Fence Build PT.3 chainlink welded to tension barQuick Easy Way To Install Tension H Brace Wire.....

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chainlink welded to tension bar The Separation of Ripple and XRP:... Quick Easy Way To Install Tension H Brace Wire..... Fence Build PT.3
hows it going today guys is extremely windy today so a lot of video is going to be just filmed with a little music in the background not my really my forte i really dont like doing that but this wind is absolutely horrible so if it calms down later today maybe well get some good audio im gonna have to move in the garage so today were going to be building our h braces and running our our wire our tension wire and thats pretty much all were going to be doing today so friday were pulling wire today were running h braces so hope the wind dies down because id hate to have to play music all the way through the video all right guys all right well not just yet you guys want to see how big these turkeys are getting whoa theyre making noises too oh boy youre getting big wheres your minions youre getting big the meat bird ones back there huge yep oh yeah use a big end before too long were gonna have to find these guys a new home whats going on girls whalen mack whats going on girls how you doing waylon im doing okay you treating the new ones all right how about you you gonna talk to me no you guys keep it locked down tight and jim pop dont you oh theyre coming out now right here is the original uh post of the old fence so even though i kicked it in this way the old fence line follows this corner post diagonally and then i kicked it back in this way because the original fence line veered off in that direction so this is the closest point to the old property line of the old front fence line that ive came to so to ensure that im staying within the the property line so lets get this measured out and build this brace up oh yeah and i set the old i set the old t post right there and uh just so i knew positively this was at so i didnt get off uh i think its probably a little overkill but you never know with people i like to not cause drama and keep good relationships but it would be a real bummer if my neighbor contested this and made me take it down so it is what it is uh many of you might ask well why dont you just go talk to him well i dont put any ideas in his head thats why so maybe this give me some time to smooth things over wed get a long drink of beer or something get over it but the day and the work must go on and i need this pin built so on where we go uh i dont know why i keep on setting this down i forget its got belt blue thing oh wheres my post there if yall can hear me over this loud wind and cracking trees around me im using these eight and a half inch screws to uh anchor my my post here or my cross post for my h brace uh these are the ones i salvaged out of those pallets i uh took apart so thats pretty good thats a score you know i didnt know what id use them for but i kept them anyways so freebie for me good enough for the girls i go with and it all comes together well guys its been a long day and its been really windy really windy but ive got almost all my tension wire ran on these h braces and the method that im using i got from deep southern homestead and its a real real awesome way to get this tension wire ran for somebody who was an amateur whos never done this before it was super simple and it seems to be pretty effective and if you guys want to uh check that out its his uh tencel wire h bracing video that he has um you know im not im not im not i like to shout them out because its a great idea actually so check that out watch how im doing this if you want the details go check out his video because like i said im not professional at this its probably its its something i learned from his channel so check this out so kind of learned to do this so i stopped guessing at how much wire im using or im going to need because ive been running out or using too much wasting then im bending the end so i can find it again later thats something i uh learned to air trial in there do so do so up all you have to do is bang the wire tight keep on pulling it with your hammer and then firm up your staple all i gotta do now is take care of this excess wire ive been wrapping it through here and then twisting this up get a little bit tighter but i thought this was a pretty slick method for running this brace because theres a lot of contractions out there a lot of them are expensive the ratchet system man thatd be primo to own that but uh its a little expensive and im not holding any animals that big so i think this is gonna work just right now i know theres a lot of people out there going to critique me say i did this or said did that but you know what im holding goats people not not holding horses or cattle or anything i think this little simple fence is going to do me just fine i could have went with a very large post and dug twice as deep but it is what it is and if i have to learn from my mistakes and so be it but for now its all i can do there it is folks finished product pretty tight effective and easy to do by yourself oh im a little winded had one of my kids fall out a tree had a run all the way down to the property make sure it was okay come to find out they were building a fort underneath a big huge rotten dead tree they were climbing on my boy fell out of it kind of a blessing because theyre building a fort and this whole big dead tree is ready to come down right underneath of them where theyre building their fort so i showed them the danger show them the other dangers showed them what to look for and then showed them how close they were to having that big tree fall on i just grabbed the tree i mean were talking 16 20 inch round dead cottonwood and pulled it down and it just crushed their fort down below but we moved some logs around and they got a better fort now so disaster inverted but what i wanted to show you guys or tell you is with this method that im using that when you take a call hammer or crowbar and youre pulling this wire this tensile wire this slick wire the only way they could grab onto it is by biting into it now i ran into it twice where i had the wire snap it just pulled apart it could be just a weak spot and a wire but its definitely definitely a downside of doing what im doing now saying that if you were to go with like horse wire i think and you had double the wire wrapped you can grab a hold of it better you probably wont run into that issue so next time note it entered in the brain a little food for thought just saying its an issue i had and id hate for you guys to run into the same thing because i told you so or because you guys watched video and saw me using this wire so horse wire and to show that im not lying or making stuff up it just happened to me i was pulling this wire right here and it snapped right inside my hammer so i wasnt joking this stuff itll break if youre pulling on it now i got to pull this i got to pull all this wire back out maybe i can salvage this but now i got to do it over again so food for thought how was your fall good see you next spring and the next episode were rolling fence now that is going to be a testament of how straight i got things and how well i did because running that fence is going to be a bear i can only imagine i think im going to roll it out in my long front yard in measured sections pre-measured sections and then make those rolls and drag them up the hill and start tacking them down and pulling it tight thats the only thing i can do when im by myself 330 foot roll thats a bear to manage by yourself but it is what it is so thats all i have for today and i hope you guys return for the next episode when we roll the fence out and see what kind of catastrophe we can run into so thanks for watching and ill see you on the next episode This isnt new or something i came up with but once I learned it this way of installing tension wire tight by your self Im sold on it.