Chainlink Technical Analysis chainlink price predicitionWILL CHAINLINK REACH 200 $ !?

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chainlink price predicition Fibonacci — Trend Analysis — TradingView Fibonacci retracement... WILL CHAINLINK REACH 200 $ !? Chainlink Technical Analysis
back to drugs Big Boss crypto and today well take a look at chain link and price targets for chain link in the next Bull Run well do technical analysis on chain link as you can see right here basically its Behavior as recently and were priced most likely will go to in the future well also do technical analysis oh Bitcoin right here and basically updates on where Bitcoin Matco in the next full run and also we will do signal lenses on the U star dharmas index in order to see if we are tool in a bull run or not so without further ado lets look at the charts all right so as you can see right here chain link had an amazing Bull Run in previously all over to 2019 we went from about 0.30.4 dollars all the way up to 53 dollars so amazing build for those who were early in chain link but as you see with the rest of script market chain link had a nasty nasty bear Market where it went all the way down from three dollars to right about five dollars roughly but what most interesting interesting as you can see right here is we have bounced in the same same accumulation region for about a year round in between five dollars to about nine dollars roughly so what that means is when we are in this choppy accumulation phase as you can see right here we will have sharpness that basically means that the big institutions and Wales are basically accumulating and and basically slowly but surely by buying up chain link Business Without cost averaging to prepare for the next Bull Run so that they can sell on the next top but the question is them where will the next stop probably be for chain link well if we use something called the Fibonacci retracement tool which is amazing dual Technologies if you draw this from the previous cycle top all the way down to the low which was about 5.505 dollars as we see right here we have a main resistance area in the Gola Park region in between 34 first six dollars and we can see our impulsive fibrous targets where we range in between 65 to 82 dollars and basically our minimum Target for the next pull run is the 4.236 Fibonacci region which is about two hundred dollars which is if you from the current price point which is about seven dollars roughly its a huge huge gain and basically amazing all right but how will the price actually look for the Australian Link in the upcoming future well most likely that we will see some sharpness basically in Sweden we will basically see audible bottom four in this uh Mr Israel right now M will work with three impulsive ways with two Corrections in between two basically its called a popular Pocket area which which is a huge resource this area for basically all kinds of facets it will form a double top and basically have a correction down to the lower fit modulus below maybe about 2003 or all the way down to 16 dollars and then one of the questions made which basically re-accumulation phase we will we will see Loops we will see basically the new ball ground truth will begin where well pump to this impulsive targets and yeah its basically all free Road up to the impulsive not targets we have right here which is election for right about 60 to 82 dollars and a plea was most likely to reach at least 206 dollars in the next Bull Run so its very exciting for chain link however what we have to remember is that in the end Bitcoin is the king and leader of the crypto market so basically in other words chain link and every other coin was altcoin they all follow the price section of Bitcoin so if Bitcoin is doing well then old coins is doing well as well so basically they projected for Bitcoin in the next full run is most likely that we have we will have a rally up to the golden pocket area with just we see right there is about 48 50k use dollars we mostly have a correction down like I said before we accumulation phase down to the most likely the for the K area without re-accumulation phase and then most likely pump towards or impositories that we have right here which is about 90 to 100K roughly but its interesting to see how will Bitcoin behave in the upcoming years if we will only reach 100K the next Bull Run or if you have well have an amazing cool run and reached our 4.236 extension Target that we have had reached before which is about 242k that reminds to see but its nothing is guaranteed like once again its not Financial or investment advice but from previous cycle we will Cycles we will at least reach the 100K uh Fibonacci Target and finally lets have a look at the XY the US dollar dominance index and in case you dont know basically when the dxy the used dominance index is going up its basically very bad and bearish for cryptos and stocks which basically means a dollar goes up a value and all our currencies and stocks lose value but however when its the opposite then when you start a syntax goes down a value its very good for stocks and cryptos as we see historically in the 2017 which was amazing where the dxy went down as well as the 2028 2012 Bull Run we had even though so yeah basically when the dxy dominance goes down its very good for crypto and stocks as you can see right here when we searched all the way up from 89 all the way up to right about 114 15 then thats where we had our very bad bear market for crypto however as you see right here we are basically at the turning point right here for dxy as we have hovered around this huge and historical Fibonacci resistance area all the way thats been drawn all the way from the dot-com bubble top at 2001 all the way down to the 2008 financial crisis low as you see right there so basically were in a huge restoring Point whatever if we will truly pump to our impulse targets that we have drawn before in our previous videos or if we will instead go down and basically have a huge Bull Run instead for crypto stocks and it most likely turns out that we will head down instead as if if you see on the wheel time frame we were anticipating a huge double bond to form in the vehicle time frame but as you see right there the top bottom has failed to basically be formed as we see right here this week in April April 10th of 23 basically went down lower than the week of the January which was the beginning of the double bar information so this basically invalidates double bottom and yeah it most likely means that we will instead have a have go further enough for dxy where we will see instead the huge Bull Run for cryptos and stocks in the future and especially next year in that case but time will be time will help if we will truly see that and once again this is not Financial advice or respite advice this is only projections and I do not have a crystal ball that is all for me thanks so much for your time leave a like subscribe if you enjoyed the video leave a dislike if you didnt please note once again this is not Financial orders but advice is on for educational and entertain purposes only this big boss crypto the reels of the real of Crypt YouTubers have wonderful day everyone Big Boss 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