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chainlink redmond or CARDANO Fear and Greed Index – ADA... XLM Has Real World Use Case
hello everyone welcome to another video my name is crypto david and today we are talking about stellar xlm the title of the video is xlm has real world use case or i should say real world use cases there is multiple you want a project thats actually solving real world problems for real world people also you want a product thats actually working with the higher-ups with governments with banks with countries that has huge partnerships involved as an amazing team thats building a sustainable ecosystem which stellar is actually doing and also one of the most important parts the projects needs to be undervalued its actual utility needs to be way under its actual hype and its value in terms of price compared to the dollar on the pound so you can actually make money on the asset and let me tell you stellar has been undervalued for a good few years now so in this video what about excellent news on mark news also its your first time to the channel please subscribe leave a like down below for further ado here we go okay so lets actually talk about price first were at 10 cents pretty much 11 cents per xlm and in my past xlm videos ive been saying i want under 10 cents because ive been very picky with xlm because its one of my top holds but its starting to lose its ladder on my portfolio because of my keyblade h bar and xtc so much recently so i need to pick up and stop being so picky when it comes to hyper xln theres not too much hype about xlm especially on twitter not many people are dedicated to xlm like we see with xrp so i think i will actually pick some up but the first day is by bit wage this is actually old news but i just want to re-emphasize all the real-world use cases right we are happy to announce that we are implementing usd coin via stella org on our platform companies now are full fully compliant easy to use and frictionless solution when it comes to paying their employees and contractors globally this is real world use case globally so you can actually pay money into a bank kind from a stellar wallet using stable coins with pretty much nero zero fees this is actually helping people some of the inflation in their actual local currencies is insane i saw one as well for contractors for argentina it sometimes takes up to six months to actually receive payment it is ludicrous also we have sam here this is obviously old news again but that is the theme of todays video you can now connect your debit card to buy xlm on coin me soon youll be able to walk into walmart and partner chains around the country and then turn your loose change into lumens xlm as well now in addition to moneygram look out for coin star soon this is obviously in june theyre actually live now on the list i think its bitcoin if litecoin stellar uh dogecoin and chain link also and i think theres about ten thousand of them kiosks around and here we have wire with off ramping unlock the full potential of crypto with wire and stellar org you can simply get your cash for your crypto at thousands of money ground locations around the world and we know the stats as well its around 350 000 agent locations i think its actually up to 400 000 now more than 400 banks around the world this is literally insane its all on the stellar network you might be asking before this activity how many transactions are actually been taking place right now well we have a quote retweet of stellar daily data by stellar skull 4.1 million transactions were me today which was yesterday on the stellar network and all of these combined about 4.1 million equal to about 170 dollars i remember flipping nfts in 2021 and at the start of 2022 youd be lucky if you got a gas fee around that price its usually even higher than that never mind 4.1 million transactions that is literally insane i remember not even that long ago maybe a month ago now maybe three weeks ago there actually was a seven million accounts was the actual goal for the actual accounts listed and now its 7.1 million tier with an article by amb crypto stella excellent price prediction 2025 to 2030 will the altcoin go as high as 200 by 2030 that is a very good question also you have to watch with these articles especially ai bots predicting the future price because they always predict very very low and very very bearish because they dont take other things into consideration but lets have a little look nonetheless so down below we can see price predictions in fact according to willing the altcoin could trade around 32 cents by the end of 2025 i think itll be a hell of a lot more now especially in the one digit range at least another ai based forecaster ai pickup break the average price of x11 2025 to be 14 cents if xlm is still 14 cents by 2025 i might just quit crypto right then and there no all-time high or nothing still hes lower percent positions we are 11 cents right now that is crazy but also the same time if the situation were to happen i wouldnt sell my xlm bag i would just leave it where to go to the moon in 2030 or go to zero and become nothing at all i would never sell it i would just simply stop accumulating also on the contrary we have actual humans here i think finders panel of experts 2025 predictions 12.50 i think thats pretty reasonable to be honest in outlier predictions of fifty dollars and then lower down we have predictions of 200 by 2030 i found that is very very reasonable here we have zak xbt now you might have heard of this guy rug pull survivor turn 2d detective now does this guy common redmond is responsible for the hacked nft twitter accounts over the past couple of months and his name ring the bells won 2020 hes sim swapped a person for 37 million worth of bitcoin and bitcoin cash but the story gets mad and the fred hes exposing him and showing the proof why is him but also we can see down here so yes he actually did it for 37 million he only returned 5.4 million and he went back to his old ways and only got one year in jail its quite funny because the fbi has a whole team spends millions of dollars probably takes twice the time this guy actually takes to find these people and this guys doing it to snap his fingers this guys a genius and she probably will be hired by the fbi also well leave guys with a little clip of jed the digital asset investor dollar someone said down below in this tweet xrp has all the money and xlm has all the gold that will be pretty much it for todays video very happy for the new thumbnails luke i hope you guys enjoy myself a few comments yesterday on my last video of people saying that they like the new thumbnails but the day that you see me with my wife wide open my hands on my head that is the day you know ive sold out ill try and keep it strictly professional just points at the information on the screen also just put simply with stella xlm they are providing financial access to underbanked regions of the world which allow you to send money to people without a bank account if that isnt utility i dont know what is but it may find a video thank you very much for watching please leave a like down below and ill definitely see you guys in the next one there is this concept inside stellar of of a token right and that token was meant to represent fiat currencies for the most part i mean we thought maybe people would use it for gold and other things bellar but if youre doing something thats very simple where its like a loyalty point or like you know an ounce of gold or what what have you like thats better done on seller because just designed for that right XLM Has Real World Use Case DCENT Biometric Wallet Discount: Biometric 2x Discount: Ledger Wallet: DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial advisor and making these videos for entertainment purposes, DYOR and invest safely please! 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