SEC vs. Ripple - Investopedia In , the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission SEC alleged that Ripple, the blockchain developer and creator of the XRP cryptocurrency token, raised more than $1 billion in 2023 through Bitcoin, Not Ether, Builds Crypto Market Dominance Ahead of Ethereum ,Ethereum's highly anticipated Shanghai upgrade, also called the Shanghai-Capella hard fork, is set to occur Wednesday, after which users will have access to the $31 billion worth of ether ETH staked in the blockchain since December . The upgrade has been widely hailed as long-term bullish for chainlink purse THE CRYPTO HOMIES PORTFOLIO! CHAINLINK, COMPOUND, CARDANO, OMG, OXT, AND MORE!!!
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yo what up guys the crypto homie back at you with another video this video is all about the crypto homies portfolio want to know what bags i hold youre about to find out but before we get into it make sure you subscribe to stay up to date on the latest in the crypto space and now guys i want to start off by saying that this is not financial advice okay now lets dive right into it so as you guys see i have coin mark cap up and i made a little presentation of what i own so guys i believe theres 33 coin slash tokens that i own so you know lets dive right into it you know the crypto homies portfolio number one holding is bitcoin guys i believe bitcoin should be everybodys number one holding um its been around the longest itll most likely be around the longest and i mean traditional finance you know the stock market the the owner of the stock the new york stock exchange iced international continental exchange theyre investing in bitcoin i mean so many traditional stuff like traditional market companies are investing in bitcoin so guys bitcoin is the number one cryptocurrency out there right now and i believe it will continue to be the number one currency throughout the future alrighty so now that were done with that um just just you guys are aware from the beginning these are not in any special order i just kind of just placed them this way um i was trying to do research see what places have all these coins and ill try not to miss any if i find out i did miss some i will definitely do an update so another coin i own is ethereum guys ethereum you know i got in in 2017 icos the the initial coin offerings were such a big deal they were all basically built on ethereum so guys i had to get some ethereum i have to hold ethereum long term because traditional finance they are ex they are starting to lean into ethereum as the second coin to invest in and yes of course there theres chain link theres xrp theres other ones like theyre looking at as well but ethereum is like their number two option you know and it is the number two coin one coin mark cap as we see here you know 45 billion market cap you know up next is a 13 billion thats tether so just keep that in mind up next i have xrp um i know thats very controversial xrp you love it or you hate it but guys bitcoin is you know short the banks along bitcoin xrp is kind of like working with the banks so i feel like it was a great hedge because since they work with regulation be great hedge to have at least a little bit of xrp just so in case if the thing really takes off itll be massive in the future i mean theyre trying to solve what is it like a 27 trillion dollar problem with the novo vostro accounts basically where all this money is locked up do they have to have it there because they need liquidity if xrp can solve that i can see the price of xrp go sky high so yeah thats just my little tidbit about extra peaks kind of like a hedge just to see you know this yeah i understand cryptos are all about you know not working with the regulators not not making stuff happen but guys i mean in reality for traditional finance to take over and use this stuff we have to work with them somewhat so xrp i believe is a great hedge up next as you guys all know you see my videos about chain link guys i got some chain link gotten semi early so uh im definitely satisfied with that investment and i continue to hold and i think todays like today you know under 14 bucks is a great day to buy obviously not financial advice its a great day in my opinion to you know dollar cost average into chain link so if you guys want to check out chain link i have other videos about chain link just look on my channel i cant i mean i have more a lot more detail about chain link in other videos but definitely in my portfolio something i dont think i mentioned on this um youtube channel is binance coin guys i i personally believe that finance coin is like the amazon of cryptocurrency its going to be like the buying amazon back in the day or buying apple back in the day guys what cz is doing the ceo of binance i mean theyre working with regulators moving their exchange where they need to move their exchange you know theyve relocated theyve survived a like 44 million dollar hack you know they shut down to users in the us because of regulation and then now they created a new exchange just for u.s people so just for united states of of america citizens they have an exchange just for them theyre adding more fiat on ramps to all their exchanges theyre adding more and more tokens guys their future they have so much stuff i cant use so i dont know all the stuff they have now all i know is they keep adding more and more and more so guys i i see a huge major potential with binance coin up next is litecoin guys litecoin is one of the you know its one of the top coins guys back in 2017 it was still top eight its still the eighth one coin market cap so guys its just a coin that i just have because i see potential you know its been around for a while so i believe it will continue to be around for a while and hey i may be wrong i may be right but hey just something i have i have a little bit of up next bitcoin cash guys i the whole bitcoin cash bitcoin thing im pretty much into that you know the bitcoin is the real bitcoin i just have some bitcoin cash as a hedge just in case the bitcoin cash really turns out like just in case if im wrong just in case the bitcoin cash turns out to be the actual bitcoin which i dont believe is actually going to happen but i have a little bit as a hedge i mean i figure its kind of the xrp bitcoin thing hey you just never know and why you know why have zero when