chainlink githunSolidity Memory, Storage, & Calldata Ultimate Web3 Solidity & Javascript Course Lesson 2 Pt. 7

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foreign so one thing that youll notice here is that we have this memory keyword and youll notice if you try to delete it from our function here you try to compile you actually run into an error data location must be memory or call data for parameter in function now there are actually six places you can store data in solidity you have the stack memory storage call data code and logs were not going to go over these right now but we are going to focus on three of the big ones or three of the important ones for this section which are call data memory and storage so for this section were going to talk about call data memory and storage and this is a little bit Advanced so if you dont totally grasp it the first time thats totally okay please continue even if its not Crystal Clear whats going on here call data and memory mean that the variable is only going to exist temporarily so this name variable only exists temporarily during the transaction that this ad person function is called storage variables exist even outside side of just the function executing even though we didnt specify it up above our favorite number is automatically cast to be a storage variable since its not explicitly defined in one of these functions since we dont need this name variable anymore after this function runs we can keep it as memory or we could keep it as call data you could have a parameter as call data if you dont end up modifying the name for example we couldnt reassign name to equal cat here if we compile we run into an error type literal string cat is not implicitly convertible to expect to type string call data however if we have this as memory and we compile and save it that error goes away call data is temporary variables that cant be modified memory is temporary variables that can be modified and storage is permanent variables that can be modified now even though I just said theres actually six places where we can access and store information we cannot say a variable is stack code or logs we can only say memory storage or call data youll learn why in a much later section now this is a bit of an oversimplification of this thats essentially whats going on the next question you might have is well why do I need to say memory here but I dont need to say memory here well lets go ahead put memory here and hit control s or compile and lets see what happens we get from solidity data location can only be specified for an array struct or mapping types but memory was given arrays structs and mappings are considered special types in salinity solidity automatically knows where are U and 256 is going to be solidity knows that for this function a u and 256 is going to live just in memory however its not sure what a string is going to be strings are actually kind of complicated behind the scenes a string is actually an array of bytes and since a string is an array we need to add this memory bit to it because we need to tell solidity the data location of arrays structs or mappings and a string is secretly an array so thats why we need to tell it its in memory youll notice we cant add the storage keyword here solidity also knows that since this is a function this name variable isnt actually getting stored anywhere so it says hey you cant have that you need to have it be memory or call data and those are the only two that it accepts so this is what we want our function to look look like here so the summary of this is structs mappings and arrays need to be given this memory or call data keyword when adding them as a parameter to different functions well learn more about storage memory and call data in later sessions Go from beginner to expert Web3 developer in just 32 hours, divided into 19 different lessons. 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