how much is chainlink going to be worth️WILL WE DROP?️ CHAINLINK Price UPDATE - Technical Analysis and Elliott Wave Analysis -

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how much is chainlink going to be worth Robin Varghese Koikkara - Stevenage,... ️WILL WE DROP?️ CHAINLINK Price UPDATE - Technical Analysis and Elliott Wave Analysis -
hello and welcome everybody my name is Savage and today were going to be looking at chain link before we jump into the price section I just want to say thank you for watching if youre enjoying the content please smash that like button hit that subscribe button if you havent already turn on those Bell notifications so you never miss a video I want to leave us some feedback Down Below in the comment section always happy to hear from you so drop something down there well get back to you as soon as we can in the description you also find a link to the Discord come check it out it is free to join once youre in the general chat area just add mention a member of staff and well be happy to get back to you and help you out with anything you may need Okay so lets get into the price section so first off I want to say that link is a mess you have this whole corrective motion going on at the back here um and it still just seems to be moving in this choppy action uh so theres bullish potential here were going to go over a couple of options but primarily I am still thinking that we are heading lower um that would only change if we move past this 9.47 Zone in which case then we could potentially argue that we are starting to Trend but we would have to have the good wed have to have good structure in that case so were going to go over this so basically what Im looking at is still the potential we could be looking for this Wave 2 as a diagonal whether we form this um has a flat and then we push to the upside or alternatively we can argue that there is a way of counting this as a as a complete move here a b and a c to the upside were going to have to talk about these um within the Subways okay so lets get into it so talking about the potential for a flat I am still looking for this as a potential option where we look at this rather as a bigger corrective mess up in this area and basically what youd be looking for would be a deeper C wave here potentially downpasses a wave low point if it is going to become an expanding diagonal so a expanding flash rather so the typical Zone wed actually be looking for the support would be the 6.25 to this 5.74 it would have to be cautious in this area here at the 633 as well because this is a previous fourth so sometimes these moves will just move back into that you can see the 50 is quite close on that Mark so that is one of the things Im still looking out for it is possible this could truncate and we could actually have a running flashier in which case what wed be looking for is the next move to happen from that from the competition of this five-way move that seems to be playing Arch here so basically what I want to see here is were whether we actually come back and take this high at this area of this 782 if we do then we can argue were potentially are starting this C wave leg and what they would be looking at is potentially coming up much higher here so if we did actually look at this move in the way that we have it stated here and we argue that we are completed one to one would actually be this nine dollar range so that could be something quite interesting if we do push up one more time here we could look for this potential to complete here and then look to push up for that c wave however it is also still possible that we come back lower down here um and this takes a bit more time to play out well be formal one two three four five and we actually come back and retest some of these level areas so thats what Im currently looking at within this structure if we did have to move down towards this 50 line in this previous fourth wave what wed then be looking for is the potential to come back up uh towards this Zone here the one-to-one would basically be up here at this 8.44 which would be quite on quite close to this um the 702 line here this 831 we can argue that we could see some slight extension and it could come up to the 786. so these are all sort of areas we could look to reject weve actually moved into the Zone already so for the most part we need to be careful um we will talk about a way that this could actually be completed and we could be starting to break down for this lower move um and but uh yeah well just get there in a second so the other the other way Im looking at this as as potentially looking for a bullish count and I would be looking for this breakout so its much the same idea I dont know whats going on with this box lets bring it back into his Zone um effectively what well be looking for here is the same same sort of idea except we would be looking to push much higher and this would be looking at this move as a potential um break up to the upside as a five-way structure so confirmation would only come back pushing classes 9 9.995 if we come down to this zone of this uh 50 actually I think thats off the 618 area um if we only came down to that 50 it would actually be much higher and it would be here at this 10.35 so that would be an important psychological level would also have to overcome um if if we are looking to push up into the Zone this ten dollar zone could be could offer us resistance like I said there is a possibility we we are looking to break down into this area um we havent got a confirmation yet but basically this would be looking at this move uh looking to push to the upside and if we argue that we complete earlier then we would actually have to reevaluate this and it would be higher up once again if we were looking at a running flat The Zone would be eleven eleven dollars and nine zero zero nine so this needs some space here we do have what seems to be a fireplace move to the downside so we need to be careful because these can obviously extend art so if we did get a five-way move from the 618 effectively we could look for this 11 15 to this 10 38 but this is the least likely option in my current um in in the way Im currently looking at it the other way that we could look at this move is the potential that we either have this as an ABC to the upside which would be looking to actually complete this move um up into the zone so theres a couple ways we can look at this as well you know we can we can argue that potentially we could have this as a diagonal here thats a one two three four five and wed look for that b wave and a push up or alternatively like I said we can look at it in this structure where this could be completed there is also the possibility that we could be looking for a c wave here and this is an ABC like I said if thats the case what I would want to see here is whether we actually have something like this playing out where this becomes a one two three for as long as we hold this wave to position um we can argue that we could see a three-way move to the upside again to retest top of this channel so we didnt we didnt actually cross it so it hasnt invalidated this but the way that weve come down here makes it very unlikely in my opinion and its more likely were actually going to come down and