chainlink goerli faucetTestnet Goerli Ether Climbs as Traders Jump on Opportunity Meant for Developers

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chainlink goerli faucet Dogecoin surges after Coinbase launch news -... Testnet Goerli Ether Climbs as Traders Jump on Opportunity Meant for Developers
testnet goo early I like to call it test net Gary because it just sounds kind of funnier I dont know ether spikes too 1.60 as Traders jump on opportunity meant for developers see theres an opportunity to make money everywhere in crypto so geath pumped over 1.60 cents this weekend rising from Seven cents last Friday and it reached a market cap of 15 million which is pretty impressive nearly a million dollars worth of Geth was traded in the past 24 hours with 3.79 million total of Geth in circulation and 1260 token holders at press time but it has now dumped over 40 percent which makes sense because thats kind of what Traders do they get in and get out golari is a test net version of a theorem for developers to simulate transactions smart contracts and test their code prior to deploying on mainnet well since you are our Tech person I think are you the tech savvy person of the show today you were Christy you guys want to fight for it you got ta up today thats a nice thing Ill take it really quick throw it over here yeah this is a funny story and I think it kind of goes to the point that everything crypto has a price right like most things in the world actually have a price we just dont think about it because theres not really a Marketplace for them right so like Im in a room right now with a bunch of potted plants its not really a price that we think about for them but they actually do have a price we used to have a Marketplace for them and go early was the same story right there wasnt really a Marketplace for go early eat like if you wanted some you go into a Discord Channel youd ask a bot for some and then it would send it to your eth address just as a faucet this is a common thing in crypto right were going back in history theres even Bitcoin faucets when Bitcoin basically had no price because there was no Marketplace for it once these marketplaces start showing up people start pricing things and the same thing has happened with Geth here right where they put it on unit swap for the first time and then it starts trading at a price and people dont like that because it really is used just for developers people use Geth to test new applications its really the only purpose for getting it and all of a sudden it has a price and people arent comfortable with it Im not really uncomfortable with the story though because I think it just makes sense like its not ever going to have have the price that eth does because eth is where the action actually is where people are actually putting applications on chain that people are using for uh trading and finances and things like that G8 is just for testing things around so I think people got uncomfortable with it but to me its not too big of a deal but Christy might have another take yeah I I first off my my uh my first reaction was wow is this ever dumb because these are testing tokens these arent supposed to have value the value is in the testing environment and it is as you said they were they were distributed through a faucet like it just got it for free in order to test things now what is I think unfortunate about this situation and this is where as well a little two people are getting uncomfortable about uncomfortable about it is that its basically going to end up wrecking the test neck um there were I think four test Nets originally before the before the main net release of uh East 2 as they say um a proof of stake and they deprecated uh two of them and Gourley is one of the remaining test Nets and now were going to lose Gurley um because its having these tokens uh an ascribed value to them now that makes it expensive for developers to use them and test things on the network in the way its meant to it looks as if they may just deprecate that Network as well one of the developers said you know well its done its done well its its run its course and um and thats totally fine but that does you know what happens if they do the same to the next test Network thats left so thats thats the I think the concern there um I dont know how big a concern that is but you know that thats I guess one of the reasons why people were uncomfortable with the whole idea of these tokens for some reason you know reasons having value suddenly what do you think Jen well I have a bunch of g e that the developers sent me to test things and I read the headline I was like am I rich and then turns out Im not um but the story made me wonder Christy and maybe you can answer this question for me what like how is this going to affect the developers like it doesnt have a big impact on developers who are building things now whats going to happen I I dont know I mean literally I dont know I just know that if you are a developer who is randomly testing stuff on Ethan on um on the girly test network uh then its going to cost you to use uh the the ges uh in order to make your products or your your applications run or test now perhaps this will then get kicked back to a company that is sponsoring the developers or whos hired these developers and they can eat the costs and its no big deal um but it does look as if they are just going to uh end the test Network which means they will lose that environment and have to switch to I cant remember which ones left but theres at least one left um because two of them were already deprecated so yeah thats thats I think the concern um and hopefully we dont end up with the same thing happening on the remaining Network so yeah anyway thats thats anybody have anything else they want to add to that yeah I just want to Yeah Wendy I I totally get the concern that its you know making it harder for the developers to develop and you know focus on what theyre doing because of the cost implied now but at the same time I think that this is also a cool part about crypto is that people can find Value in anything and create value anywhere and I just like the idea of being able to transact and you know use different things however you want to use them but again I still empathize with the developers because I understand that can be a little bit of a pain you did Join Consensus2023, the most important conversation in crypto and Web3, happening April 26-28 in Austin, Texas. Tickets on sale now: Goerli ethers gETH price skyrocketed to over $1.60 during the weekend, rising from 7 cents Friday to reaching a market capitalization of as much as $15 million. The Hash panel discusses the catalysts behind the price spike and why some developers see this as the start of the end of Goerli testnet. TheHash-CoinDeskTV,