chainlink ecosystem 2022TOP 20: CHAINLINK, MATIC, NEAR, AVAX & MORE: JUNE 3, 2022

Cardano founder and Snoop Dogg feature in a new music clip Given that the renowned musician Snoop Dogg and the creator of Cardano hosted a Twitter party at the beginning of April, their partnership may just be getting started. On June 7, as previously reported, NFT Maker organized a Twitter talk about NFTs with Charles Hoskinson and American comedian Martin Lawrence. Vechain price prediction – VET in , 2025, and Beyond VeChain price prediction – $1 VeChain price prediction 2025 – $10 VeChain price prediction 2030 – $50-$60 VeChain price prediction 2050 – $100+ The chainlink ecosystem 2022 TOP 20: CHAINLINK, MATIC, NEAR, AVAX & MORE: JUNE 3, 2022
chainlink ecosystem 2022 Bitcoin BTC news today - check what... TOP 20: CHAINLINK, MATIC, NEAR, AVAX & MORE: JUNE 3, 2022
hello and welcome back to another episode of crypto overkill in todays video were going to be taking a look at the top 20 cryptos folks were looking at the top 20 names so ive got a load loaded up here on the list and were going to take a look at their charts and see whats going on were in a very very interesting territory right now in regards to the markets again were posting the green dots up in the discord but in reference to the cheat sheet we got over here folks were in this area okay were people fud is at all time like its just everybody is fearful right everyones calling for the recession and the bubble and all this and its like why werent you guys talking about that when we were in an actual bubble like up here you know what im saying like you didnt hear any any of that talk any fear or anything now its just like oh its all going to zero everythings going to zero folks everythings going to zero great long-term investors who believe that this shits going to be around for the next two to five years no matter what right thats what we are here for in this community for if youre watching this channel you probably think crypto is a technology of the future and yes so many companies are building on top of it i mean things are happening folks i think i saw the other day that chipotle they are now accepting bitcoin so it slowly happening folks its slowly happening all this doesnt happen overnight the internet didnt become what it was now overnight okay the internet got invented in the 1990s i believe and to me i think investing in cryptocurrency is like investing in tech stocks in the 1990s did they all make it that all the tech stocks make it no but if you got a microsoft or a paypal or a tesla you get the idea netflix if you would have got one of those at the early stages when the stuff just started to kind of ramp up and they were just starting to build you know lay the bricks one at a time building the foundation okay this is back in the 90s okay im talking real macro investing here folks in the future what is crypto going to be i think it is going to be the future of finance and the future of the internet its going to be built on blockchains its going to be built thats why they call it web3 right were going from web 2 to web3 again a technology thats continuing to evolve we dont know where its going to go just like we didnt know where the internet was gonna go with the 90s but we know its going somewhere right theres something going on here folks big banks stuff were starting to talk about it institutional investors its gonna be around folks its gonna be around so enjoy the ride okay if theres ups and theres downs but we can use artificial intelligence ai to pinpoint where the market is in the cycle because ideally if youre looking at this chart this correlates with the chart right this is when were at all-time highs this is back in november on on salon this is back here on the indicator right way up here okay price is way up here 260. this is the price of the coin okay all the way back here in october november right this is when everybody was pumping it everyone was excited to buy it they wanted flush okay theyre killed now theyre down 80 90 percent thats what you call despair you just turned ten thousand dollars into a thousand dollars congratulations everyones just pissed and they never want to do it again theyre going to give up half of them give up tons of them are going to give up and then come back later when people start talking about it again right when were back in delusion when were back in the phase of the new paradigm and everybodys excited about it and all the news has to say is positive stuff about it how you should be buying it and then they dump it on you then they dump their shares that they were buying down here in despair in the smart money phase in the institutional investor phase right when nobodys talking about it everyones scared shitless right now could could solana here go down again could we have another leg down on solana absolutely weve come down there to 20 right thats where we bought them back here in june that was the bottom there and guys we just dont have a green dot yet were just waiting on confirmation from the green dot thats when were gonna know this is a potential bottom okay now we can watch the levels but we havent got that signal yet you havent seen it on solana yet and once we get it were gonna were gonna call it out immediately i would just be waiting sitting on your hands right here sitting cash or sit in a stable coin and just wait till that thing prints and when that