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whats up everybody and welcome back to the mr investor channel here um we cover things relevant in the blockchain and crypto space um all things ethereum v chain chain link a little bit of other all coins here and there just cover anything relevant that i think is interesting so uh lets just jump right into it lets take a look at the total market cap on coin gecko were at 2.3 trillion dollars now looking over at this specifically the dominance chart we can see that bitcoin dominance is just dropping and dropping and dropping look at that just over 46 on this chart but on the home page here its under 46 at 45.2 and eth is at 16 dominance now and we can uh we can thank ethereum for that because because of their crazy price rise lately theyre 43 in the last seven days um theyve broken the 3k mark last night and if anybody was watching the price charts last night um you could see that we were struggling at like the 29.95 29.99 mark or for like an hour we were moving up a nickel a nickel a dime a quarter very small price moves but we were finally able to break through 3k went to bed it was like 3050 woke up now were like 3 200 crossed 3 300 i dont know where were going from here i put on my twitter that i still believe my price target for the bull run is 5k and i still believe that however if the eip1559 the ethereum upgrade to make it deflationary goes through without any problems or hiccups and its live on the on the chain then i do think were going to break through that um that price target of mine at 5k after were going to go past that and then i also think that when they open up ethereum staking on other platforms for example rocketpool is officially open or when coinbase allows it on their platform we will start to see ethereum really creep up there or i would not be surprised if we see 10k 15k maybe even 20k near the top of the bull run those coins at 41 cents polka dot 37 uni swap v3 is what they drop i think in the next week or so so its gotten a little up there in price of 25 percent over the last week at 42 that sweet stinky link is up 34 in the last week at 42 my price target for chain link i i said its going to be around 85 to 100 on twitter i still believe thats going to be true unless staking comes out if staking comes out then chain link is going to blow past that target as well if we assume that it doesnt come out until a year or two later and the bull runs already gone i still think that an 85 to 100 chain link is not out of the realm of possibility here v chain had a little bit of a run up as well theyre back over the 21 cent mark here which is nice they were sitting around 17 18 cents for a little while and theyre right back up to where they were just a little bit lower than our all-time high of 26 cents but regardless im still confident well get to that dollar mark near the peak of the bull run heading over to d5 pulse the total value locked in defense 73.32 billion dollars now and this d5 pulse index which i i like to look as a benchmark of all the d5 tokens in the ecosystem is now over six hundred dollars um i think it was about a month ago we were out the low fours upper threes so now that its crossed a 600 mark and the way we see d5 just expanding and growing in the price of a theorem going up bringing all the erc 20 tokens up you can only assume the d5 pulse index is going to go higher from there lets get on to some v chain news here so the v chain stats we look and see at the transactions lately we had a decent amount of burn here nice little run for the four days here 146 118 120 132 we tapered off 79 72 80. it is what it is still want to see us consistently in that six figure mark but ill take what i can get going down to the x nodes to see where where the auction prices are at not much has really changed here i see theres a couple more magellaners in there if thats how you say it miuelner joelner a few more in there i think theres only one last time um other than that looks pretty much the same i think the strength x dropped a few thousand no big deal and then at the last x note events looks like some now the majority is the strength x and v thor x nodes youre trying to theyre trying to get out of those lock-up positions there and we now have 3170 x nodes left that number continues to drop guys ive been saying it its going to keep going lower and lower so if you have the opportunity to scoop one up and you believe in the long-term vision of the project id say get in it again not financial advice so real items this is a a little company platform utilizing the chain block chain in which theyre going to authenticate items through v chains uh i believe sensor nft system but its all tracked and make sure its real on the v chain block chain which is pretty cool so how does it work real items are products with matching digital certificates of authenticity these records are immutable non-fungible and universally tradable brands start by creating a digital identity for the products they sell brands can use our shopify app or our cloud application api to create digital identities and apply them to packaging or products then consumers scan the 2fa qr code to verify the product authenticity and for shopify store owners using the real item shopify app their users will be sent their nfc directly into the real items account they then can double check the same product arrives when they scan the matching 2fa qr code the pin number is then sent to the user in a variety of ways and they focus on whichever is easiest for the user to use the pins are a one-time use so once the nft is registered to a real items account the pin is no longer usable this ensures the original owner a digital certificate of authenticity from the products origin and then this is what i think is pretty cool you collect nfts in your real items portfolio so this makes it easy to locate product information at a later date and if a product is matched to a cause you will receive follow-up information within your portfolio and this is just like a little example here of what they have but what i think is pretty cool here for the marketplace is they have some of these things here and its all on the vechain blockchain which means transactions through v chain which means the v chain gets more valuable through the veto gas token so its all nice to see but this is pretty cool this is the first one this is the one of one real items bag that is going to be verified on the v chain if somebody buys it pricey sure cool collectible absolutely so i think that is pretty cool if we go to real items their twitter they tweeted this saying we are about to announce our first major customer this month they start printing one million plus units with real items smart labels backed by nfts on the vechain official blockchain serialized qr codes for any product some are pretending like they knew nfts are the future now theyre playing catch-up and they went on to say fyi its 1 million per month and they expect to hit 3 million units per month this year theyve over 1.5 billion in annual sales so that sounds like a big time company and a big time customer to me im super excited about this anytime that a customer is using a platform or or something with v chain it just gets me so excited because that is just real world adoption right there in front of our eyes and if they can scale this up to three million units per month per year like thats crazy thats crazy and this company have 1.5 billion in annual sales thats just so bullish to me so im very excited to see what it is and uh you know the the more we see um companies utilizing the v chain uh blockchain it just means that the thor is going