chainlink and bsvVeChain VET, Chainlink LINK, Zilliqa ZIL, Cardano ADA, DigiByte DGB Crypto Analysis

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chainlink and bsv This Footage From Inside A... VeChain VET, Chainlink LINK, Zilliqa ZIL, Cardano ADA, DigiByte DGB Crypto Analysis
all right whats going on everyone its joshua from crypto busy and today were going to be looking at the market and were going to be doing some crypto analysis so these are some coins that have been highly requested theyre doing pretty much the top of the social volume right now on like luna crush and i thought wed take a look at them and hopefully you guys enjoyed the technical analysis so lets take a look at the market to start with and if you do like this kind of content please subscribe really helps us out were trying to get to over 40 000 subscribers by the end of the month and we are almost there now so final push and if you could leave a like on the video as well and help it get recommended to other people that would be fantastic so bitcoin is currently just under 11 000 which is good because thats kind of what i was predicting it to do and ill take you over to the chart in a bit ethereum hanging around that key level still around 365 dollars xrp around 24 cents been there for a while polka dot at five dollars and then weve got you know bitcoin cash binance coin everything is you know relatively the same if not kind of one or two percent down lets take a look at some of the biggest gainers actually so you can see weve got hyperion up 20 and this coin has been on a bit of a rampage recently its been going up and up and up and weve also got digibyte which well be covering as well today and then if we go to whats down we can see sushi swap is the most down at 25 down and weve also got d5 money down 22.5 so so you know theres a lot of volts bleeding but theres also a lot of volts doing quite well so all in all its been a pretty average day for crypto lets take a look at some charts so the coins we are going to be covering in this order its going to be bitcoin v chain silica cardano link chain link and digibyte so lets take a look at bitcoin first as that kind of dictates the rest of the market so as you can see its kind of doing what ive been talking about for the last few videos if you go back and watch my previous analysis you can see i had this trend line drawn and i said i think were going to follow up the trend line back to 11 000 and thats pretty much what weve been doing now i think this is kind of the key level to watch here 11 000 to 11 300. you want to watch that and see it because if we break above that we could easily see ourselves getting back to 12 000. however if it does heavily reject which i fear it may considering we have had a lot of bearish pressure recently then we may break below this line now this trend line is the next kind of level of support which if we break through that then well most likely see a 10k bitcoin again now if we break through 10k we will most likely see a 9k because that is in confluence with this weekly chart pattern which is a big triangle like this and you can see what usually happens when something breaks out it will usually we test the triangle before going further so 9k would kind of be the lowest i could see it going id be really really surprised if it ever went lower than that and also theres a cme gap around 9600 so all those factors could coincide to give a small confluence and you know help us make decisions on where bitcoin is going and i think 9000 would be a great buy for bitcoin if it does get down there im definitely going to accumulate a ton but that being said like i said weve got to watch and wait to see how it reacts to this key level here 11 000 now if we break below this trend line then i think unfortunately it is down to ten thousand dollars for bitcoin but we have held the ten thousand quite well we barely dipped below it and weve recovered fairly well which means hopefully it gives some alt some room to breathe and do better and well take a look at them now so weve got v chain up next now v chain has broken through the trend line that i outlined which is a bearish sign unfortunately so within this greater kind of trend you can see we did actually break down below so unfortunately i could see us trickling back down to the one cent mark now lets just remove this right now and uh im just expecting things to consolidate get tighter and tighter closer and closer to one cent uh by the kind of end of september and then when we have the breakout that is when i expect things to go back up to one point five cent two cent and beyond so thats kind of what i see for v chain on the four hour chart right now if we take it to the daily as well you can see a pretty similar thing so were just waiting for this to break out now quickly im going to just tell you guys about a giveaway we have running right now which i think you guys would love to enter because we are giving away not one not two but three positions on our vip coin calls so this means that weve got a group of course on patreon that you might have heard of which is about thirty dollars per month to join and you get our coin calls for the month plus kind of extra webinar features and all that kind of stuff um and were giving away three free slots because you know tom and is birthday coming up we thought we feel a bit generous were also hitting about 40 000 subscribers soon so we thought itd be a very good idea so if you want to