chainlink interest blockfiThe Latest On DRIP Network - Chainlink Meeting

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chainlink interest blockfi Cardano Foundation Doubles Bug-Bounty Reward Payouts The Cardano Foundation is... The Latest On DRIP Network - Chainlink Meeting
thank you to my patreon supporters a double shout out thank you to xavier zamora velma brockovich we love murad shaker victor vegas and safe moon oz for being higher level patrons you can join that for as little as one dollar a month there is a link down in the description below also thank you to my youtube members you can click the join button below this video if youd like to show your support there please keep in mind that i am not a financial advisor this is not financial advice everything im sharing is my own opinion its my own research i highly encourage you to go do your own research and with that being said lets go ahead and dive on into the news this first bit of information regarding drip comes from mr farmer over on twitter thats at mr animal farmer who says hello farmers mighty leader forex shark has spoken for those of you that dont know fork shark is the creator of drip network as well as the animal farm as well as uh the reap token has spoken and we cant get more bullish than this guys partnership with chain link so ive already made a video in the past where that was first presented but here we are were getting more information sort of tying with this i know people are waiting for the ui overhaul weve already gotten a video out that ive showcased for you guys of what that is going to be looking like as well as the animal farm to getting back to being up and running theres multiple things in play here and so heres some of the information for this right um four or five and then theres the fifth one right there too so coming straight from forex shark himself this is over in their telegram he said i will be giving a major update today after i got out of meetings both on the uh migration and lottery we are being extremely diligent but we are progressing we made some adjustments and in our and are in a better place than ever there are over 20 000 piggy bank accounts and hundreds of thousands of transactions that we need to account for so to do it properly is a pretty big deal like a whole major project in itself everything is finished except for the last part that we are working on so again let me go and highlight that for you guys hundreds of thousands of transactions that they need to account for i mean i just really hope people understand that if youre trying to make sure you do everything right with that and youre trying to go over hundreds of thousands of transactions its it is a large project like he says here um i have a meeting with chain link today they will be part of the lottery so theres been some graphic images that have come out recently and over on the animal farm website theres even a tab for a lottery system and when i get some more information on that ill be happy to share with you guys but yeah essentially is that they have a lottery so what is a lottery you enter in and you got a chance to win some money right thats the main consensus point on that um the main point sorry and then forex shark over here says i just cant wait until we do the migration because i have major aspirations for the future i promise you the best work out of our team is yet to come now in addition to that we have from tyler hackworth three over on twitter he shared this he said we have some major stuff in the works very excited for it and then he says i dont even pay attention to the price of drip its irrelevant to me i honestly have no idea what the price is these things have cycles what is important to me is that we keep building and improving im sure the price will take care of itself right and im perfectly fine with that point of view what is he gonna do as far as for affecting the price of drip by him literally wasting time looking at the price of drip i know we as people that own the token will be looking at it and then maybe its like well oh he doesnt care enough about the project or or hes trying to avoid the reality of whats going on whatever right hes the developer you want him to fix this then some people need to kind of lay off where hes investing his time if he himself is trying to put his nose to the grindstone to find troubleshooting solutions to have that big project and be able to get it remedied as quickly as possible and he you can tell that hes passionate about this project he is still actively communicating with the community all these sort of elements people need to just realize that the price action is all circumstantial and it is temporary right now if some more bad news comes out if it takes them way too long um something happens to their team like theres so many other factors that could come into play that could make it worse for drips price like thats just the reality of how this stuff works i dont have a crystal ball to tell you and if i did well then everyone would be winners and it just wouldnt work it doesnt that doesnt happen you cant have every single person be a winner right once people start taking profits from somewhere somebody ends up being a loser so those are the main elements i wanted to share with you guys as far as the updates with drip network just to kind of keep you guys in the loop so if you guys have any thoughts you want to share on this words of encouragement or if you want to express your frustrations youre still welcome to do so with all that um hopefully i see more people that are remaining positive in the comments but you know i cant force you to write how you feel right so thank you everybody for being here god bless you guys i do have referral links in the description including for drip and the animal farm so if you guys havent already participated with those and you want to opt into those systems you can help me out a little bit by you also getting in on it you can use those referral links and if youre new to the channel do not forget to hit subscribe hit the thumbs up like button click the bell icon god bless again and dont forget im not a financial advisor go do your own research i will see you in the next episode Forex Shark, the creator of DRIP Network has posted a series of statements regarding the progress on the various projects and meetings taking place. 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