walletinvestor chainlinkWhat If You Invested $100 In VECHAIN Right Now? When Will You Make $1 Million Dollars?

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[Applause] what if you invested one hundred dollars in v chain right now when will you make 1 million in the past year the cryptocurrency market has experienced an enormous boom with record prices for many cryptocurrencies the vechain cryptocurrency has become rather popular over the past few months and has provided good returns on investment and according to cryptocurrency experts v chain is one of the most underrated cryptocurrencies that has the potential to explode in the future welcome to crypto live please like the video and subscribe to our channel to stay updated on our upcoming videos about cryptocurrencies new altcoins have been gaining popularity over the past few months and v chain is certainly no exception in addition to v chains solid popularity the price has increased because of several factors and thats what were going to find out in this video so stay tuned v chain is a platform for enhancing supply chains and streamlining business processes using blockchain technology in order to simplify complex supply chains v-chain crypto is utilizing distributed ledger technology or dlt also just for some additional information the v chain platform comprises two distinctive tokens v-chain token or v-e-t and v-chain thor energy or v-t-h-o chain uses the first type to move value across its network and the ladder type is energy or gas for smart contract transactions so is v chain capable of revolutionizing the supply chain this is one of the cheapest coins out there with phenomenal potential for growth and invaluable partnerships and fundamentals those of you who have done any research on this project would know how amazing its future could be china is determined to be a world leader in technology by 2030 and vet is seen as an essential part of the process as it is backed by the chinese government it is mind-blowing that that is hovering around point 10 but im not complaining and neither should you be taking advantage of this opportunity is something you should strongly consider if you see the potential and hopefully several of us will experience a life-changing event with this coin in order to provide supply chain data and tracking solutions vechain has collaborated with many popular companies which has made vechain a good investment and an increasingly popular choice some cryptocurrencies have high valuation but they dont have many applications in the real world while vechain has demonstrated their product in action already their platform is already being utilized by companies such as bmw walmart china and many more as stated in their official blog vechain has furthermore started creating enterprise non-fungible tokens or enfts this is according to an article written by investing cube check out vechains official website for more information if you are interested to know more about this are you aware that some analysts recommend that vechain is a safe and reliable cryptocurrency to own this year at this low price to validate this claim lets look at the standout features of v chain in terms of the blockchain platform vechain provides and its related cryptocurrency the company focuses mostly on logistics and supply chains for businesses in its white paper it states that its primary objective is to help improve the management supply chains in related business processes vechain for example is now used by several large enterprises for inventory management vechains area of focus has a strong potential market addressable by this technology it has been estimated that 300 billion dollars worth of food will be tracked with blockchain by 2027 according to research from 2020 ibm new york stock exchange ibm has partnered with walmart new york stock exchange wmt to develop the food trust blockchain system which enables them to track where food is coming from also there is a norwegian classification company called dnv who recently partnered with vechain having 1355 vessels and mobile offshore units tracked is provided by v chain in order to learn more about the companies that have partnered with vechain there is a site called which provides information on vechain partnerships and large companies that use vechain there are five strategic partnerships listed here including dnv as weve mentioned earlier pricewaterhousecoopers and some chinese companies as well recently wrote about a vaping company based in los angeles called puff bar that uses v-chain to combat counterfeiting in order to distinguish a knock-off product from a real one users take a picture of the upc code in the product a crypto site would be able to determine if it is a copy after the file is uploaded in addition to these features and advantages of vechain a proof of authority protocol is implemented on v chain taking its cue from the proof of stake system this is an offshoot this dual token supply structure causes the total supply of tokens to be slightly inflationary due to its dual token supply structure it must be noted that v-chain