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Ripple Prognose XRP Entwicklung bis , 2025 und 2030 Oct 20, · Ripple XRP versucht, ähnlich wie die bekannteste Kryptowährung Bitcoin BTC, sich als weltweites digitales Zahlungsmittel zu etablieren. In unserer Ripple Prognose geben wir Aufschluss darauf, ob sich eine Investition aus unserer Sicht lohnt und beleuchten verschiedene Zukunftsszenarien zu XRP. ETH Crypto News: Ethereum Rises Following Shapella Upgrade It represents the first major upgrade since The Merge, under which the network transitioned from a proof-of-work PoW to PoS consensus and reduced its energy consumption by 99%. Per The chainlink entethalliance Wanchain Crypto Analysis - WanSwap & 5.0 Test Net; A Titan of Defi
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whats up youtube welcome back dub digital crypto news macro trends give me subscribe if you appreciate the content and bring you the hottest crypto analysis every single day right to your youtube feed today were going to talk about wayne chang were going to talk about it all the trials and tribulations the ups and downs some of yall look a little beat up yeah you i see you over there bro but not to fear were gonna talk about what caused this were gonna look over the price action what might occur and were gonna talk about some of the fundamentals that are brewing under the service that about to be released spoiler alert its juicy oh its juicy lets get to the charts alright guys were on the lamb btc pair one of my favorite charts because its ultra bullish for me probably tired of hearing me say it i always start on the weekly on the long term view if you follow my channel im a macro investor im going over the long macro trend this entire structure to me and the way i trade is one setup a multi-year setup this is how macro traders look at things and thats why im so laxed in situations where i see 40 drawdowns so if you adapt that point of view all this is just kind of noise because if you look at it this whole trend from the top of the peak closely we are now thats 875 days the next shot up guys will be spectacular huge and longer than just a couple months why is that every action has an equal and opposite reaction long time down long time up these are macro trends dub digital oh thats cool but whyd it go down bro i gotta understand why this thing keeps going up and down like like crazy i hear what youre saying lets go over that so you know how i told you that macro setups and macro plays happen over long spans of time the macro environment also affects that setup first one i check is dxy the dollar index for all of my new followers i have made this trading view chart on dxy which is the relative strength of the us dollar compared to other fiat currencies like the euro like the end june of 2020 or so the dollar fell out of broadening structure multi-year pattern and its lost about four or five percent thus far and guys thats a lot of purchasing power to lose in a currency you can see for the past 50 days or so the dollar has been kind of hovering and arranged and then recently ive highlighted with this circle here a pretty significant balance for the dollar of about two percent or so while in the short term we see a two percent gain in dollar strength long term im looking at dollar weakness about another 15 drop dollar will be a safe haven until it is not anymore well guys what do we know about the dollar the dollar affects all types of things like the stock market and bitcoin a stock market even affects bitcoin all right guys to get a gauge of american stock markets i like to check dow jones industrial average and we have it right here in front of you while the number says 265 basis points up thats only for like the 24 hour period or the last trading session guys since september 4th that stock markets tanked about 2 000 points strong dollar equals lower stock market and the lowest stock market means bitcoins bleeding and it has been guys were out here on the weekly bitcoin chart that i had plotted previously you can see since august 20th bitcoins been going through some things what is this looks like about a 13 15 drop because guys of the macro forces influence in bitcoin but enough chit chat lets get down to the nitty gritty we got wham btc right here guys and were all zoomed up in that section yall know all about you guys know weve been under this resistance for about a year now weve been trying to break above periods where were like yeah its all part of the process guys the one major change i did on this chart was i moved if you remember i had something like this going on obviously that broke down so i readjusted the line accordingly im out on the weekly here just so you can get the very very easy to grasp understanding of whats happening with one over longer spans of time we went up 39 we went up hard 37 up we go down hard 29 down those are the rules of gravity heart up heart down i am interested to buy one the lower ago and guys this isnt financial advice yall are adults assume your own risk but i did tweet out to you guys exactly how i was scaling into the position dub digital thats cool that you could buy all the way it goes down but this is scary stuff how do i know youre just not a fool how do you know this is gonna go up how do you know its not gonna just crash through the floor and my wife gets pissed off at me and i lose my house and i gotta sleep on my friends sofa and then drink vodka for dinner i dont want that to happen and nobody listen to me right now when the lord stays safe its a combination of fundamentals and macroeconomics yall let me break it down for you and i always tell you guys from a value investing school of thought that fundamentals precede price appreciation news is just the communication of those fundamentals so if we could keep our thumb on the press releases of land chain more so than most of the market we can have foresight we can have pre-knowledge that most people dont have and a little birdie tells me