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Cardano to Announce Smart Contracts Launch Date This Friday Cardano reveals that smart contracts launch date will be revealed on Friday By Steve Muchoki 11. August Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson says the launch date for smart contracts on the network will be revealed on Friday. ADA has gained more than 20 percent in the past few days and developer activity on the Cardano 3 Lessons The Dogecoin Millionaire Learned The Hard Way In case you haven t noticed, the Dogecoin Millionaire is no longer a dogecoin millionaire. I m sure you knew that already, but I wanted to chainlink privacy options Umbrella Network - A próxima Chainlink?
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the values ​​ of at least twenty- five times there in the near future ok I believe very seriously in this Andthen Hello, welcome to decentralizing When we are going to teach you the right way to be if you know that to be successful in the future you need to give up the present following our channel can be a smarter idea if you want to earn a little money and its like Im here to tell you that you wont get rich buying 2420 - ethereal all these overvalued and very famous coins no they will value this one hundred thousand percent and these are too big for that but my God Guilherme what would be the alternative for this alternative if you find a project the little ones will and that still havent burst one hundred thousand percent and thats what were going to do that if updating for you my friend my friend so today we will talk about the wonderful project André Luiz Network camera André she is a Data Provider she is a for she collects data in a box king way outside the world of clips she will ask for this data are she takes it several sources are valid to say that the activity is correct and after validation it takes this data that they insert inside the boot so that the applications that work within the effects can use that information to run an example imagine that you created a platform well horse race there it goes along with all the horse races that are taking place in the world and then within these customer users they can go there and place bets on the horses that invite them if they want inside the photo there is no such thing as you going back when you were going like what entered and this boat is recorded there is no way to go back you imagine here a hole that was the data provider passed the result of a wrong race that the result that arrived was wrong in the end someone will receive money that was not to receive and someone who was supposed to see if they come wont receive it And then how is it that you cant go back So our wide she she is a Data Provider she is a source of pride and will work as a structure inside mote so that the other applications can manage pwc with serenity to run without any problem so it is centralized by Obvious community that is all network updates will have to be voted by the community interesting approved for aware and p o s that the repair of it which is disconnected from social but that does nt matter much for us port for us thats it here the technology that in South America the technology that uses lets see how it works the current pigs are how current treasures works Lets say I created an application and its a shopping platform and sell here for coins and I need some data that the other and pass chicken I can work so lets say I need to update and one in a minute of the price of Bitcoin from the empire taca giving and the mouth of the glass so the face a minute I will have to receive a transaction from the Oracle that will be the price of the kit plus it will enter the boat at an empire price but if another transaction the cargo will be another civilization and the purchase of the boat will be another transaction after that everything will be encrypted it will enter Botequim it will be validated it will go through the whole process the day I will receive the application What is the problem with that be updated every second price If I need to receive the price of a multitude of things Ill end up congesting the boat Besides that it s going to be very expensive to carry out a transaction like this Im going to have to pay the Glock fees thats what problem is used ok how the technology that is Umbrella is creating that America another ih ok i need my data i need Bitcoin from etéreo da katana EA polkadot ok they will get this this price will be posted from there outside the tour the deal will be processed so this here will be created a cryptography for the Bitcoin price a cryptography to protect the scoreboard giving and a bread cannot be there they start to unroll the sheets lets say it starts to join two by two and create a next cryptography the value of this conversation together and back photograph the value of this one with this one joined and another persons spelling then joins these two photographs and creates another encryption on top when it is decrypted at the end you will have access to the Initial result given from the end but only one will enter transaction inside the box understood And my application will receive only one That is, instead of me paying four transactions and going through four stars the donations inside TIM I will have only one that can be scaled and also you can put a hundred thousand pieces of information together that it converts into layers and then at the end you need to validate and pay the fees for a transaction only then that would make the system extremely lighter to run without any problem any of the candidates and much cheaper will pay a position your life this allows things such as not supplying price nostalgia Umbrellas biggest competition is TIM, its the biggest, its the biggest organ in the market, stopping House will go into the merits of the others here today, it reaches that it supplies 300 of the bridge is that its 300 for example pair dollar-real there are 300 asset prices Umbrella today provides 1200 and by the end of 2021 it will provide more than 10,000. it provides commodity prices nowadays and even the main currencies it provides free of charge for developers to use. while they work with multiple coaching Jango She already has it on the North page in and then uncle ok but Im going to show