chainlink potential market capWhy Chainlink LINK will 7x your money

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whats up guys this is kryptober James talking to you today about chain link now channeling is obviously the daddy the daddy of oracles um and chain link success is inevitable inevitable um these games will be smaller because of its market cap um but there are gains for chain link because it they have to be because its intrinsically tied to so much of the crypto space it runs the data feeds it runs the price data it runs for for D5 everywhere so much of it so weve got to cover why the games I think it can have also binance have cocktail and then mixed uh customer funds with collateral but the site are meant to hold uh this has been reported by Bloomberg which have then which have cited an unidentified Finance spokesperson so were going to cover that because it puts into question whether or not binance have enough collateral to meet potential liabilities um and that puts funds at risk if youre leaving them on exchanges so well talk about that as well before I get into it though guys if youre new to the site or new to the channel these are the first 26 coins I actually spoke about on this channel I also owned them when I created the channel howd you put in just a hundred bucks into each of these coins when I release videos about them and you were still holding those crypto if you never sold them you just sat on them for years so doing everything wrong youd if you sold them today youd be in profit of around 12K but if you just sold them like I did in 2021 when the markets were Red Red Hot 100 bucks into each and selling them would have netted you a profit of 123 Grand from a 2 600 investment that is not too shabby as I said I sold all of these but if you want to see the coins that I actually own right now you can do you just have to go to copy my there I share every coin own every single one I buy every single one I sell in real time as well we release videos on a daily basis talking about the markets and I if I say so myself we have absolutely nailed it to pinpoint accuracy for the last few months uh predicting Bitcoins moves perfectly even within particular hours of her on particular days um then on top of that look we have tutorials set up because we have thousands of members and a lot of them have never gone to crypto before so these are step-by-step tutorials and we have a history of success on both the site and the channel Phantom leads the way it was a coin I picked out as the best investment of 2020 I said it was 100 x it went up 677 times two grand into that and selling it in 2021 when it netted you a profit of 1.3 million I will find another Phantom and when I do Im gonna go onto my site Im going to tell the members about the coin gains it can have percentage of my money Im putting in and they can copy along make the same gains if you want to take the work out of your crypto research go read the site and remember you can verify everything yourself on the YouTube Channels history right chain link at seven bucks right now uh now 51 in the Circuit of the max suppliers out um so in terms of token economics the supply schedule is pretty much everything should be out by 2028 um and as you can see look you know a certain percentage will be owned by the Company the company will probably still have like 300 and 300 million okay but by 2028 all billion will be out bye uh to be fair some of that is distributed now theres been a lot of uncertainty around chain links or token economics but they have been broken down because theres flood ages ago about the fact that about 80 of the supply at one point was owned by 125 wallets and that when you actually broke that down a lot of those wallets were Distributing via liquidity um chain link has is one is a blue chip project its a blue blue chip product and in terms of you know investors theyve got a fair few framework outlier and me consensus eight decimal one block uh were like initial investors uh I think youll find now chain link is in uh will probably be in a number of uh Venture Capital portfolios now it is integrated into almost every crypto project in the space in some form um I mean the growth has been staggering its all-time high uh was 50 pretty much well 52 bucks 50 bucks again it to me is inevitable it might well do way more than that it could feasibly do a hundred bucks um which would put it a market cup of like 50 billion um which doesnt seem outlandish when you realize the amount of cryptos that chain link is actually integrated with um and you can see the ecosystem on uh chain Links site uh the ecosystem is as big as ah for the love of God uh it does my head in sometimes so look um in terms of categories I mean youre looking at every single category out there to some degree being having some form of chain link integration uh D5 is obviously the key there is no defy of all the uh crypto sectors is the most important in terms of having an oracle I dont think by any stretch of the imagination chain link is the best Oracle out there chain link is very much a third party its not decentralized one its quite centralized if anything however um and and for for a number of reasons centralization poses a number of different risks within um within defy but chain link have managed to get through you know the last sort of six years or so without a ton of serious things happening theres been