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Here s Why Crypto Analysts Think HedgeUp HDUP And VeChain Dec 28, 2565 BE VeChain is an elite Blockchain platform that makes use of distributed ledger technology DLT to improvise supply chain management and Ethereum Shanghai unlock had minimal market impact – 84k ETH Apr 13, · Data from Token Unlocks showed validators had withdrawn 84,000 Ethereum at the time of press. This was possible thanks to the Shanghai upgrade, which went live on April 12 at around 22:30 UTC — enabling ETH stakers to re-custody their tokens. Ethereum withdrawals limited chainlink staking calculator Top 8 Altcoins Set to EXPLODE in MARCH 2021 Best Cryptocurrency Investments Polkadot NFT News
chainlink staking calculator Ethereum – A Decentralized and... Top 8 Altcoins Set to EXPLODE in MARCH 2021 Best Cryptocurrency Investments Polkadot NFT News
all right if youre interested in making money in cryptocurrency and you want to stay up to date on a daily basis make sure you subscribe to the channel we keep you updated every single day now im not a financial advisor this video is not financial advice it is purely informational and opinion but i follow the market every day so in this video i want to put a handful of key alt coins that i think have big potential in march on your radar now im not going to get to every single coin that has potential so if theres a certain coin that you like make sure you comment below and give us a reason why and well all be checking out the list below together now i dont want to talk about the same coins on every video sure well run into some old favorites but i you know i picked a handful of coins that we dont normally talk about which again i think have potential in the month of march the first coin making our list today is a polka dot based project which is really heating up right now the headline is that one of the biggest youtubers out there logan paul sells three and a half million in crypto art in just 24 hours through this project it is bondly paul is collaborating with bondly a decentralized product in the polka dot ecosystem to create his own line of pokemon inspired non-fungible tokens nfts are still in its heating up mode people are still increasingly becoming interested in nfts and while theres always going to be ebbs and flows in the market i think you can see that nfts are what people are interested in and if youre unfamiliar to get everybody on the same page nfts feature identifying data in their smart contracts that make each one unique which means that one nft cannot be directly replaced by another and no two are alike as far as logan paul and whats happening on bondley on the first day of sales paul sold one 1700 of his nfts priced at one ethereum each totaling three and a half million in revenue pauls nft art was sold through the bond swap market a trading portal that can perform over-the-counter transactions on chat apps or social media platforms and between any blockchains non-fungible tokens have been picking up steam in the past months and logan paul might not be the last celebrity to come out with their own non-fungible token lets get to coin number two cardano creator and ethereum co-founder charles hoskinson said in a recent video stream that he would love to get the rock star legend and cardano supporter gene simmons from kiss to do an nft and why wouldnt gene simmons want to work with cardano and promote himself and promote kiss and promote cardano which he has been doing i think he would and if that happens that would be incredibly bullish for cardano i mean cardanos got a great narrative going into march eath gas fees are high people like cardano celebrities are promoting it cardano is one to watch in march it has yet to break its market structure im bullish the next coin on our list is chain link again chain link has a great narrative going into march the news is that chain link rolls out ocr system upgrade reducing gas costs 10 fold so people are very aware of how gas fees are limiting certain networks chain link which is on top of ethereum is reducing gas costs tenfold surely this is a bullish thing in march chain link has launched a major upgrade for its oracle network dubbed off chain reporting or ocr the upgrade was announced on wednesday though the implementation has been live for some time already the founder of chain link nazarov told coin telegraph that the team has been working on the protocol since 2017. weve started to put the best minds behind it over the last year and a half and have done substantial multiple audits on it the ceo added the most immediate effect of the upgrade is reducing gas costs and the load on the eth network according to the team the upgrade will result in a 10-fold increase in the amount of real-world data that could be available on the blockchain so chain-link makes our list before we get to another low-cap gem lets talk about one of the old favorites check this out well the news is that 177 year-old swiss bank adds bitcoin ethereum and two other cryptocurrencies for trading the bank so this is uh you know this is legacy financial how do you say bourdier bourdier a swiss bank that was founded in 1844 has added cryptocurrency trading to its list of services according to a press release published today quote we have seen increasing demand from our clients to diversify into alternative asset classes such as digital assets this is according to