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good evening ladies and gentlemen this is CB for todays video on some of the updates regarding a chain link now I before I go on to this I want to thank everybody for being a great patreon member Im gonna talk a little bit about some of the posts thats been happening here and for those guys who were not on patreon well go ahead and talk a little bit about whats been happening behind the scenes I know I havent been posting along here but I wanted to update everybody on this because this is something extremely important happening chain link Ive been doing a lot of research on chain link specifically and what are some of the things happening with that so stay tuned here for the next couple minutes as I dive into the research a little bit about the fundamentals and the impacts for chain link which is going to be one of my top coins for 2020 alright so a couple of days ago Ive been posting on patreon pretty actively for those of you guys who have not been on there basically Ive been doing about 200 audio releases 247 images 5 live streams 118 writings and 42 videos over the course of two years this has been in addition to the YouTube videos that Ive been doing on top of that where I give members you know a little bit more insight about some of the things Im looking for in how this all plays out in the crypto blockchain community specifically with some of the projects Im very interested in very similar to what happened with some of my other more notable calls a couple of years ago and if you took a look it down here if you go ahead and you take a look at some of the posts youll get youll unlock all of these so you can kind of see some of the the track records Ive been doing the first one that has been really you know very profitable has been tazed owes and it tases we were talking a little bit about it going parabolic a couple of days ago did post this about how bullish I was with this project a couple of months ago and fortunately I did really well as continued to do well so Ill do a follow-up video on that one later weve been having some questions and comments about people here and and whatnot and the other one that Ive been really aggressive with buying has been chain link and and just to kind of full disclosure here show you guys some of the posts these are all obviously dated you know and time-stamped this was done on April the the Jays can see from here and I was already you know buying this aggressively you know in this range here between the 23rd and April and what I did was I posted some targets for chain-link fortunately it did go in this direction its been already up about 22% its gone parabolic for that matter now you know Ill talk a little bit about why thats the case and why chain-link I think still has likes to run even though its continuing to run already and some people have said well you know is this time to take profits or whatnot one of the things I do what the research is I just kind of set people up I look at tell people this is what Im looking for these are some of the things Im watching very carefully pay attention to it whether people want to sell it or not thats a whole different story thats thats on their end but what I do there is I kind of talk about some of the things that Im looking for in terms of that so bringing that to that second part youll see it down its called but I got a couple of different tiers that you guys can get into if not you guys can wait till a later until the YouTube either way its a great way to kind of get connected with the community and be able to catch you some of these products before they take off all right so the first thing is lets take a look at chain-link real quick its already up 10.9% on the USD value I usually track the BTC value just because I do have an option of going into Bitcoin versus USD but if you look at the USD value which obviously is being traded on on a coin base you could see that its already been up 10% which is outperforming a lot of the other tokens out there in fact its been outperforming Tasos for that matter so Im very happy that Tasos has I mean chain-link has done better than Tasos because now I can move some of that money over to tasers later but either way I think this is a really interesting project take a look at all right so the first piece of news you might want to ask it lets take a look at the historical data first and Ill go into some of the key parts of Tasos so you know if you take a look at the actual charts for tasers I mean if were chain-link Im sorry keep on thinking of taste all the time if you go the all today Im gonna go ahead and remove out the BTC price just to just to clean this up a little bit so that way we can go back here uh okay there we go I think somehow it wasnt really working out there there we go if you take a look at the actual all-time / all-time high for Tasos it hit about on March 15 about 480 and about 450 480 and actually had another high in July here about four dollars and change and now were kind of ripping right through that again trying to recapture the but this this this coin has been all over the place in terms of chain-link and theres been a couple of rumors or theories behind this now again none of this is is factual you know not factual based but not so much permanent theres been a lot of speculation especially during these Peaks because there was a lot of collaborations happening with the project there was Ben and its an enterprise-grade cryptocurrency which means it really targets businesses and also its a metal ware application so every single time we had these spikes really was because of the fact that had these announcements the announcements that it was collaborating and then all of a sudden you had the sell-off and were kind of facing the exact same situation right now so somebody could you know say well wait a minute is this going to be another dump that were gonna see is this another flavor of the coin type of thing but if you take a look at the actual price for chain link its been pretty consistent every single time it reached about that 150 area its actually held that really nicely so the question is whats actually triggering it and how we go about that so the first thing is let me go back to the this part the first part piece of news that came out was the Swift piece so chain link is considered to be a middleware application that really connects different enterprise platforms together to allow payment systems now if you think about this in terms of financial or FinTech what it really does is that it brings blockchain tech into traditional legacy assets and so one of those that has been in the news lately has been Swift now Swift is pretty much what banks used to transfer money back and forth its whenever youre doing wire transfers or doing any sort of digital transactions between traditional banking you have to have banks have to actually use Swift and what that usually means is that it takes a while its really it takes a long time to get the transactions going in fact they need to approve it they need to have go through certain regulations so what Swift is doing is that theyre planning to upgrade their core engine in the future and what that really means is that theyre gonna allow different API systems for integration and out of all the crypto projects theyre in there chain-linked seems to have the the front-running lead and its actually very interesting because once Swift gets onboard and theyre gonna allow third party applications to come in what theyre really saying is that whoever comes up with the best technology to be able to decentralize some of these transfers are going to take the volume of the transactions happening and this doesnt have to be with dollars it could be with foreign currencies as well so if by 2025 and five years from now chain link is going to be the front-runner its gonna blow off a lot of the hype thats been coming out because at that point youre basically going to be using chain link for many of these transactions now a couple core things in here is that chain link creates what they called an Oracle Network and the Oracle network if you watch my some of my other chain link videos its basically a way