chainlink stakinThe ONE THING in DeFi Cryptocurrency that NOBODY is Talking About Cryptocurrency News September

timbeiko.eth ☀️ on Twitter: Testnet TL;DR Thread The Testnet TL;DR Thread The topic of Ethereum testnets came up again things work as expected before they upgrade their mainnet nodes. Dogecoin: How many coins are in circulation? - Gfinity Esports Does Dogecoin have a limit? Dogecoin does not have a limit to how many can be mined, or created. In contrast, Bitcoin has a hard cap of 21 million, with the cryptocurrency predicted to hit this by 2140. This was a specific decision made by Dogecoin's creator, Jackson Palmer. He decided not to implement a cap on Dogecoin chainlink stakin The ONE THING in DeFi Cryptocurrency that NOBODY is Talking About Cryptocurrency News September
chainlink stakin Ethereum s Merge Was a... The ONE THING in DeFi Cryptocurrency that NOBODY is Talking About Cryptocurrency News September
right welcome back everybody my name is austin there is a crazy amount of money moving into defy right now in the last 24 to 48 hours things are happening today we talk about the most recent chain link news if you hold chain link youre going to want to see this as well as the latest cardano synthetics and much much more lets start with our most pressing story of the day this clip not many people have seen this clip yet today i want to share with you this is a conversation at a recent chain-link conference that just took place between the ceo of chain link and the founder the creator of yfi token youre in finance andre right here now what do we know we know that this conversation the summit took place a few days ago very recent we know that originally when urine finance was created by andre and the team he cautioned the public saying that yfi token is a completely valueless zero supply token we reiterate it has zero financial value that was a direct quote we also know that right now d5 token yfi is peaking at 38 000 this is more than three times the price of bitcoin now yfi is a governance token that runs and its also held as a speculative asset and for those getting into cryptocurrency today what is the use what is well we know that yield farming right now hugely popular in the d5 space thats where you can lend borrow find the best yields make the most interest but its difficult right very hands on you gotta constantly be watching monitoring well this is where wi-fi and urine finance comes in urine finance is a protocol that simply finds the best yield for whatever token you have automatically so you deposit your coins in their system you get the best yields which is wi-fi in a nutshell obviously theres more to it but with so much money going into defy as well as decentralized exchanges for the first time ever uniswap now beating coinbase for daily trading volume hard to express how crazy this is that dexes are now getting used more than centralized exchanges with all that going on this video this conversation is pretty eye opening now youtube channel crypto and culture shared this with me i want to share this with you sergey ceo of chain link asks andre why why are we seeing so much money flow into d5 watch this what is what is kind of driving this this massive growth in the amount of value flowing into d5 and just the growth of the d5 space in general starting from andre sweet um i think the answer is pretty simple greed um i mean the reason theres such a massive influx of money right now is because people are making money in insane amounts and the reason theyre making money in insane amounts is because we came up with a whole new ponzi which is governance tokens which is this wonderful way where we we give away free worthless tokens that for some reason people buy and then the next wave comes in that buys that so that the first wave can sell it into the one that just bought and we just keep repeating the cycle while its accruing more and more and more value and this is making people people paper wealthy by insane amounts and um i i i might have strong opinions on this thing that we can unpack but um its its not the sustainable part of d5 so if we if we do look past that for a little bit and we look underneath it well see the protocols that are accruing value and you know this is this is things like like the synthetics ecosystem like the ava ecosystem like compound um and the supporting tools like chain link as well for example these these are the real things accruing value because theyre the ones that are going to be here in a year from now when when this when this green phase is over um but i mean lets lets i i dont think theres theres much argument on this point that the current massive influx is purely because of this new greed cycle that weve created seemingly out of thin air wow okay a lot to unpack there first off im going to subscribe im going to support the content this is a good channel great perspective and its interesting it is interesting that he mentioned chain link and synthetics cryptocurrencies that we talk about all the time let me know what you think about what andre said down below in the comments lets get to this breaking news but my takeaway for all this what nobody in d5 seems to be talking about is remember everyone is a good investor slash trader in a bull market and a rising tide does help all ships but never confuse calm seas for good sailors just because a project pumps in price doesnt necessarily make it quality it could just not necessarily if you understand that then now we can get those gains just tweeted this out like it support it already got one but next piece of chain link news chain link has