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welcome welcome welcome welcome we are live here temper crypto tv welcome back on a friday evening welcome back its been an eventful week uh so much its been happening but finally its friday today and uh a lot of people are looking forward to the weekend looking forward to rest especially when you are an employee or youre working somewhere or something is happening obviously looking forward to the weekend to rest welcome back we are live viet uh empire crypto tv on a friday evening and uh as always please um invite your friends your teams your groups tell them we are live here we do not want you to miss this powerful information that were going to share with you today every day we bring out some new topics some new discussions to you and we want to make sure that you also catch up be on the same level with everyone when people are in a group talking about cryptocurrencies talking about blockchain solutions talking about amazing things that are happening in the space you can also partake in the conversation you can also you know share your experiences share whatever you know about blockchain and cryptocurrencies we want to avoid a situation where you find people who are actually talking about uh these indus and you cant really say anything you just call mom because theres nothing you can share you go into a plane you sit next to a business person then they start talking about defy they start talking about nfts they start talking about all these uh projects that are found in the crypto space and you cant really share anything so this is the situation that you want to avoid hence we are here to teach you all about this industry from head to bottom from bottom to head stay with us be with us every day all day 7 00 pm every day we are live here at empire crypto tv all right welcome welcome please say this live broadcast your friends to everyone whos uh still there we need to hear this information and obviously as usual im not alone im with my co-presenter here the one and only crypto cindy yes crypto king how are you tonight im very well and how are you how is your friday are you looking forward to the weekend uh the weekend is very short and theres nothing to look up to currently these days but yeah im happy its friday uh okay no kristoff its uh its friday its friday its friday and uh yeah but um we dont stop even if its friday we are here we committed to um sharing this powerful information with our viewers with the empire family we always hear how you feel about such an initiative yes i think this is a very good initiative and the people are actually not actually taking it and seeing it the way that were seeing it because now which other channel gives you so much information on crypto every single day monday to friday 7 p.m with no excuse and stuff we make sure that even the news that we bring to you on a daily basis is something that even if maybe youve heard it somewhere before but we give you we actually lay it down for you to make sure that after the show every day at 8 00 pm you have actually learned something new so is we actually worth your data all right uh powerful information is being shared on this platform uh great great insights are being actually spread and shared on this uh platform we want to be your platform to get the news the latest news breaking news updates about uh in the crypto space anything happening the crypto space small or big is going to be shared on this platform we are building one of the biggest crypto community in the world and yeah um without you we cant do it we need you we need you we need you by our side so yes lets go to our youtube channel subscribe on our youtube channel empire crypto tv lets grow together lets grow this channel lets grow this platform together all right crypto cindy what was the discussion yesterday what executive did we share with our viewers yesterday so yesterday we were talking about crypto stacking were explaining what stacking is as weve always told people that there are so many streams of income in the crypto space so yesterday we chose to actually discuss what stacking is because some people only think when youre talking about bitcoin theyre only thinking about trading or youre talking about crypto they say no i cant trade no i cant mine so yesterday we were unpacking the stacking part of the crypto and were making sure that people understand what they need in order to start stacking and what are the advantages and disadvantages of staking their cryptos all right so we shared a lot about stacking which is uh another sure way of uh ending cryptocurrencies the passive way i mean without much uh effort from your site you can just just take your cryptocurrencies and then every day every week every month you are getting some coins into your wallet so thats what is called stacking we shared more information about staking um if you did not really attend our live show yesterday go on to youtube channel um find empire crypto tv and start you know watching that video it was a powerful video that we actually shared yesterday about earning passive income on the crypto space stacking masternodes uh proof of stake so yeah there was so much information that was shared yesterday so if you missed that live show um its not all lost you can still find it on our channel all right um what are we discussing today what