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all right ladies and gentlemen bots and fellow dj and investors its the patient toddler coming at you with another video log and today we are going to discuss important stuff about vivi about investing mindset and youre going to learn a lot about me if you want and finally i also want to show you around show you beautiful nature as you can see its early in the morning and i am up because we have to travel for this one okay heading out on the journey two things are very important having good food with you and having good company with you so i have both and we are ready to go okay we are ready to take the train but before we start please keep in mind that im a crypto and nft investor and not a financial advisor so please do your own research before you ape into crypto the comey token the vv collectibles or whatever other stuff we are talking about in this video also if you enjoy this type of video log then please consider giving it a like subscribe to my channel and let me know what you think about this journey in the comments below you know okay so we arrived where the real tour starts so we are going to go on top of this little mountain hill you cannot see it right here but i will put it into the video and along the way we will take several videos and talk about some topics and yeah so lets go so from here we can see it better this is where we headed okay so i reached the first point of a beautiful view on the lake tigansey here and i think this is a good point to start sharing something with you that i thought about in the last years that i thought a lot about and it is very private has some dark points in my own history i will open this with that sometimes you have to really go into deep deep problem to be able to come out better and there is a good thing in every bad thing that happens in my opinion and i had to learn that from some of the harder times in my life and probably these are not even as hard as others experience it compared to what others are experiencing but let me share just one history at this point and then we we move on so when i was studying i had a lot of problems with the anxiety because every exam that i made was basically fight for survival in studying so i started to feeling bad i started to always think about how the exam could go how i could survive the next semester if i dont do the points necessary for me to to conclude the course what would happen when i drop out and i started to go really crazy in my mind about all of this i started having heart racing when sleeping i didnt eat well i lost weight when i was working out in the gym i also couldnt um yeah i couldnt perform well i couldnt grow muscle i couldnt i couldnt do anything so the reason why i tell this to you and theres a parallel to the crypto market is that sometimes we have to go down and make several dips and ultimately capitulate go into real capitulation where we dont see reason anymore in what we are doing and then can come to a new mindset to a new conclusion and that is basically what happened to me okay change of scenario beautiful some waterfall nearby i dont know if you get the sound but what i was talking about is that i had my personal capitulation event in that sense so in crypto you start going down from a top from an all-time high when you felt good you are going to trickle down then you get a relief rally because people think maybe its just not that bad yet and you can stay in and then you get a collapse but still people think yeah i might reach a bottom soon until you get the realization that youre finally dropping into really really deep into a capitulation event of that sense where really all hope seems lost and nothing is moving on anymore and i had my personal capitulation event in that time so i was doing these tests i was trying and struggling to stay in my studying and in the end i made it but the the problem was that in that semester i didnt make it i tried to do double the work to stay in the studies and to do double the credits the points that were necessary and i overloaded myself with panic with fear with work with everything and i just couldnt figure out whats wrong with me so at one day i woke up and i couldnt get out of bed anymore i was feeling fever the muscles aching i was completely wrecked i lost 10 kilos already and from someone who is weighing 60 kilos this is really bad and my roommate had to come in and found me in that super bad situation and had no other choice than first calling my mother and then calling an ambulance so they had to carry me out of the room and out of the building to the hospital because they thought that i had brain inflammation because my my back everything was hurting so much that usually is a symptom of of back inflammation and the crazy thing is they had me in the hospital for more than one week for more than seven days straight they put all the sudden like nutrient infusions in me i didnt eat for the whole week they gave me everything directly into the bloodstream and they were doing every exam they had made cts mrts with contrast liquid and everything they tried to figure out what can cause such severe symptoms and after one week they gave up i was feeling better because after five days i got the message that i wouldnt have to do the exams because i was in the hospital for that long time i couldnt prepare so i wasnt able to have the exams and the message of that that i would go out of that without losing out of my studying and still not having to do all these exams put up such a relief that i got better instantly and i could recover in my grandmas house so from this i learned a lot about my own mind because i basically wrecked my physical body just by going crazy in my mind and i wanted to share this story with you because i know there are so many people out there that experience similar stories but they dont know where its coming from and if you know it you can do something about it and i am not a psychologist im not the medical caretaker so if you are really suffering from depression and such such things you you should seek such help it could be a coach it could be spiritual training it could be not so severe and you can work on your own it really depends on you so im not not making this choice but im trying to share the story with you because i think its so important to to have some of these lessons that others had learned the hard way and this is one of these hard ways that that i had two to three times in my life in different ways so what i got from this is if you stress yourself with your mind so much that you think that exams and work related stuff is survival and your body shuts down because its exhausted from months of flight then then we are doing something wrong and now getting back to the original story and every bad thing is a good thing this capitulation event set me up for a year-long journey to getting to know my mind and how it influences the body and how i could improve and what i need to improve and how i can stay more calm so this what i want to share with you and its it doesnt matter if its crypto or these