chainlink suppressionRetire Early On Chainlink LINK By 2030

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chainlink suppression Ethereum's Pending Withdrawals Reaching Over $3 Billion After ,8... Retire Early On Chainlink LINK By 2030
hey guys its tom todays retiron crypto video is about chain link an altcoin that you may or may not have heard of currently its ranked number 14 out of all the cryptocurrencies in existence by market capitalization so its a dominant cryptocurrency but it still has huge upside potential in the future which is why it makes it a perfect cryptocurrency to talk about today so how many channeling tokens do you need in order to retire and how can you generally retire on chain link in the future when people think of cryptocurrency they dont think of chain link immediately because it operates in its own individual niche but im excited to do this video because chain link excels in that niche and its a crypto everyone should watch out for in the future chain link is not a proof of stake network so you cant earn passive income from the network directly but there are indirect methods that you can earn passive income from that will support you in retirement and that were going to go over today the cryptocurrency industry is an emerging market and chain link is still early in its stages of development and has a ways to go in the future but as such it has huge future potential overall its important to know how the chain-link supply structure operates how many link tokens youll need in the future what the potential future price per link token might be in the future how much fiat currency each scenario will cost you and how you can start using chain link as a retirement asset today first we need to understand how the chain link supply structure operates to understand how future growth will be impacted so as of today september 9th 2021 chain link has a circulating supply of 450 million linked tokens chain link has a limited supply model where only one billion linked tokens can ever exist the other 550 million tokens have already been minted and distributed so youre probably wondering where the other 55 of the token supply exists well as you can see in this table when you break down the chain link supply structure you can see the circulating supply the node operator fund the link team and the total max supply as we just stated the circulating supply of linked tokens is about 450 million tokens the node operator fund is 350 million link tokens at 35 and the link team possesses 200 million linked tokens at 20 of the total supply compared to chain links ico back in 2017 you can see how the link token supply has changed over the years in the table below most notably you can see that the circulating supply has increased by 15 of the total supply in the past four years chain links supply structure is extremely interesting because it has some pretty cool attributes firstly it has a hard cap of one billion tokens which makes it supply finite and scarce so over time chain link will gradually become more valuable because its scarcity secondly the linked team possesses 35 of the token supply as of 2017 their supply has slowly decreased over the past few years to help develop the project and bring chain link to light so because the chain link team owns such a large percent of the supply chain link is considered a centralized cryptocurrency which has helped it develop in its early stages faster than it would have if it was decentralized finally the 35 percent of tokens reserved for node operators is for rewards its also interesting that they pre-cut 35 of the supply out rather than using rewards to slowly mint tokens and increase the supply in the future so now that we know the basics about chain links supply of link tokens lets talk about how many linked tokens you actually need in order to retire for an unlimited amount of time so its different depending on where you want to retire around the world i personally live in the united states but living expenses differ around the world now i cant cover them all because that would take too long obviously but if you do live elsewhere in the world a quick google search will reveal your countrys average living expenses but in this video well be using the united states in the united states on average you need about twenty five hundred dollars per month to cover your living expenses twenty five hundred dollars is an average so you might need a little more or a little less depending on your own individual lifestyle so well be using this baseline expense level of twenty five hundred dollars to find out how many linked tokens youll need in order to retire before we hop into our models that were going to be looking at today we need to view a chart that shows our price predictions for ethereum in the year 2030. this chart is important because our link price predictions are all dependent on ethereums price predictions chain link is an erc20 token that is highly correlated to the fluctuations of ethereums eth token so as you can see in the chart we have our models outlined on the left hand side our price prediction in the center and the year 2030 on the right hand side the first three rows represent models one to three and the fourth row is the average of those three models each of these models will be important because we will be analyzing the potential link price in the year 2030 based on each individual model all right so now that we have a basic idea of what our ethereum 2030 price predictions are we can