Ripple Shatters SEC's Argument In Response Letter 1 day agoIn just two days, Ripple filed its response to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s SEC Letter of Supplemental Authority. The SEC filed its letter on Monday in support of its motion for summary judgment, Bitcoinist reported. Fed ‘Sweet Spot’ Could Be About To Trigger A $200 Billion Bitcoin ,2 days agoThe bitcoin price remains down by more than half from its peak of almost $70,000 per bitcoin. Forbes Digital Assets Bitcoin's breach of $30,000 per bitcoin has been cheered by market chainlink top tube 4 way fitting XRP ARMY ROCKS! BRAD GARLINGHOUSE WERE GOING TO WIN THIS! PEPE CRYPTO UP 1,500% RALLY
chainlink top tube 4 way fitting Crypto Weekly #21: Cardano und Bitpanda mit Rekorden, ,Das 7-Tage-Hoch... XRP ARMY ROCKS! BRAD GARLINGHOUSE WERE GOING TO WIN THIS! PEPE CRYPTO UP 1,500% RALLY
hey guys welcome back to the Wall Street ball Anthony here I hope youre all doing well and staying positive out there it is never a dull and boring moment in crypto and finance that is why I love doing daily Market updates now today ladies and gentlemen Im coming to you live uh because again its just been a busy weekend and uh had to do a live for everyone and more to the point the xrp Army absolutely rules and I love talking with everyone in it to be quite honest with you but good morning good evening good afternoon where are wherever youre watching in the world at the moment and I am going to see your comments in there so make sure you leave your comments because Im going to talk to everybody on my channel anyway weve got a lot to talk about there was xrp Las Vegas on last night as well and theres some interesting uh obviously videos coming out from that guys I mean everybody was there Brad garlinghouse he had Johnny Dean yeah Jeremy Hogan all of my favorite crypto YouTubers as well by the way with their unfortunately cant fly to the United States at the moment isnt that annoying hmm Im not going to get into it but you know what Im talking about anyway Brad garlinghouse has come out with a bullish um you know speech at this conference which was really awesome as well and uh obviously Im going to go through what he said and go through it and give my thoughts and opinions on it obviously Im going to go through the xrp rich list as well because again things are coming and theyre going to happen very fast ladies and gentlemen anyway weve got the US government may freeze American Bank withdrawals and what do you think is going to happen with cryptocurrencies and uh there you go thats just going to drive adoption even more youve got New York obviously introducing a crypto bill right here to tighten laws Pepe or whatever the hell this mean coin is is going parabolic literally look at this anyway were going to get into this in a moment youve got the state of Texas right here to obviously create a gold-backed digital currency and I can think of one of them in particular which is gold backed well essentially its tokenizing gold and Im going to get in that in a second some old coins that Im keeping a very close eye on of course and Ive got the old coin season right here anyway ICP Im very bullish on icip as well were going to go through that and again a lot of whales are accumulating Bitcoin but anyway lets get into it guys massive shout out and thank you to every single one of you who have subscribed to the channel I really appreciate it thank you very much if you are new to the channel make sure you smash the Subscribe button down there and turn on that little bell notification as well because as you can see right here I love documenting my journey with investing with cryptos dividend stocks growth stocks talking about passive income building Financial Freedom and of course my goal at the end of the day is to build generational wealth so come along this incredible journey things are about to get freaking wild in this space Also if you can give this video and stream a thumbs up watch us straight through it would really help me push this channel out to a lot more people because the YouTube algorithm is absolute magic when you find ladies and gentlemen do that all right make sure you give it a good old thumbs up doesnt cost you anything guys its down there I see you all you guys rock thank you very much also little disclaimer I am not a financial advisor please do your own research and due diligence with this stuff all right I do not want to see anyone get financially hurt that is why my number one Golden Rule is I only invest what I can afford to lose and yes we dont like to lose you can lose money like that in the blink of an eye alright so please be careful out there do your own research and due diligence this video and stream is for educational and same purposes only alright ladies and gentlemen the formalities are out of the way thank you guys for tuning in there is a few people here its really nice and uh its I like it man to be honest I love talking with everyone so yes it is 10 p.m in Melbourne at the moment it is late for us Aussies and I do apologize to those Aussies but you know Im still going in for a video now Community tab I did post up my top old coins here I dont know what the hells going on here but anyway Ill get to that in a second Ill show you my portfolio here and I do put that up in my patreon literally every single morning when Im