chainlink marketingWhat’s up With the Price of Chain Link Fencing Lately?!

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chainlink marketing ens - PyPI Access the Ethereum Name Service... What’s up With the Price of Chain Link Fencing Lately?!
when you call your supplier and ask for white vinyl coated they just laugh and laugh and laugh they think youre telling them joke welcome back everybody joe everest the fence expert hey one of the most common pieces of feedback we get about the saturday morning live askey experts segment is those things are long and theyre not wrong they last about three hours two and a half to three hours sometimes a few weeks ago caleb and i got into a pretty good discussion about marketing i think it lasted closer to four hours nobodys got time to sit through four hours of listening to a couple experts talk i get it so jeremys created a new segment just for you guys called hot takes its usually a shorter segment of the longer conversation basically hitting the hot topics if you will of that live segment so without further ado here comes this weeks hot take landmark creation says as soon as wood prices went down black chain like prices went way up yeah so koda chain link in general has a few things going against it one like i said futures price of steel aluminum as well but vinyl coated chain link has steel so steel futures going through the roof also this the petroleum the petroleum refining refinering refining oh im supposed to hold my cup ah supposed to cover it up i guess i dont know not an ad im just getting thirsty so vinyl coated chain link color-coded chain link is vinyl coated the wire itself is and a lot of the fittings are sometimes are powder coated i understand chain link vinyl coated its got its got several things going against it so yeah price is through the roof now whens it coming back down i dont know so because were dealing with refineries coming offline and its going to take a little while to bring them back online its madness out there folks it really is so we have a client here locally um that probably 15 20 years ago we built a white vinyl coated fence around their storage lot they wanted white and went with their color schemes white was available at the time say i dont know a car crashes through the fence when you call your supplier and ask for a white vinyl coated they just laugh and laugh and laugh they think youre telling them a joke and so we had to tell that customer hey whites not available uh and unknown when its going to become its indefinitely back-ordered we could certainly place an order but our order of one roll of you know one roll of wire a sticker rail or i think its two six rail a few posts not gonna take priority theyre gonna get to that whenever they get to it so yeah but blacks crazy green green coated weve got another client bass pro shops here locally that loves green theyre big outdoors fans they want the fence to blend in with the area around it so theyre big fans of green coated chain link heres one thing that drives me batting let me know if you guys have seen this so when were talking about green coated nothing ever matches whether its the the wire to the post to the rail to the fittings nothings ever the same shade of green now same supplier right same supplier of all of those we thought maybe that was the issue because weve been guilty of buying wire from one person in rail from another depending on how things were priced so we thought well maybe thats a problem why these you know the rails not matching the wire the customer never said anything but for us you know working with it and building it we our face is right there in front of it it looked odd so the next order we built for them or the next project we built for them we placed an order with the same manufacturer the whole thing fittings rail tubing or rail and tubing really post wire the whole thing the problem is theyre manufactured by different people so the green still came in mismatched and it drives my adhd bonkers absolutely nuts when it doesnt match so we keep pushing them towards black but they do love green they love green with privacy slats and privacy screen they they like being private anyway so were pushing them towards black but now blacks becoming more expensive less available we just had a big load of uh of 60 inch black get back ordered and we asked him when will that be in maybe a few weeks well let you know oh thats good okay all right guys that concludes this weeks hot take did you like it did you not like it do you like the format do you not like the format let me know in the comments below were still figuring this out and we could use your help but for now im a joe average defense expert reminding you that good fences make good neighbors ill see you next time Why the heck is chain link fence getting so expensive? 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