jump into our first model where we will be analyzing the link to f ratio as it compares to our ethereum price predictions so in the first chart you can see we have a lot of metrics in the first three rows we have our current day link to f ratio of .008 our average linked to f ratio of .02 and our all-time high linked to f ratio of 0.044 there are three ratios to provide you with a conservative moderate and extreme price prediction per model next in row 4 you can see our ethereum price prediction of 18 540 for model one remember that this price prediction is an ethereum price prediction finally in rows five to seven you can see our link price predictions for 2030 based on model one using our three different link to eth ratios so in row five we have our conservative current day ratio providing us with a 145 dollar link price in the year of 2030. in row 6 we have our average ratio providing us with a link price prediction of 371 dollars and finally in row 7 we have our all-time high ratio providing us with a price prediction of 806 dollars in the year of 2030. so some pretty conservative price predictions compared to what we will see and this is mainly because model number one has our lowest ethereum price prediction compared to the rest of our models next up we have model two as you can see in model two its set up the same way as the previous model our ratios are listed in the first three rows our price prediction in the fourth row and our price predictions in rows five to seven for link so in row four you can see we have a price prediction of eighty two thousand one hundred forty three dollars for ethereum in twenty thirty based off of this price prediction you can see the link price predictions below in five to seven based on our current day ratio you get a price prediction of six hundred forty one dollars in twenty thirty our average ratio gives us a price prediction of one thousand six hundred and forty three dollars and our all-time high ratio gives us a price prediction of 3573 dollars so some pretty high price predictions and this is because model 2 is our highest ethereum price prediction for 2030 at 82 000 next is model 3. as you can see in the chart for model 3 just as in the other two charts the first three rows are our fixed variables of link to f ratios row four has our ethereum price prediction of seventy one thousand seven hundred sixty three dollars in twenty thirty and rows five to seven you can see our price predictions for link in row five our conservative current ratio provides us with a price prediction of 560 in row 6 our average moderate price prediction gives us a price prediction of 1 435 and in row 7 using our all-time high ratio we get a price prediction of three thousand one hundred twenty two dollars per length token in the year of twenty thirty model three wraps up our three individual models but we have model four still left which is the average of the three models we just went over so jumping right into it model four has our same fixed variables in rows 1 to 3. in row 4 you can see the average price prediction for ethereum in 2030 based on models one two and three of fifty seven thousand four hundred eighty two dollars and finally in rows five to seven you can see our price predictions that we will be using for the remainder of this video in row 5 our conservative current ratio gives us a price prediction of 448 in row 6 our moderate average ratio price prediction gives us a price prediction of 1150 and finally our lucrative all-time high ratio price prediction gives us 2500 in 2030. so that concludes our model for price predictions which is the most important model because we will be using those price predictions going forward in this video i know that models one to four had a lot of information so i created this chart you can see here that will show you visually each models conservative current day ratio moderate average ratio and lucrative all-time high ratio the most important model of these four is model four as i previously stated and you can see that on the right hand side of this chart so with all of our price predictions complete its now time to start analyzing our retirement scenarios so for all of our retirement scenarios well be retiring on only chain link in the united states using what i call an unlimited retirement scenario this is where you dont have to deplete your principal balance of chain link instead youll be able to make 2 500 per month in accrued interest from your staked chain-link tokens that will cover all of your living expenses now yes i do realize that a traditional retirement scenario would slowly deplete your retirement assets over multiple decades also this does not account for inflation or taxes so know that these scenarios are not a direct roadmap on how you should retire its more just to get the conversation started around retiring on cryptocurrency and in this video chain link specifically also like i said this 2500 figure is an average for the united states so even if you do live in the united states you might need a little more or a little less depending on your individual lifestyle in addition if you live elsewhere in the world thats not the united states go ahead and find your countrys monthly living expenses and swap those out in the calculations were gonna do in the future so as you can see in the table we are using a staking rewards rate of 3.5 percent which is what you get from block fi you cant stake chain link anywhere but you can artificially stake it through custodians like blockfi i do have a link in the description of this video if you do want to sign up and look into their service also we just mentioned our living expenses per month is 2500 as seen in the second row and we are aiming to retire for an unlimited amount of time based on all of these fixed variables i created a second table as you can see it shows all four models price predictions using the moderate average link to f ratios price predictions in the year of 2030. also it shows the required length tokens youll need per model to earn 2 500 in staking rewards monthly so for model one youll need roughly 1926 linked tokens in 2030 to cover 2500 of living expenses for model 2 youll need roughly 435 link tokens for model 3 youll need roughly 498 tokens finally for model 4 which is the three model average youll need about 622 link tokens to earn 2500 each and every month so now that we know how many linked tokens youll need for each scenario how much money will it cost you if you were to buy the required linked tokens at todays market price as you can see in this table that i created it shows the total cost to acquire the required chain link tokens per scenario at todays market price to acquire 1926 link tokens at todays market price it would cost roughly 52 772 dollars for model number one for model 2 it would cost just under 12 000 to acquire 435 link tokens for model 3 it would cost 13 645 to acquire 498 tokens and finally for model 4 our 3 model average it would cost about 17 000 to acquire 622 link tokens at todays market price so at the market price of roughly 27 dollars and 40 cents today these link tokens required are relatively achievable with some time and effort on your part but you need to decide if adding chain link to your portfolio is a right move for you at the start of this video i mentioned that cryptocurrency was an emerging market the crypto industry is tiny as of today in 2021 but in the future it will continue to grow today chain links market capitalization is roughly 12.4 billion dollars which is large but a very very small percent of the global finance industry so its market cap will only increase in the future as chain link further develops and gains market share from the traditional finance industry this table shows how the chain link market cap and the chain link price will change if it captures a certain percentage of the worlds assets seen at the bottom row chain link currently represents point zero zero zero zero zero four five percent of the worlds assets that is a very very small percent in a scenario where chain link captures one percent of the worlds market cap the chain link market cap will increase to roughly 27.5 trillion dollars and can reach a price per token of 60 000 obviously this is a pipe dream but the emerging market of cryptocurrency has rapidly grown since its inception in 2008 and while chain link might not ever get that large there is plenty of room for growth prior to that number you can also see other hypothetical scenarios where chainlink captures different percentages of global market cap and what chain links price would rise to if youd like this video is part of a series that im doing that will have a grand finale video in the future and itll all make sense in that future video when it releases but for right now just know that there are other cryptocurrencies with huge future potential that were going to dive further into in the future so if you do enjoy this video and want to see another video like it with a different cryptocurrency please let me know in the comments below its worth noting that all of these scenarios are merely hypothetical and this is not a direct guide on how to retire on cryptocurrency like i said before its mainly to get people thinking about retiring on cryptocurrency because it is a real possibility in the future and there will be future conversations that youll probably hear over the years about it anyways thank you so much for watching my names tom and i will see you later Everyone wants to retire early and become financially independent in life. The cryptocurrency industry is an emerging market that has many opportunities that will allow this dream to become reality. Chainlink LINK is one of those opportunities in the future, more specifically 2030. Indirectly staking Chainlink LINK tokens can allow you to build a passive income stream that will help you retire early by 2030.This video breaks down everything you need to know about using Chainlink LINK as a retirement asset. You need to know about Chainlinks supply structure, how many LINK tokens you need in the future, the potential price predictions, and how you can indirectly stake your LINK tokens. ⮕ Get 1 free stock valued up to $500: ⮕ Get 4 free stocks valued up to $2000: ⮕ Get up to $250 in BTC with BlockFi: ⮕ Get $10 With Coinbase: ⮕ Instagram: ⮕ Twitter: ⮕ Business inquires: ⮕ My Gear: ⮕ My Music & Software: The video is broken down into: 0:00 Introduction 1:06 Chainlink Supply Structure 2:53 Living Expenses 3:32 Ethereum Price Predictions 4:14 Model 1 5:27 Model 2 6:13 Model 3 6:54 Model 4 8:05 Unlimited Retirement 9:00 LINK Required 10:06 Fiat Cost 11:01 Chainlink Market Cap 12:11 Retire On Crypto Series ___________________________________________________________________________________ DISCLAIMER: Some of the links on this page are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I may earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase and/or subscribe. 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