some but that hasnt been Mass uh mass mass serious events in terms of hacks and stuff as you can see theyre integrated with a thousand plus projects ethereum 272 and polygon 264 BMB 83 on Avalanche 71 on uh Solana 41 on phantom um you know they are intrinsic to this crypto space they really are and again because of this their success is very much inevitable it is um because they are so necessary you cannot have a D5 product without an oracle you need to you need off chain dating you need an unchain and off chain data connections they also are supported by some of the biggest node operators in the space they also support um some of the biggest state uh data providers in the space you know building a coin coin gecko uh Finance kawabi you know Galaxy theyre not they they have been as intrinsic to the crypto space uh as ethereum has been for the last few years you know um you look at the all-time uh move of training chain link has been knocking around since 2017. uh obviously had some real you know when it launches of like 19 cents uh ended up at 50 bucks thats not bad is it uh so thats about 250 x um and another getting back to 50 bucks is just itll happen of course it will happen and I think and to be honest 50 is probably a massive understatement right now um but 50 is roughly the high that it hit last uh cycle um the chart long term chart actually looks really positive you know its gone from strength to strength um I do believe this is one where we should see um more growth because there is the chain link is the first and leading Oracle within the space D5 has to grow and our Integrations with with chain link are inevitable um the equip the the gambling space within crypto will inevitably grow thats going to be another space where oracles are hugely necessary you know you can the all these marketplaces again hugely necessary for a for a strong Oracle And while again I dont believe chain link is the strongest Oracle its the most utilized and most reliable at this point its its handled more uh data feeds than any other Oracle project out there and never never really had significant issues as a result they will of course end up being onboarded for multiple projects in the near future their success has to be an inevitability you know if you look I mean theres so many analogies that can be used the way I try and present it or the way I think about it is pretty simple um bitcoins the daddy of crypto everything else that followed ethereum is the daddy of smart contracts everything else followed chain link is the daddy of oracles everything else followed if you look at those three based on their categories theyre the top of the top um they are first move Advantage which is such a big thing and how are they not going to grow theyre the most utilized they have they have increased year on year I mean even when you go back to the ecosystem you can see that in uh for the love of God just let me scroll I just want to get to here is that so hard apparently it is so hot for um you know I dont like about sites that do this I dont want you to keep refreshing and keep updating it as Im trying to scroll all right okay Im never gonna get there because its just going to keep doing it but um there we go Im just gonna keep doing that its doing my head in now so 2021 we saw 712. Im looking at bottom left folks seven um so to 712 in 2021 615 in 2022 so far this year 22 new projects um but if you look at it year on year it has grown since 2018. since since 2019 year on year its grown bar 2022 where it was a huge burst cycle and even then it still had 615 Integrations with new projects so whats it going to have again this year probably around the same if weve got 22 right now uh heart you know theres a week left of the month so make the argument maybe theres going to be another eight fine so theres going to be at least 360 plus Integrations of chain link this year its not bad and if the market starts getting very hot again which is unlikely but if it does happen theyre going to add another few hundred because therell be new cryptos created therell be new products created um successes and everything success of chain link is inevitable um yeah you know it is that simple it really is that simple and youve got chain link you can stake chain link um and the token itself obviously um it pays for them pays for the the network so the link token is when they introduce staking to bring sustainable growth security their economy behind um behind chain link is paid by link so of course more people that use it as well the better it is for the overall price of chain link long term yeah 50 bucks uh in the next Bull cycle if the next ball the next ball so probably looking at 2024 um unless the world economy changes um it just its inevitable its inevitable and you can see the growth you can see there there 2022 and its staggering you know cumulative total transaction values enabled data points delivered on chain member growth proof of Reserve youve got verifiable random functions youve got ecosystem growth its just staggering um yeah Im and the thing is is I think there are better oracles out there I think there are better or there are oracles theyre going to have better price appreciation uh because you know 50 bucks from where it is right now is about 7x even if it hits a hundred bucks youre looking at 14 x from where it is right now thats not bad but some of the smaller cap oracles will outperform