having my espresso now I just want to show you guys this okay this is no BS and um Ive got these Bots going in my patreon at the moment and this particular one is Chilis paired with usdt it is up 621 no joke link is below apologies Im chewing right now because I just had some peanut butter I absolutely love it but anyway and by the way my community tab post uh was quite funny by the way that was hilarious because I said going love tonight and your comments are freaking hilarious sounds lovely uh love for all use protection that one I was actually at an event uh just before going live here on the channel and I saw that and I just pissed myself so thank you very much you guys are absolutely awesome love you guys now lets go to uh coin spot right here now this is where I buy my cryptos in Australia there is a referral link below for it please feel free to use that you will get 10 Bitcoin and of course with this stuff do your own research now Im going to quickly go through a couple of coins here then Im going to get a coin market cap which is obviously a lot easier for everyone to understand but all in Australian dollars here and everything else set to US Dollars now weve got Bitcoin sitting at 43 000. um Australian today which is really nice as well down 1.34 which is interesting youve got ethereum down obviously down slightly as well 2896 now I just want to point out as well six years ago that was 97 cents you dont believe me go and have a look at it now moving on to this coin right here xrp Im so bullish on this coin its ridiculous Im trying to accumulate as much as possible in the shortest amount of time because again judge Torres is literally on the verge of making a decision issuing a summary judgment any day literally it can happen any day but 69 cents it is basically the same thing as when ethereum was six years ago so again Im very bullish on Ripple and xrp now a couple of other altcoins as well but Im going to go to my portfolio here something a little bit different but this is all in US Dollars just to clarify top gainers in my portfolio we have lcx super Farm nextra UFO gaming I I quite frankly like I should say play to earned games I think this will be one sector as well as the banking sector that will absolutely go parabolic in the future play to earned games are cool UFO gaming was one its a low obviously its got a lot of coins but I mean to obviously play to get play to earn sorry agix we have amp as well Omi token is an interesting one I have not been on the VV app uh which this is obviously used for to buy nfts but again I got into that quite early so you know Im holding on to it uh we have win we have vtho and we have Matic now polygon Matic all right theres a lot happening with this some pretty big Partnerships as well and it was at 97 cents now if I just go back here now whats the date let me see if I can find the date here weve got around 2021 okay so I mean it was 2.72 cents USD uh obviously its all-time high Im very bullish on Matic uh and of course some other ones here well get into in a moment but lets just go to the main ones of course Bitcoin sitting at 28 000 US dollars today which is really nice as well ethereum as well 1900 and of course xrp 40s 45 cents now Solana as well 22 I really do like that again Im wanting to accumulate more of it uh weve got polka dot as well at 5.67 now Litecoin is having a halving event very soon at the end of May I believe so again the the founder of Litecoin is also putting out some pretty interesting price predictions so well see where this one goes okay I mean look at it as well it has mooned a few times guys 359 US dollars not bad not bad not bad and its not the first timer you can see it right here on the charts let me just bring this up right here whoop let me bring it up again quite high in value right there again 300 asset so its basically at a discount now and if I go down to the tokenomics lets just have a look 84 million and weve got currently 72 million in circulation right now which is really nice as well so that is one that Im looking to add in my portfolio Shiba Inu as well now all of these meme coins um you know Shiba Inu and Doge and Ive got Pitbull which was just a gamble but theyre the only memes that Im looking at but let me know in the comments if you have actually purchased Pepe or whatever you call it I like I dont even know how to put is it pep or is it Pepe anyway this things going nuts anyway moving on some other ones of course Im bullish on of course xlm weve got ICP right here at 5.67 Im going to get into that as well hedera very bullish on hedera at five cents moving down some other favorites of course V chain at two cents USD which is nice Quant is the pain in my ass 110 this thing has been a stable coin at a hundred dollars there you go maybe xrp might be doing that very soon well keep an eye on quants algo as well as 17 cents very nice as well the graph 12 cents uh keeps scrolling down of course weve got Chilis man my bot in the patron is wild honestly Ive got two of them set up to be quite honest uh actually Infinity its 7.37 now I was buying this no joke at 80 a coin so I need that to go back up but I am staking that on coin spot my exchange with no lock-up period earning 45 apy lets see where it goes cfx as well as a 28 cents now renders one that obviously Im keeping an eye on as well and of course Casper is a gem