22K GOLD CHAIN Video Review 24k gold chainlink neckless formenWhat are GOLD KARATS ?

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so were gonna be talking about gold purity with these 22 karat gold chains okay so first and foremost lets look at these chains these are very rare chains because theyre all 22 karat I ordered them personally does not that many in the industry that I like that and this is the last of it I dont think theres any 22 karat like it around so if anybody wants that Im gonna make a special offer on these particular chains what is 22 karat mean alright were gonna really define that exactly what it means because its gold purity its gram weight its a variety of different economic factors associated with it Im gonna clear everything up for anybody whos really interested in understanding and theyre gonna understand it with a comparison between 10 karat and 14 karat and so on so forth first and foremost 24 karat lets look at this simple gold purity chart 24 karat is twenty four out of twenty four parts pure gold thats a hundred percent 22 karat is twenty two at a twenty four parts pure gold thats ninety one point sixty six percent pure gold okay ninety-one point sixty six percent alright thats is 22 karat 22 out of 24 alright its a very very simple math okay you divide 22 by 24 youre gonna get ninety one point sixty six and that is the purity of the chain 14 karat alright fourteen parts pure gold at a twenty four so its fourteen divided by 24 is gonna be 58 point 33 pure thats about 50 percent 10 karat gold is under 50 percent around 46 from what I remember 46 percent pure gold would they have to double check that it might be forty five or forty two Im not sure so I like the 22 carat of pure gold because its a lot of gold per gram in the chain its very very powerful its a very very deep deep yellow it has a lot of factors to it were gonna discuss all those factors Im gonna explain it first and foremost lets take a look at three chains one of these chains is 22-karat a 14-carat and a 10-carat so lets take a close look and see if you guys can use your eyes to deduce by the color let me spread them up a bit so you guys can take a look so wheres the 22 carat chain is it on the right side the left side of the centre wheres the 10 carat is on the left side the right side use your eyes because when youre using your eyes youre gonna be able to remember that and youre gonna be able to identify it later on in life okay so lets take a second look and Ill identify it for you this time okay 10 carat right here this is the 10 22 in the center 14 on the right these are all exactly the same change this is called a Franco link its a semi hollow link all right the gold is solid so you gotta understand you hear the word Hollow and see some people get confused theres nothing to be confused about the gold is solid the link is a little bit hollow on the inside semi-hollow so it gives it a little bit more volume alright because the solid francos are gonna be tighter its gonna be super heavy youre not gonna get a lot of volume so theres nothing to do with the value of it begin then were gonna describe exactly how that works first and foremost lets take a look at the 10 carat remember these are all the exact same length is about 32 inches or 34 inches and 5 millimeter Franco chains okay so lets weigh them out and lets see whats going on on the inside lets turn on the scale lets start with the 10 carat okay throw it on the scale 30 7.56 55 grams okay so what is the exact same chain weigh in 14k okay in 14k it weighs 42 point 32 five grams heavier five grams heavier but whats the gold purity increase its five grams heavier in the total weight all right well we have to think about that and now we have the same chain in 22 K lets take a look at this one 66 so thats even 20 grams heavier alright thats a more tougher link this is a more tougher link its an Italian link its manufactured an extremely uh really elite way out of a really powerful expensive machines and then you have to order a couple of kilos in order to get 22 K thats why nobody really orders it I put place the order and this is whats left of but now lets discuss the purity of it okay so we have this 14 karat gold chain right here same one that was a roughly 40 grams and this one is 66 grams same exact thing okay but whats the gold purity here well how do we get the gold purity alright so we have 66 grams times the purity of the the the metal point nine one six six is going to equal sixty grams of pure gold here from the sixty six that of the total weight alright alright so so so keep that in mind thats the ninety one percent its almost pure now 14k 14k okay 14k is gonna be 58 point 33 thats way this one more time forty two point thirty three times point five 833 the gold weight the pure gold weight is twenty four point sixty eight thats the pure gold weight okay so you got 60 grams of pure gold here twenty four of pure gold here okay thats the difference thats a big big difference and its a big big difference in price but Im going to offer a special special price on these for people that are watching this video because the people are watching this video of my friends now if youre watching this video in 2022 that offers not available okay I dont know what the price of gold is gonna be there but there aint gonna be what Im gonna be offering Im gonna be offering sixty five dollars a gram because I bought these not a lower price if you watch the videos you understand what Im talking about I can melt them and I could turn a profit now I was about to do that in order a bunch of 10k 14k but I decided not to and I wanted to make a video about purity and offer to you guys cuz youre my friends right theyre my friends because you watch it you comment your youre being enlightened you understanding