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all right welcome back everyone my name is protester with cousin crypto bringing you guys a another video so today were gonna be taking a look at a few different things regarding V chain also going to be giving you my thoughts on Bitcoin as well as taking a look at some of the charts here for some specific alt coins namely aetherium and chain link so if you guys are interested in that type of content be sure to stick around and smash that like button for me alright you guys I appreciate you tuning in I hope you all are having a great day wherever you are I wanted to give you guys an update I know its been a few days since I posted a video so to start things off lets take a look here Im taking a look at an article that I found on the V chain social thread and this is a document talking about the future of Freight managing now this is kind of like an all encompassing document and blockchain is just one of the topics mentioned in this document so I just wanted to read aloud and kind of give you some ideas about what these people who are actually in the business of logistics and and you know global supply chain what not you know what their thoughts are related to V chain and blockchain technology so to start things off here this right here is kind of where I found some interest cause efficiency rather than congestion improvements could make improvements in turnaround times and therefore resulting in a reduction in the time to access to delivery points blockchain will make it easier to operate complex supply chains and transport arrangements for example load sharing or inter model transport as such it can be a key enabler to more efficient supply chains which could reduce congestion through improving payloads so evidence of effectiveness for supply chains the benefit of a widely distributed database containing incorruptible records is a considerable streamlining of the supply chain result in considerable cost savings industry analysts the blockchain as a future essential technology and suggests that by 2043 the fundamental drivers behind value creation will be data and analytics with companies that are able to utilize blockchain technology being able to out-compete their rivals all right and we can see here you know these are some of the key names that are mentioned vie chain right here the chain is mentioned IBM you know a bunch of these big names you guys know that theres partnerships with Walmart China you know if you got partnerships with BMW DNV GL all these big names that are based in Asia mainly so that is going to be very exciting for the future of blockchain and be change specifically now guys this right here is saying 2043 so thats just to put things into perspective for you how early we are in the game I mean were you know 2020 so were gonna start a new decade next year and thats around the corner but you know being involved in a project this early and seeing the fruits of the teams effort and the community you know its really amazing to witness that next thing I have for you guys this is actually a tweet this is a little video tip put together by BMW and DHL and theyre explaining the proof of concept behind blockchain and how it is going to become an effective way in terms of better managing supply chain so lets take a look at that Ive got this video posted this is going to be on Twitter so if you guys want to check it out its gonna be there for you but lets go ahead and take a look at it often Singapore it is no secret that the asia-pacific region is at the forefront of digitalization globally Singapore is a technology hotspot and is a perfect test that for new mobility services for three reasons first it is recognized as a start-up hub second it is ranked number one in Asia for digital infrastructure connectivity and digital expertise finally theres strong government backing for Singapore to have a living future mobility ecosystem all of this makes Singapore a very attractive location for startups investors and corporates in Singapore we evaluate a wide range of technologies with blockchain being our biggest focus because of the innovation ecosystem in Singapore we collaborate with THL to work on a proof-of-concept where we identified tested piloted and evaluated to the use of blockchain technology in the area of supply chain management by establishing a pilot project platform deemed of the group Asia and THL can share key data with restricted access this POC has proven three points one it predicative induces manual reporting two it enables stakeholders to quickly resolve problems and it improves the transparency along the supply chain after the successful cooperation with DHL and requests from our business unit were extending the platform to include other partners nice alright so guys what do you think very exciting things coming from be chained you guys know that V chain is actually based in Singapore so its very cool to see the amount of innovation thats coming from the project thats pretty much what I have for you guys regarding V chain I would definitely love your guys thoughts let me know what you guys think about the content if you do have comments and suggestions for future videos let me know down in the comment section below now to move on I wanted to give you guys just my thoughts on where we are with current state of the market taking a look a little bit at some of the charts here first off were taking a look at Bitcoin and then were gonna be looking at some of the top altcoin plays so aetherium and chain link so to start things off with the TA Ive got Bitcoin pulled up here on the daily what we can see here most notably is that we you know we were able to come up here to this Fibonacci level I think this is 0.5 yep point 5 0.5 Fibonacci right here and the most immediate resistance from that level was that 200-day moving average and what you guys can see from the chart here is that we actually wikked above the 200-day but the Bears are still in full control and we were rejected very heavily off of that so right now I would think what were trying to form is a higher low if we can close at this level we will have formed higher low but yeah this 200-day moving average thats the thats the key resistance for us right now lets go ahead and take a look at if theorem all right so guys with the theory emits a you know what Ive got drawn here on the chart this is at the daily timeframe Ive kind of found a falling wedge pattern taking place I dont know let me know what you guys think about that but what we can see here you know you got lower highs and you got some lower lows forming and its falling its forming a falling wedge pattern but from what we saw here getting rejected Bitcoin getting rejected at that 200-day we were actually able to come up to this resistance and almost like clockwork we were rejected so where were at right now we are currently being supported by this upward sloping trendline at this 180 level so thats where were at currently where were gonna see now is if we can close and bounce back to come up and try and test this upward resistance again or if were gonna close below and potentially gum come down past this 180 dollar level so were gonna keep an eye on if theorem and the last one I have for you guys here is gonna be chain link and guys this is all going to be looking at the USD comparative chain link is actually one of my favorite plays at the moment you know a lot of interesting going on a lot of interesting things going on here with chain link you know what we saw Im actually going to zoom in here to the four hour you know this one is actually moving fairly quickly I think the four hour time frame is a little bit more reliable but what we can see here Ive got the Fibonacci drawn up here and you know from the swing high to the swing low we came up to this point three eight two and we came back down to this previous resistance turned support this was right around the two hundred two dollars and fifty one cents of course we wick down to that so there was definitely a lot of buy pressure right here and we have since been able to make a pretty strong move upwards coming back up again to challenge this point three eight to Fibonacci now guys my thoughts on chain link this is very bullish in my opinion this chart looks incredibly momentous for the Bulls you know where were gonna see the most resistance I think coming up is gonna be around about this three dollar level three dollars and fifteen cents thats gonna be the next level Im keeping an eye on thats around the point v fib level and then I think once we cross that point thats gonna be you know its gonna be almost a stray shot theres not a whole lot of resistance left passed that up until about this four dollar range so chain link is definitely on my radar Im gonna keep you guys posted if you guys do enjoy a little bit of the fundamental analysis with the technical analysis mixed in let me know down in the comments section Im just trying different things for you guys experimenting I want to bring you guys the best content that you guys enjoy so let me know down low comment section below and again if you did find some value be sure to hit that like button and if youre new to the channel consider subscribing I post cryptocurrency cant let content like this and I want to give you guys a lot of value so thats what I intend to do with this channel I will keep you guys posted that is it for this video alright you guys until next time take care Thank you for watching. 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