store chainlink on ledgerUsing Ledger Live to Send ERC20 BAT Tokens to Your Ledger Nano Device

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store chainlink on ledger ADA to EUR: Cardano Price in EuroCoinGecko ADA to... Using Ledger Live to Send ERC20 BAT Tokens to Your Ledger Nano Device
hey guys crypto dad here again and today Im going to show you how to store er C 20 tokens on your ledger device using ledger live its a new feature so lets jump right in okay the latest version of ledger live now supports ERC 20 tokens so as you can see here in my account interface Im looking at it in list view you can switch between gridview and listview I find ListView a little more organized under my aetherium account you can see there are some ERC 20 tokens already stored in here and if youve been using my aether wallet and youve got some GRC 20 tokens already stored in your aetherium address this should just be revealed to you when you run the update so its pretty cool so now I want to show you how to transfer some ERC 20 tokens into your etherium wallet using ledger live pretty straightforward alright so lets say that we want to put some bat in here so I could just click on bat and itll take me to the bat wallet specifically and I can do a receive and itll ask me what I want to receive Ill hit continue and then I can confirm that on my device alright so when were looking at our device were gonna want to follow what it says there on the screen and the screen is telling me to go to the etherium app on my device so you can see my device up here in the corner Im just going to navigate with the buttons to get over to the etherium app and once Im on there I want to hit both buttons to enter the etherium app and there it tells me application is ready alright and so I can just hit continue here notice that its using the etherium app right the etherium app is what you use to manage all your ERC 20 tokens make sense so well hit continue there and now we want to verify on the device so well hit continue again and it wants us to look at our ledger device and make sure that that address is the same all right so there it is on the ledger nano X Ill use see that little arrow is indicating to me that I need to advance to the next screen by hitting the button here all right so Ill just hit the button and theres the address that were interested in lets just make sure that that address showing on my device matches the one showing on the screen all right and then Ill advance to the next screen and Im going to approve this and now I know this is the correct aetherium a dress for my BA T tokens all right now I want to move some tokens into this address so Im gonna go to a different wallet that I want to transfer some ba t from so well get this out of the way for the moment and lets take a look at our phone in my alerts on my phone you can see that uphold sent me some bat here as my monthly rewards so for maintaining my YouTube site so Im just gonna tap one of those emails and it tells me that my funds were received in my uphold wallet so Im gonna go to transaction details and it should launch my uphold wallet here all right well its showing me on their website that I received this back and Im just gonna use the up hold link up there at the top to view alright its not automatically launching my help hole but thats fine I can Im a big boy I can launch my uphold wallet by myself so there it is over there Im going to tap my uphold wallet alright and then Im gonna sign in I have a password manager so Im gonna log in to that uphold wallet using my information my face ID will just click sign in there now once my two-factor authentication Im using Google Authenticator so Ill switch over to my Google auth to cater Ill find my uphold code and I dont believe I can paste it in so Im just gonna have to remember it there it is five two six seven three one so well put that in there Im gonna hit verify alrighty its giving me a little extra security there check the email that I just sent me so Im just gonna wait for it to appear because it is coming into my gmail there it is so Ill just tap that Ill and it takes me back and there Im in alright so theres my Bat balance and I want to send that to my ledger device using ledger line so we know the address right weve got it in our ledger live all right so lets go back over to ledger live so theres the address that I want to send the bat to Ive got my phone wallet open my up hold wallet that has my BA T in it I want to store this in my own wallet the the up hold wallet is a custodial wallet theyre basically managing the private keys for me I want to send this bat directly to my own wallet so if I go down to the bottom there where Ive got that double white arrow Im just gonna tap there and what I want to do is send so Im going to tap send and ask me what I would like to send I want to send that dat token all right and I want to send it to a crypto wallet so Im gonna tap that alright and Im gonna send it to a crypto wallet that supports b80 so Ill tap that now I need to scan the address using my phone so Im gonna scan that address and you can see that it auto filled my destination address for me so Ill tap next how much do I want to send Ill go ahead and send them Ive done this many times okay and then Im gonna preview send and Im ready to go im gonna hit confirm there and it wants me to enter my Google Authenticator code one more time so well go back to Google Authenticator lets note that code zero zero eight four two zero zero zero eight four two zero and well hit confirm and were done well hit done and now Ive got a zero balance on the phone based wallet we can get rid of that and then lets go back over here and wait for some bat to come in we can also go up to the top here where it says synchronized and just wait for it to synchronize and there we go our bat balance has been updated you can see down here theres a transaction that the bat just came in today the 958 bat was received at on september 9th at 10:54 so were in good shape so there you have it thats all you need to do to transfer ERC 20 tokens into your etherium address using ledger live if for whatever reason its the first time youre sending a particular ERC 20 token to your account you can simply use your aetherium address so if you go to a theory m and click receive its gonna be the exact same address basically the exact same address as all of the BRC 20 tokens that youre using in this wallet so shames feel right you would verify the address make sure they match and then approve right and so if i was sending back for the very first time i could simply send it to this aetherium address and then afterwards it would show up in my list of tokens right theres no need to add back first and then send right you simply send to your aetherium address and then the token will appear in your list of tokens easy peasy all right so if anyone has any questions about anything that I did please throw them up in the comments and Ill do my best to get them answered dont forget I have a live stream every Friday night 8 p.m. Eastern Standard Time please join me for the live Q&A live from Michigan and throw out questions that youve got and Ill do my best to get them answered for you right then and there hope 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