at five cents in my opinion it is not Financial advice ladies and gentlemen and xdc again another freaking gem it should already be at the price levels of xlm even more so xrp now lets go to crypto Bubbles and yes ladies and gentlemen I know I keep talking about it but Im building a very bullish Community here here guys again I put up all my my buyers my cells my trades my crypto trading Bots my trading indicators are in the group as well also my dividend investing which provides cash flow literally every single month passively love it thats how I basically got started on YouTube no joke now go join up as linked below now lets have a look at crypto Bubbles and yes Im seeing all your comments lets uh well talk ladies and gentlemen were going to be talking a lot Im going to build our own uh xrp Las Vegas but from Melbourne Australia how interesting how interesting is that now render token up 4.8 on the day currently trading at 2.15 at the moment which is nice still up 63 percent which is insane and again 63 in one month boom mind absolutely blown and of course we have here uh Radix now again Im not invested in Radix but five percent on the day is quite nice and 81 on the month which is really good as well cant complain about 80 now some buying opportunities what do you think I just want to know I want to hear from my community I want to know what you guys think of Pepe all right because Ive Got Friends personal like my best friends that have bought this theyve made some pretty good money like and Im not big on Meme coins as everyone knows Im real utility as if you know I talk about utility all the freaking time Im going after the big fish but just from a bit of fun should I throw in some Capital here lets lets have a lets have a discussion about this I want to know from everybody if I should do it let me just I want to put that out to the community let me know what you think now lets move on obviously to the news and yes we had xrp Las Vegas and Brad garlinghouse was actually there which is really awesome but CEO Legend issues a message to xrp supporters and heres what he said and despite the ongoing legal battle with this SEC Gary gensless goon squad the lizard man he must be a lizard a reptilian or whatever the hell you want to call him but anyway obviously CEO Brad garlinghouse has taken a moment to express his gratitude and support from the xrp community why because were a bunch bunch of savages we are like the Spartan warriors out there in the crypto world we are Dont Mess With The xrp Army thats for sure now amid the case proceedings there have been numerous challenges and developments between both parties and the community support has not gone unnoticed about Ripple leadership of course not were freaking loud were animals and in this line following his participation in the xrp Las Vegas 2023 meeting garlinghouse remarked on the communities uh obviously camaraderie right here while stating I cant adequately express my gratitude he said in a tweet and I want to know if anyone was actually there is anyone actually there in Vegas I mean Ive been to Vegas many times and uh I can only do about three or four days there because its just ridiculous but anyway let me know if you were actually at this conference that would have been freaking awesome but the xrp Las Vegas 2023 event presented by digital perspective founder Bradley kimes right here which is awesome uh its a two-day conference exclusively dedicated to members of the xrp community and the event has been dubbed the xrp Army Conference of a lifetime which is nice by its organizers and we hope it will become an xrp communities equivalent to the popular Bitcoin Miami Conference nice an xrp broader crypto communities are eagerly awaiting summary judgment in the legal case garlinghouse who anticipates the matter to be concluded in the first half of 2023 were in May June is next month that is the first half but anyway has previously expressed expressed his confidence that Ripple will emerge Victorious you wouldnt be saying youre going to be victorious if you didnt actually think you know believe it and you know all these lawyers and attorneys and people representing its just for me anyway from my point of view and perspective I believe that they will win this case Gary Gensler has behaved like an absolute idiot uh hes obviously been overreaching here ruling uh I should say regulating by enforcement throwing lawsuits and Wells notices left right and Center for crypto and hes a freaking hypocrite he is literally a hypocrite no joke he taught at MIT moving on obviously in the air pro xrp lawyer Johnny Deaton the legend has claimed that the secs case against Ripple was weakened by recent developments including a legal document referenced as ecf640 which acknowledges that the purchase of xrp was an investment of money into a common Enterprise now Dayton also criticized the secs argument stating that it potentially captures all future sales even if it can uh contrary is right here I should say countries that may recognize xrp as fiat currency which could be seen as a sign of overreach now these developments could have implications for the outcome of the legal case and the broader regulatory framework for cryptos in the United States and secs expert dropped now ahead of the summary judgment ripples recently revealed obviously that one of the SEC expert opinions