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VeChain partners with United Nations to improve sustainability These VeChain-based initiatives have facilitated the availability of immutable records of origin, transport, and authenticity for worldwide companies, regulators, and consumers. VET price analysis Following the news, VeChain is currently changing hands at $0.02378 in the last 24 hours, up 6.78%. Harmony,Harmony is a scalable and secure blockchain. Our mainnet has been live with state sharding since 2023 June and with open staking since May. Harmony achieves 2-second transaction finality with 4 shards, 250 nodes each, 25.3K onchain delegators, 60% liveness slashing, sub-second leader rotations. chainlink api3 What makes API3 stand out? - EthCC 2022
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[Applause] for me api 3 is all about transparency for me it begins already on a down level i can see which team has how many employees what theyre consuming what their deliverables are and i think it is pretty nice to see that and how a project essentially progresses and what theyre up to because you typically have no view into a centralized company doing that and that transparency pretty much also translates to data feeds and since were uh running first party oracles you always know how a data feed is constructed which api endpoints are called and what we actually put on chain Ugur shares what API3 means to him and how the core value of transparency can be seen in API3 data feeds.