validate this but for as long as we remain above 676 this is a valid option um the problem is wed have to change how we count this move in here and uh for the most part it does look like a fine way structure so you just have to be careful with trying to force that one so Im going to come down here into the smaller time frame now and were going to talk about the potentials uh let me turn this off okay so if I come into the Audi we can see that we do seem to have this as a five-way structure here we have to argue that theres a potential extension here where this is a one two one two three five could be complete here so that would be the so potentially we could be looking still for a another drop here where we have this this move here is a potential one two this would be a three looking for a four and then a fifth wave to the downside so this is something Im still looking out for Im going to just change the C degree down um and what youd be looking for here is effectively we can argue that its actually completed until the truncation but thats actually uh a fourth and wave and then we actually truncate into here so well have to see how this plays out if we do if we have um truncated here what weve been looking for then would be a move back up into the zone and Im going to draw this box on you to this 50 percent um up to the 786 would be the typical Zone that we would be looking for um for a retracement so we can see that that would be that 758 to this 728 at the lower end um the golden pocket would be seven four three and six one eight would be six uh 740 rather so we can see that we we but until we actually break this High here um of 735 we have to allow for the fact we could actually stop them up to extend so you know as long as we stay below this point it is possible that this could then become another one two three four five to the downside and effectively would be looking for it within the the shorter term structure here would be looking to actually find resistance here uh below the 786 um and we wouldnt want to cross this 7 30 33 if we argue lets Overlook so the stock I mean it is possible that this could be looking to turn around pretty soon one to one would be this six uh 1.69 sorry one 6.98 um that would be that would be a sign that we could be looking for for a one-to-one move so if thats the case wed have to argue then that we could be looking for a deeper move down here where were actually sitting up for some extension within this structure if we had to come up to that one to one um just having a look Im gonna just put this on there one two one here confirmation of a deeper move would come by actually Crossing this 6.65 if we do break down with that wed have to count this then as an extension within the waves where we actually stood with them that were five we get a fourth we look to push down one more time for a fifth wave and then potentially the target zone for this structure would be lower down here towards us 6.62 to this 657. so This I mean this is sort of my primary expectation is that were going to see a little bit more downside to come in here though if we do move up um Im sorry if we do move up here and take this high point then it wouldnt eliminate this extension to the downside here so thats something were going to have to keep an eye on if we do actually move up higher here what wed have to be looking out for is um obviously if were looking at a truncated what wed want to see is whether we see this move to the upside playout in a three-way structure where we come into the zone and then we actually look to break down one more time or alternatively if we are looking at it as actually still being within the previous fourth wave we can argue that we could see a move back up here towards this 382 to this 50 so theres 27 727 to the seven one five um the lower range of this would be this um two three six at seven dollars again that would be basically retest of this Zone here so if we do actually come back up into this area and and look to break down it is also possible that we can argue that all of this move becomes a becomes a fourth wave and then we actually looks to break down for that fifth so this is something that could still play out if we are looking at this as still being within a fifth if we come up here to this uh previous what to this uh 236 the target Zone would be seven uh six twenty six seventy two to six sixty three if however this progresses up higher we would argue that then the target Zone would be different so this 382 would give us a lower Target of around this uh 669 to the six five five so that would be a Zone we could potentially look to actually push down deeper within here um but like I said we need to just be a little bit careful here within the structure um it is possible its completed and then we could look for this deeper retracement to the upside and actually look to move um up into this up into this Zone here which would be looking at this here so thats why its slightly different so lets move on a little bit so this 727 to this 758 so that would be a Zone we could look to um reject or if we do move up here uh wed have to like I said wed have to say that weve completed potentially into this point here as a truncation unless we get that further extension to the downside here um if if we have this move up here could then tie into a much deeper move here and like we went over so that we just need to give it some space here this this this five-way move like we said could be that um the end of that corrective structure in which case we would be looking to break to the upside but we dont have enough information to confirm this yet and trunk and sort of calling a truncation um within a c or within a within a corrective passion or any pattern really calling a truncation before you have information is a good way of getting yourself burnt so if we do just start to move up here in a bigger five wave structure then Id be saying that the C wave is playing odd however I do anticipate us to come down a little bit deeper here um this previous fourth wave Zone would like I said would make a nice neat correction to come into this area and then look for that push to the upside okay so were gonna leave the video there I hope you found it useful if you did please smash that like button hit that subscribe button if you havent already turn on those Bell notifications so you never miss a video and leave us some feedback in the comment section Down Below in the description youll also find a link to the Discord come check it out it is free to join when you are down there um once youre in the general chat here just admins remember staff will be happy to help you out also down there youll find a link to affiliate links for private and Prime xbt both great exchanges that we use regularly with our trading check them out if you like them using the affiliate link does help support the channel and we do appreciate it just make sure that you are always using good risk management everyone Im gonna leave it there have a great weekend well see Welcome everyone, LINK Chainlink price news today brought to you by Savage as he covers LINK technical analysis and LINK Elliott wave analysis, giving various timeframe LINK price prediction! 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