are we sharing with our empire film okay so today were talking about the solana ecosystem is ecosystem okay are we talking about solana the coin that is uh doing wonders these past few weeks which is going up i mean hes flying are we talking about it yes we are talking about it but we are also just talking about solana as a platform and we are just also going to be discussing about two other coins which are also part of the solana platform so not only are we discussing the solana thats made people millions in just a few weeks but were also just going to be discussing the ecosystem part of the solana sure millions have been made from solana millions have been made good money have been made from solana these are projects that uh you know um you know from nowhere they start happening but looking at um whats behind the ecosystem of which is going thats what were going to discuss today you can see we would see um theyre coming from far i mean they they theyre powerful and theyre still early the chain is still very much alive theyre still going far so yeah were still going to look into that um lets play the discussion of the day yes empire film please uh to indicate where youre watching this live broadcast from dont just keep quiet there want to engage with you want to talk with you do let us know where youre watching this live broadcast from make use of the comment section just go on comment section say im watching from botswana im watching from this so too im watching from my health bro im watching from plum frontie and im watching from limp wherever you are do indicate where youre watching this live 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to focus on three projects which is uh tita solana and chain link these are the projects guys that we want to share with you that we want to discuss and really make sure that everyone understands about this project all right crypto cindy are you there are you ready i am here with you all right give us a run down um give us uh some submits about tether tether usdt look we have heard a lot about tetra usd as a state blue coin um some the way some other questions um that we can actually make like uh can you invest on twitter and stuff is tether a usd is it um is it a fork from usd the fiat currents you know the american dweller is theta a fork from usd all those questions all this information is flying around from our people but today since they are here on the platform ready for us lets break it down what is tether okay so today well be just talking about tether and as we say well talk about either solana and talk about chain link so were starting with tita so tita which we know the symbol is usdt is a stable coin as youve just said which mirrors the price of the u.s dollar so it was issued in hong kong in a hong kong-based company which the company name is called actually tether now the token pegs to the usd is achieved via maintaining a sum of commercial paper fiduciary deposits cash reserve report notes and treasury bills in reserves that are actually equal to the usd value so that is what is actually the tether is all about so its uh from a company from hong kong yes okay all right um where is hong kong is it in america is it in japan is it where is it is it in west africa where is hong kong hong kong is definitely not in africa its definitely not in america you know us as africans when you talk about hong kong you start seeing chinese people you see and remember we think japan japanese people and the people from hong kong and people from china we see them as one yeah look um growing up i mean even now theres still that stigma ill say um when you think when you think of japan hong kong china yes uh isnt it the same people they look alike i mean its one person i mean theyre from the same father or something no hong kong is in china now what youre saying is what other people are thinking of africa when they see black people they all think that we are all in one country in africa then when you say no this one is from nature like oh so you next door to nigeria theyre thinking its just a very small world and were all neighbors and exactly like you say they all thinking africans look alike okay all right anyway its one world we all the same we pray the same air weve got the same hair and stuff but yeah we all human beings regardless all right we love one another cool stuff all right usdt were talking usdt all right how does uh tita work how does the usdt work now the tita actually offers a way for investors to avoid the extreme as weve said previously that we know in the crypto market it actually the currencies actually fluctuate in the crypto market so this actually avoids such people who dont want to see their money going down and up so this is the reason for that stable coin now by moving the value of okay by moving the value to usd tether a trader might reduce their risk of exposure to the sudden drop in the price of the cryptocurrencies so its also a much cheaper and quicker way to transfer when youre transferring your bitcoin into a tether rather than when you actually converting your bitcoin into your fiat currencies all right um just uh before we go any further i want to understand this um does tita have found us or its uh similar to uh bitcoin where we do not know satoshi nakamoto have never met saturation nakamoto it might be me it might be you it might be the the