that theres a couple golden nuggets in this feed so lets go through it guys if you havent listened to this interview done by bull push crypto with the vp of lan chain engineering its fired one of the things i guess i knew i just didnt really comprehend fully was lan chains direct work with the enterprise ethereum alliance on setting up cross-chain defy standards guys thats wild for those of you who live under a defy rock ethereum has almost like 80 percent of all d5 liquidity locked up in it right now ethereums a beast its a monster lan chains working with ethereum that tells me that wan chain plans and is slotting itself to be integral in the fabric of cross-chain d5 im losing my breath okay i breathe so bullish and guys thats not the only piece of bullish bullish news i got for you for ranching check it out land chains 5.0 first test net storm and node and pc group cycle completed regroup successfully and second npc cycle began dev team is busy testing to ensure security stability and scalability the d5 world is about to meet the newest wrapped btc on the block thanks to watching oh my god oh a dub digital what does this mean for me what does it mean for the land chain chart i dont understand bro what that means is that maybe the market is tripping maybe all this downside were experiencing like all this right here maybe thats a little uncalled for based on what we just saw ranching releasing over the last couple days working with ethereum alliance 5.0 test net successful use of the storm and knows man come on now and maybe thats exactly why we see a little bounce from the lows here of about 18 now guys im not saying that were going straight to the moon right away we might have to go through a little bit of something else because the stock market is tripping out notice the pattern first was an impulse of 8 then 22 then 49 or 45 percent cant even see that and then who knows you guys know what i do know its a long way to the top now you could either look at this as like you lost money you could have a long lens i see it in your face you want some more bullish news well guess what blanching supplied me with a bunch of bullish news today i floated out a random tweet just floated out there about that land decks that i heard so much about well guess what its coming its on the way bookmark it early dont get fished the official url is one swap dot finance first ever one base cross chain amm dex is right around the corner get ready to say goodbye to high f gas fees and centralized exchanges and hello to one swap thank god thank god guys oh hey d5 sounds great but with all these siloed blockchains its so hard to use im currently doing like liquidity mining and unit swap right do you know in order for me to get my liquidity in the unit swap to mine it cost me like 25 bucks in ethereum gas only im gonna tell you guys something people who are smart with money aint never gonna use that a lot okay its like throwing your money away might as well not use it so for one swap to come along integrate a bunch of blockchains into single decks you no longer have to go to those other blockchains to use their supported decks and also being a huge nerd on security i love dexes because i dont gotta give up my custody of my assets straight to your wallet integration so you dont have to suffer counterparty risk cant wait to use it and ill be looking to do a full review of it once it comes out yall burning all this gas is not sustainable and it pushes people away from d5 okay dub digital because of that maybe this thing is lower than it should be not financial advice youre saying all of that its gonna cause this its gonna cause like gains i cant even see that fit off the screen it goes a little deeper than that and thats where the macroeconomic forces come in has to do with mass printing of currency has to do with inflation it has to do what we are now calling stimulus lets check it out the mark is hurting and if it doesnt get more stimulus soon its gonna fall down but they wont let it fall down guys they stopped it here they stopped it here and guess what happens if a bigger crash comes theyre gonna stop it stop digital how are you so short you guys remember that big old stock market crashed around february i think it was that second dip down on the chart i just showed you they printed a bunch of money called the stimulus everything went up again we got the same old thing brewing once again house democrats repair a new 2.4 trillion stimulus plan but dub digital why is that important what is stimulus gotta do with crypto when theres more money supply in the system that means people are getting excess liquid they usually dont get this is mainly applying to the financial sector they like to invest in the stock market theres been a rapid rise in the stock market over the past couple years but more and more investors like paul tudor jones calling bitcoin and cryptocurrency gold like in the 1970s and stuff wall street has a new take on crypto now its no longer a joke and the general public theres a high unemployment rate going on and if they see things go up they may be more inclined to fumble into big price moves because theyre lacking income guys all the pieces seem like they add up but hey not financial advice just thought i hit landlord with that extra secret sauce on it all right guys hopefully i gave you some insight as to how i think about wanchain as an asset why i believe it has value beyond what the price is reflecting right now the 5.0 test thats going great when swap is around the corner cant wait to use it and we got the federal reserve and the treasury printing and printing and printing out of control cuz money printer go burn but not financial advice yall yall are adults im dub digital crypto news macro trends ill talk to yall later peace WanchainI hope you guys enjoyed the analysis for Wanchain $WAN!Leave your thoughts in the comments section, that helps us all learn cryptocurrency investing. 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