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medium chainlink How to Buy Ripple XRP -... Quant Network and ChainLink MAJOR ADOPTION! HUGE Tomochain & Updates
happy saturday everybody maddie here with altcoin buzz hope youre having a terrific weekend so far lots of altcoin projects are in the news a lot of exciting developments were discussing among others quant network today which is in the news theyve partnered with xrp and ripple is going to be using quant networks over ledger gateway as one of its ripple xrp validators for a lot of other reasons as well quant network is in the news theyre going to be helping out with the cbdc initiative central bank digital currencies and this is very timely to report because as you may have heard the first such national cbdc just launched in the bahamas this is the first official nationwide central bank digital currency we also have updates guys with regards to some exciting news there well be discussing new initiatives with tomo chain which is in the news with a couple of new partners and to close things off make sure you stay to the end well be discussing how chain link is going to be helping to track the us election results on the blockchain which is really one of the ultimate goals if not a holy grail of blockchain technology election tracking results guys if you like this kind of content bitcoin blockchain and cryptocurrency be sure to like and subscribe to altcoinbuzz all right lets kick things off with that very exciting xrp news quantity here representing quant network has this to say xrp is opening up the world to a new means of cross-border payments and on-demand liquidity running an xrp validator via over-ledger gateways which plugs into quants ecosystem of ecosystems of the future earn q and t by processing transactions from ripple powered by qnt we are covering this very big story here on ripplexrp and quant overledger gateway partnership this article by rachel interested persons can now earn qit very simply by processing transactions using ripple so this is all part of ripples efforts to improve its cross-border payment system as i mentioned a moment ago they are adding the overledger gateway as one of ripples xrp validators and this ultimately addition is going to make it possible for ripple users to earn qnt tokens you may have also heard about ripples potential move to the uk that was covered in our last video brad garlinghouse talking about how the uks financial authorities dont really view ripple as a security the way the sec and the cftc do so if youre not up to speed on that news make sure to check out our last video on the subject but again this development is important because it allows the user base to earn q and t tokens if this is the first time youre hearing about overledger well quant networks overledger is an industry operating system for blockchains notably overledger provides interoperability across blockchains or decentralized ledger technologies these include permission blockchains and other blockchains like ethereum and ripple over ledger also provides interoperability to public blockchains like bitcoin ethereum eos iota and stellar as you guys know and quant network is on a roll not only with this news up 4.4 on the day outpacing the market which is up 1.2 so quant ticker q and t up to 13.57 guys for a detailed analysis of quant network and why we feel its going to be massive a massive rather and for a more in-depth explanation of what quant network and overledger really is check out this video we published this now several months ago on the 8th of june 2020 shash also pointing out here on twitter make sure youre following xxx the top six recent articles on googles news search on quant network or all by altcoin buzz so were actually very happy to report that we have been reporting on quant network really as an authority now for quite some time and were getting recognized you know for that in terms of what some of the search engines come out as suggestions i tried it myself i only got the top four suggestions here but nevertheless those are the top four so do be sure to check out altcoinbuzz for all future quant network news going forward and a very big kudos and a hearty congratulations to the team for their judicious and detailed reporting i would very much suggest you guys follow quant network on twitter at quant underscore network they describe overledger as the worlds first blockchain operating system and thats a good way to think about it but here with very interesting cbdc news we have sec thats at crypto sec with this series of tweets cbtcs are going to completely overhaul the global financial system the biggest change since bretton woods and interoperability and standards are going to be key quant network have laid the foundations for over ledger to be global infrastructure for cbdcs and if you guys arent familiar with cbdcs were talking about central bank digital currencies this was very much a discussion that started really last year with facebooks libra but unfortunately because of distrust that washington and politicians and really the general public had for facebook and mark zuckerberg that didnt really go anywhere with some of the congressional testimonies that we had and now were seeing other players like china very much wanting to fill that vacancy and get into that first position with the first mover advantage on cbdc technologies theyve been piloting all kinds of projects with banks out of china so sec continues here 80 percent of central banks are now actively researching the deployment of cbdcs the decline of cash usage global stable coins like libra covid and the need for lower caste faster payments have all rapidly reduced the time at which cbdcs will be implemented in other words that pace of change is itself accelerating and here you have sec mentioning raul pal who recently did an excellent video explaining the profound change this will have and encourage everyone to watch also the highly anticipated interview with gilbert verdian is due to be