chainlink to 1000Why CHAINLINK Will Reach $1000!!!

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chainlink to 1000 How to Send Bitcoin from Coinbase to Your Ledger Device... Why CHAINLINK Will Reach $1000!!!
hey whats up guys welcome back to the coin galaxy my name is john and in this video today i want to talk about chain link im going to do a technical analysis on the price of chain link see what a good time for entry is when we should sell and price predictions for 2021 im gonna compare chain link to the us dollar and compare it to bitcoin just to see exactly where we stand with chain link today if youre also a fan of chain link hit that like button subscribe to this channel and leave a comment down below with your price prediction for 2021 chain link is a really well performing digital asset it hit its all-time high of 20 not too long ago came down a little bit resets retested fifteen dollars came down again to what it is today eleven dollars and im gonna show in this video why i think it could work its way back up to fifteen dollars one its gonna break through to twenty dollars and when it could break through twenty dollars up to a hundred dollars and even a thousand dollars so without further ado lets get right into the video the chain link is pretty strong its currently at number 10 and coin market cap lets just zoom in on chain link its down 6.14 at a price of 11.80 per chain link lets check out the all-time price history of chain link 2018 to 19 it was at a pretty low price only 50 cents per chain like oh those were such cheap cheap days and this is through a bear market you know it wasnt really phased out by the uh by the volatility of the market it just held its support at 40 cents 30 cents uh didnt do too much and then coronavirus brought it back down to a dollar fifty um but really its been on a steady uptrend in this bull market its been outperforming most of the other altcoins i would say that chain link is up there along with um bnb and theta as some of the newer all coins that are performing very well the total market cap of chain link itself is at 4.7 billion dollars holy cow look at that and the volume is at two billion dollars really high volume thats about almost almost half the market cap the total circulating supply at chain link is nearly 400 million links and that is not too many thats not even half of the total supply look at the total supply 1 billion were pretty early in chain link dont ever feel like youre too late for chain link dont ever feel like youre youre gonna miss out its were not even halfway through were not even halfway through the total circulation of chain link theres still 600 million left to be created all right so lets go to it ive got the chart of chain link on the us dollar theres four moving averages ive pulled up here the 200 week moving average 50 10 and 20 week moving averages here the 50 20 and 10 week moving averages are showing that chain link is just slightly slightly below the 10 week moving average down here is the 200 week moving average which im going to say is pretty good support for chain link and heres why lets just zoom out a little bit all the way back to september the 200 week moving average said the chain link was 660 and the crash its crash only came down to 760 didnt even touch the 200 week moving average and now its a little closer than that maybe a half dollar instead of one dollar but still good support and back all the way here to coronavirus chain link just barely dipped under the 200 week moving average so yeah 200 week moving average is looking pretty good as a level support for chain link zooming in a little bit more looking at recent price action for chain link i want to say that chain link is oops thats not right chain link is pretty pretty cheap and heres why its under the 10 20 and 50 week moving averages that is a move that only happens once in a blue moon it happened back here in december just a few weeks ago uh it also happened just barely dipped under in here october um it was under all all three moving averages back here in september but you know it happens once a month and um if youre looking for good entry points good ways to dollar cost average into chain link this is actually a really really really good time right here i dont expect this to hold under all three of these averages for long this this is a good good entry point chain link has been on a little bit of a downtrend recently however that is pretty good news for us and im about to show you why let me just add these beautiful lines in here theres our downtrend since november and look at this 200 week moving average im just going to pretend that this keeps going up like so to ensue the chain link price is going to go up like that like that until january and then boom its going to go up to 15 its going to break through here its going to retest 15 will it break through to 20 dollars we dont know yet but if you look at this if you look at 11 50 to 15 um in the span of like one two maybe three months thats about a thirty forty percent gain its not too bad and this is looking pretty promising so lets zoom out a little bit and look at the bigger picture of chain links since september just in a few months frame lets look at the uptrend its been having supported by its 200 week moving average theres the support level and then here heres our resistance level here you can look this is a pretty pretty low price this is insanely low thats incredible so chain links just gonna do this and that and that its going to retest 15 and again could go up to 20 maybe in january february march of 2021 no one really knows for sure but its looking pretty good all right now i want to zoom out a little bit and show you guys an even bigger bigger picture for chain link for this next bull run that were in were currently in the bull run and channeling just keeps going up with all the other alts and bitcoin so zooming all the way out lets just see what could happen lets draw this lower resistance line sorry not resistant to support for chain link support at one dollar and fifty cents all the way up to four dollars strong support and now here again nine dollars pretty soon in january february probably going to find new support at 12 bucks and even next summer i think jalen can find support at 15 up to 20 dollars and now for the exciting part lets just look at the potential for growth in chain link lets just see what that is whoa check that out anything could happen with chain link and if you ask me a hundred dollars its a pretty low number for this next for its next all-time high and its in this bull market for 2021 maybe 2022 chain link could easily go to a thousand dollars just like ethereum did in 2017 when ethereum went from ten dollars to a thousand dollars a bunch of people just made 100 x their money you know if youre holding chain link for the long haul its gonna do pretty well um and again super good entry point right here for chain link now is a good time to get in so yeah just by looking at this i feel pretty comfortable saying that um chain link has some pretty good support here you know what is that nine dollar thats even thats a really deep candle but lets just move it up a little bit uh ten dollars and sixty cents supports just gonna keep going up eleven dollars twelve dollars its a really really good low price right now dont worry too much about near-term ups and downs it could go under 10 dollars just a little bit but 10 dollars is pretty strong strong support um really its gonna retest fifteen dollars again and depending on the strength of bitcoin and the overall market and all the other all coins chain link could re-test twenty dollars again pretty soon all right so lets just say that somebody got into chain link today with a thousand dollars someone who has a thousand dollars at lets say eleven dollars per chain link thatll net you 90 chain links and in the near term like one month or two months at chain link retest 15 again how much would that be 90 chain links times 15 its gonna be a gain of three hundred and fifty dollars not too bad um if it goes up again to retest twenty dollars whats that going to be twenty dollars times ninety chain links eighteen hundred dollars thats an eighty percent gain right there pretty good and looking at the overall big picture looking at one year two years time uh if we say 90 chain links from a thousand dollars initial investment where we get to one thousand dollars per chain link optimistically 90k thats a pretty good game thats 90 thousand dollars all right now bringing up one of my favorite charts this is a really good looking promising chart it is chain link against bitcoin lets see where it is today is that four million sats per chain link that is a good level of support when did that happen before it was right here june of 2020 back in may back in april of this year after the coronavirus crash weve been seeing good support of chain link per four million sets thats pretty good uh we look at its a slight uptrend of chain link against bitcoin not too much um but we cant really expect it to get much lower than this uh bitcoin has been performing very well recently a lot of money been coming into bitcoin but all season is here and this is the start this is the beginning of all season is gonna hit support here maybe down a little bit more but then boom its gonna go right back up again like this at 1.5 million stats per chain link and you do not want to miss out thanks for watching and ill see you in the next video Chainlink has found strong support at $10 despite all the fud. 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