prints its going to be between 37 and 20 thats where its going to print in the price range so if youre getting it down if you get the opportunity to buy down here at 20 i think you get the truck folks i think you get the absolute truck just wait for confirmation just wait for the confirmation just wait for the damn green dot were not doing anything fancy like i said wait on that confirmation thats going to give you the idea that the bottom is in right its like having a 20 on blackjack so waiting on confirmation here watching 37 right were going in to test the level that we bounced on back here on may 9th this is where the buyers stepped in you can see the volume picked up here there were buy orders there were buy orders there okay so there was a demand for solana at 37 right that was the resistance level back there you can see thats where we kind of topped out 44 we broke through that again this thing could potentially hit 20 guys just be prepared just be prepared and wait for confirmation near token is going to be the next one this one still dont have confirmation either so id be holding off on this one if we break four six i mean if this thing wants to come back down here to a dollar fifty nine id be okay with that id be perfectly fine with that and uh well see what it does get wait just wait for this thing to print thats all were doing folks nothing fancy over time this thing is right okay if youre two to five years out on a good coin with a solid ecosystem this thing is right the majority of the time the last green dot was right here march 21st and it ripped up it was about a 50 to it was about a 70 percent move all the way to the top off that and this one back here you would have bought it at that dollar 59 level and it went from 1.59 up to 20 bucks i mean that was a 2 000 record right there on your money so again just wait on the damn confirmation just wait on the damn confirmation thats what were doing here thats all were doing folks i post all the green dots over in discord you can see every single one that prints on the top 50 names inside of the discord so near again waiting on confirmation i like that the blue rsi is on the ground 462s current support lets take a look at avax still no green dot on this one either we still havent seen the green dot on avast just yet again were watching 21.90 and it looks like were going in for the retest the 2190 here well see if some buyers step in but again no confirmation no bottom folks no confirmation no bottom matic does have a green dot matic does have a green dot flashing this week so this is telling you that this support level could very likely be the bottom right i got a 20 on blackjack right now okay this is a really really good signal right the last time we we printed down here was never this is the deepest weve ever been we got green dots here and here that both resulted in massive massive run-ups if you were buying at those levels again polygons a solid name solid network just keep an eye on that green dot and keep an eye on 49 cents as long as that level holds id be buying this up right here right this thing needs to close into sunday so if we dont break that level that green dot is going to close as long as we hold 49 matic holds cardano cardano also has a green dot flashing so cardano and matic are the first two and again we already went over all these on monday but its good to see that theyre still holding theyre still holding their dots they need to hold into sunday folks into sunday sunday at 8 p.m eastern time is when the candles close that means this dot cannot be taken off the chart when the candle closes right the weekly candle closes that is a confirmed green dot right now theyre just flashing theyre giving a signal its a signal thats saying hey potential bottom potential bottom so now what im doing is im looking to buy from here all the way down to 41 cents if we drop 15 percent id still be a buyer of of matic because were above where we bounced right here on may 9th okay and that was at 41 cents thats what the yellow line is thats the support level and again green dot off of that support level is bullish and this thing is like 20 30 percent down to here so if it drops just buy more just load the truck right get your cash ready this is a buy signal folks this is like signal that we have bottomed and all i wanted to do now is give us a little bit of a stealth phase i want to go sideways and hold this level my stop loss would be set at about 40 cents so if we broke 40 we probably go down but im not even thinking about going down right now because ai is telling me that were going up folks flow this is a uh this is an interesting one as well right just a total meltdown volume picking up here at these levels again moneys still flowing out its been very unfortunate for flow investors ill be honest but if this thing has its day right if this is just an absolute rug pull and thats what it is and thats what it looks like as of right now we need a bounce we did open down here at around 50 cents so i mean thats the current support level where we opened up and ripped now were coming back down into this territory i mean youre looking at about 2 000 all the way back up to the top here again when that green dot prints its just going to be another indication to buy again right you bought here you bought here you bought here and youre not selling until this thing comes all the way back up here and prints