given these above mentioned factors will be for the long haul this token should do exceptionally well this year because of the growing popularity of blockchain technology so what will be your time frame when you will gain 1 million dollars if you invest one hundred dollars today with v chain according to coin market cap at eight a.m utc on june 21st v chain v e t u s d cryptocurrency has dropped to 8.8970 cents per token and its market cap was around 9 billion the price is considerably lower than its mid april high of 27.8 cents although it has a good chance of doing very well the rest of the year this altcoin is expected to have a solid future v-chain has tremendous potential and today is indeed a great time to invest and purchase vechain tokens because of its history and background fortunately the vechain project has drawn much attention from cryptocurrency experts in the past few years it is predicted that the v chain price may rise to 19 cents in june and to a dollar by as stated in wallet investors report also v chains price should increase to 15 cents in june 2021 and 30 cents in 2025 according to digital coin price vechains future price prediction from coin forecast is more optimistic suggesting it will reach 27 cents by 2021. added to these predictions fx street also noted that a dip below 14 cents would bring v-chain under bear control in recent reports analysts have predicted that the price could drop to seven cents which would then become a strong support level v-chain v-e-t usd is expected to sell for 25 to 30 cents by the end of 2021 and 65 cents in the last quarter of 2025 according to crypto news z and by the end of the year 2021 long forecast expects vet usd to be 19 cents and by the end of 2025 it will be 41 cents furthermore v-chain could surge as high as 70 to 80 cents by the end of 2022 according to coinpedia by the end of 2021 coin price forecast predicts v-chain v-e-t usd to cost 59 cents a dollar 36 by the end of 2022 and 3.50 cents by the end of 2030. according to wallet investor v chain will reach 36 cents by the end of the year and a dollar fifteen after five years also v-chain v-e-t usd is predicted to reach 18 cents by the end of 2021 and 35 cents by the end of 2025 according to digital coin price v chain coin vet was listed in 2018 and has performed well since then according to the v chain rank this coin is ranked at 20 and thats a very good rank thus it believes v chain will be a solid investment in 2021. october 2020 ushered in a period where the coin has continuously seen a boom it doesnt appear that pace will slow down anytime soon in such a situation it can also be said that the coin has crossed its peak of the day the price at which coins are offered is high and it can be risky to buy coins at that price so as i have mentioned a while ago while the price is down consider the option of buying it but then as an investment rule only invest what you can afford to lose hence if you are considering investing in vechain crypto you can take the advice of an expert by the way if you plan on investing for a long time it is a good deal but if you plan on investing for a short time you will also be squeezed as a result the thing is performing well and in the coming days you will see good returns hence i believe v-chain v-e-t can reach a price of four dollars by 2025 although it is difficult to reach a higher price therefore to answer your question of when you will make one million dollars with a hundred dollar investment in v chain after we saw the figures it wont be happening so soon but if youre not new to investing we know that the key to earn more is to buy more there are currently problems with the crypto market and all the coin prices have decreased so it is best to wait the best thing you can do in this situation is to keep an eye on the market and to invest only when theres an appropriate opportunity thats all for this video about crypto and thank you for watching if you would like to receive updates on the crypto market make sure you click the subscribe and bell button Vechain VET CryptocurrencyWhat If You Invested $100 In VECHAIN Right Now? When Will You Make $1 Million Dollars?In the past year, the cryptocurrency market has experienced an enormous boom, with record prices for many cryptocurrencies. The VeChain cryptocurrency has become rather popular over the past few months and has provided good returns on investment. And according to cryptocurrency experts, VeChain is one of the most underrated cryptocurrencies that has the potential to explode in the future. Welcome to Crypto Live! Please like the video and subscribe to our channel to stay updated on our upcoming videos about cryptocurrencies. At Crypto Live, we share everyday price predictions and news about cryptocurrencies. For example about Cardano, Ethereum, XRP Ripple XRP, Chainlink, Litecoin, Vechain, xlm, Bitcoin, Vechain, Pi Network, Shiba Inu and many more. We would love to hear your opinion about crypto and share your investments in the comments below. *DISCLAIMER* I am not a licensed financial advisor. 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