you could just toss a little bit bucks in especially when all this stuff was down really low in the bear market thats where i bought a majority of these coins and tokens up next is did you buy hey guys its one of those coins i heard a lot of stuff about um off the top of my head i dont know much about it i just know i toss in a very tiny amount because i figure hey over the next couple years a tiny amount could turn into a large amount im not sure if you guys have heard of tweeky tori he has that whole you know five coins to five million dollars you just invest 500 bucks into five coins which is a total of twenty five hundred dollars and they should turn into a total of five million dollars like in a year or two or whatever he said you had to pay to get his uh you know five coins but guys just keep in mind that you know tossing a little bit of money into some stuff like did you buy you know hold long term it might work out and thats why i own some oh as you guys saw a little sneak peek there hex guys hex came out the end of 2019 with the richard hart has this whole like game theory thing its like a cd in the crypto space its kind of this staking thats like very interesting how you can stay for up to 15 years you get a higher multiplier its very game theory it drew me in guys i got my free hex because i claimed it with my bitcoin and i had to buy some more and i had to take it it was just its just exciting and new and like whoa gains are coming with this bro like come on you know hey it might be a scam i dont know but i own a little bit like i said just a little bit well see what happens what do you guys think of hex you guys think its a scam as always let me know down in the comments below whoa guys this is one right here omizee omizi go omg we see that i think we saw omg pumped to ten dollars guys i actually bought omg about a week before it pumped okay so i got in a pretty good price i was like whoa i should i should have posted what i bought on youtube because i bought a lot of stuff that pumped like a week later it was it was kind of crazy so you guys i got some omg very satisfied with that at the same time i bought omg i also bought oxt so i bought both of these at a very low price and then they pumped up like crazy theyre still way above what like what i bought at so im satisfied with both of them so guys i do hold both of those up next is eos so guys eos it had that you know its ico launch it lasted about a year if i remember correctly and it came off the gate after ico with like a four or five billion dollar market cap it kind of reminds me of polka dot and lets you know we headed into a bear market with eos so as you guys can tell eos lets actually bring up what the price is you know hit all-time high around 22.24 somewhere in that range but guys today it is not looking that great its at a you know 2.91 cents id say its a great time to buy some if you want some exposure to it but hey im not like i dont i havent seen them make major major product progress like theyve said they were going to so i think it was just over promises under and under delivery but guys i still hold it hey well see what happens through the next bull market up next is xlm guys if you own xrp xlm is just kind of hand-in-hand like its like the little cousin or like the like the little brother little sister whatever you want to call it xlm for some reason they kind of move together and the other week i did make a video that i said watching omg zrx and and xlm for a potential move and omg and 0x did make a move but xln did not make the move it looked like it really looked like it was about to make a move but it did not so its a little disappointing um i think this is a great a great buy at eight and a half cents guys in my opinion obviously not financial advice but eight and a half cents uh i mean theres so many coins on sale right now i i just only have so much money to buy so uh but that thats definitely a great buy so the next one up next is tron guys tron is something back in 2017 that i purchased and i it was kind of one of those hype things you know like is it really real is it a scam who knows but now it seems really legit guys its up 22 in the last 24 hours that is whats up my guys 22 so id like to see yeah i just i hold a little bit of tron just like a little bit of other stuff too so got got my tron back up next is cosmos guys i got some cosmos you know its also known as adam i like i kind of like it you know staking uh its pretty cool how you can see you get the staking rewards its kind of cool its um you know get a little bit more adam every month just because i stake it so and long-term potential i i mean its one of those coins that its on pro coin base definitely has that long-term potential so got to own some of it if you know what i mean so up next guys knc yeah i bought some k n c long one like when i bought the omg and oxt just one of those things i was like you know what its on pro coin base let me just buy a little bit and hold long term guys so far seem to do pretty well lets actually check out the current price of knc you know the kyber network so as we can see its at a dollar forty its actually less than what i bought it at thats a little disappointing but hey guys you cant win them all and my investing strategy is long term okay i i think at least six months at least six months okay guys i want to hold these things for at least a year two three years somewhere in that range and obviously i like to hold bitcoin for way longer just because i think bitcoin has the most potential over the long term and who knows these all coins some of these will be the apple the amazon sure if you help if you hold them for 20 years theyll make you maybe billions but definitely millions so hey well just see like see what happens got some carbon network got to hold some of that up next the 18th coin that thats on this list of what i own is compound hey guys i made some videos about compound you know its uh it was one of those things i watched as soon as it launched from coinbase pro i was like whoa 400 it just jumped like just double more than doubled very easily okay and then you know i was like you know i gotta buy i saw hit 180 im like i think this thing is going to keep going down i ended up buying at 136 and it bottomed around 120 bucks so guys you will never time the bottom youll never time the top but i feel i feel very proud