released this week on real vision raul powell full disclosure is the ceo of real vision now gilbert verdian is the ceo of quant network thats the tie-in many of you likely already know that but in case you didnt and he had the vision to see how blockchain and cbdcs will revolutionize the global financial system and therefore founded quant network and has been laying the foundations to make that a reality ever since lets start with the technology now not to get into all the nuts and bolts here but quantz blockchain os or their operating system known as overledger thats how we refer to it earlier as an operating system it enables interoperability with any blockchain and any existing networks without the overhead of adding another blockchain in the middle to provide a scalable and future proof solution and if youd really like to dive into the minutia and the details here you can check this out this is a previous tweet from the 3rd of october also courtesy of seq again thats at crypto seq but heres the idea a little bit more simplified each central bank and every nation of the world has one of those dont forget theyre gonna likely issue their cbdc on their own blockchain ive talked about this before it may be cryptography based but its not decentralized so its not quite cryptocurrency it is however digital cash it is a cbdc so likely to be based on permissioned blockchains such as r3s corda hyperledger and quorum interoperability will be key not only to enable cross-border payments between central banks but also with existing payment networks all the way down to integrating with existing payment infrastructure such as pin terminals point of sale systems etc personal identification number by the way is what pin stands for im sure you guys know that as well whatever form cross-border payments takes whether it be atomic swaps of cbdcs the creation of an imf sdr global reserve digital currency or synthetic hegemonic currencies finalities usc or bridge assets built on open networks such as xrp and xlm ledger regardless whatever form it takes quant network connects them all and their interchange solution will enable payments across a variety of existing payment rails such as faster payments chaps sipa swift which is a total anachronistic dinosaur right now needs to be totally overhauled in my opinion and pay uk rather whilst integrating with rtgs systems payment infrastructure all the way down to point of sale systems and mobile payments guys as you can see theres quite a bit more in this thread here were not going to go through every single tweet however i will link to the tweet thread info i do recommend you follow individuals such as raul pal that i mentioned here definitely gilbert verdian definitely quant network on twitter because this is really picking up steam faster than even many of the bullish analysts were anticipating again there are so many factors exacerbating this not the least of which is coveted right now a lot of both private and public clients have reconsidered the way in which they bank the services that they require and many of them are going the digital route and therefore cbdcs in some respects are an answer to some of those new client requests and concerns you guys can read about on forbes as well as all kinds of other media outlets about how this is actually accelerating a lot faster than many of us were expecting central bank digital currency the first nationwide cbdc in the world has been launched by the bahamas so chinas probably gritting their teeth on this one theyre likely not too happy again they wanted to be first but hey the bahamas beat them to the punch so kudos to that caribbean nation okay and moving right along now i want to alert you to some updates from our friends over at they have some news regarding updates to their card staking requirements and guys i want to address this really frankly and directly because as you know have been the source of some controversy lately with abrupt changes to their rates to their staking rates their percentages their earn rates that kind of thing but here is the latest at cryptocom on twitter make sure youre following card staking requirements update effective the 2nd of november 2020 upgrade fees waived now through the second of november and here are some of the benefits you can get a 100 rebate for all of the following your spotify your netflix your amazon prime memberships and others up to eight percent cash back instantly and up to 12 interest on your card stake plus after all youre getting a premium metal charge card and for all the details you can check out for more information next up we have some pretty encouraging partnerships to discuss too actually with tomochain the first of which is ramp defy who are excited to announce their partnership with temmo chain for steak farming and cross chain liquidity unlocking so you guys know all about tomo chang by now and hopefully this partnership unlocks some synergies because ramp d5 focuses on unlocking liquid capital from staked digital assets and their solution allows tomo users to extract additional liquid capital without giving up their staking rewards or capital appreciation potential so using ramp smart contracts users collateralized their tomo into a native stablecoin tomo usd on the tomo network users then exchanged the tomo usd for r usd which is by the way a one to one representation of stablecoin value on the ethereum network and for you all out there in the altcoin buzz army if you are currently a tomo holder here are some of the benefits you can anticipate from this partnership with ramp number one you can retain tomo staking rewards number two retain capital gains potential on holding tomo you can gain access to liquid capital to invest in new opportunities without needing to inject additional capital and finally you can earn ramp tokens and enhance asset yields by actively participating in the ramp ecosystem lawrence lim is the project lead over at ramp defy he had the following to say quote we are excited to partner with