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hello everyone this is hassan with handy growth and today were going to show you how to do a wood fence over a chaining fence so this is a very simple diy if you have an existing chain link fan and you dont want to remove it and just want to put a new wooden fence on top of it this is the perfect video for you guys you know so what were going to do today is this right behind me and we will be installing a wooden picket fence on it without removing the existing chaining fans and no digging required very simple steps basic tools and i think you can do it please make sure you watch the entire video because along the process im going to give you a lot of tips and tricks and some alternate ways to do things so so that you can pick what really fits with your uh project or with your fan that you have all right these are the fence picket that we would be installing them today 6 feet in length and 5.5 inches wide right now well be cutting the 2x6 for the vertical post so lets talk about the material that we will be using today uh were gonna need two by six for the vertical post um were gonna use two by four for the horizontal members and then fence pickets for the tool that well be using is a circular saw to cut the wood and in your basic tools such as your tape measure level uh those kind of stuff the impact driver to fasten the screws and then we would also be using a nailer just to fold the picket in place uh until we uh screw them down for for fasteners we would be using a u-bolt to um to secure the two by six against the post and then youre going to be using a exterior screws or deck screws for securing the two by fours onto these posts that we installed and then finally for the pickets were going to be using a screws um deck screw about like uh one and three quarter or two inches in length to secure them to the two by four so please uh you can see the links uh down below in the description for all the material and the tools we have used so lets show you the close-up of what im going to do next here is that this is the post of the existing chain link fence and this is the um the two by six that we just cut um we cut the height of the two by six um so that it matches with the fence that we have on the left and right same way we are going to cut the tickets as well and then we are going to use these u-boards to secure them you know so let me show you how it looks like this is the u-bolt which is comes with a seat as well were gonna be going through here um like this youre gonna do a pretty good we will pre-do drill the holes on the two by six posts that you just uh cut and then youre gonna secure them right here um and well be just securing our two by six posts with to the um existing uh changing fence post here all right so we just got a rough marking here um this is the line and ill be just re-drilling the two holes here for the u-bolt and same for for down below and uh youre going to be repeating this process for all of the other posts as well so right now i just want to leave it hand tight um so that when i put so that it has some some clay you know so im going to put my 2x4 across before they are going to adjust it and then once the 2x4 is installed i just go ahead and i tighten them up here so just make sure you hide them and tighten them enough that they just dont come up so now im going to repeat this step for rest of my um three remaining posts all right guys we have supports in place now as you can see now we go ahead and install the 2x4 horizontally one on the top one on the bottom between each of these four holes that weve installed [Applause] so all right now that we have the framing done and the u-bolt height and everything set its time to cut the picket and install them so alright guys as you can see the packets have been installed we just use the nail to hold them in place and now were going to screw them in um using a one and five eight or one and three quarter or you could even use a two inch exterior screw so all right thank you so much for watching this video i hope you enjoyed it and now you feel confident you can do your own friends yourself in a similar fashion um please provide us with your feedback if we could have done something differently or a little better or share your thoughts you know um any comments are welcome um if you havent subscribed to our channel yet please do subscribe so that you can stay tuned for the upcoming uh exciting videos and give us a thumbs up and thank you again for watching you In this video, we installed a privacy wood fence over a wire fence or chain link fence. This is a quick DIY that one could do to their old broken wire fence without breaking the bank as long as the post of the existing fence holds well to the ground. No access from the other side of the fence is required.Keep watching this video to learn how to install a wood fence over a wire fence! Thank you for watching the video! Please like, subscribe, and provide your feedback in the comments below! Let us know how we did or suggest if we could have done something differently. 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