Giunto cardanico per trattore: funzionamento, montaggio e smontaggio Il giunto cardanico è un elemento del trattore importante per il settore agricolo, perché permette la trasmissione del moto rotatorio dal trattore stesso a tutte le sue appendici utilizzate per il lavoro nei campi. Questo sistema è stato pensato e concepito in epoca antica, addirittura risalente al 3 secolo avanti cristo, e il suo funzionamento non ha subito sostanziali modifiche se non XTZ News Twitter Nov 19, · Tezos Fundraiser: Turkey Syria Earthquakes: #TezQuakeAid The Tezos community has taken the initiative to support those affected by this humanitarian disaster. The goal is to raise funds and make a donation to Non Governmental Organisations NGO’s that work 15 34 XTZ News Retweeted Tezos Commons @TezosCommons · Feb 9 cardano polkadot chainlink THE NEXT ETHEREUM, SOLANA, CARDANO, POLKADOT!!!!! HIDDEN GEM SMART CONTRACT ALTCOINS FOR 100X GAINS!
cardano polkadot chainlink Hydra: Cardano scalability solution - CRDNS pool... THE NEXT ETHEREUM, SOLANA, CARDANO, POLKADOT!!!!! HIDDEN GEM SMART CONTRACT ALTCOINS FOR 100X GAINS!
boom shakalaka todays video were going to be taking a look at what could be the next ethereum the next solana the next polka dot the next cardano because believe it or not all of these blockchains are already very well established and while it is likely we will see maybe 10x gains from these in the next year or few years some people want bigger gains than just 10x so in todays video were going to be taking a look at some of the most undervalued blockchains that could potentially be the next solana cardano ethereum polka dot or cardana stay tuned whats up everyone randall here from crypto love todays video were going to be taking a look at what could potentially be the next solana ethereum polka dot cardano the next big block chain that is undervalued right now potentially giving you the ability to have outsized gains compared with holding some of these big players now that being said clearly dont fumble your portfolio into them were going to be taking a look at some undervalued projects ones that maybe you might want to take a look at yourself and see if this is something that youd be interested in holding for a while until it does pop now also before we get started guys make sure to like subscribe click the notification bell it helps out an absolute ton also come join us over on twitter where you could win one of these sweet shirts and lets get into it why are we doing this well i was actually listening to an interview of rao paul the other day and he was saying hey ethereum right now this bull run is doing what bitcoin did last bull run so it seems like ethereum is a full four years behind bitcoin and he was also saying that it seems like some of these other big blockchains like solana are a full four years behind ethereum theyre going to do over the next four years what ethereum did over the past four years so that got me to thinking well wouldnt it be awesome to know whats going to do in the four years after that what solana did in this four years and what ethereum did in the four years before that what bitcoin did the four years before that yeah that would be awesome ill answer the question for you of course that would be awesome so that got me thinking well lets go take a look at what some of the best smart contract platforms out there that have the potential to become some of these awesome smart contract platforms well how do we do that we head over to tokenmetrics this is like my best friend when it comes to researching nowadays because it does all the heavy lifting for me i dont have to go through coinmarketcap and click on every single coin and look at every single chart and do everything because all i do is go to token metrics go to analytics go to ratings click on monthly and right here tm grade ranks it in terms of best projects two worst projects based on over 80 factors that contribute to the tm grade that uses artificial intelligence machine learning to help pick out some of the best coins out there coins previously like matic which 250x chilis which 85x solana you would have gotten in at what two hundred no twenty dollars yeah so like all of these projects it picks out a lot of good ones now not every project is gonna be a winner but the majority are winners and one of the coolest things about tokyo metros 2.0 is theyve added these categories to it theres literally done dozens of categories maybe even close to 100 categories here that you can go through and you can see basically what are the best coins in these certain categories things like smart contracts stable coins d5 central exchange binary smart change solana polka dot polygon meme coins nfts governance dexes yield farming near protocol metaverse all types of stuff you could look on your very own so for this video to find the next solana ethereum cardano polka dot well we would want to be looking in the smart contract platforms and i personally because i dont like to trade often because im an american citizen and they tax your pants off every time you trade well i just like to trade more slowly take advantage of the long-term gains so i choose monthly here but if you trade daily you could choose daily and if you want to check it out for yourself theres a discounted link down in description any pinned comment well lets take a look at the top five projects and were gonna be taking a look at them from highest to lowest market cap giving you the biggest chance for the biggest gains if you stay tuned till the end of the video which brings us to the first one avalanche this one should be no surprise like if youve been into cardano and ethereum and polka dot and solana well avalanche is definitely kind of the next one i just said i have a launch but its avalanche its definitely the next one there blazingly flashed low-cost eco-friendly the fastest smart contract platform build fast low cost compatible dapps lost cost launch customized blockchains private and public scaling millions of validators with minimal hardware it even compares itself to many of the other big block chains out there being faster transaction throughput finality energy efficient basically checking all the boxes definitely popular especially with nfts and all that stuff out there if we take a look at avalanche right now trading at 131 dollars its actually up quite a bit since token metrics picked it out a few weeks ago as one of the top smart contract platforms out there and right now 29 billion dollar market cap still has room for upward growth if it gets to the levels of say like solana ethereum things like that the chart definitely at all time highs could continue going upwards and its available on many different exchanges binance coinbase kucoin gate dot io who ob okay exchange whole bunch of different