$250 chainlink token usdWhy BULLISH on ChainLink?

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chainlink token usd Existing Deposit Addresses Memo on Selected... Why BULLISH on ChainLink? $250
pumpkin pie why am I so bullish on chain link the short answer is that chain link cant be forked and the long answer is going to be this video and youre going to see why I think we can get to 150 to 180 in the next bull market and I want to be wrong with that and I want us to hit like 250 Id love for that to happen Okay so why right you know what lets write this here so 150 minimum 2.50 friendship lets write that down all right with the Friendship here why why why so some backstory is important most people and I completely relate most people when they find out about a coin they will make an action in two to three hours okay I have shown surveys on my Twitter please follow and like subscribe on YouTube as well please Bell notifications Ive shown surveys where they check different age groups and different types of people and they ask how long before you make an investment and they categorize everyone and it turns out most people 50 to 60 percent of people make a decision to buy in less than three hours I think sixty to seventy percent youre covered within 24 hours can you believe that literally within 24 hours of hearing something they will buy an asset and then the final 20 to 30 percent theyre the people who span between a week a month around that time right and of course its like towards older demographic people so I understand from your perspective youre like why is Sami always talking about chaining and you might make the assumption that hey someone told me about it and I got in and now I just no completely wrong okay I went through every coin and Im gonna show you this okay so I Im Im fascinated that chaining actually exists because for what the coin does and its important in crypto I think this thing should be like 3x higher but here it shouldnt be giving you this chance to accumulate down here for this long but the whole crypto Market still doesnt understand really whats going on so I dont blame him right so most people they will only find out about a coin and then decide to buy within a few hours okay so chain link is Blue Chip okay not only has got a blue hexagon logo it is Blue Chip it is something where I can sleep every night comfortably knowing the direction its going knowing why it will succeed okay and lets summarize it for you so chain link is leverage on ethereum success and also its leverage on D5 also its leverage on other chains succeeding right so you basically and you know Im gonna have to Im gonna have to give these three ticks because this is absolutely crazy man the fact that I can actually tell you this like Im like hey Ive got a coin here that I found not no one showed this to me I dont have a friend who got into the Ico or anything okay Im letting you know I dont know anybody no one came and told me that things gonna change the way out no one said that to me I want to look through everything Im like wow this is such an obvious pillar of the industry right so first thing chaining is leveraged on ethereum success ethereum growing general purpose smart contract blockchain and applications getting made on it and chain link is leverage on that okay so as that gets better chain becomes more important okay so we obviously we know in five years from now crypto is going to be bigger the total market cap is going to be bigger ethereum is going to be bigger Bitcoin is going to be bigger okay we dont know exactly how much but theyre just going to be bigger okay in chain link core infrastructure its bigger right so the way to think about it is like if a city has like a million people and I told you hey in 20 years this city is going to have 10 million people right you would say to me wow imagine you owned the construction companies that get to build for the government and build all the infrastructure and the roads and bridges and stuff youd be killing it right because you have so much work motorways too right so this is exactly what Im talking about its how you think about this its leverage on their success so you can go you can go be long ethereum if you want but I look I know most people okay Ive spoken to so many of you you guys have between low end 2000 up to 30 000 to invest which Ill be honest its not much but its enough to change your life in crypto its enough to retire really is you can make if youve got less than 20K put in youre probably gonna need two cycles okay if you have 30k plus I think you can make it in the next cycle I think you can get a 60x a 3260x so chain link right also chain link is leverage on D5 so chain link is like the reason like D5 only exists basically because of chain link because everybody has a source to actually use and plug in data right and also chain link is leveraged on other chain succeedings so what do you mean by this so chain link has ccip youll see this word ccip almost renders 90 of other chains useless okay ccip cross chain integrated protocol right lets write that down here so cross chain integrated Pokemon I know some four nerdy words blah blah lets put some nerd glasses here okay so cross chain integrated protocol means okay lets draw this lets lets get the chaining plug out here okay chain link they got their own Oracle Network right they have their own Oracle Network and whats going to happen is chains are going to use their data right so everyones making dabs okay but chainings gonna make it has ccip so this network what it does is it allows other chains to connect so you have lets say polka dot all right and you have ethereum okay you know different chains you have you know different