that i bought it at 136 simply because so far its shown that that was a great entry point i mean its at 209 right now we have major major resistance at 250 to 260 dollars guys we have to break through that to see a higher higher once we break through the 260 dollar area that resistance there and make it at support whoa im im excited because all-time highs for compound then so whats up next guys we got cardano so cardano is uh i really like the the ceo of cardinal charles hoskinson hes very active in in the community um theyve launched their shelly they they just keep doing improvement after improvement after improvement he just posted out his roadmap for the next two months and guys there they have a lot theyre theyre putting a lot of stuff on the table and they really really need to perform i mean theyre offering staking they want to have a stable coin they want theyre basically competing with chain link guys i wouldnt be surprised if we see some kind of partnership with chain link um thatll be interesting but guys at 10 and a half cents right now oh my this is a great buy in my opinion this is something im looking to add more to my bags and then up next is neo guys neo its back in 2017 i saw this thing was like sky high like 200 some dollars if if i remember correctly we we can actually scroll down and see the all-time high it hit 196 okay i mean we just seen this thing and then during the bear market i saw less than 10 bucks so i had to pick some up got a little bit of neil its one of those things hey well see what happens next two years like who knows up next is zrx bought some of this um like the day i bought the omg oxt and a couple other things i just wanted some more just figure hey it seemed like everything kept pumping so let me buy before it pumps again and i got it i filled a little bit more in my bag of zrx h bars oh my goodness guys h bars so h bars had this like long anticipated launch they finally launched like i felt like i waited forever for it okay and then they launched and i was like oh where can i buy it its all on the big tracks so i sign on the big tracks i buy it for around 10 cents as you guys can see on the screen right now it is 4.1 cents so then when it launched from binance i ended up buying some more around 5 cents so guys im still down but this is a long-term hold just like everything else my portfolio guys i i cannot wait for one year from now two years from now to see what they prefer will be worth so just keep in mind these are great entry points not you know selling points so youve got some h bars right there hedera hashgraph up next is engine enj guys engine they have some kind of partnership theyre working with samsung to kind of integrate their wallet through the phones like that like the last ive actually researched them im definitely down on this a little bit but hey guys this is something that you know once again long-term potential so we will see what happens has 150 million market caps so who knows um its definitely something that i have my eye i own for a while and didnt pull the trigger for a while i eventually bought some thats a pretty recent purchase and then up next is ken oh guys i got a story with kim okay so when i first got into crypto you know in 2017 i was like whoa like its the whole buying more tokens more coins was very attractive it didnt matter like what it was i could buy i was like bro i can buy a million kid im gonna go buy a million kids so i did and uh yeah a million can uh it doesnt matter they have a million of them guys because it doesnt mean its gonna be worth more okay um im down like 99 on my investment right now so keep in mind everybodys new to this that just because you can buy like a million or a hundred thousand or you know lets say 10 million of some kind of coin or token that may sound good in your head because it really did in my opinion i was like well i have a million it made me feel so good like what million million coins bro but uh guess what uh it was a bad decision im just holding because its basically worth nothing and well see in the next bull market if it turns out to be worth something so who knows you never know uh ken was sued by the sec so thats uh kind of what put the damper on that one if you didnt know that up next is den guys this was something cool i got kind of got hyped in the 2017 bull market 2018 theyre doing stuff with like mobile data so borderless so when you travel the world you can have like you can have internet and like cell phone service with texting that was very cool so i bought in around two cents and uh you know um um its at point zero zero zero two seven eight dollars so im way down on this investment about 99.9 percent i mean very close to 100 we could just round up and say i lost everything but i did not sell because its worth nothing so why would i saw something thats worth nothing figure hey well see what happens in the next bull market um but i mean right now you could buy a million dent for 278 dollars if i did that math in my head correctly so i mean asymmetrical risk who knows maybe tossing 100 to 270 bucks in would be worth it i dont know not financial advice but hey it definitely has potential in my opinion up next is algo hey guys i just bought a little bit of algo its on pro coin base i just wanted a little bit just to have a little bit of my bag so uh if this thing is the next chain link hey i got some obviously im not saying and you know things are going to kill chain link i think chain link is going to do very well in the future but uh i just have to have a little bit of everything else too if you know what i mean oh blue guys blue i bought some blue because it has that whole you know they were going to be like the antivirus of cryptocurrency and i kind of you know got into that hype and i was like well this seems really cool this has a lot of potential bought in at 20 cents and its uh 0.000 so uh its not worth too much um not worth much at all so guys actually this might be the wrong blue lets see no its blue protocol guys i apologize to pull up the wrong one see theres two things called blue its kind of silly blue protocol is what i have you know its worth four cents right four and a half cents right now four point eight cents it was worth like seven cents yesterday guys this thing pumps and dumps all the time because just the other day it was less than a million dollar market cap