chainlink chartsWhy is This Chainlink Chart so Important?

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chainlink charts Baby Doge Price Prediction: Can It Reach... Why is This Chainlink Chart so Important?
all righty guys crypto mac here bringing another crypto video today were gonna take a look at chain link doing up that video i havent spoken about this queen for a while so thought i was well overdue to do a video on it so i thought id do one today have a heap to talk about um a bunch of different charts analysis and um yeah i just thought id come on doing up that video so i want to say this video is not financial advice guys please do your own research looking at channeling we can see major bounce um here which um was somewhat predicted as we saw um this is our last low our local low that we saw coming off the all-time high price which feels like it was a long time ago because it was where it only hit 52 dollars back in may 2021 so were coming up on nearly a year ago um and weve seen a bounce um down here were up about were only up about 57 which still is like a pretty decent amount um 57 but to consider the fact that were down from this top was 69 percent and from the all-time high were down a massive 66 to the current price and then all up was about an 80 correct correction so up at 50 when um a lot of old coins are up more than that right some coins drive 100 200 um with similar market cap so we havent seen the big bounce yet for channeling but i want to discuss that in more detail in a bit the other thing i want to look at is this symmetrical triangle for chain link and we can see this is obviously going to be a major resistance line to break through and could be really important to show where links heading um in the short to midterm id say if we can break this so if we can get up it only needs to rise chain link about another um 20 30 to get to this line which will be somewhere in the low 20s hopefully we can break this line and trend higher as we can see major support line and then a key a chemo right here was um resistance so not ideal so we can tell theres definitely some strong resistance moving forward if you look at the link bitcoin chart this is what i want to get into the length bitcoin sharp we can see this descending triangle which is bearish but i believe link its held support a few times basically held it here um held support here almost touched it there and then support here as well so we can see support in the bottom and then obviously resistance on this top line um so link needs about a 40 move to break this arm high if it breaks this higher then it can really um if were looking optimistic we could really see a move to the upside um like that if challenge does break this line it can be pretty important but this is what ive got circled here this one i want to discuss if we look at the the big run channeling cad this right here is all-time high price right so this is channing had a big run back in um early 2020 but that was when bitcoin was kind of moving steady um and then interest interestingly most old coins will tend to outperform bitcoin when bitcoin is moving um upwards in an uptrend but through that period this is what channeling did chanting went down against bitcoin um bitcoin outperformed chain link whilst it was whilst chain link was was going up like if we look at the link chart um in this period of time between august 2020 to late 2020 um thats about this period here link was in an upfront it was heading up and then continued to move up as well all the way through early 2021 um and that was where chain link um started to actually outperform bitcoin and go on this big round so the what im noticing is that when bitcoin if you pull up the bitcoin chart and go to this period bitcoin really started its first rally at around october 2020 right and october 2020 for chain link was mostly a sideways few months in that period where bitcoin itself started its run and then after the cybers movement chaining went up and so weve seen now bitcoin starting its move back to the upside and we havent seen much movement from changing just a small um move to the upside so what im getting at is that there could be um historically a delay for where channeling starts to have its running weve seen old coins silica kadanos doing okay um maroon thought chains that i speak about theres a few coins that are performing well already as bitcoin has moved you know from mid 30k to 46k where its out now um but we havent seen channeling really make that move and as i just spoke about last time thats what we saw was its kind of somewhat uptrend but mostly just in this period right here which is kind of sideways movement up and down up and down no real move and then we saw it happen right then we saw this big move to the upside um channeling it hit all-time high and outperformed bitcoin as we saw right here well that performs it we have support here went up out from bitcoin by 200 and bitcoin hit all time high levels this was a massive movie chain link and it happened a few months after bitcoin started its move to the upside which i think is pretty important i also just believe chain link is a heavily undervalued coin and i spoke about that a lot um just over the past four months i just think challenge is a very undervalued coin but i do feel thats important i think this is probably the most important line that ill be looking at for chain link is link against um bitcoin we can also look at um the bitcoin chart and say um look at its bull market support band we are above it we did test it on the last weekly candle we can see there so this is pretty important whats going to happen with this bull market support band hopefully we can hold a support and bitcoin can trend higher and therefore we could see that next one with chain link take place as well as um as we just spoke about lastly this is the chain link burst ethereum chart which is pretty important we had this breakout which we did speak about quite a bit and weve simply just like held support which is pretty solid that were holding support and so we might see a move as well because channeling effectively has been in a downtrend since august 2020 which is a long time ago um so to break out and start a move to the upside would be extremely ideal to start to gain some momentum um and if you look at the price increase its the target is still like 140 move against ethereum and ethereum has been been performing well also ethereum 3500 is performing well so hopefully this plays out right its just speculation as um with everything ive said but im very bullish in chain link i think right now it is i feel like its undervalued i feel like a lot of altcoins have been performing well and chain link is kind of just holding holding steady hasnt really unloaded yet i think its a great project a lot of potential so stay tuned ill continue to do update videos on chain links seeing uh what happens how it goes moving forward so let me know what you guys think always interested to hear your guys um opinion please give the video a like guys subscribe to the channel and ill catch you later This is not financial advice, please do your own research.Twitter: