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hello everybody welcome back to my channel today we are doing the analysis of link and we will be starting from august 2020 to october 2020 so we will be discussing what is happening with link usdt at the moment because there are new signals which are by two and bull signals so lets start from these cell signals that i see supercell hell and sell two signals given by engineering robo at the same time three cell signals given by at the same time like crazy guys like when you see this kind of sell signals you need to sell it that means youre gonna be losing your money if you dont sell it so after these sell signals as you guys can see people lost 54 percent of their money unfortunately because they either they didnt want to listen engineering robo or they dont know about engineering robo this is why i am taking these videos i am doing this analysis to let you guys know about engineering robust signals and right now after these cell signals we have by two and pull signals from engineering robo which i am expecting hopefully this coin will will go up more so that we can make some good money and yeah but i am watching for sell signals to be present if there will be any soon so that i can go ahead and sell it again to not lose my profit or my money like people did over here so yeah there are by two and bull signals are present right now and i am i am looking forward to make some money thank you so much for watching see you later What is EngineeringRobo?EngineeringRobo is a Robo Advisor that uses a computer program that follows a defined set of instructions to create successful entry and exit ideas to users via 3rd party charting website, tradingview. The Best Trading Robo Advisor - Crypto, Forex and Stock! Aren’t You Tired Of Fighting Against The Market? Do your trades keep you up at night? Tired of allowing your emotions to control your trades? Powerful trading software - , 7 Robot Advisors that has helped stock, forex and crypto traders to get the best results! Easy to use, Try now. So, It is time to try EngineeringRobo. chainlink linkbtc link How to trade Chainlink? LINK Technical Analysis - LINK Price Prediction 2020 - LINKBTC * LINKUSDT Chainklink is a decentralised oracle network that provides offchain data to onchain resources. It basically acts as middleware between two different environments and bridges the two. Chainlink is trying to solve many of these centralized dats issues. Through the use of what are called oracle node, the Chainlink blockchain wants to develop a decentralized network of these oracles. Chainlink also wants to provide a solution to connect different blockchains. Blockchain interoperability is a well known problem. LINK token is an ERC677 token that was issued on the Ethereum blockchain. The max supply of LINK is 1 billion with about 35 percent of that circulating. LINK has two functions in the network: - Paid by smart contract creators to reward node operators - As a bond to run a chainlink node The first one can be seen as paying for data. These smart contract creators are paying the node operators for the offchain data feeds that they are providing. When it comes to LINK as a Bond, this is done in order to guarantee uptime from the nodes. To get future updates, follow us on: Twitter: Telegram Group: Facebook: Tradingview: Instagram: Youtube: Medium: Steemit: Publish0x : Tiktok : Whatsapp : Stocktwits: Website: chainlink,link,