3 8 in chainlinksThe Pink Sheeps Minecraft - Episode 8: Chainlink Islands I Part 3: Adventures End

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hmm I felt almost do we keep the potion when we die yeah cuz i still have my egg in my boat I mean like potion of love up effects no we do not give the effects what happens if we use all of the Koshien follow me children wait what are we on now what are you doing where are your mind where are another way around but its even harder to do where but yeah thats more difficult and less possible yeah one second yeah editing works whos ready to get another jump boost attempt Kermie I loved one at a time I already stood go yeah whats first yeah haha huh no nah I didnt jump I just kept I dont know I aint even getting the boost its not making me jealous writers well thats a problem I made it I made it the book kept jumping I havent been jumping so thats a problem all right third times the charm is the ocean yep lets do all that again go go go run jump run jump Im not doing it first go tissue very done do do do do do doop de doop de doop no look I found more energy drinks youre gonna have one of my own thank you I found one a little while ago we dont think it working for us I dont think so marcin taxi jump I didnt work hey good when he cheats okay no wait I dont have any potions check fine Oh on now jump Ill throw one oh yeah because now theres excellent if you die you land over there I missed business come closer to the edge so you can get the most not that go see Christ welcome to the other edge Oh a speed boost is gonna make it across this chain normally pretty difficult I dont have the Spade boost neither do i haha you have the sweetest no hahaha dont mock the person who sells energy drinks left so you re only continue if you have the chain-link three key we do not sow okay what what hold on hold on a moment that follow the woman follow the woman this is just your general rule oh yeah I mean hi Lisa good things tend to happen ah oh is this the dudes daughter yeah wait why does she make the same sense as all the dudes hi Im Lisa the daughter of Tommy well I work here at their a strut and you would not believe what happened yesterday some stupid robbers stole all of our food and replaced it with mushroom how rude not only not but master Luke went through chain link number 3 to find the robber well this is a lot to ask but will you go after you cant do this alone you forgotten to help you on your journey I repair in lots of food and I know Joelle made a u.s. org Im also forgetting a pup an apostrophe not sure if he gave it to you already of course you would need a key to get through a chain link number 3 strangely enough masterly keeps his extra its somewhere in the potato Justin about it I go it Im not sure why my dad found that out so no thank you James hero I will stay here because chain link number 2 broken Im wow Im lowercase I am Wow screw you not missing that sort of junk thanks for everything Lisa oh my heck items isnt it I was up bread in for cookies and two chickens and a steak I have watermelon a piece of bread and mushroom stew and milk I have two books an egg three mushrooms and the lever I have lots of books I have the lever that we need it was its always in potato in it always potatoes the answer people should know that by now hmm if you dont know that by now go back much if you dont know that by now have you not seen any of our other videos episode 1 yeah so heres the way I wanted to go originally but you can see how this is much worse coming from the other side yeah hello Silas only for me you use me is that a secret no its not a secret way the secret way that weve been through already no no there was like something on the side of the thing the thing that leads to links crossbow training no no no like on the side of the island but its unlikely theres something in there hmm just go around like a normal person where are you guys Ronnie Hastur channeling three mom me okay but vanished link the banished link mm-hmm link chosen one thats a reference that I hope somebody whos viewing this will get ah you ah I never thought speed to potions could be used as a weapon lets go we uh yep out of the hole honey but lover their fried chicken next no Michael Ive she probably just watched it sorry down its collide know it but the guillen oh the lever you put the key in wrong put the key in for the lever oh i have a lover as well okay q s you l.p AI so Ill remember it to name the cable your name Lisa so please I s a haha I mean this isnt noticed it only go back if you really dont know what it is also read your books thats the sign say its in the book my cart ahead you said that kick it oh I want to morph into it hey wrong server and spoiler mine hurts I mean you are that 22 hey John no I walk dont worry Im still in creative mode hold on I dont want to put it down because it minute I put it down its gonna start running so tell when you got your cart yeah i got mine right on be my guys done the lines wonderful what happened why did you die hey we are doctrine its just keep looking like nothing oh yeah were sure youll know when you see it it keeps looking like that an ending but its really just one of the mine cars up ahead thats going to me like wow the ending is not ending is it wait what happens let you know if theres a chapter and Ive never written in a record baby huh nothing you just take it ha luckily mine carts go through bats Ive never ridden what are you hear anyone because the mine cart is very loud Im bit bit bit bit death all that kind of not hearing people its just that its a volume difference one clunk clunk coach theres a pile up on