polka dot ethereum and you have applications on both they cant talk to each other man its too risky that it takes too much work for all the app for for them to do you know why because now Solana is going to exist how theyre going to talk to each other its too many right its too lets lets do this yeah theres too many theres too many things that can go wrong they all got to talk to each other how are they all going to talk to each other okay well chain link says hey why dont you all will make a standard here protocol you guys can grab data from here and then you can all talk to each other okay you can all grab data from everywhere so we everybodys daughters hes mingling so if you make an ethereum app you can go to ccip and get polka dot user data maybe theres an RV on polka dot a money market there thats growing and lets say like China and Japan use it and ethereum guys maybe theres not too much exposure to the Asian market but they can go and grab everyones data and they can basically make some cool stuff now dont ask me what the cool stuffs gonna be because if I knew then wed all make 100 000 XL money we dont know what it is Im just telling you somethings coming so look at this crazy part so you know I also made this prophecy that look 90 of these chains they dont even need exist friends you know why because the main chains if everybodys just going to chaining for ccip and grabbing valid data for everyone why do you need these polka dot type of chains that talk to each other like oh were gonna like have like um you know like a little parachain for everything and everyone can talk to each other were all going to hold hands you dont actually need that anymore so thats why I think no I think I know in my heart Jay Nick is undervalued in this crappy bear Market its undervalued by 3x it should have the marker cup of polka dot and all the other chains combined from what its doing now its not live yet with ccip and everything but thats thats what theyre doing okay so and you dont even need that to happen its already killing it without this okay so this has so much potential so this is why its still a sleeper so people know the name but they dont know why its the name its literally making you guys useless so all you guys are useless right you need now useless is tongue-in-cheek people like logos and communities and different networks and stuff we like joining stuff so yeah these are all going to exist but not for the reasons you think none of these are good none of these chains are going to have super complicated technology where they talk to each other and they can like handle all different information they dont then csuip can be super powerful and this isnt even the main part of chaining chaining already helps everybody feed in data okay thats the most important part so but why why am I still bullish from chaining I went through so many coins man so many coins and I was like man you know I cant go all in on this now Im not telling you to go all in on chaining but I like to think about this right so how Warren Buffett invests he thinks hey if I had if there was no stock market and I had to buy this company would I buy the company knowing that theres no stock market open for the next 10 years he actually says this thought experiment and thats how I think about crypto Im like hey if I didnt have you access to UNI swap okay would people still buy this now with crypto most of the times the answer is no so we have to use a different story in our head the way I like to think about it is if binance went down if centralized exchanges went down okay and people needed more kyc here and there how would my crypto perform and what I liked about chain link is its growing with D5 around the world its leverage on ethereum okay it would still keep growing thats what I like about it as a final note right before we continue on to going to the through the other coins okay chain link okay chaining whats going to happen is to get the chain ink data lets copy clone this yeah here we go to get the chain link data okay theres all these other blockchains blockchain one two three to get the chain link data they have to pay in link tokens okay so they have to go buy a link and they have to go pay in okay so theres underlying demand for over time so now you can see why as more entrepreneurs make more applications who request more data over time it exponentially gets bigger think of uber think of menulog think of Netflix think of all these crazy applications and Instagram and WhatsApp theyre all getting made in crypto now I dont know what theyre all going to be otherwise youd all be trillionaires Okay so I went through every single coin every single coin man and I look at it Im like honestly can I go all in on this Bitcoin amazing were 14 years too late okay lets just do lets make it actually red Lets cross weve got to cross these off so you can actually see Bitcoin where 14 is too late ethereum were like almost 10 years too late like theyre great but look how big they are man you need a lot of money to move them okay stable coin stable coin stable coin BMB is not a stable coin but B and Bs were not early anymore man B and B is 40 billion like its a third of ethereum you know wheres the edge okay stable coin xrp xrp 16 pill and rip will keep dumping now its 20 billion Ripple keep dumping on your heads it needs to be a payment solution everyones moving the like EVMS ethereum no stablecoin cardano cardanos now been around for three Cycles cardanos con competing with ethereum you know it can be forked it can be competed with Dogecoin it can be competed with its not going away but it can be competed with and forked as we saw in 2021 polygon Matic it can be competed with him forked man you dont