We Unbox & Review The New Multi Token Miner From MatchX! chainlink 4chan scamThe NEO Miner Is Here!

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foreign the Neo Miner is real and its here and I actually have one right in my hands and in todays video were going to talk about what it is what it does how much does it make plus so much more Im your host Tech Hustler Oakley dokely welcome to another video and if its your first time here my names Tech Hustler we mine cryptocurrency here but we also go over the latest crypto projects and even review some websites and applications that you can start using right now to make a little bit of crypto on the side so if you like that go ahead and smash that subscribe button and while youre down there hit that like button too thats the number one thing you can do to support my channel and as always I have to let you know that none of this is financial advice Im not a financial advisor this is for educational and entertainment purposes only right here we have the Neo this is the latest Hardware device from magix now the Neo has a ton of utility and were gonna go over some of the functions some of the jobs it performs here in a minute but more importantly its gonna earn some mxc and Dogecoin now this was marketed and I even call it a Neo Miner a doge Miner a mxc minor but if we want to get literal this is not a minor this has nothing to do with proof of work this is proof of participation but at the end of the day if you ask me if you plug it into power and you plug it into ethernet and then out pop some cryptocurrency Im gonna call that a crypto Miner so here we are on the match X website for the Neo and you can see right here made to perform instinctive mining technology with unlimited potential made for all mining experience levels easy to use low power multi-token rig now they say you can get this set up within a couple minutes after you download the data Dash app I already have the data Dash app and this is is a multi-token remember minor were going to put that in quotations you should be able to earn some mxc and Doge as soon as you plug this in but there is always a catch especially with mxc they have a tiered uh a tiered level of earnings and thats something we expected and I even talked about in my last video that when it comes to match X you are going to earn some crypto but youre gonna earn even more if you stake some crypto like mxc and um dhx and stuff like that so you know some see it as a good thing some see it as a bad as I said in the intro this little Hardware device has a lot of utility and after we go over the connect certify and collaborate you might find some new use cases for the Neo Miner yourself so lets start with connect join the mxc Global web 3 Data Network movement via the Neo rig connect everything from devices sensors and decentralized nft Hardware the mxc community is connecting the world of iot one device at a time join our movement and lets connect businesses devices and you certify our movement goes further than just connecting we also certify whether authenticating data consumer goods or your nft we are taking our Global mining movement into the world of web 3 iot the future is connected the future is certified the future is you and last we have collaborate connectnia with businesses move to earn Partners or with your own projects at home the Neo ensures a wide range of connectivity and certifiable activities allowing for a wide range of our commercial Partners to connect to your network and I will have this Linked In the description down below so you can check out some of their current partners so were gonna plug in the Neo here in a few minutes but first I want to go ahead and answer the question that everyone is asking how much does this make how much Doge are you earning how much mxc are you earning and Im gonna be quite honest with you I have no idea and I wont know until I plug this in and then Im gonna do an update video here in a couple of days so go ahead and hit that Bell so you dont miss that update video but like I said earlier there are some tiers when it comes to match X youre going to earn with the miners themselves but if you stake some mxc youre gonna earn a little bit more and were gonna check it out right now so when it comes to the Neos earnings theres going to be four tiers bronze silver gold and OG and Im gonna be quite honest with you Im still trying to figure this out myself Im pretty sure Im gonna know more after I plug this in and after a few days of earnings so anyways were going to start off with bronze thats where Im gonna be and once you buy this Miner and plug this in youre gonna be on bronze unless you start bonding some mxc and we can see right here the health requirement is zero and the bond is zero and the coefficient is 16.16 Im sorry so bronze is the lowest tier within the Neo mining algorithm with no Health requirement and no token Bond requirement it is the perfect choice for those miners who wish to mine at a default rate without additional commitment in both Neo minor health and an mxc token Bond there is absolutely no penalty for staying in the the bronzed here it is completely up to the personal choice of the individual Miner and here in a couple days Im going to do an update video to let you know what earnings are every 24 hours in bronze but lets move on to Silver and now were moving on to the silver tier and right here you can see Health requirements 75 percent and Total Bond requirement 3000 mxc plus 1000 mxc re-occurring so keep that in mind 1000 mxc reoccurring and now of course anything you Bond you will be getting back and you can see that coefficient has moved up a little bit so silver is the middle tier within the Neo mining algorithm suitable for those who are looking to make a moderate commitment in exchange for significantly increased access the increased Health requirement of 75 and above ensure that the silver tier is reserved for those who are dedicated to keeping their Neo in optimal condition providing reliable connectivity and data certification to devices nearby and next we have the gold tier which is very similar to the silver tier except everything has been taken up a notch so right here you can see the health requirements is 95 percent the bond requirement is 5000 mxc plus 1500 mxc recurring and of course youre going to get all of that back and like I said everything is bumped up especially the coefficient with it which is 0.54 so gold is the highest tier within the Neo mining algorithm and it is especially for those who are willing to make a significant