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Home invasions are on the rise, and as more  people become aware of the dangers that these   crimes offer, the demand for solutions to  protect people from these crimes grows.   Purchasing a firearm is the best method to avoid  this. To help you out, weve compiled a list   of the top home defence revolvers available  now. Keep watching till the end to find out! 10.Lipsey’s Exclusive Premium Python The Colt Python was reintroduced in 2021,   with a 3-inch barrel version following in  2022. In conjunction with Tyler Gunworks,   Lipseys has created a Premier-Grade Lipseys  Exclusive of this fine three-fifty-seven Magnum   wheelgun. It is made of stainless steel  with Tylers American Elk Stag grips and   Colt medallions and is elegantly engraved on  nearly two-thirds of its surface. Because of   its vent rib and substantial underlug, this  six-shot DA/SA revolver has excellent balance.   The cannon has a red ramp front sight  and a fully adjustable rear sight;   it measures 8.5 inches long, weighs 40  ounces empty, and has an MSRP of $2,400. 9.Beretta/Manurhin MR73 Gendarmerie The Manurhin MR73 revolver series was   designed exclusively for the French Gendarmerie  and special duty units of the French Police and   Military. The pistols have remarkable accuracy  and proven reliability. The Manurhin series of   Revolvers is truly world class, with a history  and heritage of superb gun production behind them. The French GIGN, an elite anti-terrorist force,   adopted this French DA/SA revolver in  thirty-eight/ three-fifty-seven Magnum for   duty use in nineteen-seventy-three. Beretta  is now bringing it to the United States.   The N73 has a full-length, underlug barrel that  measures 4 inches. The 6-shot cylinder and frame   are built to withstand thousands of rounds of  Magnum ammo. It boasts a unique grip that reduces   recoil, an adjustable trigger, and a polished  blue finish. The overall length is 9.17 inches,   the empty weight is 34.2 ounces, and  the suggested retail price is $3,600. 8.Ruger Wrangler twenty-two LR The company unveiled their low-cost   $250-ish model. Wrangler launched a twenty-two  LR-only model in 2019 and has steadily expanded   it in terms of colours, grip styles, and  barrel lengths since then. Ruger launched the   Super Wrangler this week, which adds an easily  swappable to the success of its single-action   Cerakoted crowd-pleaser.It came with a twenty-two  WMR cylinder as well as significantly superior   sights. A 5.5-inch barrel is standard on the Super  Wrangler. This differs from the normal Wrangler,   which is available in 3.75, 4.62, 6.5, and  7.5-inch sizes. The revolver weighs 37.7   ounces in total, with a noticeable heft  to it. The total length is 11 inches. The convertible six-shot is  the most noticeable addition   to the Super Wrangler twenty-two Magnum cylinder,   which can be easily and quickly swapped out for  the ordinary six-shot cylinder twenty-two LR.  The Super Wrangler comes included  with some really impressive sights,   such as a huge, serrated ramp front and  a windage and elevation adjustable target   rear. This is a significant improvement over the  vintage Wranglers rear notch and front blade. 7.Smith & Wesson X-Frame Model three-fifty The Model three fifty is a modern variant   with a seven-shot cylinder chambered for  the three fifty Legend. This 7.5-inch   stainless-steel behemoth has a full-length  rib and underlug, as well as a port above the   muzzle. It weighs 71.5 ounces empty and has an  OAL of 13.5 inches. Its a DA/SA revolver with   an adjustable back sight, a red ramp front sight,  and Hogue black rubber grips. The cylinders rear   is freed for moon clip use, allowing for rapid  cartridge loading. You can get this for $1599. This Model is the most enjoyable X-Frame to  shoot. The broad, black rubber grip provides   a secure grasp on the pistol, and the weight  of the 7.5-inch barrel with full underlug helps   to control muzzle rise. The Model three-fifty  also has a brake located right forward of the   red ramp front sight, which helps to further  tame this beast. Theres no doubt that the   build quality and accuracy of this gun have the  potential to become the stuff of handgun legends. 