know if its going to be cool and popular in 5-10 years okay coin avoid it like the poo poo plague Selana you know it can be forked theres all another layer one chain this is your stake ethereum polka dot you know it has no Edge man it just has its like the dream like yes and we can be Litecoin obviously its a fork of Bitcoin dogecoins are like on them um Dogecoin is a fork of Litecoin so it can be Fork Shiba Inu trying to go after the meme Community as well it was for 30 000 times the community strong but its a meme like everyone understands it right Avalanche clone of ethereum can be forked Tron can be forked uni swap can absolutely be forked with better tokenomics here and there now they have got a lot of market market share but they can be Fork men right diet can be forked its a stable coin So Adam Great Tech can be forked okay rap Bitcoin relevant chaining I can go through this whole list by the way chain link now I had a friend say to me so dont everything here same thing when we go through the same story training you can Fork chain link theoretically okay you can Fork it there are people who say oh theres other oracles here and there dude those are the oracles are useless name me one serious protocol thats not using chaining if I want to ask you this if you had one billion dollars like RV does plus of money right in your protocol would you trust anything about chaining as an oracle I want to ask you that you know if one thing goes wrong youre finished right everything goes to zero someone will come and kill you literally someone will come and hunt you down and just come for your but if something goes wrong with the bug and something gets screwed youre dead youre literally a dead man youd have to use the best security okay its just like if I made you in charge of the US presidents car when hes like driving across the city and you you have to select the car now are you gonna select my mamas Toyota Corolla or are you gonna go to BMW and say give me the triple armored BMW 7 Series car that we use that that has withstood like 50 000 bombs before I want to ask you that you know so chain link lets go on to this this is the final piece here okay chain ink white has Edge is in other coins in other coins we can Fork the people eventually you can get an idea and yes its hard theres a its very very hard to Fork a network but eventually you can make better ideas and move people over here and there okay but this is why chainings different this is what somethings I observed when I looked at everything Im like wow okay so this is me talking okay chain link is different because in other communities in other coins the people are the network nodes okay people all right this is why training is different to me this is other coins now in chain link in chain link the data feeders are the network nodes okay this is The Edge chain link connects outside data to crypto okay okay so you cant Fork this okay you cant Fork the UK government right lets actually do this you cant Fork UK you and then you have like you know USA stats guys and then you have right you have like real world example stuff like medical records okay you cant Fork this and then you have like uber information and they might have their own private staff right you cant Fork these notes you cant copy them okay now they can decide you know if they release them or not but you cant for most part you cant So eventually chaining at the rate its going its going to grab all this man everybody is going to connect in and whats gonna happen is someone in crypto is gonna spit out an application here like just call it super app just to make some app right and what are they going to do they are going to be using all these theres gonna use information from here man okay why why is he gonna do that all the network effect is coming from these guys look at this the UK government USA stats guys medical records Uber information you see what I mean you cant Fork these people coming in these are integrating into the network you cant copy paste this this is why Im like wow whoever wins this game is going to absolutely blow the roof off okay literally a nuclear bomb going off no ones got a chance no one has a chance whoever wins this game theyre gonna be in the background its gonna be silent no ones going to talk about them and thats what you want because that just means everyone buys it without thinking okay theyre like oh okay I want to grab medical records because I have to make some app that needs it for example okay well what do I do okay grab chain link pay your little link pay the link feed grab the data and then you can use it for your app okay thats where its going okay you cant so I want you to think about this in a couple of years from now someones gonna probably see chain link and then theyre going to want to be like okay how do I get a piece of that pie what they tried to do is they just made Oracle websites oh were an oracle this and that but if you dont connect youre useless okay with other crypto its easier why okay with other crypto Im going to make it a rectangle with other crypto so other other crypto sectors okay with other crypto sectors okay lets say theres main coin right main coin okay theres the main winner coin right and then Here Comes rival coin right the Rival coin they just have to Market to plebs do you understand do you know how easy it is its not easy but you can understand how uncertain it is to flash Im gonna do a little Torchlight here right torch light and theres going to be a Party symbol and celebration stuff do you know how easy it is to flash out to the market hey well give you an airdrop hey um come and use our thing were smaller were growing faster come and join the new network um weve