on the reasonable expectations of xrp purchases AKA You me everybody else uh was stricken from the court record along with another sec expert opinion anyway on determining the cause of xrp price changes notably the company has blasted right here the regulator for enforcing regulatory action without providing clear rules for crypto players right here in the United States however Ripple is a banking on a friendly Global regulations to expand its business despite the situation in the United States anyway we are still waiting patiently and accumulating as much as possible and I want to point out um if you go here you will need and now this is this updates all the time but three thousand 327 xrp to be in the top 10 now again when this case is done this number is going to absolutely Skyrocket to be in the top 10 if you are currently holding 10 15 21 really nice youre in the top five percent right here and again if youre one percent sixty nine thousand and I just want to point out if youre holding like these numbers up here youre a legend and youre an absolute whale but 6.7 million xrp would put you in the top 0.01 which is absolutely wild now the xrp wallet addresses have increased significantly as well you can see on my screen right here if it actually wants to work there we go let me just bring that up here lets have a look so lets just go for example the top theres like 4.6 uh six million wallets that is increasing significantly which suggests that people are starting to notice whats actually happening here anyway this one gets me but the US government may freeze American Bank withdrawals as currency panic and capital flight mounts which is insane theyre going to freeze your money in the bank accounts they can do that literally hedge fund manager and macro economic expert Hugh Henry right here just issued a major warning on the U.S banking system and the American economy as a whole in an interview on Bloomberg markets Henry right here says mass panic and capital flight away from U.S banking sector is entirely Justified and he basically says a further decline in the M2 money supplier which is part tracks tracks money in liquid checking accounts could convince the US government to step in and prevent citizens from taking their Capital out of the banking system which is absolutely wild and sometimes its kind of relevant to panic I would recommend you panic youve seen the biggest waterfall decline since in M2 right now and M2 is deposits not loans that is uh thats the deposits fleeing the system and going into money market funds and the money obviously this could uh reach a crescendo where the treasury and the FED may have to come in and actually restrict your right as a U.S citizen to pull money out of the U.S banking sector now I just want to make a point you can literally be your own bank if you have a crypto Cold Storage wallet and Allah Paul a Tresor a ledger whatever it may be you can be your own bank you dont need a freaking Bank crypto pays higher interest than a bank you can send money globally instantaneously without having to use a middleman how good is that absolutely love it and I know from experience because I just did it recently sending money overseas no brainer banks are gonna fail theyre all going to be turning to crypto blockchain and of course our favorite cbdcs which I hate but anyway moving on guys and again Ill see you all your comments now lets go here New York introduces crypto Bill to tighten rules from the attorney general ways in war this is getting serious but anyway the New York attorney general announced a new bill aiming to bring tighter rules to the combat crypto fraud Im Im with all this stuff with crypto fraud right anyway the crypto regulation protection transparency and oversight act proposes one of the most extensive sets of crypto legislation in the country and on May 5th obviously New Yorks attorney general announced tighter steps to combat the fraud and dysfunction that have become trademarks of cryptocurrency a move that is likely to increase national attention and a multi-billion dollar crypto business and the bill is touted to be one of the strongest ever focusing on fraud patents in an industry with little Federal control potentially costing customers hundreds of millions of dollars each year anyway keep an eye on that because that could have something an implication in terms of a how can I say a decision in the Ripple case you know because again that that obviously all plays A Part everything happens in the United States and I should say Global anyway it could potentially have an impact I hope it means Gary guns Gary gunza will be fired by the way now pep pear this bloody coin is unbelievable and uh like like I dont know I dont know man Im Im just tempted to throw in some capital and have a bit of fun thats it like nothing more but it basically Pepe or whatever you want to call it goes berserk with 1500 rally as the meme coin scene soaring higher the Frog themed crypto has hopped its way to the Forefront of the crypto World which is insane with a staggering 1500 surge in just two weeks and as investors and enthusiasts alike scramble to get their hands on the meme coin Pepe has secured a spot among the top 50 coins by market cap unbelievable surpassing the billion dollar milestone in a matter of weeks but I dont know just be careful with this stuff again dont