what it is and I want to share that information with you guys I want you to you know be enlightened consumers because theres a lot of consumers here that dont know whats going on and theyre their get duped and I dont like that and I dont like doing business like that okay one thing comes into mind I just want to share an experience with you young man came over to the jewelry shop couple years back he had $300 to spend and you really really wanted something and he was looking at a pair of earrings that cost me $325 I said you know what man is good guy twenty-five dollars out of my pocket whatever take it for the three hundred you know you can have it hes like uh-uh whatever he left he didnt buy it Im like uh thank you thank you for not uh you know not buying it cuz you know whatever I didnt want to lose it twenty-five but I said you can have it if you want it he comes back like a couple hours later I dont know why he came back but he Im like so would you buy would you purchase he went to the jewelry store the rappers rap about that it did it did it did it did it that theres all that [ __ ] and he came back with a plastic bracelet on a rope okay that cost ten dollars thats what he spent his $300 on and Im like yo man youre a real [ __ ] Im thinking in my head Im sitting here willing to lose money but you went to go get it because they did it well you know what if youre in one of those people stop watching the video unsubscribe unfollow whatever it is and get the [ __ ] out of here because I dont got time for that dumb mentality when someones willing to do something for you and do fair business and you go with the dumb [ __ ] somewhere because hes telling you some stupid [ __ ] and you want to feel like youre jay-z and get the [ __ ] away from me okay alright thats a little rhyme for you so thats that so now you have four going back to the chains okay so so youd understand the purity and Im telling you whats going on 60 grams of pure gold here 24 here alright this is the link that I personally owned I wear it on my wrist because I like to travel with it and I like to have my pure gold with me at any time if Im ever in a situation I have my 14-karat okay I have my 18 karat as well and I collect links but I really like my 22-karat its a puffed-up link its the right weight and if I ever need to liquidate cache if my lost my wallet and Im somewhere Ill be able to find the jewelry store or a pawn shop or a refinery I dont care if Im in Brazil or wherever the hell Im at and be able to get cash and get the hell out of the situation and with the more purity I dont have to wear a monster-sized chain okay to get the the gram weight that I want all right the pure gold gram weight that I want I can have it in 91% nice and light on my wrist okay in 14k the same amount the purity would probably be a hundred grams or something like that you know its not the same so that is why these Im offering these chains theres only a few left Im going to show you some of these exotic links that are available here all right so this is a very very rare link some of these this is a solid link right here okay this is a beautiful solid link its a half Miami chain half Franco chain okay so its half flat its like a rectangular this is like a modified Figaro rope chain theres a couple of them if you want to purchase any of them you would have to call the number that Im providing all right this is going to be a specific representative that works at the firm theyre gonna be able to get you any one of these chains sixty-five dollars a gram Im gonna get rid of them and thats it theyre very rare very expensive never gonna get them again gold prices fluctuating a lot is happening here is your gold purity chart okay remember theres labor involved in these chains theres a lot of other factors involved in these chains that I could make you guys aware of but my job is to give you the best information that I can and offer you an enlightened way of purchasing is there a profit margin on this yes you know in order to pay this light bill I have to turn a profit but its the cheapest possible rock-bottom price I could do and you wouldnt be able to even get the same price from the manufacturers that have the factories in Italy because they dont sell one change so thats where youre at Im giving you the best possible price on anything I cant Rex when I see calm thats a change right now Im in the mezzanine in the 64 Exchange our shop is right out there if you want to visit you could come out well come over here Im personally inviting you were gonna have these chains on deck all right if you want to get the 22 K or I want to shop around for that and thats pretty much it so I appreciate you guys Im reading the comments were going to be enlightening more 22 karat gold a really great investment you know how to calculate your gold purity if you watched all of my videos you could combine all that information and you could know a lot but Im leaving that up to you I cant spell out everything in ABCs and one two threes for everybody alright Im strategically deploying information to consumers so for specific reasons alright I could tell you even more information I could tell you about the diamond district a lot of different things and maybe one day I will but right now Im telling you this so keep an eye out do me a favor tag your friends that dont know [ __ ] about anything so they could learn a little bit about something and you know I appreciate you guys and hope you found it informative Heres a clip for those of you who can use some knowledge on what Karats are.CHAINS CATALOG: line 212 391-3832 Watches line call here 347752-3274 Custom line call here 347306-3132 Grillz line call here 347752-3331 TraxNYC is located in New York City’s famed diamond district. 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