his grandson you ll see what kind of business is tough ahead the market here is out of date Ill show you how it is that today his Lobo Neto is very aggressive they already made the Grid the video you can have interoperability between the deaths in the case he already has between the baiana and watch it launched amnesty now the first of october price of the next one i said before this here the very interesting business that when seeing the form of the Random Number Generator they will be a responsible portal to create randomization of numbers to solve it has the seal and reliability to create random numbers what is this important to the war industry in games and betting not best multimillionaire gigantic absurd any chance you have today of getting into the online card game and relying on a deck the mind thing Any chance you have that the game isnt robbing you that its not cheating that really random card shuffler and theres no one knowing its behind theres no giving folic you cant get the security theyre going to have theyre going to be able to pass that security because then you ll play your little game and youll see that theres Umbrellas seal of approval that s verifying that the business there was a guarantee that random even that you will obviously because it is boxing You can check everything is happening if you come back after I finish you know what happened you will make sure you are not being cheated In this regard at least then important business going to enter in bothnia Solana Napoli like Cardano avalanche anyway a lot of things are doing integration with everything and its very aggressive you look here grandchildren integration with for purchase and sale by plant eshop by unisfa a very cool thing that is worth mentioning here is one and the resentment the one from the City recently I say there September 2001 they bought the system the company specializes in providing analysis and marketing data for cleaning companies they run advertising marketing campaigns they need reliability in the data from this one returning to be able to direct their budget they live approximately thirty Percent of the companies budget is lost due to access to very bad data. Today Lucy provides this data and she has some very small customers, such as KFC EA Hyundai, for example, they are customers of Docile Palmela with the acquisition of Luz it from January 2022 will become the body with the highest volume of transactions in the world now talking about price its so beautiful today the October tower of the divide is costing 57 cents or Market f of 50 million but that important Market break that matters when you go to think so she doesnt pay attention to price those in the Market, which is the silk crepe brand hers means that for her to go up from 5714 Carlos do Prado and value she has to go up 50 million coffee brand attentive to 50 million new ones You see, I already had Umbrellas biggest competitor, she has it today, October 2nd, 2021, marketing should be 12 million dollars, that is, if it doubled in value, it would have to include more than 12 million doses that you think is easier to happen living as soon as it turns out that it doesnt have a fraction of the amount of Paris which is a beautiful offer and that its price is much higher to offer this data than Umbrella, I think its very reasonable to think that Umbrella with its guard that that 50 million spoke of phenomena about 25 times there in the near future I believe very seriously in this and now to show you her graph more or less one is here we are her launch she went up she arrived to make a machine here two three hours here and she stayed a long time later consolidated here in the region of centavos for a long time sitting still now recently she is working here and today I açaí close to 58 59 60 here we are a region of resistance that is Leo is stopped now if he is going to buy now there is the possibility of it It dropped from valuing for sure this percent in the next and I said for sure any type of currency the smaller marketing should be the greater risk So there is a lot of news it dropped ninety percent but this here is a game for those who have a stomach ok so if you are a person who doesnt have the stomach to endure this valuation thinking that future valuation could be much higher than that so I advise you not to mess with any kind of Christ currencies and very low market capital and basically thats what they had to say a very promising crazy guy is doing the first steps now have a very good structure, their team is great, including a Brazilian on the team and I believe that the future of the telenovela is bright at a value that can already be found at nex Global this fact is too big to leave or unisoft and actually its not showing up here but on the path that you also have And thats what were going to do were going to find nuggets of gold that havent been Bursted cryptocurrency money is made because you invest early because you see it Before You need to be brilliant only you need to arrive earlier and be patient and wait for the price I travel and on my stomach to withstand price fluctuations this here is not really financial advice that just a level in passional format for you to learn more about coins and there will be much more videos like this one about wonderful things beautiful clips so now from the service your liquids is an active channel Tinkerbell follows us and the strong Umbrella Network pode ser a próxima Chainlink?Neste vídeo falamos sobre a UMB, um novo oracle que ainda é pequeno com um potencial de valorização absurdo!Ganhe desconto nas taxas criando suas contas a partir do meu referral: Binance Desconto 20%: Huobi: Desconto de 5%: Ascendex Desconto 10%: Desconto 10%: MEXC Desconto 10%: Poloniex Desconto 10%: Kucoin: Bittrex: Hotbit: ~~~~~ - Capítulos - 0:00 Introdução 1:00 Umbrella Network - Um Oracle 2:30 Oracles Atuais 3:36 Tecnologia Merkle Tree 4:58 Análise da Concorrência 5:58 Roadmap 7:22 Aquisição da Lucidity 8:13 Dados Econômicos 9:12 Análise Gráfica 10:17 Onde comprar Links úteis ► Dados Umbrella: ► Dados Chainlink: ► Umbrella adquire Lucidity: ►Twitter Umbrella: ► Site Umbrella: ***O conteúdo deste canal não tem fins de aconselhamento financeiro, mas sim, de caráter estritamente educacional. 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