500 temp chainlink panelsTop Line Fence Rail--How to Cut and Replace!

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the students folks will show you how you would change out a top-line rail on a chain-link fence also what you would have to do to have to cut this reel so a lot of times when you get these rails I say from Home Depot or Lowes or something they may only come in like say 10-foot sections the same for example you need like a 15-foot or something like that so what you may have to do is actually buy a top line vrio this happens for most residential chain-link fences what you will need is a 1 and 3/8 rail like this to go with your top-line rail to pretty much take this off all you have to do is if you see these twist things right here you just kind of untwist these youll have them all along here along youll fit your fence they just pretty much time point to the chain-link itself so you just basically go to take out all these little fence Paul sangmi Finns twist is what they call you putting monsters twist them and theyll come loose and when youre doing you twist it right back up also when youre getting a new top line Braille you probably want to go ahead and get the galvanized steel that way it doesnt rust if you can see on this fence right here just top-line rail this all rusted out so were going to be changing this one out so all you have to do like I say is take out these twists youll have a few of them going down the rail then you want to come up here to this part right here and just basically take you a pair of vise grip screwdriver socket set or whatever and just loosen this screw and tell this piece right here comes loose so do what youll do is kind of flip this up and pull this end of the rail out and once you have all these twists off you should just be able to pull this whole rail out like that and then youll pretty much have this whole top-line rail out like I said take off one side then you should just be able to go down and just pull it all the way out like it and youll pretty much have this top line rail out like I said this happens to be rusted so these we already chained that the other ones I showed you those as you can see right here weve already changed out this one pretty much to put on the galvanized steel pretty much top line rail like I said once again this is one in three-eighths which is just standard size for your residential top-line rail see these twists they pretty much just twist you could pretty much just twist them out and take all of them off and then just pull out this top line real see this happened to be a 21 foot rail so we have to cut it Im gonna be showing you next exactly what you do to cut this its pretty simple sometimes if you have a pipe cutter you may use that but if not you can use a circular saw with a steel metal blade pretty much to be able to cut it out so Im going to show you that going and cutting this top round rail because like I said sometimes when you get them they may be too long and you might be cut it to fit the actual size of your fence but what you want to need is right here if you dont have a pipe cutter you can also use the reciprocal saw but Im just going to use this one right here which is a circular saw what you need to have is a steel metal blade you see right here this is a steel metal blades dont you have one of these blades you should be able to cut straight through that the top-line rail pretty much be a chain link fence always make sure that when youre doing using stuff like is that you practice safety you want to wear gloves you want to wear some type of a protection as well as you want to wear some type of something to cover up your mouth and nose you dont want to breathe in a smell and all that when youre cut knees so Im gonna show you right now me cutting one if Ive got an old one that Im gonna go ahead and cut the circular saw and Im pretty much got by protective gear on my eye covers as well as my mouth and nose is covered so Im doing is taking that metal steel blade cuz Im just gonna cut straight through this Pike pretty much youre gonna have sparks and stuff plus of course is model cutting against metal so kind of backup measures and popping about to cut through it if you can see right here were pretty much its cut through this side over here so a lot of time you made this one turn it to the other side now and just kind of line it up in the same spot and then its cut right over here and now if you can now as you can see right here give you a close-up you can see pretty much Im cutting straight through it so I may take you a couple of times like turning your turn of pipe around on each side pretty month to cut through it all right sometimes you can just cut straight through it just by putting a little bit more force on a circle saw in that blade but pretty much cut straight through this on top line a galvanized steel pipe pretty much but once again folks this is how you would put on a top line rail onto a chain-link fence pretty much by disconnecting the fence ties and taking off to pretty much end collars and then go ahead and take you a circle saw if you dont have like a pipe cutter or something like that and go ahead and just cut through this and measure it out to the correct size that you may need like I said also I dont recommend that you get a galvanized steel pipe because that way it wont was the difference between galvanized steel and not is that the galvanized steel pipes pretty much have been dipped into zinc which stops it from rusting all right folks please check out our other helpful videos please like subscribe and share thanks [Applause] Overtime, a fence top rail may get bent out of shape, rusty or broken. In some instances you may need to call a fence company, which can be very costly, but most times, you can do the repair yourself. This video shows you how to cut and replace your fence top rail. It also lets you know where you can go to get the fence parts you need. To Support Flashback502, please send donations to: PayPal: Or Fan Mail, Products & Donations: Flashback502 Po Box 20201 Louisville, KY 40250