just landed on bitcoin at least their side chain rsk with a new integration and this means that developers on rsk and these guys build on bitcoin on a side chain no longer need to create their own oracles to build their dapps they can use chain links oracles this is interesting because chain link has partnered with near every ethereum token ethereum project but theyve just landed on a bitcoin sidechain and if you dont know rsk theyre a software company that builds smart contracts specifically for bitcoin so this is for developers building d apps that want to build on a chain with more security thats more censorship resistant so lets check out the details and also what does this mean for you as an investor well this will enable developers on rsk on the smart contract enabled blockchain to tap into outside information like market price feeds and other off-chain data to build their applications so is this live right now well its currently live on testnet at the moment and its expected to launch on maynet in less than a month in a direct quote from their leadership this integration means that developers can now capitalize on a smart contract network thats anchored to the strongest proof-of-work blockchain bitcoin interesting the minute i get more information i will keep you updated next piece of news cardano cardanos stablecoin will be better than maker dow says hoskinson so with maker dow you can lend you can borrow its on ethereum it really started one of the initiators of the d5 revolution on ethereum cardano says theyre going to have something better and its one thing to say it but lets check out the details during a recent ama session hoskinson said that he personally had become very obsessed with defy lately which resulted in him consuming hundreds of pages of reports lots of interviews and discussions maybe watched this channel but he added that iohk is also researching some of the most popular defy things and some of it has already started to leak out despite the companys best efforts to keep it under wraps for now so what is he referring to what defy is coming to cardana for example iohk has partnered with americo and right now were working on the logistics of a stable coin with them and once its tested well pull it over into cardano and this is going to be an algorithmic stable coin we think itll be significantly better than maker dow now obviously he would say that but what this means to you is that we will soon see daps and tokens built on cardano and right now ethereum has the ecosystem it is defy has a huge first mover advantage but in a direct quote from hoskinson the reality is that the first mover advantage is actually a disadvantage those network effects were ephemeral and often covered with mistakes and scars and explosions you actually want to be the imitator the second mover category for d5 and i think well have a lot lot more luck than the first mover did in the space interesting so i guess if youre excited for d5 today get ready for d5 next year d5 in the next three to five years very interesting next piece of news synthetics and the snx token has just surpassed one billion dollars in total value locked as defy investor interest grows now check this out most of the hype around the 2020 altcoin season what were experiencing right now has been primarily focused on lending liquidity and yield farming within crypto its interesting though that synthetics is getting all this value locked up in it because theyve been able to do something slightly different however synthetics has been able to make strides in the d5 sector by offering crypto investors an inlet to the world of traditional finance because on synthetics you can trade not only crypto assets in a decentralized way but also traditional assets like apple stock tesla eventually those things and synthetics is now the fourth biggest d5 protocol by total value locked according data according to data from dap radar so big milestone as you can see theyve also changed their logo very interesting ill keep you updated and next piece of tron news tron is also leaning into the defy space big buzzword trons justin sun creates a coin called sun named after himself and describes it as the bitcoin of tron so check this out he just tweeted this morning he says i am glad to announce that we have decided to launch sun genesis mining sun manifesting total community self-governance is a living demonstration in the coalescence of encryption with artistic expression now its interesting because decrypt this publication refers to it as a meme coin but it appears real to me and its their way of getting more into defy because specifically sun the coin will power sun finance a defy smart contract what will this allow you to do sun is another yield farming token governance tokens issued as rewards for staking crypto in its smart contract only this time its on the tron blockchain it provides liquidity for various tron tokens and youll receive sun which can be sold on secondary markets or used to vote on network governance proposals so just want to keep you informed if you want a yield for him i guess you can do it on tron as well and hes calling it the bitcoin of tron because it has zero pre-mine or reserves for the team it has zero private equity investments and zero venture capitalist investments and its interesting because its proof of stake its proof of work and most people are going to proof of stake so uh just something to keep on the radar that is the video for today like always see you tomorrow How do you make money with DeFi cryptocurrency? 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