experiences you want to see the good in that completely desperate capitulation event event and you are not go youre not going to find it right away if you are right in that you will not see it you will never see it right when it happens but after that you can be sure something good will come out of it foreign yes these sounds are like like music i love it so what i mean by this now we are coming close to the peak of the mountain is that sometimes the things that are looking very bad very grim depressing are not our only sequence are only one step before it is going up and up and up and even better one thing leads to another and you dont even know where the story ends so um i can give you a good example another example from my story and i have to go way back to school times for this and the the story begins in the 10th grade i was doing super badly in school i didnt do my homework i didnt study things i had some other problems i did play a lot of world of warcraft and i just yeah wasted my time away in a computer game basically to get rid of reality so i um failed that year and i had to go back and do it again and obviously at home it was a disaster it was drama it was not not good to to have failed this year and have to repeat because everything is considered a loss that goes wrong and doesnt go go according to plan but if i look at it from lets say from the top of the mountain from todays perspective then i have to say its a very good view and im super grateful that it happened that way because if i just give you a quick breakdown of the consequences that this had it kept me in this school cycle for one more year it gave me the time to adapt to studying it it made me go into the army one year later than it usually would have been and because i accepted the challenge at the army which was also good for me for my personal development for discipline for courage fitness everything um i had the chance to come out one year later a little bit more mature out of that whole cycle and it made me come with the shortened years with masses of pupils that wanted to go to university now so it made me come out with them together so i had a more difficulty even to get into the universities that i wanted i knew that i wanted to learn portuguese i knew that i wanted to go to brazil by then but there were only couple of universities that really offered uh this this type of internship then to brazil so in the end i had to go to the university of bamberg because the other ones did not accept me because of the masses of pupils so had i not been forced to go to that specific university i would not have gotten into that specific breakdown situation that i explained before and after that going to brazil and basically my life turned around and it became a miracle so um i i can see that now but at the time i didnt see it and um yeah i i met my girlfriend that you have been seeing in the in the beginning of the video that is now um my companion for life i have met a lot of beautiful friends from brazil i made a deep connection to the country to the family there and i ultimately met the person ceo of the company where im right now so if i spin this cycle back i have to say that everything that happened to me was because of the things that went wrong before or at least that unraveled in a way that i couldnt foresee then and now that i look back i have to say from something bad there can always come something good and i think every one of us can make these little connections it doesnt have to be as big and multi-year as i have just described it here it can be something good something little for example um something breaks but in some miraculous way you get something better you hurt yourself and in in some way this teaches you something that you then use to not get another breakdown in that sense for example the breakdown in the in the university saved me from getting one at work because i knew how to treat myself with nature with basically turning on the doesnt matter mode so that i could save myself from becoming that person again save myself from getting into that trouble again where my body stops functioning and now right here as this scenario when you are down there where i started filming you cannot see what miraculous things will happen on the way up here but now we are close to the peak we are in a super beautiful landscape we have been through a very long hike up here which was fun and where a lot of difficulties were to to to get to this point and i think we should have this mentality as well now this did not have to do anything with crypto and investing so far despite the metaphor that ive put in the beginning when i said it is like bitcoin is developing you have ups and downs and ups and downs and eventually youre getting somewhere the same accounts for the story that i told here and that is even in the crash the total capitulation if it happens if we go to 20k or even below if our portfolios get decimated we learn its good because we get another chance to invest so so the portfolio goes 90 down good we get another chance to accumulate tokens we never thought we would reach many of us didnt see that they would ever become a millionaires now its easy for people to become a millionaires so at this point i only have two recommendations to give if you find yourself in a situation like that and if you need some extra motivation regarding all of this and the first one is that you listen to its only three minutes long and that is good from jocko willing i will put the link down in the description and the other one is an audio book that was very impressive to me and that is from gorgonz cant hurt me its a navy seal never see a mindset and it is super interesting to listen to and i think if you are in this in the struggle phase in this phase where everything looks bad and you dont know what exactly good can come out of it then you should listen to those two things in my opinion but with that im already at the end of this video log please let me know in the comments below if you enjoy this type of content and in which stage you are at the moment if you have experienced similar things and wherever you are on the world have yourselves a great morning evening day night or afternoon and see you in the next video just honey Welcome to the patient hodler channel: Its time for another VLOG and I have been out in beautiful nature. Potentially everyone had a total capitulation event in his life and it can result in something good. You ask yourself in these moments: How to feel better? How to feel happy? You want to feel good about yourself again and turn your life around. In these harsh times of the crypto crash 2022 and the Bitcoin bear market 2022 it is easy to slip away into the abyss of negativity. But we can turn things around so lets talk about it.Jocko Willink Good: XjFbnxlBSbw BECOME A RARE HODLER and JOIN THE APES! My PATREON: Become a Rare Hodler* CHANNEL MEMBERSHIP: Achieves the same. Become a channel member and get minted on my screens with you favorite collectible. *Please note that my content is absolutely free. 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