Dogs / Goats / Pigs... Whatever. chainlink dog pen digging outStrong Fence - No Digging !!!

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so you want to put up a high tensile fence but you dont want to dig a bunch of holes post hole digger rent an auger pour a bunch of concrete got a quick solution for you what is up guys welcome back today were gonna be putting up a new fence a little area for the pigs get them out of the main yard were gonna be putting in a no climb force fence which requires stretched unlike the welded wire over here the benefits of this theres a lot more heavy duty its 12 gauge versus 14 gauge in the world of wire the thickness in the wire its a lot thicker and its got these uh but woven knots we can stretch it real tight where the pigs cant bust out of there and then this is an example of the welded wire which is pretty good stuff its not as strong not a stick now to stretch this bad boy I made a Finch stretcher you can buy these things or seventy bucks or you just make your own thats one eight-foot 2x4 cut in half and then some bolts through it five bolts there to distribute the attention of the fence so we dont damage it and then just a chain running off well attach that to the tractor and give it a good yank it every once in a while I found a product that I want to share with you guys it works really well today Ive got one whenever youre driving around these rural areas and you see these fences theyve all got braced corners takes a lot of man hour a lot of time effort money to dig these things down people are going like five six feet in the ground with them trying to brace it all up theres a company that makes this wedge kit you gotta check it out its called wedge lock let me show it to you real quick check these things out they install in just minutes just slide this thing over your teeth post its got these little pieces of lock another t-post in it like a 45 degree angle and uh here take this and film this for a minute Vince nice and tight actually went to their website stole a little clip check this out the strength of which lock hardware can be seen in this demonstration a stress test was performed at the University of Arizonas agricultural research department to determine how much resistance could be applied to the bracing the wire fencing itself snapped leaving the wedge lock Hardware intact its time to add a little horsepower this side here is too much fence for this the pool so we have to use to come along I know these arent gonna be as strong as like a 8 inch round post and a big old ball hitting on it or something but for the reason I needed it it was perfect there we go fences installed with the wedge lock system nice and sturdy turned out real good no a shot from the inside.what neck grass kind of grow up so the pigs they eat and stuff these wedge locks come in a kit for that corner right there it was $22 for the pieces do that that corner not including the teeth post a few posters 369 each and then over here we do an end at $17 for the pieces for that plus the $3.00 69 cent tipos if you liked the video leave a like comment subscribe make sure you click that subscribe button you get notifications from our next videos also check out my channel down here all kinds of other cool videos check them out check them out alright guys thats all I have for today thanks again for watching take care later peace No Used high tensile Red Brand no climb 2X4 horse fence on t-post and t-post alone with the Wedge Loc hardware. Worked awesome... saved a lot of time with digging and concrete. Give it a try if it matches your needs. You can find these products at TSC. Thanks for watching. Please Subscribe if you like... For more videos check out my channel...