other person that im looking at now but yes um does it have its founders it actually does have its founders its actually has a founders they actually started the coin in 2014 and the people who started it number one the three people the first one is brooke pierce then theres ref collins and there is craig seller so he anonymous we know these people oh we know these people theyre not just uh names what what what that weight in new city almost something of that theres something i dont have my kitchener with me here um i was gonna imagine that way whereby people are on anonymous and and you know no one knows them oh you can just put your face um especially most of the projects especially programs and projects they put fake faces um people that time do not even exist but weve seen it i mean especially in the in the in the space with these most of these projects and programs all right um what makes uh tita unique i mean its uh what makes it unique um what makes it so popular among the other cryptocurrencies now the reason why its actually so unique is because of the feature which is the fact that its actually the value of it is guaranteed by the tether which is pegged to the u.s dollar now we all know how powerful the u.s dollar is just the u.s dollar so having a crypto currency which is actually pegged with the us dollar actually gives it so much power and popularity okay all right and of course uh the since we are comparing it with the usd um ill differ a little bit um though look with usd its a fiat currency um whenever they feel like printing they print more of these currencies or for this fiat currency um its its unlimited um it keeps on you know losing value also um so whats the total circulation market supply of uh usdt usd tether okay i like your question now especially because now we were actually comparing it with other fears we all know in fiat the government actually decides we need more we need more and whenever they want to print they just do so but this is a cryptocurrency as we said although were comparing it to that it is still a crypto currency and therefore it has a supply and we actually know exactly how many are in circulation so currently with the tether in circulation right now we have about 68 billion in circulation right now ah okay so weve got 68 billion circulation of factor usd 10th yes and that is billion not millions so 68 billion all right then of course uh do you mind that titan doesnt really gain value is always paged at one is to one with the usd so one one usdt will always be one usd tt at knxt usd so it doesnt its not its not really a currency that shes gonna wake up tomorrow uh two dollars three dollars or four dollars or five dollars it remains its uh one is to one paste it one is to one with the usd fiat hows the hows the network um to the network secured okay remember as we said it does not have its own blockchain so instead it operates on a second layer token on top of other cryptocurrencies so its actually very very strong mainly because its not actually depending on one network so its actually on blockchains like bitcoin ethereum tron algorithms bitcoin cash and now that is secured because of the respective hashing algorithms on those and then if i want to invest on tether i want to buy as many maybe 10 000 or 100 000 usdt as an investment so that my 10 year old son when it comes i close up at 15 and 20 years you can actually you know have so much money because i invested on tether how can i go about it now remember as we just said previously is that its one is to one to the u.s dollar so theres no way that you can actually expect one to actually equal to 100 us dollars or something like that so let us keep that in mind but as we all know as you were saying now if you want to keep money for your child for a long time unfortunately you are not going to make so much money from it mainly because its pegged to the u.s dollar as we said but there are other platforms where you can actually lend your usd on and get much interest the exchanges and there are also wallets they can also pay you high interest just by storing your usdts on those platforms okay so its not really um a volatile i mean coin um its always down there but there are still ways around it theres still some options to look at especially when i want to end around the usd tether yes okay so its landing and stacking and some other stuff yes okay now kristoff um i want to buy i want to buy usd theater where can i do so okay so there are actually exchanges where you can fight either the popular one which weve been talking about mostly this week is finance theres finance theres okay x theres hit btc and theres huawei global but another thing you must also check before you actually get one name and start thinking that youre going to buy them make sure that thats theres an easy way of you to buy wherever you are because remember were not only from south africa not only from south africa in the group so anyone before you actually check make sure that the platform or the exchange you want to buy from is user friendly in your country and check check everything before you actually start buying into that crypto that you want to buy all right now question for us since we mentioned dm perfume that weve got three projects that were going to discuss share with you here now we have spoken about usdt which is yes detector a step coin