chainlink panel with doorThis Is How Much Your Chainlink Fence Should Stretch

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what is up fence fam joe everest the fence expert welcome to another hot take clip a short clip of a recent live q a on my main youtube channel for more information on my main channel as well as exactly the content this clip was pulled from check out the description below gregory scofield says whats appropriate stretch on the fabric of a four-foot fence yep thats exact thats exactly what i was gonna say well you pinch it and if you dont get much so less lets lets quantitate this is that the word quantify this uh so like less than quarter inch give when you squeeze it does that sound about right caleb um well i would have to feel it its been a while but yeah you dont want to move you know you when you stick your finger in the diamond mesh you squeeze it and you dont want it to you dont want it to squeeze because its going to sag its not going to be tight enough and um on a four foot fence it could be this is one thing im learning after the chain link videos um four foot fence so in our market and i will start this there in our market eleven and a half gauge is common for four foot residential fences yeah same here well caleb i said that in one of the videos and i was informed that the standard in most other places is nine gauge its four foot i would argue that that and say that thats debatable i mean yeah everywhere ive ever been it was it was 11 and a half when you see a nine gauge four foot fence its impressive and its i think it should be the standard because obviously its gonna last much longer but yeah maybe and he could be talking about um vinyl coated because vinyl coated is what eleven and a half gauge core and then nine gauge finish uh so well and that that probably varies so the stuff we get is 11 gauge core eight gauge finish yeah so that would make some sense so all this is going to vary this answer the squeeze answer is going to vary depending on because nine gauge is not gonna squeeze like its tight eleven and a half therell be a little bit of gift will be a little bit again but i think its good that its different in different places that means there are many different manufacturers out there making stuff and that means that somebodys going to come up with something really cool one day right yep theres some cool stuff on the horizon so weve got some videos planned um mid-summer mid-summer theres a theres a i dont want to say much more theres something cool on the horizon not with us its with a different company were going to go travel and see them When youre making a chainlink fence, you dont want the fabric to be too loose. In todays video, I tell you how you can gauge whether the panel is tight enough.Im Joe Everest, The Fence Expert. On this channel, Im going to teach you everything there is to know about growing your contracting business. Were going to show you how to market your business, grow your contracting company, get new customers and much, much more. If youre a contractor, my channel will help you out. So subscribe and ring the bell icon, that way you dont miss any of my videos! ► Check Out My Social Media: Email - YouTube — Facebook — LinkedIn — ► Gear I Use: Coolest Clock Ever - Main camera - Lens for main and Second cameras - Second camera - My microphone - Sound Mixing Board - Wireless Lav Mic - Tripod to hold our camera - Our studio lights - *NOTE: This description contains affiliate links that allow you to find the items mentioned in this video and support the channel at NO COST TO YOU. While this channel may earn minimal sums when the viewer uses the links, the viewer is in NO WAY obligated to use these links. Thank you for your support!