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chainlink to wood post Elon Musk supports Ripple XRP and... WOODEN FENCE OVER A WIRE FENCE - WOOD VENEER STYLE EASY TO DO
well welcome back to Steve Robb reviews as  you can see Im continuing on with my fence   project this year I made a video last year of  how I actually fastened this fence onto a wire   fence with steel poles so what Im going to  do isnt going to show you the basic set up   but what I got going on here and how it was  attached and then at the end of the video   Im gonna answer a whole bunch of questions that  were posed to me on the original first video and   explain the reason why Im building a fence like  this as you can see Ive started off here so far   what Im gonna do first though is Im going to  show you the nail gun in action and how I like   this pretty much the best especially when you  working by yourself so lets get to it and Ill   show you how good the nail gun actually works  for building your own little project like this   okay lets get to it Im going to show you  me doing two of these Ill show you how to   distance the first time and the second time  a little closer up shot so lets get to her okay lets take a look at a closer upshot well what Ill do now is Ill take you off the  tripod and Ill show you how this is all set up   and then well go in the garage and Ill explain  the reason why all this is being done like this   okay so I just started off today and you can  see its right at the top here and Ive done   this piece here and if you can notice I do have a  string that goes right along the top and it comes   all the way over to the post here on a screw and  Ill show you how these are all fastened to the to   the fence and you could see how that is here now  these ones here these ones I made myself and I   suggest that you make yourself if you want to put  a link down below so you can see how to make your   own like this theyre a lot less expensive but you  want to take a look at the store-bought ones that   are actually not for this purpose theyre actually  for pipe if you take a look down there you could   see them ones there yeah theyre standoffs for  pipes and theyre quite expensive compared to   just making your own like this here and I just  use carriage bolts to go through and bolt them   on the fence so lets go in the garage and Im  gonna explain some things to you okay so lets   get to the reason why I built this style offense  its a wire fence with steel poles concreted in   the ground of course you have to check your local  bylaws in your area because that was one question   are you allowed to do this kind of fence and  another question was well you should have the   boards the good boards on your neighbors side  well I did talk to my neighbor and I asked him   if he wanted a fence in the backyard and we put  you know good neighbor fence boards on boards he   didnt want nothing to do with putting a fence in  his backyard what I would have liked to have done   is just take that fence out put some 4x4 posts  in the ground and build a proper fence this is   an alternative because he doesnt even go in his  backyard this fella hes a terrific guy hes a   good friend of mine he does not even go in his  backyard all summer long most likely most of the   time but he didnt want to so I told him I said  look this is what Im gonna do Im just gonna   put the what do you call it a yeah a veneer fence  yes a veneer fence and so he said sure no problem   its okay go ahead because I you know like Ive  got a dog right so I just cant take down all the   fencing like some people said why dont you take  the fencing down because the fencing serves no   purpose well actually it does for me because Ive  got a dog and you know from his side he doesnt   care what it looks like and thats a lot of people  made a comment to said well it looks kind of lousy   on their neighbors side there well actually  doesnt look as bad as what you think it looks   actually not bad at all and but he doesnt mind  and this is the main thing so I like to get to   a couple of things of my tools like I like using  the the pneumatic nailer I find its the best way   and you just bring your fence board up to the  string line you dont actually touch the string   line you just bring it up to the string line now  could you imagine holding it there now and trying   to nail because nailing is the least expensive  the best option if youre by yourself is screws   because you can have your screw gun handy put it  in right position and then put a screw in but Ill   tell you what screws are twice the price of nails  and you know for the amount of work that I do that   nail gun pays for itself so but the string line  that goes across one side to the other I just put   you take a look here and you can see theres two  little tabs here a lot of people have never tried   this before and this is a level and I just put the  string line until its level and then on the back   side to put a screw and the lying on so you know  where its fairly level now as you go along you   have to make sure your boards are level you dont  want to have them you know going like this so I   check every once in a while and make sure its you  know vertical and I had this for a long time this   is just a 3/4 inch because I like 3/4 inch spacing  if you actually take a look you will see that the   spacing is tighter now than what it was last year  when I built the first part of the fence because   the boards actually shrink so all this is is  just a 3/4 piece of board and its got like a   little handle on it here and Ill show you at the  end here this little piece here this just fits   over top of a 2x4 and at the end its just a clip  thats been screwed and a nail and it just sits   there for you so you can bring your board over and  then put your fasteners in and I thought that was   pretty good so what Im gonna do is Im gonna keep  working on the fence today and Ill show you when   its finished because Ill have to put that top  rail you notice theres a top rail there so what   I do is I get a 5 chord or board pressure-treated  and I rip bolt the outside edges because we round   it over and thats what I use as my finishing  along the top so Ill bring you back when I got   as much done well when I run out of boards in the  back of my truck Ill see you then okay guys its   about three and a half hours later looks like its  just getting ready to pour down Ill take you out   the back yard Ill show you what I got done well  there she is that look a lot better and it went   pretty quick I was short three boards I had to  go back and get three more boards and to take a   look down the bottom there you could see Im not  right to the ground and Im gonna put some of that   6-inch landscape boarder edging all the way along  so the soils not going to rot out the boards and   thats pretty well lit right there now you notice  the top lip is all done all the way along and on   the back side I just used one and a half inch  deck screws you know from the backside into here   you know if you didnt do that all these boards  would all be cupping and warping and everything   so thats pretty good there and thats it right  there now I know a lot of people are gonna say   whats that green tarp doing there well guys Ill  tell you something take a look Im behind here   nice and quiet no okay bring him behind ya theres  a skunk that lives him behind there and it sprayed   my poor dog Jake so until I get that finished Im  gonna put something along there until I get that   finished well Ill leave it there she doesnt get  sprayed again so what I got planned is Im gonna   put a flower not a flower box a vegetable box  two feet out eight feet long and Im gonna tie   it right into the fence itself so that this end  here gives support because you know what if you   get a lot of wind you know it may do some damage  to the fence so Id like to tie it all in and I   think its gonna work out great because from that  in there to over here I got it tie it into this   fence and thats a four by four concrete right  in the ground so thats pretty wallet right there   well it looks like its just gonna start arraigned  and I have to put my small little air compressor   away and these guys let me know what you think of  it if you have any questions leave me a question   down below and Ill do the best to answer it if  you havent seen this channel before well youre   welcome to subscribe and watch some more meat  building stuff just guys take care of Howie Cheers you HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN FENCE POLE BRACKETS OOHatRnsYTgPART ONE OF THE FENCE OVER WIRE FENCE PROJECT 4sdWIYSVGhI The videos on my channel are for entertainment purposes only. I do not assume any responsibility for anything shown or mentioned on this channel. I recommend you always consult a professional.