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i wonder how many putts ill make out of a hundred as a complete beginner i find putting hard but it looks so easy though the basket is just right there but then comes the putting paradox meaning the closer i get to the basket the harder it seems feels like putting can be a real mind game so without any actual training or technique that im aware of i got a final score of 15. so i dont know if 15 is good or not maybe it depends on what powder you have i have keystone and pure and mercy here whats your favorite and why is it your favorite so ill try this again at the end of the video hopefully ive improved but first i need to learn how to properly putt teach me as a beginner you have some problems with the distance and the timing and pretty much everything i will have a look at you have yours padding out at the moment and then we can actually make some changes are you ready yes im ready are you ready no all right you kind of have a push putt with uh some wrist snap in the end which causes some problems because your arm is like moving that then you flip it like that and then youll throw it off the center line a common mistake for a beginner is you have a kind of a sideways or rare stand so when youre facing a target youre kind of aiming your body like you know way off and for a righty its on the left and then you kind of throw it into the basket its so easy to miss on the left and you will it could work one day but the next day you will shoot left and ive done it you know in the in the beginning when i started im going to show you the kind of the basic uh putting style which is the spin putt and i think you will gain a couple of strokes on every round if youre using the spin putt instead of trying to kind of horseshoe it in with a wrist snap eventually youre gonna have a longer distance putts and with your technique youre gonna struggle to even reach the basket because you need to first off you should actually line up your body towards the basket just straight towards it stomach against the pin its that and you should actually be a little bit on on your front leg i do this thing yeah but you have to stop that yeah just line up your body straight to the basket then you have to imagine you have almost like a uh a board or something that goes from your belly into the chains so you can actually place your disc on that board then you just stroke the board and then you push it in the basket you dont have to use a lot of force but uh just be smooth and try to start from your left leg and then just follow the motion forward nice huh yeah the board is more like if youre having problems with you want to like oh hi i have problems for sure yeah yeah i have the board and im im stroking it what what do i do with the the grip i teach you the fork grip yeah and the fork grip actually works very pretty good for padding especially for spin putters im so graceful lets try a a bit further back oh one common mistake is when youre moving back okay then you think okay im gonna need a lot more power with this you know technique you can actually just aim a little bit higher and use kind of the same force please focus on on one one tip is to focus on one chain link because the smaller object you have to aim for the easier it is to actually hit it okay because even if you miss that tiny tiny small piece yeah you will still make it in the change because the chains are a lot wider beautiful previously ive noticed when im just throwing like this this is not a real disc golf player life sort of thing now because the spin pad i showed you could actually easily transfer to a straddle putt okay because its basically the same arm movement but you dont get that extra energy for from your back feet uh so in this case you still line up you know hips or the stomach against against the target and then you do kind of the same thing you have your board stroked stroke the board and then you push it and then you have to be a bit the knees have to be bent so you can act it almost like pop with your knees a little bit so you can get that extra power and you have to like use the ass here yeah the ass has to connect with it so you have to like that another thing that is very important with padding is to actually reach out or extend your arm as long as you can without tripping over the leg as well the leg should be more like a balance thing but you can easily tell if if youre not reaching out it will look like youre almost afraid of the basket youre trying oh so a part of that is having problems theyre paddling like this and theyre almost like stepping back so a good thing is to actually line up your shot reach out and point to the basket okay theres the basket this is the best theres the basket so now im gonna try to put 100 putts again i got 15 the last time i havent practiced since two must show me the ropes because i want to see if it makes any difference with the information that you now have but im gonna edit this part a bit because itll get super boring otherwise last one and the mini i think i got 35 kind of lost count because math is hard but i did better than in the beginning of this video and it feels like the stretch out thing was kind of valuable for me at least because it felt more natural to do that thing if you liked this video give it some love and if youre helped by these sort of videos subscribe to the channel let me know whats working for you with the putting take care I putted ? 100 times to see how many I´d get in the basket. Then I had Tomas Ekström teach me, a beginner, how to properly putt. Then I tried 100 putts once more to see if there was a difference. Hope you´ll enjoy and putt better after watching /Jonathan Consider subscribing to the channel if you like what you see : Stuff and merch you see in the video if the link doesn´t work the item might be out of stock: Cap Hoodie Discs Follow us why don´t you ! Instagram Latitude 64° Factory store Facebook Latitude 64°: Factory store: Auctions: DiscGolfBasics,