a red dot thats the goal of the channel so you average down on the green dots below the fold average down average down average down this is not my favorite project but thats good if im if im not liking it thats probably a good thing because i have a hard time uh you know losing faith in some in some names but i mean you could see the risk to reward here is 1700 back to the all-time highs and they just partnered with meta i believe there was a partnership there and theres still a top 30 coin folks theres still a top 30 coin held majorly by institutions so this is something to keep your eye on lets not give up on flow lets just average down when we get that green dot adam adam has a green dot flashing look at that okay so again thats telling you boom despair is in were like right here so what i want to see to confirm that is this move right here this sideways just hold this level kind of like you saw right over here right we just went sideways for a period of time we went sideways for three months there was no down there was no up it was just stuck in a range right one month two months right two and a half months and then boom rip there was the rip so again flashing it green moneys flowing out but i think we could find a bottom here at 8 11. thats the current support were watching lets take a look at polka dot polka dot no green dot yet no green dot yet still holding 687 though that looks like a good place to buy it if it bounces and we start to go sideways here you can see we initiated a stealth phase meaning we got a little candle and now we got another little candle this week were not moving as big as we were were not having these massive moves down now were just doing this were just doing this so as long as were above 687 i like polka dot again that that dot looks like it wants to print the next one to two weeks folks that thing looks like it wants to print in the next one to two weeks as long as these levels hold chain link has a green dot this week and we called this one out monday too 5 33 is the level to watch again thats where we topped out right over here back in march of 2020 green dots telling you to buy it folks were in a bear market but its telling you to add here right stealth base is initiated anything near 533 id be wanting to scoop up at these levels okay i think its a great place to add the chain link if you bought it up here just average down folks if you bought it back here in march average down add to the amount of shares because when this thing goes back up here to 53 youre not going to care that you bought it at 13 or that you care that you bought it at 5 33. okay green dots telling you to buy it again buying here selling here folks selling here selling here buying here buying here selling here buying here buying here okay now were just waiting for that move boom and then well sell it again folks well sell it so average down on chain link if you have it and you own it i think this is a great place to own it as long as that level holds and we close sunday green i love chain link at these levels folks 10x correlation back to the top this looks pretty xrp we covered this yesterday again waiting on green dot cell phase initiated bars getting smaller im looking at 34 cents as the current support if that level breaks we could come down here to 17 its a possibility but again anything at 17 scoop it up green dots coming folks a couple of weeks just just wait on it just wait on it sheba no green dot just yet but i i id be a buyer for this name folks im excited about it i havent bought it since back here in june and ive been a seller ever since we talked i never wanted to buy this thing again until now because we are setting up folks we are setting up theres some demand here and again green dot is whats going to send it were about one to two weeks out folks so buckle your seat belts get ready for takeoff that thing is coming and when this thing rallies again were going to be there to capitalize and double up ill go ill go 33 cents is the support we are watching again thats where we bought them here uh actually its about 35 but yeah were sitting right on the level again going in for the test right now no green dot just yet wait on confirmation on algo ftt this is ftx exchange token like a cro again theyre in exchange i think we find a bottom between here and 22 32 again just wait on that green dot folks thats all you got to do ethereum dude if this breaks 17 were coming down to 13 folks and theres no confirmation that weve bottomed yet so youll need i i just say be careful i dont i dont know what were gonna do we could bounce but again cell volumes still coming in we are slowing down a bit right if we had another big bar down to here that would be nasty thatd be nasty but again id be holding off here waiting dot confirmation 1700 is the current level 13 30 is going to be the next level where we went sideways over here last time unit swap unit swap 373 is the level to watch thats where we again topped out over here green dot flashing you can see that so this is telling you yes 373 could be a potential bottom and uh thats all shes telling you okay so if you own it average down again weve been buying all the way down and were just gonna sell when she comes all the way back up here folks this is a solid exchange a solid defy play on uniswap okay theyre very much partnered with uh finance and all them they have a very strong ecosystem folks and down