chainlink door rustThe Peek Meta You Should Know - Rust Base Building

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what is this peak and how does it work this design is very similar to my auto turret matter it can be used perfectly in conjunction with it first of all the slanted roof gives you an array of angles on your opponent including steep angles sure to deal with anyone hogging your walls the roofs also ensure that incendiary rockets from heli or raiders will simply roll off allowing you to continue fighting next we find a conditional flame trap for any raiders trying to use the shooting floor rendering it useless until they destroy them this vendor offers the opportunity to sell items onto the rust market and is what makes squeezing through this gap impossible not only that but the chain link fence that surrounds it stops any incoming rocket allowing for the opportunity for such a wide-angle peak that would otherwise be deemed impractical but dont worry if you dont like the dimensions of this peak as the chain-link fence is interchangeable with anything including double doors reducing the size of the very peak itself and better yet people think twice about rocketing the shooting floor as most of you already know then just destroy the loot inside of them and finally this peak works perfectly with your honeycomb so there is no need to sacrifice for raykos to build it youre gonna want to start off with three triangle foundations this is a really simple build just be sure to build everything in the same order i do at this point you want to decide what you want to use the chain mail fence is my personal favorite let me know what you guys think about this in the comments down below also if you do end up incorporating this into your base leave a picture in my discord id love to see it if you want to add another level to this shooting floor i highly suggest you go check out my tyrant meta it works perfectly with this design just click the tile on the screen to go watch it thanks for watching guys If you dont know this Shooting Floor Design, your seriously missing out! Fun Rust Base Design 2022. Enjoy!Disclaimer: - Replace the flame turret with an auto turret or dont use one at all - Chain-link fence doesnt allow the use of the sniper class so DONT use it - Also for anyone having trouble placing the roofs, you have to be quite elevated to place them so either jump crouch if the ceiling is already on or place them from a more elevated angle. I do apologize for any inconvenience, this is the trouble with making new designs as there is so much testing to be done things always fall through the gaps unfortunately but this is no trouble as we will continue to iron out any technical issues moving forward! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My Discord: My Twitch: My Twitter: -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------