um used its in the top ten actually top ten of uh at coin market cap all right the next one we talking about solana project so lana ecosystem crypto cindy are you ready yes i am more than ready solana the much spoken about coin in the past few weeks yes so lana has been in everyones mouth anyone thats talking about crypto has been talking about solana lately okay all right solana is a highly functional open source project that banks on blockchain technologies permissionless nature to provide decentralized finance which is defined solutions while the idea and the initial work on the project began in 2017 what are the founders of uh solano okay so so lana the person whos mostly behind solana is called anatoly yakovenko i hope im pronouncing his name very correctly so hes one of the people that are majorly behind the solana now this person has a history in the engineering project and he actually started solana and after that he actually had people joining his team and one of his friends i would say to be his previous colleague which is called greg greg fitzgerald yeah greg fitzgerald is also a founder whos his friend and he actually founded solana labs okay all right solana labs okay christoph what makes it unique i mean um what makes it stand out from other coins ive been actually listening from different angles from many corners of the world people talking about solana being called by the greatest traders investors you know what makes it unique so much noise around it now one of the essential innovations solana brings to the table is proof of history now that is called poh now consensus developed by anatoly the guy that we spoke about now this concept allows for greater scalability for the protocol which in turn boosts usability so it actually makes it easy for people to use and solana is known in the crypto space because of the incredible short processing time in the blockchain office and also hybrids protocol allows for significantly decreased validation times for both transactions and smart contract execution now with lightning with lightning fast processing time solana has attracted a lot of institutional interest as well now the solana protocol is intended to serve both the small time users and enterprise consumers alike one of solanas main promises to its consumers is that they will not be surprised by an increased fees and taxes now the protocol is designed in such a way as to have low transaction fees while through guaranteeing scalability and fast processing okay kristoff great stuff great information how many solana coins are there in circulation and the total maximum supply i would say okay so what the solada currently there is around 296 in supply currently right now and i just want to see the total uh okay i just want to see the total supply currently just one second i will just have it there with you now come on okay ill just check it so as we see that solana has actually been attracting so that is maximum supply for solana is said to be 504 million okay all right um okay all right so theres so many of uh this is called um how is the network of solana secured i mean weve uh seen especially with uh polycorn um theyve been some you know tampering with the uh their network and they yeah they had to steal some coins although they protect them back remember we we spoke about that incident here live when the empire could the tv um hows the network of farsolana secured okay so solana relies on a unique combination of the proof of history and proof-of-stake consensus mechanism now the proof of history is the main component of the solana protocol as it is responsible for the bulk transactions of processing the proof of history also records successful transactions and the time that it has passed between them thus ensuring the trustless nature of blockchain and the proof of stake consensus is used as a monitoring tool for the proof of history processes and it validates each sequence of the blocks produced in it now the combination of these two consensus mechanisms actually makes solana a unique phenomenon in the blockchain history industry all right look um as we are talking about uh solana so many people have gained interest i mean if you are in the crypto space you have heard about it especially in the past week or two head about the wonders of fasolana you might have seen it somewhere someone one of the groups made whats up groups chat groups or social media groups um people talking about swollen but um can you help our viewers here at home where can they buy solana if someone wants to invest in solana where can they get or obtain solana okay so the solana can also be bought in exchanges like finance like okay theres all so you just like all the other coins that were speaking about lets just check and see which one you actually happy and you think is user-friendly for you and probably you can actually find solana also there and as you were saying about the solana prize i also wanted us to actually show the viewers the history what has actually made solana stand out and be on everyones mouth recently so i just wanted to open it quickly here so there it is we are live here at temple crypto tv um do not forget to go on youtube subscribe to our channel empire crypto tv so that you dont miss most or some of this information that we are actually sharing with you here live right now right here all right um okay