for them to be able to communicate via smart unchained smart contracts so if you think about blockchain technology as kind of like just code the smart contracts are gonna execute on that blockchain and what theyre gonna do is allow these smart contract codes to execute so that you can actually do other things not just payments but you can also do timing you could also implement executive bol code in there that could actually speed up these transactions and so if thats the case this is going to be huge because in five years from now if youre talking about global interbank transactions this is going to be an extreme boost to the chain link network as well and so there was a couple of quotes online and people have been already kind of investigating this out right now Visa and MasterCard are the primary drivers for this but if you think about it for a second the chain link is going to sit on top of that and theyre gonna allow dispatch to continue with that portion now theres actually a tweet here from Trading Benjamins he talks a little bit about Swifts need to move to ISO to 0:02 to about enabling data-driven solutions such as intend visibility of securities transactions and settlement of failures and fines and they also go on to further explain that the financial institutions are gonna have the opportunity to leverage through the use of API so again going back to this idea of apis and using third party because Swift does not want to make their own code they want to allow companies to basically do the law the heavy lifting and there give me the ones controlling a lot of that flow in there and they also want to make it compatible with backwards compatibility with the old Swift Network and so what this really allows is that traditionally Swift has been really really backwards theyve been very traditional have been slow to move and weve seen that hype in the last couple of years where people say oh you know were going to be using this for back-to-back transactions but we really needed to connect the old traditional financial system institutions with something new and chain link is right at the forefront now in regards to chain link theyve also been doing this back last year in June they were officially partnered with Google which is basically connecting it and using their database to connect it with aetherium to make it so that they can connect to this whats called the bigquery which is basically Googles cloud services and so if you take a look at this chain link has been very very big in terms of connecting with enterprise parse you know partnerships how does actually applies this so Swift is still king - Kent is still the king in the area to area bank settlements once you apply blockchain tech you could definitely reduce the need for Swift however Swift is not going to give it up easily so instead what theyre going to do as I mentioned earlier its not going to allow that integration in there and so what makes this really interesting is that youre talking about this ISO to zero zero two two two and this upgrade is going to allow channeling to really leverage all their integration solutions end and I think this is going to be one of the bigger portions of Swift of and also chain-link Im moving forward now another one I also want to mention is this another news piece that came from Siberia so Siberia is an enterprise blockchain platform and youve noticed this a lot in the FinTech space a lot of companies now are building up their own companies and using the existing blockchain tech to integrate that so cypher um basically has said that theyre gonna be providing smart contra Oracles to global enterprises this was actually New York on the April 6th of this year where theyre gonna be collaborating with chain-linked to provide partnerships with IBM Amazon Google cloud and their solutions whether with all their clients and this actually is a very interesting piece because weve talked about Googles collaboration with chain link in the past but by connecting with other partnerships and other blockchain companies now theyre gonna be able to connect themselves with the rest of the fang names what I call you know Google you know Apple later on IBM and so on now Apple is obviously not in here but to put that case in point is that what they really want to do is provide global partnerships and integrated solutions across the board though this is what theyre going to be doing here is when you create the collaborations theyre gonna provide both the marketing and the engagement to grow the ecosystem so chain link cannot do it by themselves they need to be able to integrate with middleware with with obviously other companies to reconnect the enterprise solutions the second thing is they also want to do is provide security and the speed of transactions moving forward so the really hit home the really bigger companies here theyre doing is again AWS Google cloud and IBM so if you think about it for a second and you take a look at the time horizon for Siberian for chain link for Swift chain link is really at the forefront of the action for the last couple of days and where its been and so on and so if we take a look at chain links overall price you can see that weve had that double top here in March at about 470 and on February I lost mentioning earlier however take a look at the overall trend for the coin its been pretty consistent and consolidating here between March all the way to March in April with this nice little breakout that we had and so I learned all my members and I told everybody I said look take a look at this project really carefully because usually what happens is when you get these nice consolidation patterns you do that breakout theres a high chance and the high probability that the coin is gonna continue to run and so I give it about a 30 percent run from these levels right now currently its already up about seven percent from its high and its continuing to go higher but I do feel that channeling still has a lot of room to run now obviously people who picked it up here are at a much much you know better entry point and here but if you take a look at where its been and again just kind of going back to the entry point that I had it was around March 8th around here we basically were able to catch this entire move up here to the side so I feel that although yes its gone up a little bit in price and I do feel that it has already gone up 30% from the actual initial price for that so it still has another 32% to run if it tops out at this low and obviously anythings possible can good get a little pullback but if you take a look at the overall long-term pattern for it for chain-link I mean its done this in the past where its consolidated a tripped higher and then its just continuously getting up now weve been having a lot of heavy volume here thats one thing I really look for in these projects and the fundamentals always check has to check out and so what Im looking at this I believe that chain-link has definitely a lot of ground here to cover now whether this remains to be a short term hype or not its really relevant in terms of the long term picture because chain-link has a lot of fundamentals that I really like about the coin it has a lot of partnerships thats in the works its solidified itself as an enterprise platform crypto project and more importantly its been listed on various exchange including Gemini thats happened as this this week so keep an eye out for chain link Ill talk a little bit more about the project as its going out and again if you have enjoined the patron group please join in because were doing a really good stuff out there a lot of great products Im gonna discuss weve been talking a little bit about some of the price action and and also a little bit more about some of the upcoming changes that are going to be happening in the crypto landscape all right see B out have a great Join my Community: TWITTER: Business Inquiries: bitcoin, cryptocurrency, trading, investing, financial education, wealth,stocks, real estate, blockchain dividend income, stocks ANY INFORMATION CONTAINED HEREIN IS A PERSONAL OPINION AND NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE. 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