enter theres three things youve got to do so youve got to subscribe to our channel pretty self-explanatory so youve got to go over to youtube and subscribe to the channel if youre not already you got to comment your best investment and why on the video and also youve got to follow me on instagram so thats over here at josh underscore modern so just go over there click follow and youll be entered and also with tom youve got to follow at tom busby on twitter over here so follow me and tom tom on twitter me on instagram subscribe to the channel and comment down below your best investment and why anyway lets get back on to the video so now weve done v chain lets move on to silica so zilliqa again has done very similar to v chain where weve got this overarching downtrend which we are watching or wait were waiting for a breakout on there however we do have this other trend within the downtrend which was an uptrend but unfortunately things did break down how so i will be expecting things to go down to around 1.4 so kind of bearish news unfortunately on that front i would love to say the look is about to explode but i dont think it is i do think well probably fizzle out around here and again im just waiting to around october time where i think well have that really big jump because if we break out from 1.5 i am expecting us to get back to almost 2.3 to almost three cents so could be a nice 2x gain there so cardano ada so i said that you know were waiting for things to break out as you can see this arrow we also have this other trendline coming in here coming into play and uh we did break down but it is in confluence with this level here so i would expect this level to hold quite well and id be very surprised if we went lower than 8.5 really and if it does then unfortunately that is a very bearish sign im expecting things to do pretty similarly with the other two just kind of consolidate for a bit go up here up here and around october time we can break out and hopefully we can see at least 12 cents if not 15 cents now penultimately we got chain link chain link another fan favorite so this trend line i drew the other day its actually holding very well so you can see weve uh we bounced on here and we did make a triple top on this key level of resistance came right down and weve actually made quite a nice bullish formation on this trend line now it is we are still in a downtrend so be careful however this formation is quite a good reversal formation and when it happens you usually see a jump up in price so what i could actually see is us going from about the 11 price point of wherever we are right now to the 13 price point which would be about a 30 gain so i could see that happening but be careful when if you do take that trade because there is some more bearish pressure coming down if we were to break below kind of 10.60 i would stay out of that trade personally but that is chain link and if we do break above 13 then you know well make it probably to 17 if we break above 17 well go to 20. if we break above that were in new territory and we could see chain link explode even further but you know everything in reason lets take it slow lets get to these levels first before we imagine anything crazy and finally were going to be covering digibyte so digibyte is another coin that we like a lot on this channel and if you watch one of my videos the other day i said i think were waiting i think were looking at a breakout because i drew this big trend line ive had this there for quite a few quite a few days or if not weeks now and you can see weve gotten to this point where weve finally broken out and weve retested on resistance which is now actually support so i can put that in green and theyll be jumping up again so now were going to be testing probably the 2.5 mark as the next level key level there and if we do break that i would see a 2.8 i would see a 3.1 cent and then i would even see a 3.8 if we kept on rising but bitcoin will also dictate what it does slightly as well so all in all though i think theres a very good chance that bitcoin has properly broken out right now and we could expect to see it go a little bit higher however could this be a good time to get in well im not going to give out any financial advice of course but i would say this is looking very very bullish from the chart lets take a look at the one hour to see if we do that so look at that perfect retest if i was trading this i would have gone in around here when we saw the bounce and the wick rejections on this key level and about 2.3 and id be riding that up to probably yeah about 2.6 and that would be my take profit if not higher so i hope you did enjoy these six coins and uh you know hope you got some value out of this and we dont forget about the giveaway were giving away three free sports on our vip coin calls so maybe were thinking about getting in but now is your chance to win some free slots um obviously its one per person not three for one person so three potential people can win so all you have to do like i said comment down below your best crypto investment and why follow me on instagram tom on twitter and subscribe to the channel anyway guys if you did enjoy please leave a like on the video have a good one ill catch you in the next video bye you - VIP Coin Calls: - Get 10% off Token Metrics: - Join our Telegram: - Business Inquiries: Dont forget to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE! 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