so you are showing us solana okay so we are looking at solana now here so solana can increase to 200 there yes i am 200 now okay like thats why thats fine okay so we see the price of solana the lowest was around 68 68 yeah lets just say 68 66 around 66 us dollars there is on the 26th of august and now it started making waves from there and the highest it actually got to that is was around 211 and i remember people were posting that solana is actually past the 200 us dollar mark and everybody was just celebrating so imagine in a short space of time the this is now the 9th the 9th of september it had actually made almost triple of the prize what it was in the previous month in august so this has actually made solana one of the most famous and loved for 2021 all right most famous and loved for 2021 all right is it a good investment for long term or its just a noise which is i mean weve seen so many coins um some of them we call them coins that they make a lot of noise in a short period of time and then disappear into the um from the market until they die is solana not one of them is solana not going to leave us with high hopes and then just disappear i dont think solana will be leaving us soon the main reason is what weve just explained about the combination of the proof of history and proof of stake remember what the other coins which have been having just hypes and were seeing people saying theyve made millions of them they just go down or they just start not doing well as mainly because some of them dont even have a a use they actually just they they are just memes just to make people smile and give people money but besides that they are just coins so something like solana its something which is very solid there are so many other cryptocurrencies which are built on their network theres so much going on there in the solana world if you can just take some time even maybe a day when a day off or something and just do some research on solana you will see that there are so many projects there which might actually make you understand that this is not going down i actually saw somewhere im not saying this from me its actually what i saw i saw there are actually other places whereby they are comparing the solana to the famous number two ethereum so people have been asking is solana the next ethereum okay all right um well discuss topic for another day well look into that um if solana is really going to substitute ethereum or its just something not comparable or something but yeah look its something to look at if there are some you know if there is uh smoke theres fire if theres smoke its fine all right im still on there um ive been just checking the price in the last year 52 weeks ago so lanas price was a dollar yes just a dollar you know um then in the last 90 days solana was 90 days 3 months hey yes 369 yeah um it was twenty dollars twenty us dollars and then in the last 30 days it was 66 dollars like you just mentioned earlier and of course now where were standing is coming from 210 us dollars um though currently sitting around 140 u.s dollars so yeah its been its been so much i mean happening at people who are actually holding on to this coin investors who saw this project way before they are sitting with um theyre sitting in millions yes but now remember with other people especially when there were so many hypes this year when there was calling the memes like when the dodge came when they was with that shiva uni came out most people like me we started selling our cryptos that we had and then we jumped to these new projects because other people were telling us that they have made millions overnight okay so its about its all about formal i mean fear of missing out you wanna just jump on part um of uh a coin that is being spoken about at that point in time um but look what ive noticed also in this place there are some coins that get a lot of attention at a certain given period and then they disappear ill repeat what i said earlier that uh we dont want such projects whereby um everyone is talking about them they are you know the hype is so much its so tense is happening but all of a sudden um they just disappear we dont want such because its it creates a fake market it creates a fake community yes and it does and it actually gives the whole crypto market a bad name because now people will not focus on all the other good coins but theyll all be clinging on to this one and start saying hey someone said theyve lost this someone said theyve lost this and it actually gives the whole crypto market a bad taste all right um whats our next coin the last coin that we can look at before we we move on um next coin is chain link all right chain link chain link chain link um the decentralized oracle network that provides real-world data to smart contracts on the blockchain smart contracts are pre-specified documents on the blockchain that evaluate information and automatically execute when certain conditions are met thats changing all right what are the founders of chain link as per your understanding okay the founders is sergi nazar nazar and hes a co-founder and is also the ceo of chain link labs and the company was started in 2014 it was him he teamed up with steve ellis and they launched smart contracts the platform that brings smart contracts to life by connecting them to extreme data and widely accepted bank payments now the