got you know lower liquidity we have much more price to pump you see all these like Low T retailer type of narratives that this is like stock market Tesla this is like Dogecoin meme this is gaming metaverse this is ICO mania this is all this stuff like we can tweak it you can tweak the parameters and you can slowly wear down the main coin the winner of the sector you know like the best coin in the category for example Im looking at you right now ethereum ethereum right ethereum right now look at all these layer one chains hope this is making sense you notice all the layer one chains hey you know lets see theyre like hey were a bit faster you know we are smaller you know easier to pump you know we do more burning we give more yield right we give more yield we give more like free airdrop do you understand look at all these like carrots youre throwing in front of everyones face look at all this this is like with every other sector now Im not just picking on a theme this is gaming metavis nft icos every other sector man even Bitcoin with store of value okay so you can think about these I mean hex did it with Bitcoin right hey were better give out yield make it like make a price make our make the supply dump less right you understand this is the problem with mostly now its not a problem if you can figure out the winners right and thats what were trying to do were trying to figure out the fastest growing winners thats okay no challenge is too great for us okay were all friends no challenge is too great but Im just telling you this game it doesnt even work you what game are you gonna do how is someone gonna make an oracle when chain link has right chain link Scott currently right equals 1200 Integrations okay please tell me okay I want to I want you to tell me this right when they have when they have twenty thousand how are you going to compete I want you to ask that for yourself how are you going to compete you cant compete with like hey look at this wheres too early you are this and that put your mittens on take them off put your socks on take your socks off you cant do this the game doesnt even work anymore its completely a different paradigm to actually compete with chaining you need chain link to up big time you need like them to be a major critical bug and something just to go down so firstly you basically need them to die its like okay how does Pepsi beat Coke okay we need coke to literally start like spiking everyone with Coke in there in the in the bottles and like get them taken to zero right thats what you need thats thats the first thing the second thing you actually need someone with a lot of money and a lot of willpower and a lot of energy to come in and say well Im gonna take on chain link and this is economically feasible right but let me tell you man theyve already got 1200 Integrations okay second place second place has like 120 third place has like 30. you see how sad that is its literally a droopy its drooping off so hard whats gonna happen when chaining has like 2 000 plus 3 000 Plus whats gonna happen theyre already with chain link is with chain link is loved by Swift Plus World economic Forum right so lets do a little bug here right whats gonna happen when the big cronies the big evil scum they start connecting their data to chaining and they start feeding the data and they start putting their own you know wef hired people to go and do this and send everyone there whats gonna happen you think you got a chance do you think you got a chance I want you to uh answer me this you know the governments hiding UFO weapons anti-gravity Tech you know the SEC is corrupt because of central banks you know everythings rigged you know the media is controlled we know all this man its not like its a conspiracy we know all of these things so please if Swift and wef have chosen chaining what do you think is going to happen to the guy in a couple in like five to eight years who says you know what lets try take chain link nodes down you know what do you think theyre going to do them exactly there is no answer there is no answer that person probably just gets disappeared okay so this is a narrative for me and this is why I can sleep comfortably at night okay this is huge this is this is big infrastructure okay chaining is the infrastructure okay you cant like throw carrots on a stick to weed people out oh whos gonna be first and second thats why now like I said before it doesnt even if they did if they did we would still be able to find the winner because Im here 18 hours a day but Im telling you no one even knows what this game is being played its gonna do no one in crypto knows thats the edge nobody knows the main influencers have no idea all they know is one word okay they know Oracle thats all they know thats all they know about chaining okay they just know that right they dont know I dont actually know this game they dont know what ccip does they dont know ccip makes polka dot literally useless in five seconds you know but Im not saying Pokemons going to zero Im just saying like this things super powerful you can do a lot of stuff all right so all you combine all of these together you can see now hey man I went through all these coins I can go through 50 more and bore you Im just telling you they can all be forked and this one cant until next time friends Donation Address: yourfriendsommi.eth Click Subscribe + Bell Button All Follow on Twitter: Timestamps 00:00 Intro to Why BULL on LINK $250? 02:00 Crypto Market Doesnt Understand ChainLink 03:00 3 Main Points about LINK 05:20 LINK has a secret weapon called CCIP... 09:00 Let me Show you the Rest of Crypto 14:30 Why ChainLink has a BIG EDGE 16:00 You cant Fork the Nodes 18:00 ChainLink 1200+ Integrations