go investing your freaking life savings into a meme coin please do not do that because it will go to Im not going to say zero but it will go extremely low and youre not going to be happy when you see a capital go down but anyway I want to know if everyone any comments thinks I should just throw in some money just for a bit of fun I dont know Im going to listen to you guys about this one because Im Im full utility as everyone knows but anyway excuse me Texas the latest mold gold back digital currency right here and the Texas House of Representatives is considering a bill that will create a gold-backed digital currency and I wonder if were going to be able to buy it but anyway digital gold is on the rise with countries like Zimbabwe are moving ahead with their own initiatives and interest in digital gold reflects changing attitudes towards dollar and other Fiat currencies now one particular coin that I know for a fact is tokenizing gold is xdc no BS in the UAE they are doing this right now so Texas youre a little bit late to the party come on but anyway thats why Im so bullish on XTC as well and its also going off the trade Finance so keep an eye on this I want to know what this uh Texas gold-backed crypto is going to be its going to be very fascinating anyway a couple of coins I saw this article and I thought Id bring it up because again Im looking at a couple of these coins of course we have render Casper is a given it is a no-brainer in my opinion and of course ICP internet computer was one coin that I was looking at in during the bull market and I thought yeah I wasnt really interested in it but again Im taking an interest in ICP of course Casper as well and I will get into this as well just to have a look it has obviously doing you know been doing quite nicely as well and hits a 23 month higher which is interesting and according to the data from on-chain analytics firm Santa right here a large number of investors are talking about X I also an xrp its on my brain sorry ICP following the most recent bullish momentum and a relevant indicator here is the social volume right here which measures the total number of social media text documents that contain mentions of a given asset and the text documents here refer to a collection of data assembled by sentiment which is pretty cool like Luna Crush if you havent used the app Luna Crush its fantastic to see social mentions whats ranking at the moment and Im pretty sure I havent been on it but pep is going to be like number one just saying ICP has been talked about a lot and now social dominance is a metric that compares the social volume of a given crypto with that of the top 100 assets by market cap which is awesome and uh here the coin interest is internet computer and so what is the metric tells us how much discussion of the internet I should say related to cryptocurrencies in general includes the topic of ICP so ICP Im going to have a quick look at what it is because a lot of people dont even know what the hell it is but anyway were going to do it together and the cryptocurrency internet computer right here burst onto the scene in May 2021 and it quickly vaulted into the top 10 most valuable cryptocurrencies behind such well-known as Bitcoin ethereum and Doge while its ranking has slipped it remains in the top 40 most valuable crypto coins now lets have a look what it is internet computer a crypto and digital token that allows users to create apps websites and other web-based services right here and the crypto was created by dfinity foundation and hes backed by a well-regarded venture capital firms and dressed in Harrow its right here in polychain capital right here there you go Ill leave that one with you guys Im particularly bullish on it I might be accumulating some more now Im just curious to know what altcoin season is doing at the moment not that were in old coin I mean its pretty much Bitcoin at the moment lets just have a look at now were full-blown Bitcoin season this is a great website by the way for your own knowledge go look it up uh and again lets have a look at the top performers in the last 90 days we have stacks right here weve got xrd weve got Bitcoin which is nice weve got RPL ethereum xrps 10.6 as well render and Tron and there is some buying opportunities here were going when I see red I just see buying I dont even Panic that is because I only investor can afford to lose mind you as well now keep those comments coming in guys I am going to be speaking with all of you in there in a moment but anyway and weve got of course Bitcoin Wales just drove 240 million dollars away from exchanges they are accumulating a lot especially Michael Saylor whos an absolute machine with buying Bitcoin he just wants to be the dominant ruler now of course weve got money flowing into the current coins right here weve got Litecoin Monero weve got amp Aptos render Bitcoin Pepe of course is right there uh thats the Talk of the Town at the moment but anyway ethereum we have xrp yes nice uh what else weve got here ladies and gentlemen of course weve got stable coins and that is pretty much it now lets go to Twitter because I want to play these things for you guys now Im at the Wall Street ball Oz go follow me on there you guys are absolute legends that have followed and if you havent I still reckon youre a legend so thank you very much now again I will be giving