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Hey guys welcome back to the Wall Street Bull  Anthony here I hope youre all doing well and   staying positive out there it is never a dull  moment in crypto that is why I love doing daily   Market updates now today in particular there is  a lot to talk about Ripple winning the lawsuit   in the SEC losing at summary judgment which is  really interesting obviously youve got Craig   Wright coming out today the so-called Bitcoin  Creator absolutely hating on Ripple and the   uh the CEO break garlinghouse which is full on uh  theres obviously all the collapse with silvergate   now going into liquidation or I should say  Administration as well uh there are also updates   in relation to the alliance AIR block AIR block  sorry airdrop which did happen today as well so   I did receive those uh Weve obviously got a lot  happening with Mount gox because uh you know the   whole release of Bitcoin right there and youve  also got the US government now transferring 1   billion dollars worth of bitcoin to coinbase today  which is crazy Sheba Inu to talk about theres a   whole range of stuff to get through so lets get  straight into it massive shout out and thank you   to every single one of you who have subscribed to  the channel I really appreciate it thank you very   much if you are new to the channel make sure you  smash the Subscribe button down there and turn on   that little bell notification as well because  as you can see right here I love documenting   my journey with investing with cryptos dividend  stocks growth stocks talking about passive income   building Financial Freedom and of course my goal  at the end of the day is to build generational   wealth so come on this incredible journey  things are getting wild in this space Also   if you can give this video a thumbs up watch us  right through it would really help me push this   channel out to a lot more people because the  YouTube algorithm absolutely loves when you   find ladies and gentlemen do that give it a good  old thumbs up doesnt cost you anything its down   there thank you very much you guys rock also  little disclaimer I am not a financial advisor   please do your own research and due diligence  with this stuff I do not want to see anyone get   fine naturally hurt that is why my number one  Golden Rule is I only invest what I can afford   to lose and yes we dont like to lose you can  lose money like that in the blink of an eye   in crypto so please be careful out there do your  own research and due diligence this video is for   educational and entertainment purposes only  also um again I just want to point out that   everyone should be invested into a crypto Cold  Storage wallet it could be a Tresor an Ella Paul   a ledger whatever else youve got going there and  if again if you cant afford any of those please   use trust wallet Ive used it I think its fine  and again Ive had no issues with it I have been   hacked with metamask because I had malware on my  PC at the time and I was logged into Olympus Dow   piece of malware got into the computer and bang  cleaned out my metamask so again I do not use my   metamask at all so that is pretty much it for the  formalities ladies and gentlemen now lets go to   the community Tab and again weve got I mean this  is crazy I mean this just came across not long ago   but half an hour ago before film filming that the  US government has transferred a significant amount   of the flagship cryptocurrency Bitcoin to NASDAQ  listed crypto trading platform coinbase according   to the data of the cryptocurrency blockchain  its basically 49 000 Bitcoin worth one billion   dollars from wallets related to seizures of  the now defunct darknet Marketplace Silk Road   absolutely crazy uh weve got silvergate Capital  now to shut down operations and liquidate the bank   again another one bites the dust as a result  of sandbankment freed and the collapse of uh   obviously FTX which is just massive its just  crazy to see the amount of damage hes done to   the crypto Market its one person unbelievable I  dont even know whether I believe its just him   I think it was you know a whole range of people  behind the scenes maybe Gary Gensler I dont know   anyway these were the alt coins up in my portfolio  we had tea fuel xrp is like breaking out from the   rest of the market which is nice uh which was  up today weve got ubix Network Shiba Inu and   xlm which seems to me that does move with xrp  so again keep an eye on Excel in because these   two seem to move the same time which is really  strange I dont know Ive noticed this a few   times but anyway lets go to coin spot which is  where I buy my cryptos in Australia there is a   referral link below please feel free to use that  you will get ten dollars in Bitcoin right there   and of course with any of this stuff do your own  research and due diligence now obviously all the   prices you see here are in Australian dollars  and everything else is set to USD because Im   catering for everybody around the world and my  Aussie fans now youve got Bitcoin sitting at 33   000 Australian dollars today ah down 1.42 ethereum  is a 2 389 down 1.21 now again I see this is a   buying opportunity Im about to after filming this  Im going to start up you know some new Bots uh in   the patreon so that is linked below again because  these Bots tend to actually work really well when   the market is very volatile basically when theyre  down buying low selling high so again Im going to   put them up in the patreon tonight or just after  this video uh youve got xrp sitting at 60 cents   up nearly four percent today that is really nice  decoupling from the market I should say again   you know any more positive news from this lawsuit  summary judgment is due any day now it could be   you know you know Friday usually I see notice that  news announcements come out of the United States   and of course that could be maybe towards the end  of this month which is basically what James K uh   filing or philan or filing whatever however you  pronounce it uh basically predicted last year that   the end of March so well stick with that one you  got 88 49 cents those 11 cents Maddox at a dollar   64. Solanas at 28 down uh six percent so again  that could be a good entry point Im just saying   polka dots eight dollars which is nice Links at  10.28 youve got xlm again in the green which is   nice uh 12 cents very undervalued uh hedera  and nine cents as well doing quite nicely in   terms of uh Partnerships building the project the  utility of it hashgraph technology it is working   with one of Australias big Banks as well which  is nice in my opinion uh youve got V chain still   being boring as anything for a very long time at  three cents right now ICP its seven dollars uh   which again I might buy some more of that Quant  is at a buy level for me right now 182 dollars   so again that has hit my buy Target which is nice  so well dollar cost average into that finally   180 which is good ax is at 12 which is nice I mean  theres buying opportunities everywhere Chilis at   17 cents now my bot in here looking at my other  screens still up 229 even though the market is   down at the moment uh which is nice youve got  Neo at 16 uh moving down some other favorites   youve got agix which I do have a bot set up with  that one as well 57 cents Casper at five cents and   xdc at four cents as well and I dont even know  why that how they have FTX tokens still up there   I dont even know why its just there its  annoying go away Im not interested anyway lets   go to crypto Bubbles and yes I do have the wall  Streetball patreon linked Below in the description   and in the comments I pinned them in there to stop  all the scammers basically and putting a warning   up in the air in those comments so please  be careful I try to get rid of all the scam   comments its crazy but wall Streetball University  again I put up all my buyers my sales my trades my   crypto trading Bots all the news before I go live  uh recording the videos and of course my dividend   Investments which do provide passive income which  is really nice so again very bullish community   that Im building and I love talking with everyone  in there directly in the comments and in the   private messages as well and I prefer patreon as  well and the this group that Im building here   because its much better than Discord at least  I can talk to people and communicate with people   whereas Discord you have like 10 000 people asking  questions its mental anyway lets go to crypto   bubbles join the patreon down link below now again  its a sea of red the only ones in the green of   course we have bone which again Shiba Inu the  whole shibarium uh you know layer 2 is being uh   obviously beta tested at the moment 3.8 as well uh  a dollar 73 at the moment USD uh still up 2.7 on   the week and 214 on the year not that its been  that long were in March at the moment which is   wild but um Im still holding my Shiba in here  well see where that one goes and of course xrp   which is nice 3.5 on the day 2.8 on the week and  again 38 cents and I keep saying this every day   at the moment because it just blows you might go  back and look at the history you know of ethereum   back you know six years ago or even five years ago  its still you know a couple hundred dollars even   but I remember this six years ago on the charts  and coin market cap being 97 cents absolutely wild   uh now again youve got ton coin up a 6.8 and  that is pretty much it in terms of the gainers   there are still uh ones obviously that Im very  interested in dollar cost averaging which I do   anyway but Shiba Inu 2.8 on the day still nice  to see this going in the cranes and this is   purely just for a making money uh perspective  its nothing else again I got into Shiba Inu   when it was a lot lower and basically Ive seen  some pretty crazy returns with this so Im still   holding on to that now obviously moving on to the  SEC versus Ripple lawsuit and again its very uh   you know theres a lot happening with this and  very soon we could see summary judgment but uh   bullish article right here but the SEC will lose  its summary judgment due to its case Theory it   says prior Ripple lawyer and Johnny Deaton the  legend by the way for the xrp community Im just   saying believes that the Ripple will bag a win  against the SEC and exchange U.S SEC right now   even as the years-long Securities battle draws to  closer to an end speaking during an interview on   Fox Business with Charles gasparino which Charles  I dont know man if you like your your besties   with the SEC I dont know I just watched it needs  to be just before and just recapping it from   yesterday but he says some pretty full-on stuff in  there well get into that in a second but uh hes   basically saying uh Dean noted the SEC was highly  likely to lose stating its case against Ripple was   filed uh with inconsistencies which is the truth  I think the SEC is going to lose but that doesnt   mean Ripples not uh going to get an outright  win either but I think the SEC is going to lose   that summary judgment because of the theory that  they went with right here Deaton said normally   when you go after a promoter you say well on this  particular day you made an unregistered Securities   offering or sell and that particular transaction  was a security investment contract and now theyre   saying that all the sales of xrp the token itself  is a security and thats the problem he added   and again he represents 75 000 xrp holders you  know in the United States and around the world   uh but look at this further noted that the  uh the unlikely event that Ripple loses the   Judgment uh would have far-reaching effects on  other cryptocurrencies in the entire Market but   according to him a win by the SEC would also  shake up the crypto exchanges such as coinbase   and binance and it could mean they all brokered  unregistered Securities which would be massive   and the Victory we got was that there was an  expert in the SEC was offering who was going   to testify as what an xrp holders thought in their  head uh when they purchased xrp of course he never   interviewed one single xrp holder in his entire  career and he received a three million dollar   contract from the SEC to serve as a witness so  and so the judge excluded that part of his the   testimony right here that hes not going to be  allowed which is interesting right here but again   I think thats a massive win for ripple and of  course youve got fake Satoshi Craig Wright takes   another jab at Ripple and uh hes an Australian  I mean I dont know where he is in Australia but   anyway but moving on but the computer science is  Craig Wright claiming to be a creator of Bitcoin   has gone on another public Rampage against Ripple  xrp and the companys CEO Brad garlinghouse whom   right labeled as a criminal the reason for such  scandalous statement from the fake Satoshi was   garlinghouses recent comments that the SEC sees  way of regulating through enforcement could hurt   the crypto industry in the United States and this  is not the first right of such attack on Ripple   and xrp directly which he previously called the  most worthless pump and dump scheme right now   for xrp which is crazy and at the same time fake  fate Toshi right here as right has been nicknamed   in the crypto spaces further promised to provide  an academic analysis of xrp in 2023 which he says   will show just how dishonest the system is I  dont think so they provide you know reports   every single quarter on this or you know one of  the only crypto projects to do that anyway shush   Mr Craig right now cftc chair says ethereum  is a commodity despite genslers Bitcoin only   position again these these two regular headers  are going to be battling it out for this space   for sure but the chairman of the Commodities  uh Futures Trading commission has taken a Firm   Stance against the security exchange commissions  subtle power creep over digital asset Market   Ross and Ben and right here told the Senate uh  agriculture committee on Wednesday that ethereum   the second largest crypto next to bitcoin is  a commodity it has been listed on this cftc   exchanges for quite some time and for this that  reason said Benham uh who argue that this creates   a direct jurisdictional hook for the agency to  police both ethereums derivatives market and   the underlying Market his opinion appears to be  directly contradict that the SEC chairman Gary   Gensler who argued last month everything other  than Bitcoin falls under Securities laws while   not naming any names the chairman has hinted  many times that this would include ethereum   especially after the network transition to  proof-of-state consensus mechanism unbelievable   I honestly I prefer the cftc to regulate crypto  than uh Gary Gensler in his goon squad anyway   silvergate has finally gone into liquidation and  wind down its operations I saw this on Bloomberg   earlier this morning in CNBC when I was having  my coffee but silvergate Corporation said it will   wind down operations and voluntary liquidate  silver silvergate Bank in accordance with the   applicable regulatory processes which is not good  because again another one bites the dust as a   result of sandbankment Freeds ridiculous behavior  and his fraudulent activities which is horrible   but in light of recent industry and Regulatory  development silvergate believes that an orderly   wind down of the bank operations and voluntary  liquidation of the bank is the best pass path   forward right here the firm said in a Securities  Exchange Commission filing the banks wind down   a liquidation plan includes full repayment of  all deposits which is good I guess the company   is also considering how best to resolve claims  and preserve the residual value of its assets   including the proprietary technology and  tax assets so again another one has bitten   the dust right here moving on we have chain link  sees a huge whale transaction signaling growing   institutional interest in link and again Ive  got this in my banking coins list just saying   and if we have a quick read of this in a stunning  turn of events chain link recently witnessed three   massive whale transactions that took place within  11 minutes during Fridays Final hours leading   on-chain analytics platform sentiment reporting  transactions involving a whopping 11.6 million   tokens amounted to approximately 79.7 million  dollars in value being moved to whale wallets   which is just huge and Ive been very bullish on  chain link as well I have got it in the portfolio   Im just saying and also in regards to making  these large amounts of money in crypto you need   to have big money all right its just that the way  it is so I mean 79 million dollars if that moves   a few percent youve made a few hundred thousand  dollars havent you ten percent is just crazy 790   000 dollars uh If It Moves even like 10 which is  just you know the way of the game you need big   money anyway moving on JP Morgan right here sorry  about all these pop-ups JP Morgan is cutting tires   with crypto exchange Gemini which is interesting  so coinbase said its banking relationship with JP   Morgan remains intact and its very interesting  to see that coinbase and JP Morgan have teamed   up so well keep an eye on that one as well and  yes the one billion dollar seized by Silk Road uh   prompting liquidation fears Ive seen a few people  messaging me about this but on-chain analytics   firms caught the US government shuffling funds  around and the wallet associated with sea Silk   Road funds moved one billion dollars in Bitcoin  the address moved 39 174 into two new wallets   and 9 800 Bitcoins for wallet reportedly belonging  to coinbase the funds were originally seized from   the Silk Road exploiter James zong in November  2021 which is full on and again Im not you know   if this is anything to do with peoples money they  should just return it anyway not that thats going   to happen because I mean everyone loves the money  in their hands and everyones greedy now moving on   obviously weve got and were going  to go to Twitter and watch some interviews here   with uh you know some people in the United States  weve got Shiba Inu xrp which is nice Matic axi uh   we have ladies and gentlemen Bitcoin of course and  Gala which is nice and ethereum its nice to see   the uh the coins Im actually invested in right  there in the net positive flows which is good now   lets go to Twitter and yes Im at the wall  Streetball Oz go follow me on there guys I   would really appreciate it I do thank you very  much for those 4067 people and the 54 000 people   on YouTube as well youre very special now I will  be giving this away when I hit a hundred thousand   Subs on YouTube live that is the uh ball ring  right there made of solid sterling silver why   because were very bullish now youve got an  interesting one here but Mike novograts always   seems to have information about whats going  on with the Regulators before we do how does   he know about this remember when he predicted  the SEC would say ethereum was a security   but now its not just uh days before the  human speech have a listen to this itll   itll burn through in the faster what about the  fight between the cftc and the SEC because that   needs to get resolved for everybody right I mean  yeah I think thats thats on hold for a while   theyre both like we never said that by the way  you know they were both very very close with Sam   uh and again you know a lot of people were a  lot of people got snuckers uh but Sam was was   negotiating to pretty much have dominance so  a cash exchange at the cfdc regulates uh and   you know the SEC was going to bless that as  long as they got to do you know non-bitcoin   and ether and and so there was this negotiation  going on that was this close to getting done and   so I think theyre both just trying to stay as  far away from it as possible and to be as tough   as they can right now very interesting now this is  the interview that was