smart contract was one of the entrepreneurial ventures that led sergey to actually fund to actually start and think and then founding the chain link all right now christoph where are they from do you have any idea where sergey is from it sounds like a vendor kai um hes flown around hes definitely not from or whatever you mean around around way around africa around the world yeah around africa no i dont think its around africa but ill tell you now wait okay um in the near future i want to bring some coins um from africa from southern africa from south africa yes do we have any do we have any coins that actually doing wonders out there uh not any that i currently know of but we will actually talk about just dedicated show on african on african currencies and cryptocurrencies that will be okay no thats fine um lets move on um lets move whats up what makes yeah okay i was saying that sergi is from russia oh its a russian mafia a russian guy but he actually migrated and is now based in new york oh okay all right negan from new york new york all right um what makes chain link unique now its one of the first network that allows the integration of off-chain data into smart contracts now with many trusted partners chain link is one of the major players in the data processing field now due to the integration of the off-chain data chain link has attracted and attracted all the attention of numerous and trusted data providers including the brave new coin alpha vintage and tuabi now data pro sorry data providers cancel access to data directly to the chain link thus monitorizing the information they have so its also a decentralized network as we always say with our crypto it allows users to become nod operators and to end revenue by running critical data infrastructure required by blockchain success it also uses a large collection of node operators to collectively power a wide range of decentralized price feed oracle networks live in production which also secures billions in value of leading defy applications all right we are talking about chain link here one of the most also spoken about our projects in the crypto space and uh just to give you a heads up chain link its got 453 million circulating supply at the moment all right um how is the chain links network secured i mean we always want to talk about security network being secure and stuff those are the some of the things that we look at before we invest or before we actually put our mind into a certain project okay so its also an ethereum based erc20 token so chain link is secured by the proof of stake consensus mechanism so unlike the proof of work which we know for bitcoin it uses the pos now it relies on the amount of stacked tokens for selecting node validations now pos also has protocols were actually created with the idea to battle the vast power consumption required by the proof-of-work system now pos models are becoming also highly increasingly increasing in popular in popularity because of the need to save electricity and are also easily scalable all right okay stuff sorry i believe chanting is also a good investment is classified as a good investment i do you agree yes i highly agree especially with coins which actually tell us the use and what they are actually improving from out from the other coins then you can actually see that there is potential you check if theres potential and like me i actually support projects which have proof of work or proof of stake that actually show you what is going on before i put my money so i know exactly what my money will be doing all right breaking news what we have for us today breaking news all over the world there it is our breaking news today is a country called hungary hungary actually unveiled in south african terms they were doing an unveiling they were unveiling a statue in honor of the bitcoin creator which weve all never seen we all know his name is satoshi nakatom nakamoto so theres the statue there so they actually unveiled their statue there just to actually show people and just to honor him so hes actually this is the first country the first country worldwide to actually say we are honoring him and guess what because nobody knows his face the statue has a face there which actually doesnt show who that person is and when you look at that statue you actually see your own reflection which is what they wanted us to know because now they are saying that we are all the kind which created bitcoin so everyone when youre looking at that you see yourself as the creator of the bitcoin so everyone who will actually look at that statue is a satoshi all right we are all satoshi nakamoto we are all saktoshinakamo we are all the bitcoin creator um one day you wake up and hear that mr mapena is the satoshi nakamoto and what would you do would you be surprised you will do just say oh okay no i suspected [Laughter] ill say no you know what ive always known it was you oh then ill just send you my wallet i send you my bitcoin wallet and say ah just give me ten ten [Laughter] all right now christopher nice one uh a country called hungary theyve actually unveiled the statue called satoshi nakamoto the funny part or the unique part about it is that um when you look that statue doesnt have a real first but when you look at this stage you can see yourself we can see your face there meaning we are all satoshi nakamoto all right anything