this away this bull ring right here no BS this is a solid silver bull ring with rubies look at that when I hit 100 000 subscribers on YouTube Ill be giving this away to one of you guys that are watching and if youre not watching well there you go anyway moving on we have Johnny Denton right here on stage lets have a listen to this video um foreign [Applause] very nice very nice just were going for the win and again weve got uh Jeremy Hogan right here dialing in obviously you know looking sharp in his suit and again I like how Dean wears like a t-shirt with his suit man he looks badass I like that look anyway moving on weve got Pepe could be listed on coinbase so again based on this and the way this thing is going at the moment there just could be a money play like so again if it gets listed on coinbase things are going to get pretty crazy with it thats all Im going to say so again I might actually put some capital in it just a little bit just a little bit not too much anyway weve got an interesting tweet right here weve got vitalik uh an ethereum Foundation sell 30 million dollars 30 million dollars worth of ethereum as it was about as about uh excuse me as it was about to break 2 000 US dollars but Ripple is bad for responsibly selling xrp like a dropping faucet come on man this is what Im trying to say why hasnt ganza gone after that because its his favorite child uh moving down here guys again xrp Las Vegas that is awesome I hope that becomes the actual Hub Im sure it will once we win this freaking lawsuit fear and greed index is sitting at 64 right now youve got the U.S state Montana Montana bans all taxes on bitcoin payments how good is that now this is the video I want to play have a listen to Brad garlinghouse and those of you who were in that room Im jealous have a listen to a bunch of you as a fact that Im reading tonight Im here to thank you and I appreciate that youre thanking me but Im here to thank you for all that you have done to support this effort truly it does take an army and if this Army has been incredible [Applause] were gonna win this thing yeah [Applause] thats awesome but uh thank you rob Cunningham for that video really appreciate that right there Elon Musk is currently at the Miami Grand Prix I I havent been watching it this weekend and Im spewing about that but you know what happens when you watch the grand priest here in Australia or any almond formula nuts but um the time difference is an absolute nightmare especially if its in the US and its Id love to watch them its too hard I prefer to watch the European races but anyway Elon Musk is there at the moment with his son love it I mean how cool is that red bull basically with Elon Musk anyway moving on Meme coins cannot hold the crypto Market forever as liquidations hit investors again yes liquidations have occurred with people with these stuff so I mean this stuff be careful all right if youre youre using leverage now again if youre using leverage to trade these meme coins be careful thats all Im gonna say dont go too crazy with leverage just bring it down a notch just a little bit all right anyway Bitcoin is King yes it is right here weve got Johnny Eaton based the same the SEC will ultimately lose in court that doesnt mean it will lose every battle but it will lose the war and how hopefully judge the judge in the case does watch he said and in his next Rawling obviously clear his first ruling did not apply to the secondary market sales tape it on the library case as well because it does set legal precedence and whoever posted this about the coronation of the king did anyone actually watch this Im just talking out of everyone right now have a look at that is that real I dont even know if thats freaking real I dont know what do you want what do you reckon let me know in the comments lets have a talk about it anyway lets go to um coin market cap and I want to have a look at the total market cap right here if I can get my freaking phone to work where are you its not even working I cant even get to my watch list not cant even get to it my phone is completely stuffed lets have a look there it is weve got 1.18 trillion US Dollars Today 31 billion dollars in volume it is extremely low good buying opportunity when this obviously starts getting up to 100 billion dollars in 24 hours yeah the Markets going real good and weve got 47 BTC 19 ethereum 23 913 cryptocurrencies which is absolutely insane I mean like 99 of these are going to be junk the real utility is where Im focused at but on this old occasion I might just throw something into pep because again could get listed on coinbase and just the money making play but anyway and again my watch list where my moneys focused on is the banking coins legit all right Im so bullish on these coins because this is like the new Financial world right in front of our eyes and there is an opportunity of a lifetime from my opinion were not going to get for very long but anyway that is it ladies and gentlemen now I want to talk with everyone here Im going to turn my other screen around so its easy for me to see all right and its freezing in Melbourne by the way uh what else have we got here lets have a look good morning good morning uh what youre doing my friend in Sunny what what was that Torquay did you say love Torquay if thats the case sorry if Im not saying that correctly uh uh lets have a