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hi im yasir jaswan i had data products at chain link labs welcome to smart con and welcome to this session focus on the key attributes of chain links data foods in this session we will review how data is securely aggregated and delivered through decentralized oracle networks we will also cover the expanding and diverse catalog of data sets available to all of you developers in our community for smart contract developers and data providers in the audience this session will help you understand more about the data products available to you to your smart contract and to your applications and how leading data providers are leveraging the chain link network to provide their valuable services to the community as a spot we would like to re-emphasize that the role of chain link network is to provide each one of you in the development community with quality data that is distributed through a secure and decentralized network we are laser focused to help you in the journey of building groundbreaking innovative smart contract applications to power an automated future in all types of industries and verticals and open up a new world of opportunities powered by deterministic smart contracts in defy and beyond chaining provide the industry standard price fiends securing the vast majority of the value locked within d5 with currently over 30 billion secured these price fees continue to grow in speed as well as we are able to provide sub second price updates without compromising on the quality of the data its market representativeness and the data sources that we that we use price fees would not be able to be delivered securely without the decentralized competition of prices through independent nodes that are read day and night by leading blockchain teams and enterprises we already integrate with ethereum bsc polygon xdi uob and avalanche and are continuously building more integrations by understanding that three layers of aggregation and redundancy purpose purposely built into each chaining price feed it becomes clear why these price feeds are securing a large share of the value locked within the d5 landscape first at the data source level the key here is to have a reliable source of price data that that represents the full gamut of the market whether this market is uh representing c5 or d5 exchanges the point here is not to use a single exchange or single data source to prevent outliers market manipulations and all other kind of data anomalies that should that do not help constitute a market representative price to ensure a high degree of tamper resistance and reliability chaining price feeds exclusively pull data from premium data aggregators at the second level at the node operator level not only does each individual data source reflects the full gamut of the of the market and aggregates price points from all trading venues each individual node computes a median from all the sources available to them to contribute into the to the ear to the network this way we further prevent any kind of single source of failure thereon at the third level at the oracle network level the network aggregates prices at a single price from all the prices contributed by each of the independent nodes this way again further to to to the uh adding on to the levels to the high level of resiliency and reliability of the network we prevent the any kind of manipulation from any node within the the network so by incorporating all these these three layers of aggregation in the data source the node operator and the oracle layers of the price fiends your defy application receives unmatched security and reliability and that will enable you to continuously secure the value locked within your platforms over the course of last year and and this year as well we continue to see a tremendous push from the developer community to to chaining their applications and innovates in all types of verticals new generation of asset managers and fund platforms are automating the marketing market of portfolios and were also helping new managers to create innovative baskets of assets representing crypto assets and traditional and based on traditional um assets to and continuously rebalance them also critical to this prosperity of the d5 landscape are the landing and borrowing platforms that enable access to that platforms like avi and compound are extensively using secured price fees to calculate and settle interest payment trigger liquidations or perform collateral swaps stable coins are also a large user of off-price foods by virtue of automating treasury operations by taking price input as well as not only price input but also economic indicators like inflation to trigger supply adjustments and so are many more use cases that are made possible by the ingenuity of the developer community including new generations of prediction markets nft marketplaces and also very innovative solutions around parametric insurance that expanded the use of chaining um the chaining oracle networks beyond not only prices into additional data sets including sports and news this week we are excited to announce the immediate availability of the food registry the feed registry provides your application with a universal gateway to connect and discover any chain link price fee by creating a single contract simplifying the development and deployment of chain linked applications it enables smart contracts to retrieve the latest price of an asset in a single call from a single contract without even without the need to know the exact address of the price or defeat contract we put together this product to make your development journey simpler by reducing the number of mappings you have to maintain and lowering the cost of maintaining your integration with the chainmaint network alongside price fields that are covering cryptos capital market assets commodities and currencies the data catalog made available to the your to the developer community continues to expand rapidly thanks to the evolution of of your applications to the define as an industry as well as to the drive from the various data providers that are that are working uh with us um as part of the changing ecosystem we have seen a number of of prediction market launch around sports data whether its um the uh with regards to the nba season or the upcoming nfl season and the olympics also in the parametric insurance space a number of platforms are launching using weather and other environmental data that is available through the training network furthermore real estate which is the largest industry by asset value is looking to create innovative solutions for valuations to facilitate faster um yet more secure and transparent transactions in that space the extension of the catalog is also driven by the many data providers who are seizing the opportunity to participate in the build out of new market structures and enabling access to their data sets on multiple chains that changing supports in order to make it easier for developers to discover the data catalog as well as for data providers to list their services the community has led the creation of a data marketplace is a community driven two-sided marketplace that connects developers looking to power their smart contracts with external data together with data providers who are looking to expand access to their data products developers can consult the marketplace to search the entire universe of data sets and adapters available to them to power their applications while data providers can securely list and advertise their services to the community this week a new version of market of has been released by the the community with the full rework of all listing pages and the and this and search functionality theres also clear grouping of data categories and the networks where data is made available the chaining marketplace already features listings for hundreds of data feeds chain link nodes external adapters and data sources across the ethereum bina smart chain xdi and polygon blockchains including both with a clear distinction between deployments that are available on testnet versus those are available on mainnet networks with this update of the the marketplace the platform will now also incorporate additional blockchain networks analytic tools and an improved interface that helps developers and the data providers efficiently and seamlessly match to the data providers in the audience we would like to invite you to bring your data to the different chains that chaining supports and enable the millions of smart contracts deployed on chain to benefit from your services cheney continually adds support for new blockchain eliminating the need to learn new systems and enabling immediate access to the different development communities with each of these of these blockchains also to help you with the integration with the chaining ecosystem a number of partners are available to you that will help you set up and operate your chain link nodes we also closely collaborate with each one of you over market development activities to educate developers to build applications using your data and enabling new novel use cases throughout the ecosystem in this session you have seen how chaining decentralized oracle networks remove data limitations of smart contracts by providing reliable tamper-proof inputs and outputs to on any blockchain we also covered the different data categories that make up our growing catalog as well as means for you to search and discover what data is available for your achievement applications we are committed to the success of both smart contract developers as well as to data providers throughout our evolving ecosystem thank you for your time and i hope to see you all in person next time thank you so much you At this SmartCon keynote, Yaser Jazouane, Chainlink Labs’ Head of Data Products, gives an in-depth explanation showing how Chainlink Price Feeds provide high-quality market data to decentralized applications across leading blockchains.Learn more about the 3 levels of data aggregation in Chainlink Price Feeds: Check out other presentations from our complete Smart Contract Summit 1 playlist: Chainlink is the industry standard oracle network for powering hybrid smart contracts. Chainlink Decentralized Oracle Networks provide developers with the largest collection of high-quality data sources and secure off-chain computations to expand the capabilities of smart contracts on any blockchain. Learn more about Chainlink: Website: Docs: Twitter: Discord: Newsletter: Telegram: Talk to an expert: