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chainlink nazarov Convert 0.01 Ethereum to Indonesian Rupiah... The Potential of Chainlink by Sergey Nazarov
what what chain link does in this very early stage of our industry that I do sincerely believe will secure hundreds of trillions of dollars over over the coming years is provide infrastructure so we dont make any end user applications and we dont make any blockchains we dont make a blockchain we provide all of the decentralized services so the centralized services are akin to apis so in the web economy you have applications and used by users thats what D5 is you have the core code of an application thats the code written by its developers and thats what a smart contract or a set of smart contracts on a blockchain are and then you have Services twilio stripe Google Maps GPS location data a number of other examples those three examples together with core code make something like uber right so unless you have twilio to send text messages to drivers and writers unless you have stripe to pay the drivers and unless you have the Google Maps location API to get access to the location of a rider even if you write all the best core code in the world you wont build Uber right you need the location of the user you need to communicate with the user you need to pay the driver and that is really what um we do on the web three decentralized services level so all of the Web 2.0 Services AWS Services twilio stripe all of these Services we either repackage them or rein invent them for the purposes of smart contracts being able to use them because smart contracts cannot use them smart contracts cannot access any external payment system they cannot access any data they cannot access anything like twilio they require essentially a secure middleware with consensus now right now we have over 800 Oracle networks were going to be approaching over a thousand Oracle networks and were going to have thousands of Oracle networks sometime soon I think and that basically means that the Universe of services that can be combined with core code by developers will continue to massively expand and when that expansion happened in the Web 2.0 world you had a massive explosion of innovative new applications such as Uber so our goal is not to build end applications our goal is not to build the platforms on which the core code runs theres a lot of those platforms our goal is to create all of the decentralized services The Chainlink Web3 Services Platform - the @AWSCloud of web3 providing ala carte Blockchain Services as a Services as a framework chainlink sergeynazarov blockchain amazonwebservices blockchain,chainlink,amazonwebservices,