here near 3.73 when it was as high as 45 back here in may on a top 30 coin shoot i id say get the truck folks you better be planting seeds right here folks you better be throwing them out there water and im taking care of them unit swaps looking good above 373 with that green dot flashing cro you guys know this is my biggest bag okay and this thing wants to print as well this thing wants to print here in the next one to two weeks as long as 16 cents holds again when i was in this thing i bought back here i bought the last round of green dots back here in july okay you can see that on the screen ill zoom in there the the last green dots came back in july of 2021 all the way down here okay and it was down here before this time ran up again this time i mean i was buying at eight cents i locked my money in for i think it was nine or it was six months and the end of my uh the end of my of my reign came at the very highs and i learned my lesson not to lock up my money for that long ever again because if something like that did happen i mean i could have turned four grand into 40k if i would have sold up here but i held through the whole time now i got it in some d5 farms and i got it working for me so its still making me money and it made me money all the way down i was earning about 10 a year but now some of these farms paying you 80 to 150 a year in uh in tokens thats thats just unheard of so all my money is to work right now on a farm folks everything is being mined im earning residual income id highly recommend finding a d5 website that you can trust i think shiva has one uniswap has one one inch has one uh al gored has one they all have their own little ecosystem solana has one i mean you gotta you gotta do research and see what the projects are actually doing out there in the space because defy is the future of finance folks its a decentralized finance system but understanding the fundamentals of the projects youre investing in is very important and ive when i first learned about d5 i i never really bought into the metaverse or or nfts but d5 is something that i could see potential for growth in especially with the coins that theyre using so im just extremely bullish on decentralized finance i think thats the whole point of crypto and why people get so excited about it is because we dont have banks and people holding our money and doing what they want with it loaning it out and then earning 24 to 30 off of us loaning it back to us okay thats absolutely unheard of they give us a credit card and we have to pay them 24 even though we saw all our money in their banks and theyre able to use that money to lend out because if everyone went to the bank tomorrow and they wanted to buy they wanted to take their money out there wouldnt be enough cash there there wouldnt be enough cash in the bank to pay everybodys money out thats stored in the banks its wild man wow economics economics but back to the charts cro is going to print a green dot and i just love this project folks im not here to pop it whatever i told you ive been an owner since i got uh heavily invested into crypto back here in july when i started following this strategy back in 2021 okay this was the strategy i saw right well long-term thinking weekly charts okay buying in fear buying in despair buying the panic and selling the grade folks buy the fear sell the great its that easy and you can use this as a fear and greed index okay fearful down here greedy up here fearful down here greedy up here ltc litecoin no green dot yet 54 is the level were watching bch uh this ones 154 still holding that low from the ninth there again going sideways i dont know anything about the fundamentals of bch its an og altcoin and i think its in the grayscare portfolio im not sure though id just be waiting on the next green dot confirmation and sell the next rip to the upside folks planting seeds down here get your going weight down confirmation at the bottom 154 is the level to watch trx did go up and test that nine cent level were still up here in harvest season well see if this thing breaks out the whole markets been going down and trons been going up folks thats thats some serious strength okay this is the only thing that didnt print a red dot so this is going to be a name thats going to be interesting to follow here and uh again we had the chance to buy it down here at five to six cents for a very long time for a very long time and i dont think its listed on a lot of exchanges so i dont know what the whole trx thing is about i know the founder of ethereum shattered it out and said it was a very strong uh ecosystem probably even stronger than ethereums i think he actually said that but again as technical traders i mean i dont know what to do on something like this if it breaks out over nine were going up here to 13. this might be a better short than anything but i would i would have been wanting to buy it like my strategy i stick to i want to buy it down here right i want to buy the five six cents id already be up like 50 right now sitting pretty okay i could sell a little bit and then or just wait on the red dot to tell you when to sell thats all you got to do folks were getting a little over over into harvest season were definitely in harvest season but were not at the end of harvest season right the red dot is when we sell and theres no sign of that just yet so if you got it id say hold it and a breakout over nine would