for now so thats the features that weve rolled out on the test net with the layer two functions that you saw towards the later half that will come out next month once auditing is done awesome jerry i really appreciate the demo as well uh very intuitive easy to follow and im sure the audience is keen to learn a little bit more you already provided where the users can find you and uh if you look a little bit below our faces here in the description ill have all of the links as well so jerry thanks so much man for hopping in and uh giving us a rundown on what you and the team are working on no thanks thanks for having us harris its been a pleasure awesome have a great day jerry take care yeah you too bye you Join us 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