else uh or shall we close no we are okay i think the only thing we can do today is just look at the market analysis for today and then we are done all right um lets check how the market lets briefly check how the market is doing its friday now today people wanna just uh uh chill go and enjoy um some they i mean withdrawn their bitcoins so they want to pry and stuff so i can see also the numbers are not so great today people are chilling people are really you know not in the mood remember even the lockdown has been eased a bit so people im sure some have not actually been at home or actually on the road so they cant actually even watch but i actually trust that even though they are not with us right now but most of them and even the others will also subscribe to our youtube channel which is empire crypto tv so that even if they miss us at 7 00 p.m monday to friday but they know for sure that they are going to get videos which they will watch and get information from um just a minute okay so there it is there is our all right okay i see bitcoin still halting at uh 47 000 us dollars yes all right um last time your practitioner still was spot on about uh bitcoin going over 45 and holding around 48 whats your petition for monday what do you think bitcoin will be holding on by monday you know weve been seeing bitcoin doing wonders of the weekends previously the markets were not so active on the weekends but weve seen bitcoin doing wonders over the weekends so i actually foresee that bitcoin by monday when we wake up its highly possible that it can be around 48. okay all right still around 48 000. yes okay because now its bouncing around around those uh levels 48 47 48 7 47 48 47. okay all right now christopher thats it uh guys please remember to subscribe on our youtube channel go to youtube empire crypto tv and subscribe of course we are back again on monday with some more exciting news more exciting powerful topics that well be discussing right here at empire crypto tv so dont miss any of our shows we are live at 7 p.m guys um lets start engaging lets start talking um send us some love like our videos and of course uh invite other people to this show so that we grow i mean if we are not growing if we are not going anywhere we might find we might reach a time where we feel tired and we stop sharing this news but we do not want that because we are partying we are committed to this journey we are committed to make sure that you are better at trade you are the best investor in the next five to 10 years your life will never will never be the same it would have changed so much all right whats up uh crypto cindy can you close for us please can you do our daily prayer i think the prayer is actually led much more effectively by you so ill just do the closing you to the prayer all right guys thank you so much for being with us here on a friday evening have an awesome weekend remember the market doesnt slip its 24 7. cryptocurrency market is here 24 7. anytime you want to see some trades anytime when i put some threats and this time when i check the market youll find it moving up and down so its always here thank you so much for being with us here go to our youtube channel and subscribe crypto is here crypto will be with us here forever and forever more thank you so much thank you goodbye okay There are now over 400 projects in the Solana ecosystem and counting!Among these projects include unique wallet solutions, decentralized exchanges, lending protocols, staking platforms, digital games, storage solutions, metaverse platforms and much more.On this show we will focus on three: Tether, Solana and Chainlink. Tether is a stablecoin stable-value cryptocurrency that mirrors the price of the U.S. dollar, issued by a Hong Kong-based company Tether. Tether USDT? USDT is a stablecoin stable-value cryptocurrency that mirrors the price of the U.S. dollar, issued by a Hong Kong-based company Tether. The token’s peg to the USD is achieved via maintaining a sum of commercial paper, fiduciary deposits, cash, reserve repo notes, and treasury bills in reserves that is equal in USD value to the number of USDT in circulation. 1. How does tether work USDT? 2. Who Are The Founders Of Tether? 3. What Makes Tether Unique? 4. How Many Tether USDT Coins Are There In Circulation? 5. How Is the Tether Network Secured? 6. Should I invest tether USDT? Solana Solana is a highly functional open source project that banks on blockchain technology’s permission less nature to provide decentralized finance DeFi solutions. While the idea and initial work on the project began in 2017. 1. Who Are the Founders of Solana? 2. What Makes Solana Unique? 3. How Many Solana SOL Coins Are There in Circulation? 4. How Is the Solana Network Secured? 5. Where Can You Buy Solana SOL? 6. Is Solana crypto a good investment? Chainlink Chainlink is a decentralized oracle network that provides real-world data to smart contracts on the blockchain. Smart contracts are pre-specified agreements on the blockchain that evaluate information and automatically execute when certain conditions are met. 1. Who Are the Founders of Chainlink? 2. What Makes Chainlink Unique? 3. How Many Chainlink LINK Coins Are There in Circulation? 4. How Is the Chainlink Network Secured? 5. Where Can You Buy Chainlink LINK? 6. Is Chainlink a good investment ? 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