6.Kimber K6S The Kimber K6S revolver is a newbie in comparison   to the well-known Smith & Wesson J Frame and  Ruger SP101 revolvers, but it is similar in   size and weight to these other all-steel revolvers  and offers six rounds of three-fifty-seven Magnum   or thirty-eight Special instead of only  five. Because of its three-inch stainless   steel barrel with a brushed finish, this rifle is  snubby, making it ideal for use as a carry gun. The K6s is chambered in three-fifty-seven  Magnum, so you may use it with either those or   the softer-shooting rounds.The frame of the gun  is also stainless steel with a brushed finish;   the usage of steel throughout makes this a more  robust gun, which is ideal for three-fifty-seven   Magnum. The K6S revolver is the tiniest  six-round revolver on the market. It also   has a strong double-action trigger right out  of the box. Its certainly appealing that it   has six rounds and is the same size and weight  as comparable Smith and Wesson or Ruger guns. 5.Smith and Wesson three-forty M&P This revolver is popular among those who desire a   small revolver as a backup gun or solely as a deep  concealment option. This revolver is extremely   light and strong, weighing only 13.5 ounces and  capable of chambering 357 Magnum bullets. The   three-forty M&P has some advantages over the more  prevalent Smith and Wesson Airweight versions,   including being significantly lighter and having  interchangeable front sights. Those advantages,   however, come at a substantially higher  cost.The Smith & Wesson M&P three-forty   revolver is a well-made, purpose-driven  revolver that may be used for a variety   of tasks. The matte finish is resistant to  moisture. The M&P three-fortys assembled   features and nice appearance come at a premium,  though, since Smith & Wessons MSRP is $869. 4.Ruger Super Redhawk  Ruger is well-known for producing revolvers  that are extremely robust and built like tanks,   allowing them to discharge an infinite number of  full-power Magnum bullets. The Ruger Super Redhawk   is no different. The Super Redhawk revolver is  chambered for some of the largest handgun rounds,   including forty-one Magnum, forty-four Magnum,  four-fifty-four Casull, and four-eighty Ruger,   to name a few. It is the embodiment of a sturdy  Magnum revolver that can be used for both hunting   and defence against dangerous big animals. The  Super Redhawk is also noted for its durability   and accuracy, making it an excellent choice for  use in the field or as a backup weapon. The Ruger   Super Redhawk is available in black, stainless  steel, and blued finishes. It is also available   in a variety of barrel lengths and grip styles,  allowing customers to tailor their revolver to   their personal requirements and tastes. Overall,  the Ruger Super Redhawk revolver is a popular and   dependable revolver that can be used for a variety  of purposes, including hunting, home-defence   and self-defence. It is well-known for its  toughness, accuracy, and powerful chambering. 3.Smith and Wesson Model four forty-two The Smith and Wesson Model four forty-two   is a J frame revolver with an aluminium frame  that is popular among concealed carriers who   prefer revolvers for deep concealment.  J Frame Airweight versions like this are   quite popular since they are substantially  lighter in weight than all-steel J frames   and far less expensive than scandium frame guns  like the aforementioned M&P three-forty type. The four forty-two and comparable versions have  a double action trigger pull that ranges between   12 and 14 pounds. When considering the strength  required to pull the trigger on a DAO revolver,   the rightfully criticised suggestion of  gun counter staff that all women should   carry revolvers since they are not strong  enough to rack a slide makes little sense.   However, with its lightness comes  tremendous recoil. Nonetheless,   Airweight J frames are difficult  to beat for the purpose they serve. 2.MAGNUM RESEARCH BFR Magnum Researchs Biggest, Finest Revolver,   or BFR, stands out from the rest. The BFR revolver  is a monstrous single-action handgun which comes   in both a long-cylinder and a short-cylinder  configuration. Long-cylinder guns may fire   strong rifle cartridges like the thirty-thirty  Winchester, four-fifty Marlin, and forty five   - seventy Government. The short-cylinder guns are  smaller and lighter, but they can still fire some   of the most powerful handgun rounds, including  the forty-four Magnum, four fifty-four Casull,   fifty Action Express, and four seventy-five  and five hundred Linebaugh cartridges. This   hunting revolver is made of stainless steel  and can take down anything from birds to bears.   It is available in a variety of calibres, from  popular hunting calibres to simple EDC calibres   and everything in between. Whether utilising  lead or jacketed bullets, the BFR is precise.