boardiers managing partner the new service allows boardier clients to buy hold and trade cryptocurrencies including bitcoin eth be cash and tezos the firm plans to expand the number of coins it offers in the future so this is bullish for crypto in general in this case well add tezos to the list tezos staying in the game next coin on our list is umbrella ido sees record participation on pokestarter so let me tell you about this more than a hundred and ten thousand investors signed up for a chance to receive one of one thousand white listings for umbrellas networks ido on pokestarter decentralized exchange oracle umbrella has published details of its recent ido initial dex offering revealing that 110 000 applicants have signed up spelling mistake the february 9th offering saw 10 times the amount of hopefuls this is a spelling mistake sign up as the 1000 randomly selected slots available with 2.5 million ubm tokens being distributed to only 625 participants during the sale the ido raised 72 eth worth about a quarter million dollars umbrella emphasizes the token sale was intended to limit the concentration of tokens among large holders taking deliberate steps to ensure strong participation at fair prices according to umbrellas founding partner this offering represents another key step in bringing decentralized oracle networks to an industry where demand for high quality external data is growing exponentially so umbrella makes coin on our list the next coin making our list today is orion protocol youve probably seen a lot of people talking about orion protocol on twitter its because they just released their staking calculator so the launch of the staking calculator is a significant step for orion protocol as mainnet launch approaches in full disclosure this is a sponsored section of todays video but you will see why i put them on our list for march but orion is sponsoring this segment they wanted to make sure that you know what they have going on so the orion protocol is a decentralized d5 platform aiming to give users solutions on the most advanced liquidity aggregator ever developed just a month before the mainnet staking platforms expected launch so you can see why i put them on the list for march the orion team has announced the release of a much awaited staking calculator the new tool allows orn holders to calculate expected rewards hinging on daily protocol volume the amount of staked orn and the tokens price so im going to leave a link to their website and everything you need to know in the description so you can go on over to their website check out the orion calculator yourself figure it out how much could you earn that is staked so what the orion protocol is is a decentralized gateway to the entire crypto market aggregating liquidity of every centralized exchange decentralized exchange and swap pool into one decentralized platform orion is not just a trading terminal but rather a liquidity aggregator that has a trading terminal as one of the products orion could yield huge staking rewards with just their b2b products alone the actual coin its like maybe a b and b coin except maybe on steroids right because it has deep liquidity across a dozen solutions one token one platform but 17 revenue stream so its a non-inflationary coin but it has some of the highest staking returns in d5 unlike other sometimes questionable projects promising high apy the circulating supply of orn is capped at 100 million and will decrease over time with burns moving forward the next coin on our list another low cap gem is called super farm super cross chain nft farming with no code required super farm is a cross chain d5 platform aimed at easing the process of creating non-fungible tokens while giving them the capacity to add value to their own token so if youre bullish on nfts well this is why i included it it has its own nft marketplace which creators could benefit from the protocol is designed to make the users whole blockchain journey easier finally superfarm is a continuously growing project that could attract more partnerships from several gaming platforms so full disclosure the reason i know about this is because one of the the founders of this project one of the the devs the team members is our friend elliot who we interviewed on the channel a couple times last time four months ago hes one of the devs on this project and hes the one who got it on my radar and i do actually own some super farm tokens like many projects we talk about on this channel you should assume i own the coins um and yeah i mean if youre bullish on nfts this is such a new project i could see this project doing well but do your own research the final coin on our list is the tried and true ether coin shares launches ethereum etp with 75 million in funds asset manager coin shares has created an eth exchange traded product following on its bitcoin etp so do not count ethereum out just because it has high gas fees it it has high gas fees because people want to be a part of the network and are using it all right did i mention your coin or out of the coins i did mention which coins do you like is there something else that we should have included on this list youll have to let me know in the comments below make sure you subscribe to the channel for more daily videos my name is aaron ill see you tomorrow you Top 8 Altcoins Set to EXPLODE in MARCH 2021 Which Coins 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