temochain as they have all the foundational defy infrastructure required for ram to be successfully implemented on the native tempo token also has substantial token trading liquidity on leading exchanges and a friendly staking program which makes it an excellent fit for integration with ramp and tomo chain here getting a nice boost from this news up 3.1 percent on the day to just below 68 cents u.s the market is up i should know 2.6 percent but tomo chain is still out performing the market based not only on that last bit of good news but this as well lena will be available on tomodex spot trading lena of course is the ticker for linear finance which is a non-custodial cross-chain compatible delta one asset protocol and linears long-term d5 vision is to increase inclusiveness and democratize access to investment assets both digital and traditional and they feel that tremendous value exists in the ability for investors to easily and quickly invest save fees and secure assets at fair market value so thats very good news overall and this is actually from a few days ago from the 21st of october so by the time youre watching this very likely linear is already available on tomodex spot trading you can check them out here theyre up 19.3 percent on the day lets do a quick refresh here just to make sure were absolutely up to date all right 19.1 again the market is up but only 2.6 so linear finance here very much outperforming the market sitting at about 0.65 cents u.s currently and now were very happy to talk about this almost holy grail of blockchain or at least one of its really envisioned use cases going back to even before the days of satoshi nakamoto in terms of a technology some type of practical ability to track fair election results in full transparency this has been a promise of blockchain but as you know weve kind of gravitated more towards this internet money for whatever reason but theres so many other applications that exist and chainlink now is stepping up to the plate here on new product to track u.s election results on the blockchains its called everypedia and its going to use chain link to enable the publication of u.s election results in association with the associated press and so in a recent press release the associated press the ap and blockchain company everypedia announced their new partnership and the goal will be to use a new product that leverages chain-link technology specifically to publish u.s election results on the blockchain and the partners emphasize the need to create verifiable sources of information and specifically the product thats been developed by everypedia is an oracle as a service platform called everypedia oracle thats spelled with a queue as you can see here it has been created to quote solve the problem of oracles in the blockchain therefore it offers its users sources quote cryptographically signed by worldwide organizations according to the statement the platform will run on chainlinks oracle service and this is great news its a great development personally i dont know why this wasnt popularized or spearheaded earlier you know really for years going back to 2016 probably even earlier 2015 arguably weve heard about the threat of election meddling and foreign interference and distortion and misinformation campaigns all this kind of stuff the answer to me has always been very simple put everything on the blockchain put every vote on the blockchain make it transparent make it anonymous dont reveal anybodys identities but have a record that is accountable as to how people voted theres no rigging of voting machines or terminals or anything like that theres no lost votes its kind of the best of both worlds between physical voting and traditional election machines which are digital by nature but are also prone as the rumors go to hacking and whatnot so great news for channelling they are up 9.6 on the day 12 and 85 cents again the market is doing well but chain link outperforming now 12 dollars and 90 cents up even a little bit more we also have this quick news about chain link here on they have brought verifiable randomness to ethereum mainnet keeps other chains inside so heres the update this is a bit of a weird headline but chainlinks verifiable randomness function or vrf has made its way to the ethereum mainnet and vrf will provide a decentralized source of randomness for the projects decentralized ecosystem now if you havent heard about this before i dont blame you i i cant really say i have either its a little bit more of a technical term but a trusted source of randomness is essential the article continues for many applications such as those in the gambling and gaming industries and chainlinks co-founder sergey nazerov told cointelegraph that many blockchains beyond ethereum such as the gaming focused matic network are interested in deploying the projects vrf so this may not be the biggest news but i would say a score and an assist here for chain link definitely this election news this association and partnership with every pedia and by extension the associated press is a major win lets see if it can set a precedent for future elections im really excited about this news i think personally and ive said it now for years this is one of the biggest and most important applications that blockchain technology has to offer all right everybody that about wraps it up for today hey make sure youre following us on all the regular social media channels and keep checking back into for all the latest because the news never sleeps guys if you enjoyed this video go ahead like subscribe and share also hit the bell on youtube to receive notifications that way you are alerted to all our content as it comes out you are notified it just makes things easier stay safe out there everybody first and foremost that is the most important thing but best of luck as well if you choose to invest on this saturday on this weekend have a great one and as always we do hope to see you again soon in 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