aisle three knocked upon my face so dark oh I see you at the end i see at the end no wait whats happening why why ahead okay were gonna have to turn round im also going to fix the track cuz accidentally broke some of it we know G what weve learned today children dont cheek that only ends badly what if i just decided okay looks like theres another puzzle here wait for us well that Im all oh my god well Ill till I uh nah just track wouldnt want to cheat fourth well I kind of jumped out of my mind Kurt yeah Im just running high every time dont tip you dont tip email make it there eventually you broke the track on your way back bro yes I did stop doing that find out Im trying to get out lets shift that okay okay Im gonna switch out of creative mode theres a game of three creative is one I know but Im not in creative Im trying to get out of creator 2050 oh yeah we didnt break the game now hey if your omelet is broken since the world was loaded yeah I have a book its called teleport this the battle ah you would like to see the teleporter forgotten sanctuary yes get the man go through there just if your amazon right through door eats please I guess its not a puzzle thats just perfect or eight thats uneventful Bruce jack white boy sees eech point babies I think theyre supposed to be a villager here no no the book was called explosion oh there was a villager here recently the Forgotten sanctuary suffered a massive explosion continue at your own risk dead body I think his name is dead body what everyone called him theyre a mofo cool just what I wanted this is easy howd you do that what okay you shift around the pillars oh wow show no man mandolin no I said were gonna wait oh I I and thats why we wait what what what do I do now jump I can show you oh I missed dont forget you I dont trust you why not ignore the other two dead bodies just jump down whoo I missed come on just jump itll be fine trust you I cant break these blocks I really cannot fix this Im sorry I a mess up I got you oh theres dark I dont know if you died or not all right I did what if I spawn a chicken oh it didnt work okay wait oh I survived yes wait when you were in creative you should have broke into sand block so the rest of us could get now okay yeah oh so close its good thing to check points right out there that we have game for the middle should be water there there is should be well we survived on where yes blush thatll happen normally splash first burger bear oh its Chester fair go off the water streams if you can find a way haha theres no way dont cross the water streams always crash the streams Oh found it well you just you just look through the lever in this one oh go get it I am its just a lever in this one now your next go down there yet all right oh god I cant lover well I mean Im gonna check these gate lies yeah we need a lever down here its just an iron door alright cool I i accidentally still have one from the last one I still have the chain-link three key uh-huh um light very minor bugs uh hello hello ah okay okay all right so Im gonna use the one that were supposed to be using the lever yeah were free ish were fresh fresh were risha what breesha no there no there yet when you have the chicken go slow heres the literature Robert all the food we have stolen I have no use for this you can chicken anymore I will leave him here to die thats so sad we took the lead off the chicken whered it go Wesley all right she is it okay chicken lets go Oh Jimmy you have that you can go slow what is that supposed to mean just logos you have the chicken alright ima go first ship uh oh I see this is a glass um you have to get the chicken down there and then you have to jump up on the glass and youll have to leave the chicken Im Jane oh so you remember the jeans you remember in zelda winwaker that one where you have to lead the statue through a separate maze as you go through the same maze yeah this is that Zelda puzzle hey theres a gin they have to jump up on top of the class I cant oops Jenna go slow your break the lead oops oh its a maze hey Ill go this way Im chicken dont be stupid Im gonna go right its not here chicken stupid chicken found all the walls its this way this way Ill go find you yeah chicken okay get in so stupid this way off all the hell the left okay cling to the left wall go slow dont this way hello hello let the chicken sure that you can catch us up trying to take a corner if its not following oh okay go chicken Oh little further okay dear Jeanne hang to the left always hang to the left yep chicken youre so stupid have the chicken walk across the pressure plates my chicken do the chicken this is why we brought you very interesting puzzle I like it white down red up okay are you gonna bring the chicken with you no dont bring him with you hell die out here just look at this place kitchen goodbye you cant leave over here read up just put him on a fence post youll be hell be okay however am on benzos you close on the fence post there you go okay hell stay here and admire the open air yeah hes free ish oh okay look at the torches the tortures of different towns is head up but look this torches the store just down up down down down up down up somebody write that down wait what I got it did I ready yeah up up no no doing it backwards white is downright is up so its down down up down down down up down up I got it awesome I dont know what when you got four but uh lets go probably in here somewhere probably this is really good puzzle game actually Im glad we got that so i guess like like theyre gonna be like decisions between Dannel up oh so its down means you got again oh no its here Oh down down down hello up up down down down