that in terms of games chain link will just be the first to move and the rest will follow um but yeah theyre so theyre so um intrinsic to the entire space at this point are so heavily featured in all crypto assets at the moment success is inevitable 7x I think at least but what do you guys think do you think you can do 100 do you think you can do 200 is 200 on the cards let me know in the comments down below and if youre returning viewer hit the Subscribe button helps the channel videos will make you money but dude be helpful help the channel its nice uh and before I get into the finance situation if you want to see the coins I own guys you just have to go to copy theres a link above me its clickable link in the description its where I share every coin I own everyone I buy everyone I sell I give the members real-time updates we release videos on a daily basis talking about the markets which weve been bang on for months months and months within like tiny percentages of Bitcoins at the full-blown move like 0.1 within that kind of accuracy for freaking ages we have had um huge success on the channel huge success on the site Phantom leads the way in that although theres been many but Phantom did 677 times gain I am expecting well I know Im gonna find another Phantom another coin that can do that run now I wont do a course like I did last time Ive simply going to the science all the members about the coin the gains I think it can have the money Im putting in they can copy they can make the same if that interests you if you dont want to spend your every day if you dont have the time or you dont want to spend every day diving into cryptos reading through them reading white papers then go read the site and remember everything you read you can legitimately just go on to the YouTube Channels history and verify yourself and if you do like what you see maybe Ill see you there guys and last thing ah not good Finance is mistaken balanced mistakenly mixed crypto exchanges clients funds with B token collateral so the exchange issues 94 so-called binance Peg tokens these are B tokens and reserves for almost half are stored in a cold wallet called binance 8. the wallet contains more tokens than required for the amount of B tokens issued since the tokens are supposed to be backed one to one the excess indicates the collateral is being mixed with customer tokens according to Bloomberg um collateral assets have previously been moved into this wallet in error and referenced accordingly on the B token proof of collateral page um binance is aware of this mistake and is in the process of transferring these assets to Dedicated collateral wallets assets held with the exchange have been and continue to be backed one to one so theyre saying look we dont have an issue the spokesperson has come forward to say this which I find weird in and of itself because if theres no issue why are you saying it um so I went collateral is pulled together and used for training its locked up and clients or holders of assets may not be able to withdraw if the pool is reduced um and thats something worth bearing in mind because in essence this means that there is no segregation of assets between clients funds and any collateral used and thats issues weve seen with like FTX this could resonate like what FTX and Alameda did on a daily basis and audit would generally highlight such shortcomings and asked to remedy immediately if binance was regulated this would be an essential part of their internal controls so look is possible its possible that there is an issue of violence we dont know we really dont know but nothing in crypto is too big to fail no company is personally I dont I think Bitcoin is too big to fail unless an ethereum I think I think a number of the cryptocurrencies are too big to fail however a bad hack a bad exploit and you dont know but no company is ever too big to fail we saw Lehman Brothers fail weve seen whats happened with um whats it called everground um in China where theyve got billions and billions of dollars worth of property but they arent wrecked ever theres been so many companies that have gone down and all theres always been that argument that are too big to fail its not true nothing is and if all your stuff is on finance or anything that you care about is on violence then take take it off keep you again Ive said this a few times but look fundamentally everyone needs to view their crypto assets as what they are which is a long-term investment and if you care about your long-term investment cannot trust someone else with it you cannot trust someone else to be holding it what if they act insidiously what if they just make mistakes what if its an innocent mistake but they screw up weve seen problems this this past like the past 12 months FTX fraud Celsius Voyager block Phi the list goes on just be safe guys its awesome anyway thats it for me take it easy bye Chainlink LINK crypto price prediction. LINK coin is at $7.05. You might think its a bargain. and youd be right. The LINKcrypto coin has potential and will make you money the way things are. Watch now for my Chainlink LINK crypto price prediction.Want to see which coins I’ve put my money in? See the FULL LIST at I am not a financial advisor and the information provided is simply my opinions. Remember to speak to a financial advisor before making any significant investments. TLDR - LINK Chainlink crypto price prediction