yesterday or the day before   with Johnny Deaton and Charles gasparuna on Fox  Business have a listen to what Charles says and   he he just really wanted to say this to the in  during this interview have a listen to this yes   and now theyre saying that all cells of X are  the token itself is a sign this is why all eyes   are on this case and why Twitter blows up every  time you come up I said I just think this time I   think the SEC is going to win and I tell you its  going to be a bad day for crypto yeah and I wonder   why he gets a lot of heat on Twitter for that just  saying anyway moving on youve got a Fed a chair   right here Jerome Powell uh talking about cbdcs  and payments have a listen to this guys and thank   you Jack the ribbler for this one as well and  you know with cbdc I think youre asking whether   whether a cbdc would serve some of that but a CD  cbdc is going to be years in the evaluation and   you know I think we can get this into the hands  of the public very quickly and I think well   have real-time payments in this country very very  soon and so that now one thing about this I forgot   to play the video yesterday on my channel right  there is a video based in China thats come out   and I did miss this yesterday and I should  have played it but its scary all right I   found it here it is guys watch this this is  crazy for cbdcs look at this its have to be money similar to how lottery winnings have to  be spent before a certain date it means that   the Chinese government could could set up a whole  lot of things to have your currency maybe valid or   invalid based on its own priorities this is almost  like handing over the keys to your business or to   your finance department in some ways because you  really cant control what at the end of the day   may happen with the the funds that youre holding  that is effing scary all right and this is why I   do not like cbdcs because its going to give  governments and Banks more control and put an   expiration date on your funds that you have to  spend it in a particular time which is absolutely   effed anyway uh moving on guys weve got obviously  Stuart El doradis opinion on this in actual fact   I should go to this point because this is a you  know another lawyer here theres a lot of lawyers   in relation to this Ripple lawsuit but Im going  to go through this quickly but I finished reading   judge torress 57-page ruling on the admissibility  of expert testimony in the ssfs Ripple case   now I just want to point out as well Im going to  scroll down here yes some go read of it because   its going to take me a while to get through  it but uh bottom line is in relation to these   rulings were net a net positive for ripple and  for xrp holders does this necessarily mean that   Ripple will win the case on summary judgment  no but I do think the rulings make a summary   judgment win for the SEC unlikely and again Im  very bullish that the SEC is going to lose its   summary judgment I really do believe that based  on all of this information coming out here the   judge has not taken any BS from the U.S regulator  anyway Bank of America is predicting that a slight   U.S recession this year as well warns interest  rates wont fall until 2024 thatll be the same in   Australia as well and of course weve got Bank of  Canada mentioning xrp and xlm as stable coins for   cross-border payments and I just want to point out  as well theyre not stable coins again xrp went   up to a price of 3.50 that wouldnt happen with a  one-to-one backed stable coin now lets go to coin   market cap and we have a total market cap we have  dropped below a trillion which again is for me a   perfect buying opportunity 999 billion weve got  43 billion dollars in trading volume again this is   perfect time to dollar cost average not Financial  advice 42 BTC and 18 ethereum and go and again my   portfolio again is of course the number one is xrp  straight up thats very nice and yes the banking   coin list Ive got set up and I believe everyone  should have a list of some sort whatever coins are   invested in to keep an eye on them these ones  right here are the ones that Im very bullish   on of course and uh we have xrp there up 3.4 two  percent on the day which is nice decoupling from   the market really really nice to see that in the  green how good is that anyway Im done guys make   sure you join the patreon linked below Ill be  putting up some new trades after I film this video   and Ill be posting in the patreon so join up and  obviously follow me on all social media platforms   please check the usernames because theres a  lot of fake accounts especially on Tick Tock   I think theres like a hundred fake Wall Street  bull accounts stealing my content be careful the   links below alright Ill speak to everyone  tomorrow stay safe have a good night peace XRP RIPPLE THIS IS HUGE CAN WIN AT SUMMARY JUDGEMENT CHAINLINK IS A CRYPTO GEM QNT, XDC, XLM - In this video, we discuss XRP News today, 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