its 1.7 million right now so hey guys theres definitely pumps and dumps with this stuff right now so hey you can get on in it i guess but hey its hard to get liquidity so id be extremely cautious i you know i would not recommend doing that unless youre an experienced trader but yeah im just holding this long term because my bags turn into almost nothing any of the next bull market you know you just never know what happens up next guys rep you know agar its a d5 play i just had to get some im holding it long term well see what goes from there populist have you guys heard of cliff high he he mentioned popular so i bought a little bit of it and uh populist currently is down a lot from when i bought it i bought in at around a dollar and look guys we are at 30 cents so yeah im down about 70 but guess what a cryptocurrency that is nothing okay so i held through this bull market so hey you get like you get those uh you get the strong where you get so detached from your money that it doesnt really matter plus i have a long-term outlook on like on everything so im not concerned 16 million dollar mark cap guys this may be a great time to stock up on some more i definitely keep keep keeping that in mind so up next is btr guys big true exchange so as soon as i saw a bit your exchange launch i was like whoa this is going to be the next finance like theyre going to do so well and i was like so i gotta buy some btr hey guys im down im down on my btr okay lets just put that way and but i still believe it has major potential this this is an exchange that i use and i think uh its its one of those exchanges just to have so when things get crazy you have options because when the bitcoin market in 2017 when it got real real crazy you could not make an account on exchanges they shut down the new users because the exchanges couldnt handle the influx of new people so keep that in mind its not a bad idea to just open up multiple exchanges get verified you know just be ready to be able to like use them even if youre not going to use them today so a bit true its just i think it has major potential well see what happens there okay you know it has a just under a 4 million mark cap i think thats a great low cap coin to get into but just my personal opinion obviously its tied to the bit true exchange and full disclosure that they were hacked but they did survive that so i think that shows great strength in them so up next guys is tazos tezos t zx um i may have spelled that wrong let me know down in the comments below i think its t-z-os like that yeah i believe thats it so basically guys i got some of this you know coinbase urn there was a staking i was interested in that so hey i had to just get some you know its one of those plays just hold a little bit and go from there dragon chain guys oh lets check out dragon chain if you guys have not seen my video in dragon chain you guys gotta check that out i believe this is one of those gems through the next bull market were going to see some major moves on this on this coin okay 22 million market cap right now you know its at 6.2 cents im way down on this a little bit but hey guess what i believe this has major potential im holding for for the long term up next guys this is something i recently got into this is my most recent purchase guys this is pretty exciting to me helium hnt so it got listed on i was like hmm what is this thing i never heard this thing called helium like whats up with this so i see its rank you know i think thats incorrect on coin market because theres no mark cap here um the last i checked i had around a 40 or 50 million dollar mark cap on coin get go but when you go to the market pairs on coin gecko and on coin mark cap they both say the same thing bilaxi and who so guess what i was like whoa i have to buy some of this because what if it gets listed on any other exchange you know pro coinbase kucoin bit true gate that io theres all these other exchanges thats not even on its not even on a uniswap or anything so i was like i got to get some of this its my latest purchase guys im letting you know this is my latest purchase so if you guys want to know what i just bought at some hnt so guys thats all thats in my bags as of right now obviously guys obviously ive checked out polka dot ive checked out kusama all these videos ive made out its just my research and what i think i think they have major potential i only just have so much money to put into cryptocurrency i cant buy everything that i talk about everything that i research i definitely see major potential in polkadot major potential in kusama like i put out videos that i think have major potential even though i may not have money in them simply because i dont have enough money to you know be invested in all of these cryptocurrencies i mean guys theres like 6 000 cryptocurrencies theres just no way like scrolling down down this list i cant have all these but i but i do think theres major potential like if im not mistaken pro coinbase is launching uma so hey thats something to check out somebodys launching that if im wrong about pro coinbase somebody is launching that um so keep an eye out for that ill have that in in a later video but i i think theres major potential in iota i dont own any i also think theres major potential in v chain i dont own any so guys just keep in mind my videos i try to give out the most value what i believe has a major major potential and something that you guys should be made aware of so just keep that in mind um what like what do you guys think of my portfolio what do you guys think like do you guys have the same coins do you guys not like the coins i have um theres a lot of you know love and hate with xrp and just like a lot of coins like that so what do you guys think let me know down in the comments below hey and whats your portfolio what what are your topics let me know because i always love researching new ones and i have a list here like of course look at that you guys gave me and guys i really enjoy that so please let me know your top picks down in the comments below and as always homies this is not financial advice this is just pure entertainment id like to thank you for watching the video smash the like button if you liked it and subscribe for more content because the crypto homie is signing out Want to know what cryptocurrencies I own? 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