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happy Monday everyone I have another vintage handbag here to show you its been a while since I bought a vintage handbag so this was my latest purchase from last Saturday I went to my favorite consignment shop in Boca Raton is a luxury consignment shop and I found this gem and good thing I always ask what they have in the back because there are things that they havent put out on their website yet or and things that they havent even processed or assessed for display so I asked if they have any vintage Cartiers or Gucci so and then then they brought this out and this doesnt scream of Gucci at all in fact it doesnt look like you know to an ordinary eye of course this is just a plain vintage plain vintage bag thats it because you know sometimes the vintage bags just almost look alike you know look at the structure the features and the hardware and detailing so this is a very very typical vintage bag with a gold chain hardware and a very boxy very structured you know handbag so and this is in the small size so you know right away that this is a vintage okay so as Ive mentioned I really really love the metal detailing and hardware when it comes to handbag because the accents just you know make it stand out from the rest and she said that that this is a dark blue navy blue handbag but I said I dont see any of that I just see plain black maybe if I go out sign and you know really really look at the you know study the color but even here in the picture in the camera its just plain black to me okay guys so this is a vintage Gucci so I think the only tiny indication that its a Gucci is the hardware although this is not their typical hardware because the good she is known for its horse bit a horse bit hardware and this doesnt look like horse but it looks like an inverted horse shoe but I just love love love that chain guys it is so its still very very shiny it doesnt show any tarnishing at all its so well polished and it looks like those wrapper blings you know who the the its like an Italian a woman they call it I think a Rolo Rolo a kind of necklace of keychains so this is actually long when it comes to short shoulder bag but of course not long enough to become a crossbody this is a very very ladylike handbag and I would say from casual to formal so you could actually rock this bag and so this is the front of the back bag and you just lift that okay and this is the side of the bag and the back is just plain just plain I love the size though and it doesnt have any protective feet styles because it doesnt need you okay sometimes its quite hard to open this because you really really have to open to line up the hole so you could open so this is how you closed it but then you lift this and then okay there you go and it says Gucci in here thats the logo crest shield which says Gucci and it has one open pocket here and just one is zipped compartment oh it does look like a blue here now I can see that okay and it does have a serial number on the opposite side the interior reminds me of my previous Cartier fanfare Lipan thier handbag and sadly I have consigned that to the real real and I never you know I never profited from that bag it was I lost a lot of money on that you know from that single handbag because I bought it for $600 and the real will only sold it for 300 bucks so plus 50% so I only got $150 guys so Ive lost a lot of money and its just that sometimes Im just happy to let it go but I wish I had kept that because its a very very rare handbag and it was an absolutely absolutely gorgeous condition so yeah so as I was explaining this just reminds me of the interior of the bag because the serial number is written on the opposite side which says so this must be around 1980s because Gucci handbags I think they started around around that time 1980s same thing with Fendi if Im not mistaken so the serial number is zero zero one nine five zero five nine - Oh 161 so yes bag the only unique thing feature is that the sides the size look at the sides so its kinda open and yeah so this is a very very pretty very very pretty handbag guys sometimes you have to get the hang of it like until now my bark is just a business in court handbag it is one of my best handbags so far however its very very difficult its very challenging to close it to you know to close the handbag like just you really really have to sit down and hold it before you could close it but it is very very secure guys so you know you dont have any problems when it comes to pickpocketing or something well Ive never had any pickpocketing experience here in the USA but yesterday let me just tell you what one funny story yesterday I was at Marshall so after our Sunday Mass we went to Marshalls which is just you know probably not even half a mile its just half a mile away from from the church so we went there and then I was wearing my I was using my bibliothèque Prada handbag so I put it you know in my cart and I was looking at some Abdullahs and then suddenly disappeared and I knew no one was there but you know sometimes you know people can be so sneaky that you know when youre too busy looking at something they might just you know not that you know I was really really nervous yesterday because you know its a very very expensive handbag and so I was like and all my you know wallet my credit cards and my phone they were all inside and so I was like panicking already so I was screaming at my kids you know I was calling out by their names and I was I was really surprised because I was I thought I was going to go to the customer service to report a theft and only to find out that my youngest son actually took it with him which he doesnt normally do we know of course because its its a little bit waiting and hes never taken my my bag so I was like I was holding him over there I was telling him off never ever ever do that again because all my valuables are inside plus that bag is its a very expensive bag you know I wouldnt mind if its just you know one of my chief vintage things but thats a very expensive bag and and why would you take it he you dont know where to take it so I was really really upset with him and he said while I was trying to do some things I was like well never ever do that again you have to ask permission and never ever take mommys bag so I was very upset with him just you know just so because I had a scare all right so anyway um this is as I was telling you Im gonna show you a comparison okay vintage handbags guys the hardware are really really I think theyre gold plated because they dont tarnish and Im just comparing it to my other vintage bag this is this is one of my favorites its a suede bag and of the same this is probably the 1950s guys its a black you might have seen this in my black bag collection guys I I suggest that you also watch that its one of my most watch bag collection my black bag collection I used to have tons but of course Ive already Ive already disposed the thing guys is that I just have too many bags and I just cant keep them all I only keep the ones that are really really memorable to me and i consign or sell those bags that dont really you know mean a lot to me if you know what I mean those not hard to find icons i consign them so look at this this although this is not a woven its like a chain-link still but not this one is just closely knit so its really really woven its just you know but this one you could gobble it up or you could shorten it if you 15 want to okay so there you go guys so I just love my vintage bags that they are really really beautiful and really really well made so the though actually it has been it has come off already because of age but its just you know a beautiful work of art so so guys there you go and yeah well see about this one it just has some minor scratches of course what you expect from from a vintage bag but its just a very very minor flaw that I could correct by myself I could actually just get a shoe polish but I dont want to do any of that or I could just send it in for complete restoration but it looks really really still it looks good it actually looks good in fact the bags of today the designer bags you could crush them up easily but this one guys is really really well made so there you go vintage Gucci okay fine