to be used on that gas for the ecosystem there so thats super cool ice and reich im gonna be on uh on twitter here please check this guy out this guy is awesome to the community he finds so much good information he posts out there he has a tip jar its at the top of his twitter feed he has a pinned there if you like what hes doing you support the guy please do it because hes amazing and also give him a follow but he posted this v chain and carbon neutrality chinas central bank is devising structural monetary policy tools that can provide direct support to the real economy in the pursuit of cutting carbon emissions central bank is devising structural monetary policy tools that can provide direct support to the real economy in the pursuit of cutting carbon emissions the policy tools will provide eligible financial institutions with low-cost funds and encourage them to offer financing at preferential interest rates for key projects with significant effects in carbon emission reduction the tools are being devised under the principles of market-oriented transparency and international alignment he added thats interesting international alignment the market-oriented principle refers to establishing an incentive compatible mechanism in line with the market-based principle so as to encourage financial institutions to proactively allocate more resources for carbon emission reduction the principle of transparency means the mechanism and application rules of the policy tools are specific feasible computable and verifiable and that policies provide targeted and direct support according to sun the principle of international alignment means the fields of carbon emissions reduction supported by the policy tools is in line with international standards the countrys outstanding amount of green loans came in at cny 11.95 trillion which equal to 1.85 trillion us dollars by the end of 2020 of which cny 8 trillion was invested either directly or indirectly into projects for reducing carbon emissions this represents 67.6 percent of the total outstanding amount according to the central bank so if you watch my last video or following what china is doing or anything related to carbon emissions the ceo of uh v chain here said that carbon is the new oil and there was another tweet that was posted by jason rocco which i mentioned in my other video was that there is a shift going on in china theyre trying to become carbon neutral and theyre going to start tracking all of that stuff they said that in the last five-year plan blockchain was at the heart of that one well this next five-year plan that comes out the end of this year is going to all be all about carbon so this is very interesting that china is making this theyre making it well known that theyre going to be getting into this carbon play here and its going to be exciting to see what happens because not only is this going on but remember that medium article that v chain put out saying that china has changed their stance on cryptocurrencies and digital assets they dont just do that they all their medium articles are related toward vechain with an announcement or partnership so theres something going on theres something big that is going on and its all being foreshadowed and i truly think china is going to be using v chain to monitor carbon thats what i think is going to happen but another tweet here uh v chain filed a patent application on the 22nd of april for methods devices blockchain nodes or computer computer readable media and system for carbon recording and trading based on blockchain so this he shout out this guy who found it so lets give this guy some love for sure but this is interesting this is interesting v chain file for a patent for carbon recording and trading based on the blockchain in the us remember like we dont have too much coming out of the us right now things have been pretty hush-hush so the fact that theyre doing these moves subtly in the us theres got to be something going on if somethings going on with china and its being publicly made over there public public information about it the us has to be doing something else theyre going to get left behind so were going to keep an eye and see where this ends up going and then another thing that uh ice and reich tweeted about here was v chain and dnf or dmv offshore aquaculture theyre going to be using or theyre talking about it and dmv is my story where theyre going to supply chain of fish is going to be verified to illustrate how customer needs and expectations are being fulfilled thats all done through my story which is done on the v chain blockchain so super cool um just some quick chain link news here chain link is proud to partner with unicef in supporting the unicef innovate fund and crypto fund providing social impact driven startups with funding and mentorship for building blockchain based and open source solutions for emerging markets super cool chain link is going to be massive its going to be so massive i cant wait to see what whats up what ends up happening them in the next few years and this is just a little um a little blog post about it as part of as part of our social impact initiative centered around our mission of creating a more economically fair world using smart contracts we actively support projects they share this goal of applying cryptographically enforced systems in a manner that is driven less by big brand promises and more by the value that institutions and individuals actually provide as part of furthering this initiative were excited to award a grant to support the unicef innovation fund a pooled fund designed to finance startups building early stage open source technology that address key global challenges in the unicef crypto fund a new financial vehicle allowing unicef to receive hold and disperse cryptocurrency the chain-link community grant will go towards supporting the startups building blockchain-based solutions that unicef works with by offering funding mentorship and access to our expertise super cool guys thats thats awesome good job chain link thats awesome and then i just want to touch on since were talking about energy here um i found this coin im looking more into it but i think its pretty interesting its pronounced uh i think its e-force at first e-force but ticker is w-o-z-x was x um its not old by any means i think it came out or started trading in december so its relatively new and its down significant from their all-time high 61 percent but if you look at their website here its a pretty sleek looking website and uh steve wozniak is involved with this project and for those who dont know hes a apple co-founder and he is responsible for many patents of apple and uh hes been hes very decorated hes won multiple awards so the fact that this guy is involved with this company or this project is very interesting to me so im keeping my eye on this one plus their team i want to touch on their team real quick this guy andrea castiglione if thats how you say his name he was just mentioned at the forbes 30 under 30 for i believe it was engineering and technology so forbes 30 under 30 this guys mentioned hes on this team with e force and so is the co-founder of apple steve wozniak so this is pretty exciting thats pretty much all i got for you guys ill leave some links down in the uh in the description of the video please shout out eisenreich or check him out on twitter give him a follow a thumbs up donate if you want to and also this guy april strawberry for finding this u.s patent fine its awesome news keep it up guys thanks for tuning in well see you next time Follow me on Twitter: Vechain news and information. 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