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How to Doge? - Getting started with Dogecoin Open the Dogecoin client. Go to Help -> Debug -> Console. In the console you type the command: importprivkey YOUR PRIVATE KEY NAME OF THIS WALLET with the quotation marks [IF THIS DOESNT WORK! Try to update your Dogecoin client!] [optional step] A good step at this point is to transfer the dogecoins to a different wallet. Cardano s Comeback: Is the Ethereum Killer Ready to Dominate 2 days ago · Cardano’s price was able to jump to $0.39 in January. Cardano’s price has returned to $0.30 after dipping in late February and early March. However, in the previous two to three weeks, the Cardano price has been able to stably grow again, reaching above $0.40 in recent days. working at chainlink labs [See Description] Chainlink Price Feeds Chainlink Engineering Tutorials
working at chainlink labs Dogecoin Hits All-Time High As Fans Hope... [See Description] Chainlink Price Feeds Chainlink Engineering Tutorials
chain link is a framework for easy modularity you can build networks with as many nodes and as many data providers as you like to keep your projects decentralized then you can build external adapters on top of those data providers to add even more functionality and make them even more powerful as youre starting to see chainlink gives you all the tools that you need to work with external data in your smart contracts while keeping them secure reliable and decentralized now theres a lot of data out there that a lot of people have a common interest in using and it would be nice if there was a shared decentralized resource so every single person looking to spin up a network doesnt have to redo the work that hundreds of thousands of other people have already done as a community this massively would cut down on gas costs and it would allow everyone to get access to the same high quality data apis instead of having to have a subscription with every single one this is where chain links most powerful and easiest to use tool for the decentralized community comes into play enter price feeds chain-link price feeds are shared resources for pre-box decentralized networks by having multiple users chip in to pay for each currency pair gas payments dont need to be duplicated across the system of that currency pair so as a community we pull the data to get a reliable decentralized value for common data points this way we can have an economy of scale paradigm where the costs are even less than if you spun up your own centralized oracle chainlink price feeds are highly decentralized secure infrastructures run with only top quality apis so that you can be assured your smart contract executes correctly the open source community powers the price feeds and allows you to clearly and verifiably see all the data chain link price feeds are the data backbone helping secure billions of dollars in d5 today many of the top projects in the d5 space are using chain link price feeds as their backbone you can of course always spin up your own decentralized network lets look at a visual that shows even more how it works this is its a ui to show you everything thats happening within the price feed space we can scroll down and see all the different price feeds for fiat pairs each pairs and even common assets like gas price we can see a list of users that are helping sponsor the price feed if we click on a price feed we can learn even more about how its working here we can see a ton of the data and metrics that goes into this price feed this number in the middle is the current value of the aggregation and we can even click on it and see the smart contract in either the chain link explorer or ether scan surrounding the price feeds are all the independent node operators that are supplying data you can see what each one is returning for a value and then the median price is calculated in the middle the nodes are also monitoring the price off chain as well and if theres a price deviation of over 0.5 percent itll trigger a price update otherwise a price update will kick off whenever the heartbeat hits we need a minimum of 11 oracles to respond with a total of 21 in this price feed we continue to scroll down and see the different metrics associated with it now lets jump in the code and show you how easy it is the chain link documentation has all the examples and solidity code that youll need including running with javascript and python all we have to do is import the aggregator interface were going to create an aggregator interface object called price feed and for this our constructor is going to set the address equal to the ltc usd price on the coven network you can see the whole list of different price feeds on each one of their networks in the chain link documentation again were grabbing ltc usd on the coven network then our price feed objects will call this get latest round data function youll notice its a view function so you dont even have to make a transaction for this lets test it out compile injected web3 deploy coven confirm and then we call our get latest price function remember its multiplied because the theorem doesnt work with decimals we can see the price of ltc is 48 hopefully by now your creativity is running away with all the things that you can build with price feeds and that have yet to be built and while the wheels are turning lets switch gears to something that maybe you dont want a shared resource with like getting a random number in your smart contract but not just any random number approvally random battle-tested random number that doesnt depend on the ethereum miners to power things like lottery gaming and anything else where rng is needed well learn how to do that in the next video ill see you there you ---Updates--- The ropsten testnet is no longer supported. You can use this video to get started instead. Oracle Networks Powering Secure, Reliable, & Transparent Price Feeds for DeFi and any other use case. Chainlink price feeds are a simple, highly decentralized, high quality, and shared resource powering some of the top smart contract projects, and can power yours too. Chainlink is a decentralized oracle network that enables smart contracts to securely access off-chain data feeds, web APIs, and traditional bank payments. Chainlink is critical to connecting the blockchain ecosystem to the rest of the world. Links from video: Chainlink price feeds documentation: Chainlink Defi Page: Defipulse: Chainlink price feeds: Learn more about Chainlink : Documentation: Discord: - Very active and developer focused! Website Building DeFi Applications: Twitter Telegram ChainlinkEngineeringTutorials,