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hi everyone welcome back to the channel this is michael at rbm crypto i did a video in the past a quick q a video on the tracer desktop suite and going over a bunch of questions you guys had before and since then theyve released their full version of the desktop suite for the tracer hardware wallet and ive seen a bunch of questions and comments in the section below on the last video and i want to address four of those questions today that ive seen that i havent uh kind of gone over yet so um theres about four of them that i have uh the first one i can answer quickly so the first question i have here is i added erc20 tokens but after logging out of tracer and logging back into tracer the added tokens were not saved what is the setting to avoid having to re-add erc20 tokens over and over on each login okay so basically once you add the erc20 contract address to your account if you dont deposit any tokens to the address as far as i can tell based on what ive used and what ive seen and you know trial and error in my end is if you dont actually send any tokens to your account after you add the contract address its most likely going to disappear so usually when i add a contract address in the section i make sure that i deposit tokens right afterwards that way every time i log in afterwards i go to tokens and itll show all the available tokens that i have in my account that way i dont have to read them okay now the next three questions kind of go hand in hand and as you guys can see here on my screen im on mandela exchange and ive ive purchased some matic and some link just to go through this as a quick demo for people who have questions about these three right here so the first question is if i were to send one of the tokens that are available like chain link what would be the contract address do all erc20 tokens use an ethereum address yes all ethereum tokens use an erc20 address so basically any token thats running on the ethereum network will use your ethereum address so theres no need to send it to a distinct blockchain because its built on ethereum so chain link for example or another token like polygon as you can see theyre both erc20 ill be sending them to my ethereum address and ill be doing that demo here shortly im going to cover these next two questions as well because they go hand in hand so can you do a video showing how to move erc20 tokens off of tracer ill cover that shortly and the last question i want to send matic polygon to my tracer model t i understand its an erc20 token its not supported by a built-in software on tracer suite yet instead i usually go through my crypto and my ether wallet as shown on tracers website and here in your last tutorial youve shown that erc20 tokens can be added to your ethereum account on tracer suite so which way do you recommend honestly you can go both directions now i used to use my ether wall a lot for my my tokens but now i basically just use the tracer suite or i use the exodus wallet linked to my tracer device if the tokens are supported by exodus but if theyre not its mainly trades a desktop suite and ill show you guys how to do that right now so when it comes to chain link and matic i have the two contract addresses right here as you guys can see so what im going to do is im going to copy the link address and im going to go down to my tracer suite and im going to go to my token section as you guys can see here i can add a token im going to paste this address in and hit add token and now as you can see its add the chain link token so when i send tokens to my account theyll show up here im going to do this one more time to get the matic token on there im going to copy this address go back im going to go to tokens add token paste add token now as you can see ive added thematic token and the chain link token so now if i want to receive these tokens i just go to my receive address and i copy my ethereum address im going gonna do im gonna go to show im gonna log in here real quick and then once i confirm my address on my tracer device matches the one on the screen im gonna hit the check mark im gonna copy my address minimize this and then im going to go back to the exchange and im going to withdraw both of these to my account im going to paste my address in the link box here hit max submit get code so now im going to do the same thing for my matic tokens here im going to go to withdrawal head over to ethereum paste in my address hit max and then hit submit and im going to go through the withdrawal process again on the exchange hit get code and confirm so ive now shown you guys how to add the matic contract address and the chain link contract address to your tracer suite now back to my tracer im going to go back one step here head over to tokens and now im going to wait for the chain link and automatic transactions to arrive in my account you can now see that my chain link and mac have both arrived in my account so now i cover the third question here where it shows how to take erc20 tokens off of tracer so all you would do now is go to send and you would paste the address you want to send your tokens to in this area here and then you would switch this from ethereum to either link or matic you put the amount that you wanted to transfer here choose your gas fees and then you would just submit the transaction so one more time just go back to the token section youll see your tokens here you would send choose the address you wanted to go to and then you would choose automatic link or the theorem in your wallet right there and thats pretty much it for that question so that kind of covers the fourth question as well showcasing how you do this on the desktop suite versus using my ether wallet or my crypto so i like doing it on here now because im used to doing it now in the new the new setup so its something that you can use instead of those two other options and that covers those four questions right there guys so if you have any more questions on the tracer desktop suite just put in the comments section of this video and i will compile them and add them for a future q a session on the tracer devices thanks again for the support everyone dont forget to like and subscribe and well see you on the next video Hello Everyone! Welcome back to the channel. This is the second Q&A session Ive held for the Trezor Suite and will continue to do them as I compile more questions from our community. Question 1 - Added ERC20 Tokens Disappearing 0:30 Question 2 - Contract Tokens for LINK/MATIC - How to Find Contract Addresses 1:38 LINK Contract Address: MATIC Contract Address: Question 3 - How to send ERC-20 tokens off of Trezor 5:08 Question 4 - Which Program do you recommend to transfer ERC20 tokens, My Crypto, MyEtherWallet or Trezor Desktop Suite? 2:30 Register on Mandala Exchange Today: Trezor Desktop Suite: Feel free to donate! All donations help fund the future content of this channel. Thank you in advance! 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