exchanges so its available everywhere lots of liquidity but this could potentially be one of the blockchains that could be the next big thing okay which brings us to the second one line blockchain design for everyone using lions blockchain network and token economy its easy to build blockchain services and grow your business now if you havent heard of line you probably havent traveled anywhere around asia because line is one of the largest messaging platforms in asia kind of like what wechat is for china line is for the rest of asia so now they have a public blockchain open open to the public allowing anyone to issue tokens and implement blockchain technology easy use large user-based compliance ready large user base is underrated because it is a huge user base and you know link allocation so if we take a look at line which is link token right now trading at 283 1.6 billion dollar market cap ranked number 90 so its broken in the top 100 coins and as we can see the price is high but it hasnt broken all-time highs yet its actually just retesting this secondary high right here so potentially if it breaks there we could be heading upwards and like i said this is a big platform in asia so potentially if youre into these big platforms well it certainly has the ability to do that the next one is cardiac chain accessible blockchain for millions the first interoperable blockchain in vietnam and southeast asia so were seeing a lot of projects coming out of asia where the technology is developing cardiac is the first decentralized interoperable and self-optimized blockchain infrastructure we aim to push the current boundaries by solving one of the most prominent challenges facing blockchain technology fragmentation of the ecosystems our goal is to create a unified platform that combines all participants collective strengths to lay the foundation for global blockchain mass adoption so its energy efficient its interoperable theyre aiming for global blockchain scalability interoperability developability adaptability and if we take a look at this one trading at 11 cents right now markup 339 million dollars so definitely down a bit lower from some of the other projects out there ranked 250th on coingecko and if we take a look this one as well not at all time highs yet as a matter of fact trying to break a previous high from earlier in october but the biggest highs they had were back in april now we could have a bit of a wedge forming here which may coil up for a little bit longer before we actually have a breakout but thats one to take a look at and this one available on some marcus so its available on kucoin and and their own decks kydex but not available yet on any of the really big platforms out there oh and i forgot to mention about link link is not available on anything except for bit hum and bitfront so very difficult to get a handle of link and yet somehow its already in the top 100 coins which is pretty astounding so if you get a i mean this one could potentially be going up quite a bit if it gets to some of the other exchanges which brings us to our next coin this would be one two three fourth coin another southeast asian project these are this is where the development of smart contract platforms are coming from southeast asia tomo chain this is one that i actually got to visit their offices in vietnam i think about three years ago something like that they have actual offices they have an actual team theyre working on an actual project and so this one and theyve been doing it for years this is an efficient blockchain powered by proof-of-stake voting consensus scalable pos voting consensus and mainnet with production line focusing on real world usage we actually created our own tokens on tomochain years ago i still have some of them i think it was like beatles token or something like that but anyways uh features scalable and fast blockchain in mainnet pay fee with any token developer friendly platform privacy enabled transactions launch decks and minutes security enhancement so theyve got all that stuff going on with tomochain if we take a look at this one ranked 285 so another one way down there 273 million dollar market cap and again havent breached all-time highs but as you can see there is definitely a positive trend going a little bit of a bullish trend going right there not at the bottom and not at the top kind of right in the middle of it and this one is available on more exchanges is available on binance is available on kucoin so this ones been around for a while has liquidity there but you can maybe let the trend be your friend if thats one youre interested in which brings us to the last one would be fuse the infrastructure for open source money launch community centric payment systems and token economies in an ethereum compatible blockchain turning communities into economies we have mobile money plug and play built for scale and you can customize your own wallet and currency engage early users for rapid growth trade and earn without friction and real-world implementation for real everyday people like you and me well if we take a look at fuse right now trading at 40 cents ranked 667 market cap 52 million dollars and if we take a look at the chart well it looks like we have a little bit of a sideways megaphone going on here it seems like it peaked out oh maybe like a week or so ago around the 15th and now its coming back down could come all the way back down to the bottom here at around eight cents or you know maybe well find some port somewhere in the middle of where we are but this one not available on many exchanges really just available on decentralized exchanges and gate dot io right now so that leads us to the top five competitors for potentially being the next etherium the next polka dot the next cardano the next solana we have avalanche which is probably a no-brainer but you know it needs to be in here because you need to know about that stuff line which is the next one this one has the ability to be huge because they do have the enormous messaging platform in asia theres cardiac chain which is another southeast asian project theres tomo chain which has been around for years and has been doing work for years and then theres also fuse which is a newer one infrastructure for open source money and all of those brought to you thanks to tokenmetrics which helps me pick out awesome coins which helps you learn about awesome coins and if you want to check it out for yourself there is a discount link down in the description and they pinned a comment thank you guys so much for watching if you did give it a like give it a thumbs up it helps out so much i will catch you guys later i love you 10% OFF TOKENMETRICS - DID YOU ALREADY MISS THE BOAT ON ETHEREUM, SOLANA, CARDANO AND POLKADOT???? 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