up down down up haha yeah clever monkeys this is nice i like this thats it no or the lever here the deliverer here Oh his lever over here oh oh I tried to tell ya okay so doesnt think I had a piston open I didnt well I did sir oh well then I guess well just trust your expertise well yeah lets go back here hello what what beer oh yeah all the womans I my lover not there we go oh yeah your bed wheres trying to make an argument that men are smarter than learning you Wallace s room yeah it doesnt what has been leading this whole expedition or at least the puzzle section maybe not the jumping session this is amazing then again nobody was leading a jumping section on the way out over your comment hold on fulham lately reporting were not were not recording decent at this point okay its over here though nothing is no no heres a hole that you just cant go in really yeah you just cant go in it what did I miss nothing i found my out though oh okay where is it this way uh-oh what is this what is this oh this is how we got into mind here i thought i was gonna have to jump now its just a ladder yeah hows holding shift the whole like okay hold on all right here the lover dont hit it again what does it do how only opens up this whole more opens up this chocolate over here opens up this talk way over here which pathway where this over here no it doesnt ever any missile not the holes oh ho that are here oh Im that a woman but we cant get in no leaving the tree people please open but we cant get in it theres the old pathway down there but um oh thats wool why is that wall it feels like its important that thats what we break it oh wait we kneel cant break anything were in adventure mode were fine Cheers no you cant even break it even with proper tool can you in adventure mode I dont know I genuinely dont know theres nothing down here but the lever here everyone go up by the whole see if the lever changes anything telling you there and there do it again nope nothing is changing its changing the light does that matter ya see anything hmm a real puzzle ah Oh I was hard a villager be hurt bad to guess Id say look at the woman we hear you get the villager yeah yes no storch I mean walks I didnt do that is it doing anything I probably shouldnt have done that I dont care Im sorry all right fun like just not on peaceful yeah I wonder if this is just cuz Im too fat just put mushrooms in didnt do anything nope did not do any eggs so yeah minecart found bug maybe so maybe we need to go back up maybe because the black walls above it so Im sussed of that oh yeah oh wait sweet where we ever above it or we always below it youre always below it or did we start out because remember we oh whats this I found a thing yep this is new this is new ok so its an exploration puzzle we just want looking hard enough now which is good this this should be challenging you know other than with parkour chest with fun to steal with one use on it okay the wall oh oh Ill see is what I was talking about we need it to be above it cuz we can burn the wool and thatll burn down you see your day goes more than one years yeah let me go down we clever monkeys yes found the villager to save me message from master link oh thank God you are here the robbery captured mean here he is more than a robber I found out his part of an organization called the EA the equal all organization these people have lived in poverty for countless years and want us want to make us feel the same to make things equal by robbing people of the food supplies you need to get me out of here so we can stop this the key is here somewhere behind me yes for the real robber is he wants 20 too cold for one emerald because the thief peru oh wow really yeah no you dont know want to help him oh we need another key wait what oh gosh pressure pilot and oh this cant be over its not remember this is only part one I know but Im having fun message from zaruba boys should the robber half oh he says bwahaha so youre probably French wow what an idiot I walked right into my trap bahahaha now Ive got you and your master locked up and I said you brought down to there where you will be securely locked up forever Janey I didnt admit him at both one and see ya oh wait Im gonna finagle I still out of the lever on Im so i can just escape now thanks for playing part two will be up soon still while you need corn crafting so whats up the guys name okay but I still have the lever from before yeah that was ok guys lets rate this how do you feel about it very good I would not recommend what Im just kidding youre out of no zero out of ten people wouldnt recommend it thats what you said remember yeah so 10 out of 10 people would not necessarily yeah nine out of ten people not an attempt before the park or might frustrate you if youre easily frustrated like me but other guys yeah it was pretty fun decent puzzle edge I enjoyed it yeah anyway I cookie yeah sure cookie I have watermelon Im good sears fourth of July stylee oh here lets just share that are you guys can split this up you hey friend wait wait oh good chicken here you go here you can have instead of steak yeah you got food um were full zip it and pass it sipadan pattinson dont drink it all the way stupid ambassadors if advancing so is there a part 20 already or I dont know well have to find out thats awesome adventure Oh adventure matters with sheep and chickens randomly appearing here the bank shape plays and benches stuff whats up TM traitor copyright yeah yeah check out my channel link here dont je girl because theres something on it link not here dont have a jail yeah okay e and recording ...or is it?-----Intro Music: Call To Adventure - Kevin MacLeod