commitment significant commitment 5000 mxc plus 1500 mxc recurring to you truly maximize the potential of their Neo the highest health requirement of 95 percent may seem demanding yet it is the minimum level I like the way they worded this right here the minimum level of connectivity reliability and certification level that can communicate to these sensors that the connection is truly accountable on a consistent basis and they they want to reiterate something right there moreover the initial Bond of 5000 mxc requires the miners to show their dedication to maintaining the global data Network so we get it mxc match X we know 5000 mxc plus 1500 mxc reoccurring is a lot and it takes some dedication but theyre saying youre going to be rewarded handsomely so now were gonna go over the OG tier but before I do I just want to say all of these tiers um we can get into them much deeper but we just dont have that much time today so I will link this in the description down below make sure you check it out and do your own research so the OG tier is an exclusive level reserved for those who have proven their consistency in providing reliable data connection and wide certification levels for the first time in our history we are opening up the OG tier to the most dedicated proven miners miners in the OG tier will benefit from receiving majority shares from all the fees originating within the data Dash app Holy Smokes Ive been mining mxc for a long time please please can I get in this oh gee tier so along with other exclusive bonuses that we have previously never offered to anyone else the requirements category for the OG tier is not for public release at the moment after careful consideration and consultation with key miners within the community we will gradually release the requirements category for the OG tier eventually inviting the larger public and wider web3 Community to the Perpetual growth of mxcs global vision for a connected world before moving on if you are interested in the Neo or the M2 Pro Miner or anything match X is out there doing I highly recommend you follow them on Twitter that way you can stay up to date just like I do so youre going to want to follow match X youre going to want to follow mxc foundation and of course youre going to want to follow Mr attack Hustler shoot me a tweet and Ill follow you back and of course if you are interested in purchasing the Neo Miner or maybe the M2 Pro Miner I will have a link in the description with a coupon code thats going to save you a couple bucks so anyways Im gonna go downstairs were gonna plug in the miner were gonna get it set up in our data Dash app hopefully that should be pretty quick they say you can get it done within a couple minutes here in in the manual and within a couple days Im gonna do an update video of the earnings so make sure you hit that Bell so you dont miss that upload thank you foreign Oakley dokely I hope you enjoyed that insta 360 footage hopefully it came out all right so just like match X said that was super easy to get set up all we had to do was plug it into power and then plug it into ethernet I already had my data Dash app so I scanned the barcode and then bought a bing bought a boom as you can see right there there is my Nemo Miner so lets go ahead and click on that and you can see currently theyre gonna let me roll with the silver tier for 4317 blocks and thats when Im gonna earn a little bit more now remember how much are we gonna earn I have no idea were gonna find out here in a couple days but lets go ahead and hit that Health Tab and you can see everything is on the zero on null and on results we have zero as well hopefully after 20 four hours I should see some results right there some mining rewards if you will now were gonna scroll back here and go to my wallet and one thing youre gonna notice is there is no option to add Dogecoin so I imagine here in the near future there should be an update to the application where we can add Dogecoin and start earning that Dogecoin so once again I have no idea how much Im going to earn but were gonna find out in a couple days Im gonna let you know so once again dont forget to hit that uh that Bell so you dont miss that future upload so other than that thats pretty much gonna do it for todays video as well as always dont forget to like comment and subscribe my names Tech Hustler happy mining peace *Beware of spammers, scammers and imposters in the comments.*This is not financial advise, I am not a financial advisor, this is for educational and entertainment purposes only.So far after about 10 hours my Neo miner has earned me 127 MXC. Hit the bell so you do not miss the update video. I will go over how much I have earned and Doge mining! Check out the earning tiers here. Contact Tech Hustler Brand New Multi Token Miner The Neo Miner From MatchX Mine Doge And MXC With The NEO Miner doge mxc neo Okley Dokley Tech Hustler here, in todays YouTube video we will review the brand new multi token miner from matchx, the neo miner. The neo miner is not a proof of work miner, honestly it is not a miner at all. You get rewarded MXC from the Proof Of Participation POP algorithm. Because of this MatchX is able to produce a quiet low power iot device that rewards you with multiple tokens. Currently you can earn mxc and doge. There are tiers to earnings so make sure you watch all of todays video so you do not miss anything but automatically you will be in the bronze tier and you will earn mxc with the neo miner. By bonding mxc you can move up in tiers and in gold and og tier you will simultaneously earn mxc and doge! More coins will be integrated in the future. Make sure to hit the bell so you do not miss a future update video. Happy mining, peace. Check out the Neo here and save $25 Save $100 on the M2 Pro Miner MXC 0x5c720fd56b6b30d7154147702a44b73a330468d0 DHX 4LZZYY8S4CHJRfHAZWhX5MScRVA99GGKYx7P58SyR6NjDmCU Doge DDoCiPCxmBymfCW4UUR18PQjGJWn97tXbg Most referral links I will receive some sort of commission. I very much appreciate the use of my links. I do YouTube full time as the career. All commission supports my family and I and motivates me to wake up everyday and keep making videos! Thank You! Send me stuff! And I will show it on the channel! Stickers, Merch, Miners....I wear an XL THTV MEDIA PO BOX 786 Jacksonville NC 28541 Follow Me On Social Media Contact Tech Hustler *Beware of spammers, scammers and imposters in the comments. *This is not financial advise, I am not a financial advisor, this is for educational and entertainment purposes only. 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