look yep do it for fun yeah I think I might I think I might do that can you please do a show on Market maker on xrpl yes I should do that I definitely need to talk about The xrp Ledger that is definite lets have a look here how much xrp do you need to be in the top to be rich than 10 000 maybe I cant give you Financial advice on that that is not allowed theres a big No-No on YouTube no Ill leave that one up to your discretion put five bucks on pep right here uh for a laugh I doubt it will gain any traction save your money well I mean look I spend five to ten dollars on coffee you know a day 10 times a day I think I can buy some pep just for a bit of fun but anyway lets have a bit of fun with it uh is there a hang on is there a ripple stock we can invest in yet no not to public you can buy the Ripple stock through uh I think its linked to however you need to be an accredited investor to buy that and I believe you need to have an income of like 200 000 plus US dollars to buy that uh but once the case is over they will launch an IPO and things will just get absolutely crazy uh no pep way too expensive right now dip is coming on this coin okay Ill keep it on that dont waste money well come we always a bit of money I might as well have some fun and see what happens with it uh lets have a look here guys 7 A.M in Cala Texas walking at the park and listening how good is that uh its freezing in Melbourne Australia at the moment so glad to be here now in wa so it doesnt phase me 10 p.m in Sydney yes uh guess Im buying some more xrp yes I Im definitely wanting to buy more xrp first time on your live show best believe how awesome is that thank you very much to all of you chilling in uh chilling in Im freaking freezing in Melbourne at the moment uh lets have a look and see if I can get some more comments down here guys uh thoughts on RDX is that Radix uh I have to look into that in detail lets have a look here guys hey Anthony hope youre well made an up late dude yeah Im up late its been a big day good evening from Perth Western Australia thats incredible by the way I havent been there for a while but uh I went to the crown there in Perth so I hope youre doing well got a massive bag of Pepe on the 29th sold it on the fifth swapped it for ethereum I believe that says got hammered with gas fees but still absolutely crushed at this kind of nerve-wracking dont think Ill do that again it can be quite nerve-wracking excuse me when youre buying meme coins um again I sold off The major portion of my Dogecoin to essentially buy uh Bitcoin so Im still holding a bit of Doge moving on right here uh All My Exes Live in Texas okay fair enough lunch time in the UK mate how you going for lunch what is for lunch uh again try to keep it healthy because we all need to be fit and healthy when were all multi-millionaires thats just uh my opinion Im going to Crown for my anniversary soon yes its lovely there gas fees are crazy on ethereum I havent done any ethereum transactions lately but I remember them being like just ridiculous hundreds of dollars I remember at one stage uh moving on I think xrp will shock a lot of people when it does go doesnt go that high yeah I mean you think of Pep Pepe I cant even freaking say this thing when you think of that um and how crazy that was probably times that by I dont know 100 thats what I believe anyway I think uh its its so its the biggest Financial case in history at the moment or I should say the modern era so well I think it will go very high but so well see what happens there now lets uh listening while moving listening while mourning right here soak in a hot tub right here in Tennessee how nice is that where I totally skipped my comment nice one lets have a look Julian I bought Ripple stock on link two and I am not an accredited investor I live in the UK okay thank you for clarifying that Julian I appreciate it uh in Sydney right here which is nice seeing the thumbnail for a video about Texas joining bricks uh no I havent have not the end of the financial year is coming waiting for the day I wake up and hop on Twitter and my feed is flooded with xrp and ripple win how good would that be just magnificent I think everyone ladies literally holding xrp and they go for a win uh and I should say that might like its just going to explode Twitter will literally erupt but anyway now Im out guys its uh now 10 30. Ive done a 45 minute stream one of my longest and I want to say thank you very much to every single one of you that are currently watching that have watched to the uh 324 people actually watching right now you guys absolutely Rock to those 1264 people now had that have watched you guys absolutely rock also now thank you very much I will speak to everyone tomorrow when Im at the office and have a good evening a good morning and a good afternoon and if those of you who are having breakfast at the moment watching this make sure you have a little double shot espresso for me because I just had one and I reckon Im going to be up for a few hours but anyway Im out of here guys have a good night I will let you know tomorrow if Ive actually bought pet for a laugh all right Im just gonna put it out there Ill let you all know anyway stay safe guys Ill speak to you all then peace out bye foreign XRP ARMY ROCKS! BRAD GARLINGHOUSE WERE GOING TO WIN THIS! 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