be great because wed probably go back here to 13 and if we broke over that would probably go up here to 18. bch im sorry bnb efb has a dot no dot no dot just yet down here to 209 uh is going to be the level to watch and again no confirmation of a bottom yet but if you get it back there 209 thatd be a steal uh etc starting to go sideways a little bit here uh 15 5 3 is the level to watch hbar hbars got a green dot folks h supers got a green dot watch for the stealth face we need confirmation now we need okay weve hit despair weve hit the spare down here at seven cents now we need to go sideways here we just gotta kick it for a while and stay above seven so if we drop another twenty thirty percent down here to seven thats gonna be all right you could scoop some more up but that green dot is an indication that we have hit a bottom and again green line here means were very very oversold so thats gonna be a great confirmation this week if we close into sunday we have to hold seven cents into sunday and well update you monday in the cord btc btc nothing yet there was it was flashing this week this is an ugly hammer candle im gonna zoom into a lighter timeframe we gotta we got a red dot flashing on the daily but i just dont think this thing is going to break 25 25 000 again and if it does all right were probably coming down here to 18. okay but im never trying to guess the bottom im just im just using ai and over time i think im going to win okay as long as im entering down here and selling up here youre going to make money folks so btc is down here just just wait just wait on the green dot we need that confirmation it was flashing but now its going away but that flash gave us an indication that yes 25k could be the bottom so the next couple of weeks if we just go sideways if we flush down here get sucked back up and just continue to go sideways were gonna see the stealth face just like you saw over here okay we went sideways we went up we were down but but really we just hung out in this range thats what were looking for right here we want this same pattern to happen okay followed by a green dot and that will be the confirmation that were going back up folks and well be ready to sell when the red dot comes above the zero line in harvest season right here okay btc nothing yet but watching 25k dodge coin nothing yet seven cents is the level to watch i want to buy this thing down here at four so come on down dodge coin everybody starts selling start panic selling their dodge coin and uh im gonna buy it up from you at four cents because ive been that patient i hate the coin i absolutely freaking hate it but all it takes is a damn tweet some of uh elon musks friends money to go into a project to absolutely pump it up okay and this was on the pump machine back here i mean the machine was on back here folks they flipped that switch up here at 74 cents okay this was a massive massive i mean if you were buying down here if you were to put 20 grand in down here youd be a multi-millionaire folks a multi-freaking millionaire so whats the next dodge coin right and is there opportunity in dodge coin i believe so id just be waiting on confirmations though moneys still flowing out of the name weve had a i mean this is just unheard of okay one of these youre done see you later you wont be you probably wont be in the discord anymore after that youll be chilling youll be chilling on a beach sipping margaritas in hawaii but anyways dodge coin needs a green dot folks it just needs that green dot confirmation thats what were waiting on last dots still red so we got to be bullish and again money is flowing out if you look at this indicator here that means money is flowing out of the asset currently okay but it looks like were getting pretty deep here we just need that confirmation folks last one were taking a look at is x l m and this one has a green dot as well would you look at that gotta add that one into the green list and we are looking really really good down here folks again 10 cents 10 cents is going to be the bottom okay thats the bottom were playing and were entering here were starting positions were adding to positions and were just waiting folks were planting seeds getting them ready for harvest season just get the water ready get all that stuff ready get it fertilized get it sprayed and were gonna take off here come the next harvest season and were gonna all be sipping margaritas from the beach or from a penthouse in las vegas thats it for todays video folks i will see you all in tomorrows again if youre not the discord go over there and join that i appreciate yall watching i appreciate the support lets get this money lets get this bread and lets get these gains ill see you tomorrow monday for the top 50 scan were going to go over the top 50 again see what closed and were going to throw that out inside of the members discord you can see top analysis on all the green dots and red dots from the top 50 names again we create our list on monday thats when we do our members only calls if you want access to those just go ahead and hit the link in the description and well get you all set up inside of the chord once again guys thanks so much for watching were just getting started folks crypto cryptocurrency cryptonews Join the discord: Get the trading indicator: Subscribe to the channel: Disclaimer: This is not investment advice. 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